Archives of the MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music

(New Music Festival)

The Music Library and Sound Recordings Archives (ML/SRA) houses not only materials supporting the programs of College of Musical Arts and popular sound recordings archives, but also contains the archives of the MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music. The MACCM collection includes composition submitted to and performed at the annual New Music and Art Festivals held at BGSU every fall.  The collection represents a wide range of musical genres and contemporary composers, including Lou Harrison, John Cage, Joan Tower, Pauline Oliveros, Phillip Glass, and many others, as well as BGSU music faculty members.

The collection is primarily a research collection, and circulates only with specific permission, which must be obtained from the MACCM Director.  The materials can be accessed through the BGSU online catalog by basic searches such as author (composer), title or subject.  Click on author in the webpac, and then type in last name first

i.e. Glass Phillip

or by title-Click on title in the webpac, then type in title eliminating beginning articles: a, an, the

i.e. millennium’s edge

Items may also be found alphabetically by conducting a search under the series title, Archives of the MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music.  Click on title in the webpac, and then type Archives of the MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music.

The genres represented range from solo music to symphonic music and also include numerous electronic/computer pieces and vocal pieces and vocal works.  Many scores have accompanying recording or videocassettes, which can be found by searching under title or author in the online catalog as above.  Recordings and videos have been given accession numbers with the prefixing NMFCAS, NMFCD, NMFDAT, NMFREEL, or NMFVHS for the various formats.  Scores are classified by Library of Congress call number (LC) and are placed in white Tyvek envelopes for protection.  Any requests to use these materials can be made at the Listening Center Service Window.  Please fill out a white card for scores or a yellow card for recordings with appropriate call number information.

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