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SpColl 20: Little Bluebook Collection

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BPCL Little Blue Book Holdings
202Survival of the FittestTen Cent PocketTichenor, H.M.1921
208Debate on Birth ControlLittle Blue BookSanger, Margaret H.; Russell, W.1921
209Aspects of Birth ControlTen Cent PocketKnopf, Adolphus
210The Stoic PhilosophyTen Cent PocketMurray, Gilbert
211The Idea of God in NatureLittle Blue BookMill, John Stuart
212Life and CharacterLittle Blue BookGoethe
214Speeches of LincolnTen Cent Pocket 
217The Puzzle of PersonalityLittle Blue BookFielding, William J.1922
219The Human TragedyLittle Blue BookFrance, Anatole1924
224God: Known and UnknownLittle Blue BookButler, Samuel
227Facts You Should Know About Animal LifeLittle Blue BookFenton, Carroll Lane1925
229Les Precieuses RidiculesPocket SeriesMoliere1923
229DiderotTen Cent PocketEllis, Havelock
230The Fleece of GoldLittle Blue BookGautier, Theophile
231Humorous SketchesTen Cent PocketTwain, Mark
232The Three StrangersLittle Blue BookHardy, Thomas
233Revealing Comments on Humanity and LifeLittle Blue BookGoethe
233Literature and ArtTen Cent Pocket 
234McNeal-Sinclair Debate on SocialismLittle Blue Book1921
235EssaysLittle Blue BookChesterton, G.K.
238Reflections on Modern ScienceTen Cent PocketHuxley, Thomas
240The TempestLittle Blue BookShakespeare, William
243Twelfth NightTen Cent PocketShakespeare, William
248King Henry VLittle Blue BookShakespeare, William
254Taming of the ShrewLittle Blue BookShakespeare, William
258King Henry IVPart Two< /td>Ten Cent PocketShakespeare, William
261King Henry VIPart Thre eTen Cent PocketShakespeare, William
262The Comedy of ErrorsLittle Blue BookShakespeare, William
263King JohnLittle Blue BookShakespeare, William
269Contemporary Portraits   Volume OnePocket SeriesHarris, Frank
270Contemporary Portraits Volume TwoLittle Blue BookHarris, Frank
271Contemporary Portraits   Volume ThreeLittle Blue BookHarris, Frank
272Contemporary Portraits Volume FourLittle Blue BookHarris, Frank
273Chapters from The Social ContractsLittle Blue BookRousseau, Jean Jacques
274Animals of Ancient LandsLittle Blue BookFenton, Carroll Lane1922
275The Building of the EarthTen Cent PocketFenton, Carroll Lane1922
276Speeches and LettersLittle Blue BookWashington, George
277The Man Without A CountryLittle Blue BookHale, Edward Everett
278Quacks and Quackeries of the Healing CultsLittle Blue BookFishbein, Robert Louis1927
279Will O' The Mill and MarkheimLittle Blue BookStevenson, Robert Louis
280The Happy Prince and Other TalesLittle Blue BookWilde, Oscar
281Lays of Ancient RomeLittle Blue BookMacaulay
283The Courtship of Miles StandishLittle Blue BookLongfellow
284Poems of Robert BurnsLittle Blue Book 
285Euphorian In TexasLittle Blue BookMoore, George
287Whistler:The Man and H is ArtTen Cent Pocket 
287The Best Jokes About DoctorsLittle Blue BookMilburn, George
288Essays on Chesterfield and RabelaisTen Cent PocketSainte-Beuve
292Mademoiselle Fifi and Other StoriesLittle Blue BookMaupassant, Guy de
296Lyrics LoveLittle Blue BookBrowning, Robert
297Do We Need ReligionLittle Blue BookMcGabe, Joseph1927
297PoemsTen Cent PocketSouthey, Robert
298Today's PoetryLittle Blue BookCrawford, Nelson A.; O'Neil, David1923
299Prose Nature NotesTen Cent PocketWhitman, Walt
300Terrorism in FranceLittle Blue BookDumas, Alexander1923
301Sailor Chanties and Cowboy SongsLittle Blue BookFinger, Charles1923
303RosmersholmLittle Blue BookIbsen, Henrik
304What Great Women Learned About MenLittle Blue Book 
305MachiavelliLittle Blue BookMacaulay
306A Shropshire LadLittle Blue BookHousman, A.E.
