Seedfolks Web Quest

Grades 8-9

By Jennifer Wronkovich


Our class will be creating our own Seedfolks book. To do so, we will be researching our heritage, studying immigration, learning about urban gardens, and keeping journals. This project will involve the class creating our own urban/community garden. At the end of our project, we will display our garden to the school along with our own Seedfolks books. Good luck, and happy planting!

The Task

The class will have read the book Seedfolks by Paul Fleischman. After reading the book they will start journaling about topics such as immigration, family's ethnic background, and urban gardens. During the journaling process, the students will be researching their family ethnic heritage, creating a class urban garden, and learning about immigration. The classroom urban garden is a project for the entire class and will be explained later on. Finally, the journal topics will translate into each student's individual short story. These stories will be based on the Seedfolks book.

Materials Needed

The Resources

The Process

Teacher's Notes