Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry Web Quest

Grade Eight

By Jennifer Wronkovich



How would you feel if you had to walk to school every day, regardless of the weather? How would you feel if there was a school bus, which took students to a school down the street from you, but you could not ride it? How would you feel if your school was falling apart, while the other school received new buildings and materials? It would make you pretty angry wouldn't it? That is how the characters of our book, Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry must have felt. You are about to explore how, when, where, and why segregation happens. You will learn that it is not just in our history, but many other histories around the world.

Note: This lesson is intended as either a pre-reading exercise or an exercise to be used during the first few days of reading Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry.

The Task

You and your group members will be creating a definition of segregation. This does not mean a few sentences written dictionary style. Be as creative as you like. You will first come up with what you think segregation means now. Then you will research and write about what it is. Finally, your group will come up with a creative way to define segregation. You can use poetry, collages, paintings, stories etc. Good luck!



The Process