a Webquest for 2nd grade


Have you ever seen a beautiful rainbow? What colors did you see? Did you ever wonder how a rainbow was formed? Did you know that you can make your own rainbow? Today on your quest you will learn about rainbows and even make your own rainbow!


After reading the book, The Rainbow and You by E.C. Krupp, you will work on the computer to discover the following:

* what a rainbow is

* how a rainbow is formed

* how to make a rainbow

* make as many words with the word RAINBOW


*computer- PC or MAC

*access to the Internet via Netscape or Explorer

*Krupp, E.C., (2000). The Rainbow and You. New York, NY: Harper Collins Publishers.

*magnifing glass (1 per student)

*sunny day

*red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet tissue paper cut into 1'x1' square pieces (place pieces in a small bin)

*white paper (1 per student)

* Internet sites (bookmark these web sites):





Follow these steps to complete your quest:

1. As a class read The Rainbow and You by E.C. Krupp.

2. Research these websites for information about rainbows:

Rainbow movie:


What is a rainbow?:


Print out a copy of the experiment. Everyone in the class will complete the experiment together.

3. How to make a rainbow:


***Note to teacher: As the children are conducting the experiment, assess the children's knowledge by questioning them on what a rainbow is, how it is formed, the colors and order of colors in a rainbow, etc.

4. After the experiment,

a. draw an outline of a rainbow with a pencil on a white piece of paper

b. grab a handful of the colored tissue paper, and glue colors in the appropriate space on the rainbow (Hint: red should be on the top of the rainbow and violet should be on the bottom)

EXTRA ACTIVITY (for those of you who finish early):

Try to think of as many words that you can using the letters in the word RAINBOW. Be sure to write all of your words on a piece of paper. (eg: ran, rain, bow, won)


You will be evaluated by your teacher on the following:

1. Did the student follow all directions? YES NO

2. Did the student place the colors of the rainbow in the correct order? YES NO

3. Did the student demonstrate his/her knowledge of how rainbows are formed?YES NO

4. Were all the tasks completed by the student? YES NO


Congratulations! You have completed your quest. You are now officially a rainbow expert!

Created by Meghan Hickey, Fall 2000

Bowling Green State University Graduate Student

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