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Bill Pronzini, pulp aficionado and creator of the Nameless Detective series has been hailed by Publishers Weekly as “a master of the modern mystery.” Since becoming a professional writer in the late 1960s, he has published over sixty novels within the mystery/suspense and western genres, not to mention numerous short stories, anthologies and single-author collections which he edited or coedited. His collaboration with such authors as Jeffrey Wallmann, Michael Kurland, John Lutz, Barry N. Malzberg, Collin Wilcox, Jack Anderson, Martin H. Greenberg, Ed Gorman and of course Marcia Muller has kept pace with his own considerable output. Further references to Pronzini-Muller collaborations may be found in her collection, MS-112, at the Browne Popular Culture Library.

The Pronzini Collection dates from 1991 to the present. The only exceptions are reference cards for sold and unsold Pronzini writings, 1966-1977, and a 1987 manuscript for Son of Gun in Cheek. The collection contains manuscripts of his novels, short stories and other writings, as well as correspondence with his agent, publishers, editors, other writers and fans. Other files include interviews, articles, photos about Pronzini and book publicity. Audio book recordings are also found here. The California State Library Foundation owns the Pronzini literary archive from 1967 to 1991.

Bill Pronzini transferred his collection to the Browne Popular Culture Library, Bowling Green State University, in March 1997. The collection has no restrictions placed upon its use for scholarly purposes. Researchers are responsible for securing copyright permission when using all unpublished manuscripts and published works, whether authored by Bill Pronzini, Marcia Muller or by other writers whose work may be found in this collection.

This finding aid was prepared by Eric Honneffer in December 2005 and updated in May 2010.


Biographical Sketch

Bill Pronzini was born April 13, 1943 in Petaluma, California. He attended junior college for two years and held a variety of jobs: newsstand clerk, sports reporter, salesman and civilian guard with the U.S. Marshall's office, among others, before becoming a professional writer in the late 1960s. His first novel, The Stalker, was published in 1971. He traveled in Europe and resided in Majorca and West Germany between 1970 and 1972. He married mystery writer Marcia Muller, his third wife, in 1992. They have successfully collaborated on novels, short stories, articles, reviews and co-edited anthologies.

Bill Pronzini has been awarded three Shamus Awards from the Private Eye Writers of America (PWA), including their Life Achievement Award in 1987. He has also received six Edgar nominations from the Mystery Writers of America. His work has been translated into at least eighteen languages and published in almost thirty countries.


Scope and Content

The Bill Pronzini Collection of 14.5 cubic feet of literary manuscripts, correspondence and other files from 1991 to present, represents over a decade's worth of documentation from an almost forty-year writing career. Included are almost all manuscripts of Pronzini's “Nameless Detective” novels, non-series novels and short story collections from 1994 to present. Original manuscripts may be accompanied by editor's copies and galleys, which would assist researchers in studying the evolution of a Pronzini work on its way to publication. Numerous short story manuscripts are also found in the collection and may be accompanied by published copies. Discussion about particular works would be found under correspondence.

Those interested in Pronzini's collaborative projects since 1992, might wish to study the manuscripts among the short story collections, anthologies, and single author collections. Although some scattered correspondence is included with these manuscripts, researchers would certainly want to peruse Pronzini's correspondence with other writers, publishers and editors for more specific details about collaborative projects. The collection includes often detailed and lengthy correspondence between Pronzini and other authors about writing, collecting and remaining in print. In particular, his correspondence with a few former pulp writers offers insights into how many authors survived hard times writing for the pulps.

The introductions, prefaces, forwards and interviews offer a wealth of information about mystery/suspense and western fiction writing/writers and about Pronzini himself as an imaginative force and fan in their midst.

Pronzini's outgoing and general correspondence predominate. The latter group was refined into categories to both complement areas on which Pronzini concentrates his corresponding, as well as to assist researchers wishing to access specific topics of interest. There is certainly topic overlap among folders. The category bookselling was established since Pronzini, a book and pulp collector himself, assists others in search of hard-to-find materials within his field of collecting.

