Browne Popular Culture Library

About the Collections

More than 190,000 cataloged books are housed in the Browne Library. Popular fiction predominates, particularly novels in the romance, mystery-detective, science fiction-fantasy, and western genres. The Library also contains extensive collections of late 19th- and 20th-century juvenile/young adult series fiction.

Other major strengths of the Browne Library are materials documenting popular entertainment and the entertainment industry (including television, film, radio, and the mass communications industry), graphic arts, recreation and leisure, and popular religion. Non-fiction holdings also include books on the occult and supernatural, parapsychology, manner and customs, etiquette and advice, arts and crafts, hobbies, games and amusements, sports, foodways and cookery, domestic arts, costume and dress, and humor. Popular reference and informational materials (self-help and how-to books, for example) are also in the Library's collections.

In addition to many rare hardcover and paperback books and magazines, the Browne Library houses archival and special collections, including literary manuscripts and movie and television scripts. Non-traditional library resources such as dime novels, storypapers and nickel weeklies, pulp magazines, fanzines and other amateur publications, comic books and graphic novels, and posters, postcards, greeting cards, and mail-order catalogs, are also part of the Library's unusual collections.

The Browne Popular Culture Library also collects manuscripts to support and complement existing print collections.

Books, magazines, and many other materials are fully cataloged and accessible through the BGSU Libraries Catalog. Many specialized in-house finding aids are also available. Please contact the Browne Library directly for information about uncataloged and special collections materials.

For more information consult our list of special collections.