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SpColl 20: Little Bluebook Collection

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BPCL Little Blue Book Holdings
402Epigrams of George MoorePocket Series 
403A History of MusicLittle Blue BookSheehan, Murray1923
404Romances of ParisLittle Blue BookMusset, Alfred de
405Outline of EconomicsLittle Blue BookGambs, John S.1923
407Hints on FarmingPocket SeriesPower, R.A.1923
408Introduction to EinsteinLittle Blue BookHudgings, William F.
409Great Men of ScienceFive Cent Pocket1923
410Amorous MisadventuresLittle Blue BookBretonne, Restif de la
411A Guide to CervantesPocket SeriesGoldberg, Isaac1923
412MahometTen Cent PocketFinger, Charles1923
414The Art of HappinessLittle Blue BookPowys, John Cowper1923
415The Age of MammalsLittle Blue BookFenton, Carroll Lane1923
416The God of VengeanceLittle Blue BookAsch, Sholom1918
417The Nature of DreamsLittle Blue BookCarrington, Hereward1923
418The BacchantesPocket SeriesEuripides1923
423Representative Men Volume OneLittle Blue BookEmerson, Ralph Waldo
424Representative Men Volume TwoLittle Blue BookEmerson, Ralph Waldo
425Representative Men Volume ThreeLittle Blue BookEmerson, Ralph Waldo
426Representative Men Volume FourLittle Blue BookEmerson, Ralph Waldo
428The Essence of the KoranLittle Blue BookKeler, Theordore M.R. von1923
429The Life and Works of Jonathan SwiftLittle Blue BookGunn, John W.1923
430Poultry for ProfitLittle Blue BookPower, R.A.1923
431A United States Commercial GeographyLittle Blue BookMarkhun, Leo1927
431Literary Stars on the Scandinavian FirmamentTen Cent PocketMoritzen, Julius1923
432The Tragic Story of Oscar Wilde's LifeLittle Blue BookFinger, Charles1923
434The Significance of Georg BrandesLittle Blue BookMoritzen, Julius1923
435One Hundred Best BooksLittle Blue BookPowys, John Cowper1916
436Henrik Ibsen: His Life, Aim and InfluenceLittle Blue BookMoritzen, Julius1923
437Hints on Scenario WritingLittle Blue BookSheehan, Murray1923
438Secret Memoirs of a French Royal MistressLittle Blue BookBeaujoint, Jules
438Secret Memoirs of Madame de Pompadour v.1Little Blue Book1924
439Secret Memoirs of Madame de Pompadourv.2Little Blue Book 
439My Tweleve Years in a MonasteryLittle Blue BookMcGabe, Joseph1924
440Cavalleria RusticanaLittle Blue BookKeler, Theordore M.R. von1923
442Oscar Wilde in OutlineLittle Blue BookFinger, Charles1923
443The Story of Francis Bacon's PhilosophyLittle Blue BookDurant, Will1923
445Psychical Research Volume 1Little Blue BookCarrington, Hereward1923
446Psychical Research Volume 2Little Blue BookCarrington, Hereward1923
447Autosuggestion: How It WorksLittle Blue BookFielding, William J.1923
448Essays on Montaigne, Pascal, VoltairePocket SeriesPowys, John Cowper1923
452Essays on Emily Bronte and Henry JamesPocket SeriesPowys, John Cowper1923
454The Unworthy Coopers and Comtesse Du JamesPocket Series 
456Bizet's CarmenPocket SeriesKeler, Theordore M.R. von1923
458How to Write Telegrams ProperlyLittle Blue BookRoss, Nelson E.1928
459Das RheingoldPocket SeriesKeler, Theordore M.R. von1923
461Literary EssaysPocket Series1923
463The Art of ReadingLittle Blue BookHaldeman-Julius, E.1923
466A History of SculptureLittle Blue BookSheehan, Murray1924
467Evolution Made PlainLittle Blue BookMason, John1923
468The Story of ArchitectureLittle Blue BookSheehan, Murray1923
469The Egypt of YesterdayLittle Blue BookMoritzen, Julius1923
470Guide to KantLittle Blue BookThomas, James B.1923
472The Strange Notes of Samuel ButlerLittle Blue BookGunn, John W.1923
473Lives of Chorus GirlsLittle Blue BookDeventer, Betty van1928
475How to Develop Your Sense of HumorLittle Blue BookMarkum, Leo1928
477The Nonsense Called TheosophyLittle Blue BookMcGabe, Joseph1927
477Theosophy in OutlinesLittle Blue BookWillis, F. Milton1923
482Five Weeks in a BalloonLittle Blue BookFinger, Charles1923
485A Voyage to the MoonLittle Blue BookVerne, Jules1923
487Thomas Carlyle's Philosophy of ClothesLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1923
491Physchology for BeginnersLittle Blue BookCarrington, Hereward1924
494Negro Life in New York's HarlemLittle Blue BookThurman, Wallace
499A Dictionary of Classical MythologyLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.
