University Libraries

Acceptable Use of Electronic Journals


Electronic resources are owned by independent providers and are protected by copyright and other laws. They are provided for BGSU students, faculty, staff and library users only.

You must:
  • Use the resources for personal, educational or research purposes only
  • Check the library catalog and the provider’s website for permitted uses and restrictions
  • Comply with restrictions on use, copying, reproduction, distribution and alteration
You may:
  • View articles on screen
  • Print a copy of any article retrieved as a result of your search
  • Generally, temporarily store on floppy disk or hard drive any article retrieved as part of your search, and later display it on screen or print it on paper

You must not:

  • Systematically or programmatically or massively copy any of these resources
  • Distribute these resources beyond BGSU faculty, students and staff
  • Sell or otherwise make commercial use of the resources

BGSU is not responsible for the content, format, accuracy or availability of electronic resources.