307A Tillyloss ScandalLittle Blue BookBarrie, J.M.
308She Stoops to ConquerFive Cent PocketGoldsmith, Oliver
309Le Bourgeois GentilhommeLittle Blue BookMoliere
311A Lodging for the NightLittle Blue BookStevenson, Robert Louis
312The Life and Works of Laurence SterneLittle Blue BookGunn, John W.1922
315Pen, Pencil and PoisonLittle Blue BookWilde, Oscar
316Promtheus BoundLittle Blue BookAeschylos
318Christ in FlandersPocket SeriesBalzac, Honore de
319Comtesse de Saint-GeranLittle Blue BookDumas, Alexander
320The PrinceTen Cent PocketMachiavelli1922
321History of EvolutionTen Cent PocketFenton, Carroll Lane
322The Buddhist Philosophy of LifeLittle Blue BookTichenor, H.M.
323The Life of Joan of ArcTen Cent Pocket1922
324Life of Abraham LincolnTen Cent PocketBowers, John Hugh1922
325The Essence of BuddhismLittle Blue Book1922
326Hints on Writing Short StoriesLittle Blue BookFinger, Charles
327The Ice AgeLittle Blue BookFinger, Charles1922
328Joseph Addison and His TimeTen Cent PocketFinger, Charles1922
329Dante's InfernoVolume OneLittle Blue Book 
332The Man Who Was and Other StoriesLittle Blue BookKipling, Rudyard
334Caught and Dreams and Compound InterestLittle Blue BookHaldman-Julius1923
337Pippa PassesLittle Blue BookBrowning, Robert
338A Guide to EmersonLittle Blue Book1923
340Life of JesusLittle Blue BookRenan, Ernest
342Hints on News ReportingFive Cent PocketSheehan, Murray1922
344Don Juan, A Passion in the DesertLittle Blue BookBalzac, Honore de
345ClarimondeLittle Blue BookGautier, Theophile
347A Guide to StoicimLittle Blue BookStock, St. George
350Hedda GablerTen Cent PocketIbsen, Henrik
351Memories of LincolnLittle Blue BookWhitman, Walt
354The League of YouthLittle Blue BookIbsen, Henrik
357City of the Dreadful NightTen Cent PocketKipling, Rudyard
364How to Argue LogicallyLittle Blue BookSchopenhauer, Arthur
364The Art of ControversyLittle Blue Book 
365The Odes of HoraceVolu me OneLittle Blue Book 
366Religion's Failure to Combat CrimeLittle Blue BookMcGabe, Joseph1927
366The Odes of Horace Volume TwoTen Cent Pocket 
367Improve Your ConversationLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.
367How To Improve Your ConversationLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1927
367Essay on ConversationPocket SeriesQuincey, Thomas de
368To California and BackLittle Blue BookWard, Artemus
371Empedocles on EtnaLittle Blue BookArnold, Matthew1923
372A Guide to MalthusianismPocket SeriesGambs, John S.1923
373The Truth of MasksLittle Blue BookWilde, Oscar
374The Critic As ArtistPa rt OnePocket SeriesWilde, Oscar
374The Psychology of SuicideLittle Blue BookFraser, Hugh Russell
375The Love Story of an Old MaidLittle Blue BookHaardt, Sara1927
375The Critic As Artist Part TwoPocket SeriesWilde, Oscar
379The King Enjoys HimselfTen Cent PocketHugo, Victor1923
382Humor and Wisdom of LincolnLittle Blue BookGunn, John W.
384Four One-Act PlaysLittle Blue BookStrindberg, August
387A History of PaintingLittle Blue BookSheehan, Murray1923
387The Story of PaintingLittle Blue Book1923
388Proverbs of HindustanLittle Blue BookShan, Champak C.1923
389My Fellow-TravelerPocket SeriesGorki, Maxim
390The Death of Ivan IlyitchPocket SeriesTolstoi, Leo
392The Nurnberg StoveLittle Blue BookOuida
393Frederic the GreatPocket SeriesMacaulay, Lord
394Boswell's Life of JohnsonPocket SeriesFinger, Charles1923
396Embers, A Play in One ActLittle Blue BookHaldman-Julius1923
397Irish Fairy TalesLittle Blue BookTichenor, H.M.1923
398Irish Folk Songs and TalesLittle Blue Book 
400Tales From the Arabian Nights Volume TwoPocket Series