The miscellaneous correspondence includes letters pertaining to libraries, conventions, and book signings. Pronzini's correspondence documents his many collaborations with fellow writers, his views about publishing, his passion for mystery and suspense, pulps, western fiction and his determination that talented, often obscure, authors within these specialties get published and republished for future generations of readers.

Subject files include information about book signings, programs in which Pronzini participated, research inquiries, author obituaries and miscellaneous cards, notes and clippings. The collection is completed by audio recordings which include Pronzini's books on tape as well as interviews.


Series Description

Literary Manuscripts
Novel Manuscripts
1994 to present
Arranged chronologically
Include an author's draft, some editor's copies and some galleys. This varies from title to title. The novel manuscripts are broken into parts for ease of handling. A manuscript for Son of Gun in Cheek, a nonfiction work (1987), appears at the beginning of the novel manuscripts.

Short Story Manuscripts
1994 to present, n.d.
Arranged alphabetically by title
Short story manuscripts may be accompanied by a published copy and related correspondence.

Short Story Collections Authored or Co-authored by Pronzini
1996 to present
Arranged chronologically
Often includes author's drafts, photocopies of previously-published stories with introductions, some galleys, tables of contents, prefaces and other accompanying material. Co-authored collections are included here. Contents vary from title to title.

Short Story Anthologies Edited by Pronzini
1995 to present
Arranged chronologically
May include introductions to authors and stories featured, photocopies of previously published stories, tables of contents and correspondence. This varies from title to title. Co-editors sometimes participate.

Single Author Collections, Edited by Pronzini
1992 to present
Arranged chronologically
Titles can include original manuscripts, photocopies of published works, tables of contents, introductions, forwards, galleys and other documents. Of particular note is an original manuscript of William Campbell Gault's novel - Man Alone. Contents vary from title to title.

Other Manuscripts
1992 to present
Arranged by type of material, then chronologically
Types of material may include introductions, prefaces and forwards; articles; reviews. These can include original manuscripts, published copies and photocopies.
1991 to present
Arranged chronologically and then by type (outgoing, agent, publisher, general) General correspondence includes letters from other editors, writers, fan mail, book selling and buying and miscellaneous topics.
Subject Files
Subject Files
1991 to present
Arranged by topic
Includes interviews with Pronzini, articles about him, reviews of his work, publicity, catalogs, awards, book jacket designs and photographs.
Audio/Video Recordings
Audio Recordings
1991 to present
Arranged by format, then chronologically
Includes recordings of Pronzini's work as well as interviews

Box Numbering System

Boxes in the Pronzini Collection are numbered according to the following abbreviations:

C - Correspondence
M - Manuscripts - novels, short story manuscripts and other manuscripts



