a Webquest for 3rd grade


Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to be Neil Armstrong, the first human to ever set foot on the moon? Do you know what the moon looks like? Do you know what the earth looks like from the moon? Pretend that you are an astronaut in training. You must conduct extensive research on the moon and report back to your advisor before you are allowed to make your trip to the moon.


After reading the book, Moonride by Harriet Ziefert, you will conduct your research on the moon by visiting a few Internet web sites. As you read the information on the web sites, be sure to note the characteristics and physical features of the moon. After you have done all of your research, you will write a 1 page letter to your advisor discussing what you have learned about the moon. You will conclude your report by drawing a picture of the moon.


* Zeifert, H. (2000). Moonride. New York, NY: Houghton Mifflin, Co.

*computer- PC or MAC

*access to the internet via Netscape or Explorer

*Internet sites: (bookmark these sites)


Follow these steps to complete your quest:

1. As a class read Moonride by Harriet Ziefert & Seymour Chwast

2. Visit ALL of the following web sites to conduct your research on the moon.

** Be sure to write down on a piece of paper any important information you read about the moon. YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST 5 FACTS ABOUT THE MOON.

For example,

What does the moon look like?

What color is the moon?

What are some special characteristics of the moon?

Where does the moon travel?

How was the moon formed?

Is the moon hot or cold?

The web sites:

* To view pictures of moons, visit this web site:

3. After you are done with your research, write a 1-page letter to your advisor telling him what you have learned about the moon. In your paper, YOU MUST INCLUDE 5 FACTS ABOUT THE MOON. Be sure to use the proper letter format. (Note: Teacher may have to do a quick review on the format of a letter.)

4. Draw a picture of the moon on a blank piece of paper.


You will be evaluated by your teacher on the following:

4= yes/accomplished 2= attempted/somewhat 0= no/not accomplished

1. Did the student follow all directions? 4 2 0

2. Did the student use the correct format for the letter? 4 2 0

3. Did the student demonstrate his/her knowledge of the moon? 4 2 0

4. Were all the tasks completed by the student? 4 2 0

5. Is the student's handwriting legible? 4 2 0


Congratulations, trainee! You have done a great job! Prepare yourself for a mission to the moon! Good luck!

Created by Meghan Hickey, Fall 2000

Bowling Green State University Graduate Student

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