Browne Popular Culture Library

What You Can Do with Popular Culture Materials

You may have wondered how you can use the materials in the BPCL. Well, faculty and students have used our resources to...

  • Choose a scene from our collection of 1940s original radio scripts and create sound effects for it
  • Write a dissertation on African-American romance authors with novels from our romance genre collection
  • Research television genres such as reality shows and sit-coms
  • Find stereotypes of Native Americans in our postcard collection
  • Check out a television program or popular movie from our new DVD collection to show in class
  • Bring the class to use primary popular literature materials such as dime novels, nickel weeklies, pulp magazines, and series fiction
  • Research popular sports figures like Michael Jordan, Pete Rose, and Lance Armstrong
  • Use pamphlets from the William Ringle Alternative Collection to research the topic music and drugs
  • Write papers "debunking" myths such as the Loch Ness Monster, Atlantis, crop circles, Shroud of Turin, etc.
  • Use comic books to explore gender stereotypes in the superheroes genre
  • Explore how zines for popular literature can function as literary criticism