 Box C-1
Correspondence, 1991
1OutgoingApril - June 1991
2 July - Aug. 1991
3Sept. - Oct. 1991
4Nov. - Dec. 1991
5Agent correspondence7/26/91 to 12/29/91
6Publisher correspondence8/31/91 to 12/26/91
General correspondence
7Other Editors2/25/91 to 12/30/91
8Other Writers1/24/91 to 12/30/91
9Fan mail7/30/91 to 12/21/91
10Book Selling & Buying1/11/91; 6/30/91 to 12/31/91
11Miscellaneous10/11/88; 7/10/91 to 12/22/91
 Box C-2
Correspondence, 1992
1OutgoingJan. - Feb. 1992
2 March - April 1992
3May - June 1992
4July - Aug. 1992
5Sept. - Oct. 1992
6Nov. - Dec. 1992
7Agent correspondence1/2/92 to 12/11/92
8Publisher correspondence1/13/92 to 12/11/92
General correspondence
9Other Editors1/7/92 to 12/24/92
10Other Writers1/2/92 to 6-30/92
11Other Writers7-1/92 to 12/18/92
12Fan Mail1/1/92 to 10-31/92
13Book Selling & Buying1/6/92 to 12/14/92
14Miscellaneous1/2/92 to 12/9/92
 Box C-3
Correspondence, 1993
1OutgoingJan. - Feb. 1993
2 March - April 1993
3May - June 1993
4July - Aug. 1993
5Sept. - Oct. 1993
6Nov. - Dec. 1993
7Agent correspondenceJan. 1993 to 11/30/93
8Publisher correspondence2/1/93 to 4/15/93; 9/8/93
General correspondence
9Other Editors1/20/93 to 12/29/93
10Other Writers1/13/93 to 12/20/93
11Fan Mail2/3/93 to 12/20/93
12Book Selling & Buying2/3/93 to 10/27/93
13Miscellaneous5/27/93, 12/18/93
 Box C-4
Correspondence, 1994
1OutgoingJan. - Feb. 1994
2 March - April 1994
3May - June 1994
4July - Aug. 1994
5Sept. - Oct. 1994
6Nov. - Dec. 1994
7Agent correspondence1/12/94 to 12/21/94
8Publisher correspondence1/4/94 to 12/22/94
General correspondence
9Other Editors2/28/94 to 12/27/94
10Other Writers1/1/94 to 12/27/94
11Fan Mail1/2/94 to 12/27/94
12Book Selling & Buying4/5/94 to 12/30/94
13Miscellaneous2/23/94 to 12/29/94
 Box C-5
Correspondence, 1995
1OutgoingJan. - Feb. 1995
2 March - April 1995
3May - June 1995
4July - Aug. 1995
5Sept. - Oct. 1995
6Nov. - Dec. 1995
7Agent correspondence2/21/95 to 12/26/95
8Publisher correspondence1/12/95 to 11/23/95
General correspondence
9Other Editors1/3/95 to 12/6/95
10Other Writers1/4/95 to 12/18/95
11Fan Mail1/17/95 to Dec. 1995
12Book Selling & Buying2/22/95 to 12/5/95
13MiscellaneousJan. 1995 to 8/30/95
 Box C-6
Correspondence, 1996
1OutgoingJan. - Feb. 1996
2 March - April 1996
3May - June 1996
4July - Aug. 1996
5Sept. - Oct. 1996
6Nov. - Dec. 1996
7Agent correspondence1/2-96 to 11/29-96
8Publisher correspondence2-9-96 10 10-10-96
General correspondence
9Other Editors1/11/96 to 11/1/96
10Other Writers1/1/96 to 12/16-96
11Fan Mail2-4-96 to 11/13-96
12Book Selling & Buying1/2-96 to 12/31/96
13Miscellaneous3-8-96 to 11/1/96
 Box C-7
Correspondence, 1997
1OutgoingJan. - Feb. 1997
2 March - April 1997
3May - June 1997
4July - Aug. 1997
5Sept. - Oct. 1997
6Nov. - Dec. 1997
7Agent correspondence1/3/97 to 12/22/97
8Publisher correspondence1/8/97 to 12/29/97
General correspondence
9Other Editors1/20/97 to 12/3/97
10Other Writers1/6/97 to 12/20/97
11Fan Mail1/13/97 to 12/13/97
12Book Selling & Buying1/7/97 to 12/16/97
13Miscellaneous1/8/97 to 8-6/97
 Box C-8
Correspondence, 1998
1OutgoingJan. - Feb. 1998
2 March - April 1998
