A Member of the Resistance from Denmark

"And [Annemarie] knew what Resistance meant. Papa had explained, when she overheard the word and asked. The Resistance fighters were Danish people-no one knew who, because they were very secret-who were determined to bring harm to the Nazis however they could. They damaged the German trucks and cars, and bombed their factories. They were very brave."

-From Number the Stars, by Lois Lowry, page 8



Directions: You are a Danish citizen who is a member of the Resistance. You feel that it is not right for the Nazis to be in your beloved country. You will do anything to make them leave. Also, you feel that the Jewish people of Denmark are being mistreated. You support their right to practice whatever religion they choose. You decide to help the Jewish citizens escape mistreatment by the Nazis. You decide to help smuggle the Jews out across the sea from Denmark to Sweden. You know that the Jews will be safe in Sweden. You will reseach and record information in a journal entry to learn more about what it means to be a member of the Resistance. Make sure that you answer ALL OF THE QUESTIONS below in your journal entry. Remember to write the journal entry as if you were a Danish member of the Resistance!

***Also remember that you can also use the experiences of the characters from Number the Stars to help you write the journal entry.***



You have just heard that the German government has invaded Denmark. The Germans say that they will let the Danish government keep control of the country. However, Germany is posting Nazi soldiers inside many towns of Denmark. Also, you have heard that Germany has signed a pact with Denmark, promising that they will not take complete control of the country. You know that many of your friends are Jewish citizens of Denmark.

1. Do you believe that the German government will leave the country of Denmark alone?

2. What do you say to your Jewish friends? Do you tell them to leave the country? Why?



Even though the Germans have promised to let the king of Denmark run his own country, you still do not trust the Nazis and, especially, their leader, Adolf Hitler. They are intruding on your peaceful country and making you feel uncomfortable in your own home. You will do anything to make those Nazis leave your country. You have heard of a group called the "Resistance" whose mission is to make the Nazis leave the country. They have even attacked Nazi troops by using bombs to destroy their warehouses and causing damage to their vehicles and supply trucks. To learn more about the Resistance, click on the links below.

About the Resistance --Make sure to scroll down to the article at the bottom of the page that is entitled Nazi Occupation During World War II

The Fight for Independence

Time Line of the Danish Resistance--1940-41, 1942-43, 1943-44, 1944-45

Overview of Danish Resistance



3. Describe what the Resistance is. What are some of the things that they did during World War II?

4. What are some ways that the Resistance helped the Jews during World War II?



You decide that you want to help you country get rid of the Nazis. You decide to join the Resistance. Read the following information to find out what it is like to be a member of the Resistance:

Ten Commandments

Non-Violent Defense--The Resistance believed in attacking property, not people. They could not openly fight the Nazis because there were too few Resistance members. Instead, they had to defend their country through non-violent means.

What does it mean to be a hero?



5. What would you do, as a member of the Resistance, to defend your country of Denmark against the Nazis? Remember to use what you learned in the above sites that told you what it meant to be a member of the Resistance.



Your friend, Knud Dyby, has become a hero in Denmark. You heard that he helped many Danish Jews escape from the Germans to the neutral country of Sweden. To learn more about Knud Dyby, click on the links below.

Knud Dyby: One of the Righteous

Holocaust Remembrance Day: Knud Dyby



6. What did Knud Dyby do for the Danish Jews? Do you respect him? Why?



7. Using the information that you read and the pictures that you saw on this site, explain what it means to be a hero in Denmark. How important is it to be a member of the Danish Resistance?


Before turning in your journal entry, ask yourself the following questions:

-Did I answer all 7 questions above?

-Did I answer all 7 questions thoughtfully and completely?

-Did I write from the point of view of my character?

-Is my journal entry neat with no spelling errors? Remember that dictionaries are always available for your use.

-Does my journal entry look like I spent time on it and did not rush through it?

If you answered all of the questions with a "YES" then you may continue with your WebQuest.


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