Smiling For Strangers

Grades 8-11 (adaptable)

By Jennifer Wronkovich


Our class is going to be taking a trip back in time. We will be traveling to Yugoslavia during their war. Some of you will be part of families, some soldiers. Some of you will escape, some taken prisoner. Some of you may even die. This trip will be dangerous. Do your best to gather proper information. Use the tools given in class as well as your senses. Success is not guaranteed. Good luck!

The Task

Our class will be reading the book Smiling For Strangers by Gaye Hicyilmaz. Upon completion of the book we will be creating our own "escape from Yugoslavia." The students will participate in role playing, team oriented activities, keeping journals, and learning about the country Yugoslavia. The project will start during the war, rather than the beginning. The students will follow events although they will be accelerated to account for time. Upon completion of the mock war, each student will write a narrative essay based on their experiences.


The Resources

The Process