3May - June 1998
4July - Aug. 1998
5Sept. - Oct. 1998
6Nov. - Dec. 1998
7Agent correspondence1/7/98 to 12/8/98
8Publisher correspondence1/5/98 to 12/23/98
General correspondence
9Other Editors1/7/98 to 12/10/98
10Other Writers1/10/98 to 12/28/98
11Fan Mail2/16/98 to Dec. 1998
12Book Selling & Buying1/12/98 to 12/9/98
13Miscellaneous2/5/98 to 12/15/98
 Box C-9
Correspondence, 1999
1OutgoingJan. - Feb. 1999
2 March - April 1999
3May - June 1999
4July - Aug. 1999
5Sept. - Oct. 1999
6Nov. - Dec. 1999
7Agent correspondence2/4/99 to 12/15/99
8Publisher correspondence1/7/99 to 12/23/99
General correspondence
9Other Editors1/7/99 to 12/13/99
10Other Writers1/17/99 to 6-28/99
11Other Writers7/2/99 to 12/31/99
12Fan Mail3/10/99 to Dec. 1999
13Book Selling & Buying1/17/99 to 11/14/99
14Miscellaneous3/1/99 to 10/25/99
 Box C-10
Correspondence, 2000
1OutgoingJan. - Feb. 2000
2 March - April 2000
3May - June 2000
4July - Aug. 2000
5Sept. - Oct. 2000
6Nov. - Dec. 2000
7Agent correspondence1/5/00 to 12/1/00
8Publisher correspondence1/7/00 to 12/12/00
General correspondence
9Other Editors1/10/00 to 12/18/00
10Other Writers1/10/00 to 12/20/00
11Fan Mail1/30/00 to 10/10/00
12Book Selling & Buying7/2/00
13Miscellaneous2/15/00 to 12/20/00
 Box C-11
Correspondence, 2001
1OutgoingJan. - Feb. 2001
2 March - April 2001
3May - June 2001
4July - Aug. 2001
5Sept. - Oct. 2001
6Nov. - Dec. 2001
7Agent correspondenceJan. 2001 to 12/31/01
8Publisher correspondence1/4/01 to 12/20/01
General correspondence
9Other Editors1/8/01 to 11/1/01
10Other Writers1/4/01 to 12/3/01
11Fan Mail2/15/01 to Dec. 2001
12Book Selling & Buying1/13/01 to 11/19/01
13Miscellaneous1/5/01 to Dec. 2001
 Box C-12
Correspondence, 2002
1OutgoingJan. - Feb. 2002
2 March - April 2002
3May - June 2002
4July - Aug. 2002
5Sept. - Oct. 2002
6Nov. - Dec. 2002
7Agent correspondence1/9-02 to 11/22/02
8Publisher correspondence3/27/02 to 9/10/02
General correspondence
9Other Editors1/8-02 to 12/11/02
10Other Writers1/13-02 to 11/24/02
11Fan Mail1/8/02 to Dec. 2002
12Book Selling & Buying1/4/02 to 3/12/02
13Miscellaneous4/2/02 to June 2002
 Box C-13
Correspondence, 2003-2005
1Outgoing1/14/03 to 9/22/03
2Agent correspondence1/22/03 to 12/16/03
3Publisher correspondence1/31/03 to 10-3/03
General correspondence
4Other Editors1/26/03 to 8/20/03
5Other Writers3/10/03 to 9/19/03
6Fan Mail2/6/03 to Dec. 2003
7Book Selling & Buying4/10/03 to 8/7/03
8Miscellaneous3/24/03 to 11/6/03
9Outgoing3/20/04 to 10/18/04
10Agent correspondence1/13/04 to 12/16/04
11Publisher correspondence4/16/04
General correspondence
12Other Editors1/20/04 to 12/2/04
13Other Writers1/12/04 to 12/9/04
14Fan Mail3/27/04, 5/12/04
15Book Selling & Buying4/25/04 to 12/13/04
16Miscellaneous1/6/04 to 6/23/04
Box C-14
 Box M-1
Manuscripts - Novels
1Son of Gun in Cheek (non-fiction)
Uncorrected page proof - inscribed to Ellen Nehr
With an Extreme Burning1994
2Manuscript, Part 1 
3Manuscript, Part 2
4Manuscript, Part 3
5Manuscript, Part 4
6Manuscript, Part 5
7Manuscript, Part 6
Blue Lonesome1995
8Manuscript, Part 1 
9Manuscript, Part 2
10Manuscript, Part 3
