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Other Manuscript Collections in the BPCL

The BPCL holds manuscripts from several different kinds of authors and some of which are difficult to "categorize" into the four major fiction genres that comprise the bulk of our manuscript collections. Below are some of those "other" manuscript collections.

PCL MS-109 Michael Avallone Collection
The Michael Avallone Collection consists of correspondence with Michael Cook as well as other letters praising or criticizing his written works. Michael Avallone was a freelance writer, editor, cartoonist, and film critic.

PCL MS-27 Millen Brand Collection
1969, n.d.
This series includes book jacket manuscripts. Promotional one liners for some of the books are included. Two pages of miscellaneous manuscripts are found at the end of the collection.

PCL MS-3 John C. Cooper Collection
John Charles Cooper is a professor of religion and a prolific author of religious works. Literary manuscripts, lectures/speeches and sermons form the core of the collection.

PCL MS-141 Michael B. Corbett Collection
1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998
The Michael B. Corbett Collection houses thirty-four parcels of Mail Art. Each bundle is comprised of approximately forty individual pieces of Mail Art.

PCL MS-11 Frederick C. Crews Collection
Frederick C. Crews is an author of parodies and has long been established as a practitioner of psychoanalytical literary criticism. The collection is comprised of literary manuscripts and publisher's correspondence.

PCL MS-28 Richard Elman Collection
1963, 1973, n.d.
The Richard Elman Collection houses the literary manuscripts for his poetry, radio talk (Strange Case of Major Arch Roberts), and book (Uptight With The Stones).

PCL MS-65 Andrew M. Greeley Collection
1985, 1986, 1987, 1988
The Andrew M. Greeley Collection houses original drafts for eleven of his works and one critical dissertation of his novels by Ingrid H. Shafer.

PCL MS-138 Michael M. McDowell Collection
The Michael McEachern McDowell Collection includes 20 cubic feet of correspondence and manuscripts dating from 1966-2001. This author of predominantly horror and occult-themed novels and screenplays began donating his collection to the Browne Popular Culture Library around 1987 until his death in 1999.

PCL MS-22 Jay Mechling Collection
The Jay Mechling Collection houses photocopies and reprints of published articles.

PCL MS-139 Paul S. Newman Collection
A manuscript for the text of a DarkWing Duck comic book is the core of the collection.

PCL MS-31 Dick Perry Collection
1963-1964, 1966, n.d.
Dick Perry is an author of humorous non-fiction articles and books. Literary manuscripts and related materials form the core of the collection.

PCL MS-33 William F. Ringle Collection
William Frank Ringle was an anthropologist and instructor at the University of Illinois and at Iowa State University. The collection centers on Ringle's personal interest and professional research into the beat generation of the late 1950s to early 1960s; the counterculture of the 1960s and 1970s, including radical social history and politics, Ethnopharmacology drug culture, rock music, and alternative publications; black history and culture, including music; native American history and culture; and miscellaneous other subjects.

PCL MS-5 Willo Davis Roberts Collection
Roberts was a writer of mystery, suspense, gothic, historical and juvenile novels. Literary manuscripts and galley sheets from seven of her works form the core of this collection.

PCL MS-48 Allen and John Saunders Collection
John Allen Saunders, who for most of his professional life went by the name of Allen, was a professor, journalist, novelist, playwright, and philanthropist, but was best known as the writer behind several comic strips, most notably Mary Worth and Steve Roper. This collection reflects his vast array of occupations and interests.

PCL MS-20 Elizabeth Seeman Collection
The Elizabeth Seeman Collection houses the literary manuscript for In The Arms of the Mountain, an autobiographical book.

PCL MS-21 Sidney Shelley Collection
Sidney Shelley is an author of fiction. The literary manuscript for Bowmanville Break is the core of the collection.

PCL MS-26 Susy Smith Collection
This collection includes printer's manuscripts and original edited typewritten manuscripts for Smith's 1971 book Confessions of a Psychic, as well as typewritten manuscripts with handwritten corrections for five other works relating to psychic phenomena including her latest donation Ghost Writers in the Sky.

PCL MS-148 Henry Steeger Collection
The Henry Steeger Collection houses correspondence with Nils Hardin, the founder, publisher, and editor of Xenophile.

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