500MedeaLittle Blue BookHarvey, Alexander1924
501Poems of Carew, Suckling, Lovelace and HerbertLittle Blue BookWhiting, Bartlett J.1924
503A Short History of the Civil WarLittle Blue BookMarkun, Leo1927
503August Strindberg The Literary EnigmaqLittle Blue BookMoritzen, Julius1924
508A Guide to BergsonLittle Blue BookThomas, James B.1924
509The Ancient RegimeLittle Blue BookGottschalk, Louis R.
512Voltaire and the French EnlightenmentLittle Blue BookDurant, Will1924
513The Travels of Marco PoloLittle Blue BookFinger, Charles1924
515The Fall of Louis XVILittle Blue BookGottschalk, Louis R.1924
516Book of Real AdventuresLittle Blue BookFinger, Charles1924
518The Life and Works of Charles DickensLittle Blue BookSwasey, Robert1924
519A Guide to RabelaisLittle Blue BookGoldberg, Isaac1924
520A Guide to SpinozaLittle Blue BookDurant, Will
527A Guide to AeschylusLittle Blue BookSchnittking, Henry T.1924
529Walt Whitman: Bard of the WestLittle Blue BookHamblen, Emily S.
530Camoens: Central Figure of Portuguese LiteratureLittle Blue BookGoldberg, Isaac1924
532Essays on JesusLittle Blue BookHarvey, Alexander1924
534Honey and GallLittle Blue BookPowys, John Cowper1924
535How to Play GolfLittle Blue BookLardner, George E.1927
539None Beneath the KingLittle Blue BookZorrilla, Francisco de Rojas1924
541Stories in Green, Zinzolin, Rose, Purple, Mauve, ..Little Blue BookGourmont, Remy de1924
542Essays on Power and BehaviorLittle Blue BookEmerson, Ralph Waldo
545Essays on Character and MannersLittle Blue BookEmerson, Ralph Waldo
547Essays on Spiritual Laws and CirclesLittle Blue BookEmerson, Ralph Waldo
548Essays on History and IntellectLittle Blue BookEmerson, Ralph Waldo
551Essays on Beauty and WorshipLittle Blue BookEmerson, Ralph Waldo
552Essays on Fate and IllusionsLittle Blue BookEmerson, Ralph Waldo
554A Child's Garden of VersesLittle Blue BookStevenson, Robert Louis
555The Structure of the EarthLittle Blue BookFenton, Carroll Lane1924
556Hints on EtiquetteLittle Blue BookFloyd, Esther1924
558Great PiratesLittle Blue BookFinger, Charles1924
566Ernst Haeckel: YouthLittle Blue BookFenton, Carroll Lane1924
570The Legend of Saint Julian the HospitallerLittle Blue BookFaubert, Gustave1924
571Kant's Critical PhilosophyLittle Blue BookAlexander, Arch B.D.1924
572The Beggar's OperaLittle Blue BookGay, John
573The Gist of Herbert SpencerLittle Blue Book1924
574The Christian System, and Other EssaysLittle Blue BookSchopenhauer, Arthur
575Essays in EthicsLittle Blue BookSchopenhauer, Arthur1924
580A History of Polar Exploration and AdventureLittle Blue BookSicklen, Helen Putnam Van1924
581Lucretius On Life and DeathLittle Blue BookMallock, W.H.
582Philosophic Nights in ParisLittle Blue BookGourmont, Remy de
593As A Man ThinkethLittle Blue BookAllen, James
595The Happy HypocriteLittle Blue BookBeerbohm, Max
596A History of Modern MexicoLittle Blue BookParker, Kermet E.1924
597Ernst Haeckel: EvolutionistLittle Blue BookFenton, Carroll Lane1924
598Ernst Haeckel: Philosopher-NaturalistLittle Blue BookFenton, Carroll Lane1924
599Haeckel's Monistic PhilosophyLittle Blue BookFenton, Carroll Lane1924