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SpColl 20: Little Bluebook Collection

The Little Blue Books were published by the Halderman-Julius Publishing Company of Giraud Kansas from 1919-1978. The small staple bound books were designed to fit into a working man's pocket. Emanuel Haldeman-Julius and his wife Marcet published them to foster ideals of American socialism and to provide basic education to the working classes. The books included classics of Western literature as well as books that dealt with current social and political issues. They were enormously popular until the 1950s when the FBI, under J. Edgar Hoover, put Halderman-Julius on its' enemies list.

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BPCL Little Blue Book Holdings
1Rubaiyat of Omar KhayyamLittle Blue BookDarrow, Clarence 
2The Ballad of Reading GaolTen Cent PocketWilde, Oscar
4The Age of ReasonTen Cent PocketPaine, Thomas
6Love and Other StoriesLittle Blue BookMaupassant, Guy de
7A Liberal EducationTen Cent PocketHuxley, Thomas
11Debate on ReligionTen Cent PocketHolmes, John Haynes, Norris, O.
13Man and His AncestorsTen Cent PocketFenton, Carroll Lane1923
14What Every Girl Should KnowLittle Blue BookSanger, Mararet H.
15The Atheist's Mass and An Accursed HouseLittle Blue BookBlazac, Honore de
19The Story of Friedrich Nietzsche's PhilosophyLittle Blue BookDurant, Will
20Let's LaughLittle Blue BookNasby, Petroleum V.1924
21CarmenLittle Blue BookMerimee, Prosper
23Great Stories of the SeaLittle Blue BookCooper, James Fennimore
25Rhyming DictionaryLittle Blue Book 
26On Going to ChurchTen Cent Pocket 
27Last Days of a Condemed ManAppeal Pocket SeriesHugo, Victor
28TolerationTen Cent PocketVoltaire
32Poe's Complete PoemsPeople's Pocket Series 
33Brann: Smasher of ShamsAppeal Pocket SeriesGunn, John W.
34The Mystery of the Iron MaskLittle Blue BookKeler, Theordore M.R. von1923
39A Guide to AristotleLittle Blue BookDurant, Will1923
39The Story of Aristotle's PhilosophyLittle Blue Book 
40The House and The BrainTen Cent PocketBulwer-Lytton, E.
41A Christmas CarolTen Cent PocketDickens, Charles
42The Origin of the Human RaceTen Cent PocketSchwalbe, G.
43Marriage and DivorcePocket SeriesGreeley, Horace; Owen, Rober D.
46SalomeLittle Blue BookWilde, Oscar
47Animals of Ancient SeasLittle Blue BookFenton, Carroll Lane1922
48Bacon's EssaysTen Cent Pocket 
49Three Lectures on EvolutionTen Cent Pocket 
49Controversy on the Creation of ManLittle Blue BookHaeckel, Ernst
50Common SenseLittle Blue BookPaine, Thomas
51Bruno: His Life and MartyrdomTen Cent Pocket1923
53Insects and Men: Instrict and ReasonTen Cent PocketDarrow, Clarence
54The Importance of Being EarnestLittle Blue BookWilde, Oscar
55Herbert Spencer:His Li fe and WorksTen Cent PocketHudson, William
56The Wisdom of IngersollLittle Blue Book1924
58Boccaccio's StoriesTen Cent Pocket 
59Epigrams of Wit, Wisdom and WickednessLittle Blue Book1924
60Essays on Compensation and FriendshipLittle Blue BookEmerson, Ralph Waldo
60Emerson's EssaysTen Cent Pocket 
62Schopenhauer's EssaysTen Cent Pocket 
62Essays on Religion and PantheismLittle Blue BookSchopenhauer, Arthur1924
63A Defense of PoetryLittle Blue BookShelly
64Rudolf Eucken: His Life and PhilosophyTen Cent PocketJones, W. Tudor
65Meditations of Marcus AureliusLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1924
66Crimes of the BorgiasTen Cent PocketDumas, Alexander1922
67Church HistoryLittle Blue BookTichenor, H.M.1921
69Life of Mary, Queen of ScotsLittle Blue BookDumas, Alexander
71Poems of EvolutionTen Cent Pocket 
74Physiology of Sex LifeLittle Blue BookGreer, Joseph H.1924
77What Great Men Have Said About WomenLittle Blue Book 
80Pillars of SocietyTen Cent PocketIbsen, Henrik
81The Care of the BabyLittle Blue Book1925
82Common Faults in Writing EnglishLittle Blue BookAlexander, Henry1924
83The Evolution of MarriageLittle Blue BookMarkun, Leo1926
83Marriage: Its Past, Present and FuturePocket Series 
84Love Letters of a Portuguese NunPocket Series 
86On ReadingLittle Blue BookBrandes, Georg
89Love Letters of Men and Women of GeniusLittle Blue Book 
90The MikadoLittle Blue BookGilbert, W.S.
