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History of the Piano: Selected Sources

Music Ref ML 100 .N48 2001
The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, 2nd ed., see entry for "Piano"
Also available via Grove Music Online.

Music Ref ML 102 .I5 N48 1984
The New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments, see entry for "Piano"

ML 549 .N49 1989
The New Grove Early Keyboard Instruments, by Edwin M. Ripin, et al.

ML 650 .G6
Giraffes, Black Dragons, and Other Pianos, by Edwin M. Good

ML 650 .C5813 1074b
History of the Piano, by Ernest Closson, trans. Delano Ames

ML 650 .L58
The Lives of the Piano, by James R. Gaines

ML652 .R3
Piano Servicing, Tuning, Rebuilding,
by Arthur A. Reblitz

Music Ref ML 652 .P53 1965
Pierce Piano Atlas (names, serial numbers, manufacture dates)

Piano Music: Selected Source Guides

Music Ref ML 128 .P3 H55 1980
The Piano Teacher's Source Book, by Maurice Hinson

Music Ref ML 128 .P3 H54 1987
The Pianist's Reference Guide, by Maurice Hinson

Music Ref ML 128 .P3 P34 1989
Piano Information Guide: An Aid to Research, by Robert Palmieri

Music Ref ML 128 .P3 H5 1987
Guide to the Pianist's Repertoire, 2nd ed., by Maurice Hinson

Music Ref ML 128 .P3 H52 1983
Music for More Than One Piano, by Maurice Hinson

Music Ref ML 128 .P5 H53 1993
Music for Piano and Orchestra, enl. ed., by Maurice Hinson

Music Ref ML 128 .P35 H536 1990
The Pianist's Guide to Transcriptions, Arrangements, and Paraphrases, by Maurice Hinson

Music Ref ML 128 .C4H5
The Piano in Chamber Ensemble, by Maurice Hinson

Music Ref ML 128 .P3 M2
Piano Duet Repertoire: Music Originally Written for One Piano, Four Hands, by Cameron McGraw

Music Ref ML 128 .P3D3 1994
Piano Music for One Hand, by Theodore Edel

Music Ref ML 128 .P3 R5
The Pianist's Resource Guide: Piano Music in Print and Literature On the Pianistic Art, 1978-79, by Joseph Rezits

Music Ref ML 128 .P3F87
Piano Music in Collections: An Index, by Rita M. Fuszek

Piano Music: Selected Histories

ML 700 .K46 1995
Music for Piano: A Short History, by F. E. Kirby

ML 700 .K47 1966
A Short History of Keyboard Music, by F. E. Kirby

ML 549 .A6413
The History of Keyboard Music to 1700,
by Willi Apel, Hans Tischler

ML 700 .G5
Five Centuries of Keyboard Music, by John Gillespie

Call Number Ranges for Browsing

M 21 Collections of keyboard music
M 22 Collections of piano music
M 23 Piano sonatas, arranged alphabetically by composer
M 24 Suites
M 25 Character pieces
M 26 Music for the left hand
M 27 Variations
M 30 Dances
M 32 Waltzes
M 33 Arrangements and transcriptions
M 201-208 Piano duets (one piano, 4 hands)
M 211-215 Music for two pianos
M 1010 Piano concertos, full score
M 1011 Piano concertos, orchestral part arranged for second piano
ML 650 Books about the piano
ML 700 Books about piano and keyboard music
MT 242-252 Etudes, teaching pieces, treatises

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