Wonderful Water
A WebQuest for 3rd Grade

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Our water supplies the Earth with a valuable resource. Many people say that without water humans, animals and plants could not survive. Why is water so important?

The Task


The Teacher Process

  1. Research and bookmark all related websites. Add any new sites you may discover.
  2. Read Water by: Roy Gallant to the class.
  3. Make a class word web of the information gained from the book.
  4. Play the "Rain Game"
  5. Assign students to their groups of 3 or 4.

The Student Process

Directions: Complete the activities below in order. Report to your teacher if you do not understand or if you have any problems.

1. Your teacher just read the book Water by Roy Gallant to your class. Talk with your partners Summarize what you have learned from the book, in your science journal.

2. Read about the water cycle at:

http://www.EnchantedLearning.com/rt/weather/watercycle.shtml and then return to here.

3. Now that you and your partners have read the page, complete the water cycle diagram at:


4. Explore this site and find six important processes involved in the water cycle.
@ http://mbgnet.mobot.org/fresh/cycle/cycle.htm Write the terms and a brief description in your science journal.

5. Take the true/false quiz @ http://ga.water.usgs.gov/edu/sc3.html Record your answers in your journals.

6. Read the directions to the following experiment.

  1. Place soil in bottom of container
  2. Place plants in soil
  3. Cover tight with plastic wrap and place where the sun can reach.
  4. Count days until moisture forms and falls on plants.
  5. Explain condensation in your science journal.

7.Go to your science station and complete the experiment. (Directions and supplies will be provided at the science station.)


  1. By writing in their journals the students will demonstrate their understanding of information acquired in the activities.
  2. Students will take the true/false quiz @: http://ga.water.usgs.gov/edu/sc3.html

State of Ohio Science Standards Addressed

Science and Technology Standard

#2 -Describe about the design process and product in oral, written, or pictorial form.
#4 -Explore air and water. Study the sun. Study the temperature.

Scientific Inquiry

#1. Analyze a series of events or cycles, discuss the patterns, and make predictions.

#4. Use evidence and observations to explain and communicate the results of investigations.

#7. Plan and conduct a simple investigation based on systematic observations.

#8. Record and organize observations made.


The students should acquire a complete understanding of the water cycle and the effect that water has upon the Earth. Further discussions about deserts, rain forest, swamps, polluted water and other water affected areas would be a great extension upon this lesson.

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Credits & References




Gallant, Roy (2001) Water. New York, Benchmark Books.

Designed by:

Rachel M. Birt