After reading the book Skeleton Man, you have found out that the main character, Molly suddenly found her parents missing one day. As she tries to find out what happened to her parents, an old Native American folktale seems to come to life. In this webquest you will have the chance to explore and read other folktales, from different cultures and story tellers. After reading other tales you will soon write your own scary story. Move on to the task to see what it is you will do.



Your task is to read several scary folk tales and ghost stories. After you read these stories you will be creating your own scary story. "That's if you are not afraid ! "


Process / Resources

Bruchac, Joseph (2001). Skeleton Man. :HarperCollins.

You will need: A computer (Mac or PC) connected to the Internet (Internet Explorer is preferred), note book paper, pen or pencil, art supplies (i.e. markers, un-lined paper)

Before you move on to read some spooky stories check out the webpage of Joseph Bruchac, the author of Skeleton Man.

Now that you have read up on Joseph Bruchac, you can click onf the pumpkin, skull,or skeleton to 1) go to different ghost story pages.

Once you have arrived, 2) choose several stories to read (you may even want to try a story from each story page). After reading 3 or 4 different stories, 3) write the things about the stories that made them scary. Also write things that you noticed about the characters. Try to find similarities between all of the stories that you read. When you are finished writing about the stories you will have your chance to spook some of your classmates and maybe even your teacher. Now you will 4) write a scary folktale or ghost story of your own. While you write, think of the elements in the ghost stories you read that made them scary. After you have proofread and finished your story you can create an illustration that goes along with it.



Click on the pumpkin to see how you will be graded.



After reading the book about Molly and her adventures through a living ghost story, you should have been able to find similarities between the Skeleton Man story and other ghost stories that you have read.

What elements in these stories made them spooky or scary? When you wrote you story were you able to add those same things that made other stories spooky?


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