11Manuscript, Part 4
12Manuscript, Part 5
13Manuscript, Part 1 
14Manuscript, Part 2
15Manuscript, Part 3
16Manuscript, Part 4
 Box M-2
Manuscripts - Novels
1Manuscript, Part 1 
2Manuscript, Part 2
3Manuscript, Part 3
4Manuscript, Part 4
5Manuscript, Part 5
6Corrected manuscript - Editor's copy, Part 1
7Corrected manuscript - Editor's copy, Part 2
8Corrected manuscript - Editor's copy, Part 3
9Corrected manuscript - Editor's copy, Part 4
10Corrected manuscript - Editor's copy, Part 5
A Wasteland of Strangers1997
11Manuscript, Part 1 
12Manuscript, Part 2
13Manuscript, Part 3
14Manuscript, Part 4
 Box M-3
Manuscripts - Novels
Six Gun in Check (non-fiction)1997
1Manuscript, Part 1 
2Manuscript, Part 2
3Manuscript, Part 3
4Galley, Part 1
5Galley, Part 2
6Galley, Part 3
7Galley - Blue Line
8Manuscript, Part 1 
9Manuscript, Part 2
10Manuscript, Part 3
11Manuscript, Part 4
12Corrected manuscript - Editor's copy, Part 1
13Corrected manuscript - Editor's copy, Part 2
14Corrected manuscript - Editor's copy, Part 3
15Corrected manuscript - Editor's copy, Part 4
 Box M-4
Manuscripts - Novels
Booby Trap1998
1Manuscript, Part 1 
2Manuscript, Part 2
3Manuscript, Part 3
4Manuscript, Part 4
5Corrected manuscript - Editor's copy, Part 1
6Corrected manuscript - Editor's copy, Part 2
7Corrected manuscript - Editor's copy, Part 3
8Corrected manuscript - Editor's copy, Part 4
Nothing But the Night1999
9Manuscript, Part 1 
10Manuscript, Part 2
11Manuscript, Part 3
12Manuscript, misc. pages
13Research file - articles
 Box M-5
Manuscripts - Novels
1Manuscript, Part 1 
2Manuscript, Part 2
3Manuscript, Part 3
4Manuscript, Part 4
In An Evil Time2001
5Manuscript, Part 1 
6Manuscript, Part 2
7Manuscript, Part 3
8Manuscript, Part 4
9Manuscript, Part 5
10Galley, Part 1
11Galley, Part 2
12Galley, Part 3
13Galley, Part 4
14Galley, Part 5
 Box M-6
Manuscripts - Novels
Step to the Graveyard Easy2002
1Manuscript, Part 1 
2Manuscript, Part 2
3Manuscript, Part 3
4Manuscript, Part 4
5Manuscript, Part 5
6Manuscript, Part 6
7Manuscript, Part 1 
8Manuscript, Part 2
9Manuscript, Part 3
10Manuscript, Part 4
11Manuscript, Part 5
 Box M-7
Manuscripts - Novels
1Manuscript, Part 1 
2Manuscript, Part 2
3Manuscript, Part 3
4Manuscript, Part 4
5Manuscript, Part 5
The Alias Man2004
6Manuscript, Part 1 
7Manuscript, Part 2
8Manuscript, Part 3
9Manuscript, Part 4
10Manuscript, Part 5
The Kinsmenn.d.
12Corrected manuscript
13Research file, article
 Box M-8
Manuscripts - Novels
1Manuscript, Part 1 
2Manuscript, Part 2
3Manuscript, Part 3
4Manuscript, Part 4
5Manuscript, Part 5
6Manuscript, Part 6
7Corrected manuscript - Editor's copy, Part 1
8Corrected manuscript - Editor's copy, Part 2
9Corrected manuscript - Editor's copy, Part 3
10Corrected manuscript - Editor's copy, Part 4
11Corrected manuscript - Editor's copy, Part 5
12Corrected manuscript - Editor's copy, Part 6
Box M-9
Manuscripts - Novels
The Crimes of Jordan Wise2006
1Edited manuscript - pp. 1-71 
2pp. 72-135
3pp. 136-181
4pp. 182-244
5pp. 245-end
6Manuscript - pp. 1-61 
7pp. 62-124
8pp. 125-188
9pp. 189- end
10Edited manuscript – pp. 1-61
