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Music Ref ML 128 .S7 F4 1973
String Music in Print. Margaret K. Farish, 1973.

Music Ref ML 132 .S74 A4 1975
String Syllabus. American String Teachers Association, 1975. (Technical studies, etudes, and pieces listed by graded levels.)

Music Ref ML 128 .S7 S64
String Class Publications in the United States, 1851-1951. Charles Sollinger, 1974.

Music Ref ML 128 .V4 W53
Index of Violin Music. Wayne Wilkins, 1973.

Music Ref ML 128 .V4 M3 1983
Music for Solo Violin Unaccompanied. Peter Marcan, 1983.

Music Ref ML 156.4 .V5 C7
Discopaedia of the Violin: 1889-1971. James Creighton, 1974.

Music Ref ML 128 .V36 Z5 1985
Literatur fur Viola. Franz Zeyringer, 1985.

Music Ref ML 128 .V36 W53
Music for Viola. Michael D. Williams, 1979.

Music Ref ML 128 .V5 H66 1994
Cello Music Since 1960. Donald Homuth, 1994.

Music Ref ML 128 .V5 W5x
Index of Cello Music. Wayne Wilkins, 1979.

Music Ref ML 128 .D6 G7 1974
Comprehensive Catalog of Available Literature for the Double Bass. Murray Grodner, 1974.

Music Ref ML 128 .S382 A2
The A.S.T.A Dictionary of Bowing Terms for String Instruments. Barbara Garvey Seagrave and Joel Berman, 1968

String History and Construction

ML 800 .B6 1984
The Book of The Violin. Dominic Gill, editor, 1984.

ML 800 .B13 1966
An Encyclopedia of the Violin. Alberto Bachmann, 1966.

ML800 .S90 H5 1968
The History of the Violin.
(2 vol.)E. van der Straeten, 1968.

ML 900 .R43
The History of the Viola. Maurice W. Riley, 1980.

ML 910 .C7 1983b
The Cello. Elizabeth Cowling, 1983.

ML 915 .W33 1968
The Violoncello and its History.
Wilhelm Joseph von Wasielewski, 1968.

ML 787.41 E41i
Introduction to the Double Bass. Raymond Elgar, 1960.

String Interpretation & Performance Practice

MT 262 .M93 1951
A Treatise on the Fundamental Principles of Violin Playing. Leopold Mozart.

ML 855 .S8 1985
Violin Technique and Performance Practice in the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries. Robin Stowell, 1985.

ML 850 .B7 1967
The History of Violin Playing from its Origins to 1761. David D. Boyden

ML 418 .C4 B6
Casals and the Art of Interpretation. David Blum, 1977.

String Teaching Guides

MT 259 .S795 2006
String Teaching in America:  Strategies for a Diverse Society, 2006

MT 259 .K58 1988
Teaching Strings. Robert H. Klotman, 1988

MT 259 .O3
Playing and Teaching the Strings. Vincent Oddo, 1979.

MT 259 .M32 P5
Playing and Teaching Stringed Instruments (2 vol.) Ralph Matesky and Ralph Rush, 1963.

MT 259 .L27 2002
Guide to Teaching Strings.
Norman Lamb, 2002.

MT 259 .A67 2003
Applying Research to Teaching and Playing Stringed Instruments, 2003.

MusicVHSRolland  (Music Listening Center)
The Teaching of Action in String Playing (9 vol), 1970.

Violin and Bow Making and Makers

ML 845 .R6
Bows for Musical Instruments of the Violin Family.
Joseph Roda, 1959.

ML 845 .R48
Bows and Bow Makers. William C. Retford, 1964.

ML 404 .H45
Universal Dictionary of Violin and Bow Makers
(5 vol.) William Henley, 1959.

ML 836 .H33
German Violin Makers.
Fridolin Hamma, 1961.

ML 404 .J312
Italian Violin Makers.
Karel Jalovec

ML 424 .S8 H62 1963
Antonio Stradivari: His Life and Work.
W.Henry Hill, Arthur F. Hill, and Alfred E. Hill, 1963.

ML404 .E45
Looking at the Double Bass.
Raymond Elgar, 1967

Finding Additional Books and Scores in the BGSU Libraries Catalog

When looking for books and scores in the BGSU Libraries Catalog, use the following subject terms:

Violin music 
Viola music
Violoncello music
Viola da gamba music
Double bass music
Fiddle tunes
String quartets
Double bass
Stringed instrument bows

Call Number Ranges for Browsing


Music Scores - M41-42, M217-223, M1012-1013, M1112-1113
Methods and Etudes - MT 259-279
Orchestral Excerpts - MT 266


Music Scores - M46-49, M225-228, M1014-1015, M1114-1115
Methods and Etudes - MT 280-285
Orchestral Excerpts - MT 286


Music Scores - M51-52, M230-236, M1016,1017, M1116-1117
Methods and Etudes - MT 302-314
Orchestral Excerpts - MT 306

Double Bass

Music Scores - M57-58, M237-239, M1018, M1118
Methods and Etudes - MT 320-330
Orchestral Excerpts - MT 331 and MT 306

Finding Magazine Articles: Print and Online Periodical Indexes

Humanities Index. 1974-1984. (Located in the first-floor reference index area)

Humanities International Complete. 1984-present

New York Times Historical. 1851-2004.
    Indexing for more recent issues of the New York Times is available via various databases, including
Newspaper Source.

The Music Index.  1978-present. Print copies are located in the Music Library and date from 1949-present.

RILM Abstracts of Music Literature.  1969-present.

Suggested Periodicals

(Items are located in Main Periodicals on the 1st floor, unless indicated otherwise)

Journal of the American Viola Society 1993-present
The Bass Sound Post 1967-1971
International Society of Bassists-Newsletter (Bass World) 1974-1976
Probas (International Institute for the String Bass) 1972-1974
Journal of the American Musical Instrument Society 1983-2005 (Music Library, ML 1 .A527
Galpin Society Journal 1948-2001 (Online)

Web Resources

American String Teachers Association
Suzuki Association of the Americas
String Pedagogy Notebook
Internet Cello Society
International Society of Bassists
American String Workshop
American Viola Society