91Manhood:The Facts of L ife Presented to MenTen Cent PocketThompson, Clarence
93How to Live One Hundred YearsTen Cent PocketCornaro, Lewis
94Trial and Death of SocratesTen Cent Pocket 
96Dialogues of PlatoTen Cent Pocket 
97Love Letters of King Henry VIIILittle Blue Book 
97Self-Contradictions of the BibleLittle Blue Book 
98How to LoveLittle Blue BookWood, Clement
99TartuffePocket SeriesMoliere1922
101Thoughts of PascalLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1924
103Pocket TheologyLittle Blue BookVoltaire
107The Dream-WomanLittle Blue BookCollins, Wilkie
109Facts You Should Know About the ClassicsLittle Blue BookMcGabe, Joseph1927
110Dante, and Other Waning Classics&nbs p; Volume 2Little Blue BookMordell, Albert1915
111The Words of JesusVolu me 1Ten Cent PocketVedder, Henry C.1923
112The Secret of Self DevelopmentLittle Blue BookPowys, John Cowper1926
112The Words of JesusVolu me 2Ten Cent PocketVedder, Henry C.1923
114The Best Wit of the French PeopleLittle Blue BookLebris, Pierre
117Proverbs of ItalyLittle Blue Book 
120Proverbs of SpainLittle Blue Book1924
122Debate on SpiritualismLittle Blue BookDoyle, Conan; McGabe, Joseph1922
123Life of Madame DuBarryLittle Blue Book1922
126History of RomeLittle Blue BookWood, Clement1924
127What Every Expectant Mother Should KnowLittle Blue BookReed, Charles B.    M.D.1924
128Julius Caesar: Who He Was and What He …Little Blue BookWood, Clement
132Foundations of ReligionFive Cent PocketCook, Stanley H.
133Principles of ElectricityTen Cent PocketCampbell, Norman R.
134The MisanthropeLittle Blue BookMoliere
137Home NursingTen Cent PocketSister Matilda
138Studies in PessimismLittle Blue BookSchopenhauer, Arthur
140Reflections on Life and DestinyLittle Blue BookFrance, Anatole1925
141Would the Practice of Christ's Teachings ….Ten Cent PocketNearing, Scott; Ward, Percy
146Snow-Bound / The Pied PiperTen Cent PocketBrowning, Robert
147Cromwell and His TimesLittle Blue BookWood, Clement1924
153Chinese Philosophy of LifeLittle Blue BookTichenor, H.M.1922
154Epigrams of IbsenLittle Blue Book1924
157The Republic of PlatoLittle Blue BookTichenor, H.M.1922
158Alice in WonderlandLittle Blue BookCarroll, Lewis
159A Guide to PlatoLittle Blue BookDurant, Will1922
166English As She Is SpokeLittle Blue BookTwain, Mark1923
167General Hints on Everyday HealthLittle Blue BookFishbein, Morris   M.D.1927
168Epigrams of Oscar WildeLittle Blue Book 
169Voices From the PastTen Cent PocketTichenor, H.M.1921
169A History of the Modern Christian ChurchLittle Blue BookRandolph, Vance1924
170Constantine and the Beginnings of ChristianityLittle Blue BookTichenor, H.M.1922
171Has Life Any MeaningLittle Blue BookHarris, Frank; Ward, Percy
172The Evolution of SexLittle Blue Book1924
172The Evolution of LoveTen Cent PocketKey, Ellen
174Ten Dialogues on Religion and PhilosophyLittle Blue BookVoltaire1925
174Trial of William PennTen Cent Pocket 
175A Hindu Book of Love (The Karma Sutra)Little Blue BookMarkun, Leo
175Science of HistoryTen Cent Pocket 
176Four EssaysTen Cent PocketEllis, Havelock
177Subjection of WomenAppeal Pocket SeriesMill, John Stuart
178One of Cleopatra's NightsLittle Blue BookGautier, Theophile
179Gems From EmersonLittle Blue Book 
180Epigrams of Bernard ShawLittle Blue Book1925
181Epigrams of ThoreauLittle Blue Book1925
183Life of Jack LondonLittle Blue BookTichenor, H.M.
184Primitive BeliefsLittle Blue BookTichenor, H.M.1921
187The Humor of WhistlerTen Cent Pocket 
189Eugenics Made PlainPocket SeriesEllis, Havelock
190Psycho-Analysis: The Key to Human BehaviorLittle Blue BookFielding, William J.1921
191Evolution Versus DogmaLittle Blue BookShipley, Maynard1925
191Evolution vs. ReligionTen Cent PocketBalmforth, Ramsden
193Wit and Wisdom of Charles LambLittle Blue Book 
194Letters of Lord ChesterfieldLittle Blue Book 
195Thoughts on NatureLittle Blue BookThoreau, Henry David
196The MarquiseLittle Blue BookSand, George
200The Ignorant PhilosopherLittle Blue BookVoltaire