11pp. 62-124
12pp. 125-188
13pp. 189-end
Box M -10
Manuscripts - Novels
1Manuscript – pp. 1-61 
2pp. 62-115
3pp. 116-178
4pp. 179 - 225
5pp. 226 – end
6Edited manuscript – 1-61
7pp. 62-115
8pp. 116-178
9pp. 179-225
10pp. 226-end
The Other Side of Silence2008
11Manuscript – pp. 1-60 
12pp. 61-121
13pp. 122-173
14pp. 174-226
15pp. 227-end
Box M-11
Manuscripts - Novels
1Manuscript – pp. 1-62 
2pp. 63-119
3pp. 120-183
4pp. 184-238
5pp. 239-end
6Manuscript – pp. 1-65 
7pp. 66-131
8pp. 132-191
9pp. 192-255
10pp. 256-end
11Galley – pp. 1-62
12pp. 63-118
13pp. 119-178
14pp. 179-234
15pp. 235-end
 Box M-12
Manuscripts - Short Stories
1"A Tale of Paradise"n.d.
2"Ancient Evil" 
3"Angel of Mercy"
4"The Big Bite"2000
5"Booby Trap"n.d.
6"Cat Bay on Cat Cay" 
8"Christmas Gifts"
9"The Coffin Trimmer"
10"Dago Red"
11"Doc Christmas, Painless Dentist"
12"The Dying Time” with Marcia Muller
17"Free Durt"n.d.
18"Give-A-Damn Jones"2000
19"The Gunny"n.d.
20"The Highbinders"1998
21"The Highgraders"n.d.
23"I Think I Will Not Hang Myself Today"
24"The Intruder"
25"Just Looking"
26"Liars Dice"
27"Man on the Run"
28"The Mayor of Asshole Valley"2000
29"Medium Rare"n.d.
30"The Monster" 
31“The Night, The River”
32“No Such Thing as a Haunted House”
33“Not a Lick of Sense”
34“Out of the Depths”
35“Shade Work”
36“The Strange Pumpkin”
38“Wishful Thinking”1999
39“The World by the Tail”n.d.
40“Wrong Place, Wrong Time” 
41“You Don't Know What It's Like”1966
 Box M-13
Manuscripts - Short Story Collections
1Spadework. “My Two Best Friends” by Marcia Muller
story photocopies and other documents
Table of contents
Preface, Manuscript, for “Jade” and other documents
4Night Freight
Introductions to stories, story photocopies and other documents
Short story photocopy and other documents
6More Oddments. Manuscript, Part 12001
7More Oddments. Manuscript, Part 2 
8More Oddments. Manuscript, Part 3
9More Oddments. Manuscript, Part 4
10More Oddments. Manuscript, Part 5
All the Long Years2001
11Corrected manuscript, Part 1 
12Corrected manuscript, Part 2
13Corrected manuscript, Part 3
14Corrected manuscript, Part 4
15Preface, story photocopies
Preface and manuscript, for “The Ghosts of Ragged-Ass Gulch”
17Burgade's Crossing
Manuscript for “The High Graders” and other documents
18Problems Solved (with Barry N. Malzberg)
Preface “Long Time Passing,” manuscripts for “The Man Who Loved Mystery Stories,” “Me and Mitch” and “Afterthought” as well as other documents
19On Account of Darkness and Other Science Fiction Stories (with Barry N. Malzberg)
Preface, manuscripts for “Nightrider,” “Intensified Transmogrification” and other documents
 Box M-14
Manuscripts - Short Story Collections
Quincannon's Game2004
1Manuscript, Part 1 
2Manuscript, Part 2
Crucifixion River:  Western Stories by Marcia Muller and Bill Pronzini2010
 Box M-15
Manuscripts - Short Story Anthologies, co-edited by Pronzini
Hard-Boiled (with Jack Adrian)1995
1Correspondence, 1992-1993 
2Correspondence, 1994
3Introduction - corrected
4Introductions for featured authors - corrected
American Pulp (with Ed Gorman)1997
5Short stories (photocopies)
