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Music Ref ML 128 .B284L7
Euphonium music guide, 1978. Earle L. Louder and David R. Corbin.
Published by The Instrumentalist.

Music Ref ML 128 .T8T8 1996
The Tuba source book, 1996. R. Winston Morris and Edward R. Goldstein.

Music Ref ML 128 .T8M7
Tuba music guide, 1973. Winston Morris
Published by The Instrumentalist.

Music Ref ML 128 .T76L36 1999
The trombone: an annotated bibliography, 1999. George B. Lane.

Music Ref ML 128 .T76E9 1985
Annotated guide to bass trombone literature, 1985. Thomas G. Everett.

Music Ref ML 128 .B73T47 1994
French music for low brass instruments: an annotated bibliography, 1994. J. Mark Thompson.

Music Ref  ML 128 .W5F3 1990
Brass bibliography: sources on the history, literature, pedagogy, performance, and acoustics of brass instruments, 1990. Mark J. Fasman.

Music Ref ML128 .W5A6
Brass solo and study material music guide, 1976. Compiled by Paul G. Anderson.

Teaching guides, methods, anthologies

MT 418 .G78
The low brass guide, 1980. John R. Griffiths.

MT 496 .L44A77 1977
The art of euphonium playing, 1977. Art Lehman.

MZ5 no. 3453
Euphonium pedagogy and study material, 1979. Ronald A. Davis.  (thesis)

MT 480 .P5 1992
The art of tuba and euphonium, 1992. Harvey Phillips and William Winkle.

ML 973 .P76 1994
Program notes for the solo tuba, 1994. Compiled and edited by Gary Bird.

MZ5 no. 3848
A guide to the tuba-euphonium ensemble, 1981. James Zychowicz.  (thesis)

MT 460 .F434T7
The trombonist's handbook: a complete guide to playing and teaching the trombone, 1977. Reginald H. Fink.

MZ5 no. 6347
A survey of the use of duets in the applied trombone lesson, 1994. Richard B. Human.  (thesis)

MZ5 no. 5946
A trombonist's guide to music memorization, 1992. David Vining.  (thesis)

MZ5 no. 6419
Trombone multiphonics: a method, 1994. Marc H. LaChance. (thesis)

MZ5 no. 5002
A guide to teaching the college level low brass methods class, 1987. Michael Paul Grant.  (thesis)

MT339 .B72 1974
Brass Anthology: a compendium of articles from The Instrumentalist on playing brass instruments, 1974.

ML 933 .W52 1997
A complete guide to brass: instruments and techniques, 1997. Scott Whitener.

ML 128 .W5R38 (Music Reference)
A teacher's guide to the literature of brass instruments, 1964. Mary Rasmussen.

Film A785.7 R97a
An annotated bibliography of written material pertinent to the performance of brass and percussion chamber music, 1960. Harold Duane Rutan.  (thesis: located at Northwest Regional Depository; request at first-floor circulation desk)


MZ5 no. 6081
An annotated guide of the fifteen most frequently performed pieces for euphonium and piano from the programs published in Tubists United Brotherhood Association Journal, 1993. T. Patrick Billig. (thesis)

ML 132 .T8B76
Handbook of selected literature for the study of tuba at the university- college level, 1966. Leon F. Brown.

MZ5 no. 5301
An annotated bibliography of music for tuba and electronic tape, 1989. David Marshall King.  (thesis)


ML 970 .B48 1978
The tuba family, 1978. Clifford Bevan.

ML 965 .G84 1988
The trombone: its history and music, 1697-1811, 1988. David M. Guion.

ML 933 .B33 1978
Brass instruments: their history and development, 1978. Anthony Baines.


MT 418 .W42K49
Keys to natural performance for brass players, 1979. Robert D. Weast.

MT 339 .F27
The art of brass playing, 1962. Philip Farkas.

MT 339 .F7
Essentials of brass playing: an explicit, logical approach to important basic factors that contribute to superior brass instrument performance, 1974. Fred Fox.

MZ5 no. 5137
Influences of the lips, teeth, tongue, oral cavity and throat on brass instrument tone production: a guide for secondary and college teachers, 1988. Randy Lee Snyder.  (thesis)

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I.T.E.A. Journal (formerly T.U.B.A. Journal),1976 to present
I.T.A. Journal, 1975 to present (incomplete)
Brass Bulletin, 1971 to present (incomplete)
Brass Quarterly, 1957 to 1964
Brass and Woodwind Quarterly, 1966 to 1969

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