by Margaret Meacham
A Webquest for the 5th Grade

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Now that you have read the book, Quiet You're Invisible, lets get ready to travel! Soon you will get to explore the past just like Zirc has done in Quiet You're Invisible. To start your trek back through time you will be finding out about the author of Quiet You're Invisible, Margaret Meacham. You will then be taking a journey on the Amazing Magnificent Colossal Time Cruise. This journey will take you back to several important eras of history.


Your mission is to write a letter to a friend describing period in history that you will visit during your journey. After collecting information on your journey, you will write your letter. You will then have the chance to work with a partner who selected a different period of time. The two of you will see how your selections are similar and different from each other.

Process / Resources

Meacham, Margaret. (2001). Quiet you're invisible. Holiday House.

you will need:  computer (PC or Mac) connected to the Internet (Internet Explorer is recommended), a pen or a pencil, and notebook paper

In order to find out about the author Margaret Meacham, click on the apple.  After you have returned, write a short paragraph about Margaret Meacham.

To take a ride on the Amazing Magnificent Colossal Time Cruise click on the spacecraft. When you take your trip, choose a past time period to visit. While you are visiting, 1) take some notes on the important events, people, places, and things about this time period. When you return from your journey 2) write a letter to your friend about your travel back in time. After writing your letter 3) choose a partner (with a different time period), and discuss how the two different time periods were different or alike, and discuss how the time periods were different from your life today.


Click on the disk to find out how your letter will be graded


By completing this webquest you have simulated time travel to another era or time period. Much like Zirc and Hoby find out in Quiet You're Invisible, things are very much different in another time then they are in your own time.

Now that you have read the book and you have taken your own journey to the past, think about what it would be like to get a visitor from the future. What would that visitor be like?, what would the visitorlook like?, what sort of objects might he or she bring to your time?

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