Introductions for featured authors
Pure Pulp (with Ed Gorman and Martin H. Greenberg)1999
6Introductions for authors featured in anthology 
7“Western Tales” Series.
8Missing notes and lists of potential contributorsn.d.
 Box M-16
Manuscripts - Single Author Collections, co-edited by Pronzini
1The Best Western Stories of Ed Gorman (with Martin H. Greenberg)
Introduction, biography, and other material
Man Alone1995
2Novel by William Campbell Gault
Introduction by Pronzini
Manuscript, Part 1
3Manuscript, Part 2
4Manuscript, Part 3
5Manuscript, Part 4
6Renegade River and Other Stories by Giff Cheshire
Introduction by Pronzini, other documents
7Heading West: Western Stories by Noel M. Loomis
Foreword by Pronzini, photocopy of Loomis short story, other documents and pre-publication copy of the book
8Riders of the Shadowlands: Western Stories by H. A. DeRosso
Foreword by Pronzini, pre-publication copy of the book
Tracks in the Sand: Western Stories by H. A. DeRosso2001
9Manuscript, Part 1 
10Manuscript, Part 2
11Manuscript, Part 3
12Manuscript, Part 4
 Box M-17
Manuscripts - Single Author Collections, edited by Pronzini and Others
1Stage Trails West: A Western Quintet (Frank Bonham)
Foreword by Pronzini, other documents
2The Devil's Roundup: A Western Quintet (Will Cook)
Foreword by Pronzini, other documents
3The Last Mustang: Western Stories (Frank Bonham)
Foreword by Pronzini
4Marksman and Other Stories (William Campbell Gault)
Introductions and biography by Pronzini, other documents
5Outcasts of Rebel Creek: A Western Trio (Frank Bonham)
Introduction by Pronzini, other documents
6The Danger Zone and Other Stories (Erle Stanley Gardner)
Introduction by Pronzini, and other documents
7The Phantom Bandit: Western Stories (Frank Bonham)
Foreword by Pronzini, other documents
 Box M-18
Manuscripts - Short Works
“A Preddie for Your Thoughts” Howard Brown Collection (unpublished)
“The Challenge of the Yukon” Ed Gorman Starvation Camp reissue
March 1993
Fatal Frontier anthology
April 1996
“Prelude: A Fast Drumroll” Drum-Beat anthology
“Pawns of Death”
July 2002
6Introductions for stories in Block's Master's Choice anthologyn.d.
“Parlor Trick” Paul Cain Collection
“Revolver” A. Davidson Collection
Cover Girl Killer by Richard Lupoff
Invitation to Murder anthology
The Devil in Velvet by John Dickson Carr
The Bride of Newgate by John Dickson Carr
“A Sense of History” for Dinkeytown Western catalogue
Complete Idiot's Guide to Mysteries
“Women in the Pulps”
“Some Words By and About Bruno Fischer”
“Whine and Kvetch, Anyone?””
“The Best Restaurant in Town” (with Marcia Muller)
“Our Perfect Summer Day” (with Marcia Muller)
“The Man Who Loved Mystery Stories” (with Barry N. Malzberg)
New York Times book reviews
Bouchercon - Opening remarks
23Boucheron program book
“Some Things You Always Wanted to Know About Marcia Muller But Were Afraid to Ask”
24PWA program book
“A Note from PWA's First President”
Talmage Powell - obituary, in “Reflections in a Private Eye,”
June 2000
26“In Memoriam: William Campbell Gault” (obituary)c.1995
27Pulp Radio Scripts
“Diamonds of Death”, “Dark on Monday” and “Mr. Chang Cages Rafferty”
2820th Century Crime and Mystery Writers and 20th Century Science Fiction Writers updates
Includes Bill Pronzini bibliography
29Cards - Pronzini writings - sold1966-1977
30Cards - Pronzini writings - unsold1966-1968
Box M-19
Manuscripts - Short Works
Short story manuscripts
1The Almost Perfect Hiding Place1999
2Devil’s Brew (Coyote and Quarter-Moon Western Stories by Bill Pronzini)2006
3The Winning Ticket2007
4I Wasn’t Theren.d.
6Memento Morin.d.
7Here Comes Frederic Brownn.d.
8Olaf and the Merchandisers co-authored with Barry N. Malzbergn.d.
9A Matter of Justice co-authored with Barry N. Malzbergn.d.
10The Carville Ghostn.d.
11Private Terrorsn.d.
12What Happened to Mary?n.d.
Forwards, introductions, and prefaces
13The Night Remembers by Ed Gormann.d.
14The Dark Border:  A Western Quartet by Fran Bonhamn.d.
15Devil’s Graze:  Western Stories by Frank Bonhamn.d.
16Dakota Man:  Western Stories by Frank Bonhamn.d.
17High Iron:  A Western Trio by Frank Bonhamn.d.
18Blood Sky:  Western Stories by Will Cookn.d.
19Black Wings Has My Angel by Elliot Chazen.d.
20101 Habits of Highly Successful Novelistsn.d.
21Speech – Upon receipt of the Grand Master Award at Mystery Writers of America banquet2008
22Pronzini writings1998-(scatt.)
23Article – David Goodis:  Moon in the Guttern.d.
24Miscellaneous writings from other authorsn.d.
Manuscripts - Miscellaneous
1Pronzini interviews and articles about him1990-1999
2Pronzini interviews and articles about him2000-
3Pronzini and Muller interviews and articles about them as a couple1991-
4Awards and certificates1970-
Manuscripts - Miscellaneous
1Book cover designs1987-1999
2Book cover designs2000-
3Book publicity and catalogs – Five Star1997-
4Book publicity and catalogs – Carroll and Graf2000-
5Book publicity and catalogs – Crippen and Landru1997
6Book publicity and catalogs – Dorchester et al2003
7Book publicity and catalogs – Walker and Co.1995-
8Book publicity and catalogs1992-
9Mystery Series Week calendarOctober, 2000
10Reviews of Pronzini books1985-1999 scattered
11Reviews of Pronzini books2000-
12Publicity for Pronzini public appearances and recognitions1991-
13Miscellaneous publicity1991
14Pronzini photos1970-
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Audio Tapes (Pronzini works)
1The Eye (2 tapes)1984
2Jackpot (8 tapes)1990
3Breakdown (5 tapes)1991
4Quarry (7 tapes)1992
5Epitaphs (6 tapes)1992
6Demons (6 tapes)1993
7Hardcase (6 tapes)1995
8Blue Lonesome (7 tapes)1995
9Sentinels (5 tapes)1996
10Illusions (6 tapes)1997
11Boobytrap (5 tapes)1998
12Crazybone (5 tapes)2000
13Bleeders (6 tapes)2002
14Spook (6 tapes)2003
15Spadework (6 tapes)1996
16Carpenter and Quincannon (7 tapes)1998
17KPFK Radio. All About Books: Shape of Dread by Marcia MullerMay 1990
18KPFK Radio. All About Books: Jackpot by Bill PronziniMay 1990
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Audio Tapes (Pronzini works)
1Double (8 tapes)n.d.
2Shackles (8 tapes) 
3Deadfall (6 tapes)
4The Snatch (1 tape)
 Box OVSZ 1
1Photo calendars featuring Pronzini, Muller and their pets1998-