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SpColl 20: Little Bluebook Collection

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BPCL Little Blue Book Holdings
601Recollections of Oscar WildeLittle Blue BookJeunesse, E. La; Fide, A.; Blei,F.1906
607Solving the Mystery of the CometsLittle Blue BookShipley, Maynard
608The Orgin and Development of the Atomic TheoryLittle Blue BookShipley, Maynard1924
609Are the Planets Inhabited?Little Blue BookShipley, Maynard1924
610Life of Martin LutherLittle Blue BookVeddar, Henry C.1924
611H.L. MenckenLittle Blue BookGoldberg, Isaac1924
612Disraeli: England's Novelist-PremierLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1924
613Ancient PhilosophersLittle Blue BookRandolph, Vance1924
614Religious PhilosophersLittle Blue BookRandolph, Vance1924
615Modern PhilosophersLittle Blue BookRandolph, Vance1924
616The Lady of the LakeLittle Blue BookScott, Sir Walter1924
617Catalogue of 617 Larger BooksHaldeman-Julius Publications
627A Short History of the JewsLittle Blue BookWood, Clement
628The Making of the Old TestamentLittle Blue BookWood, Clement
629Hand-book of Legal FormsLittle Blue BookShannon, John W.1924
633Prince HagenLittle Blue BookSinclair, Upton
634A Captain of Industry Volume oneLittle Blue BookSinclair, Upton
635A Captain of Industry Volume 2Little Blue BookSinclair, Upton
636The Greatest Thing in the WorldLittle Blue BookDrummond, Henry
637Pax VobiscumLittle Blue BookDrummond, Henry
638The Crime of PovertyLittle Blue BookGeorge, Henry1924
6394,000 Most Essential English WordsLittle Blue Book 
641The Philosophy of Immanuel KantLittle Blue BookDurant, Will1924
644Poem of the Cid       Volume OneLittle Blue BookHuntington, Archer M.1908
645Confidential Chats With WivesLittle Blue BookGoddard, Gloria1927
645Poem of the Cid Volume TwoLittle Blue BookHuntington, Archer M.1908
646The Spirit of Brazilian LiteratureLittle Blue BookGoldberg, Isaac1924
648Rejuvenation --- Science's New Fountain of YouthLittle Blue BookFielding, William J.1924
649A Defence of CosmeticsLittle Blue BookBeerbohm, Max1896
650K K K The Kreed of the KlansmenLittle Blue BookHaldeman-Julius, E.1924
652Is the Ku Klux Klan constructive or Destructive?Little Blue BookDreiser, Theodore1919
661Neurotic America and the Sex Impulse and …..Little Blue BookDreiser, Theodore1920
664Oscar Wilde's Letters to Sarah BernhardtLittle Blue BookDorien, Sylvester1924
665Sarah Bernhardt's Love Letters to SardouLittle Blue BookDorien, Sylvester1924
667Sarah Bernhardt As I Knew Her Volume TwoLittle Blue BookDorien, Sylvester1924
668Humorous FablesLittle Blue BookTwain, Mark
671Moral Discourses of EpictetusLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1924
675Sarah Bernhardt's Philosophy of LoveLittle Blue BookDorien, Sylvester1924
676Sarah Bernhardt's Love Letters to Pierre BertonLittle Blue BookDorien, Sylvester1924
678E. Haldeman-Julius -- the Man and His WorkLittle Blue BookGunn, John W.1924
679Chemistry For BeginnersLittle Blue BookCarrington, Hereward1924
680Louis Pasteur, the Man and His WorkLittle Blue BookFishbein, Morris1924
681Spelling Self TaughtLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1925
682Grammar Self TaughtLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1924
683Punctuation Self TaughtLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1924
684Essence of JudaismLittle Blue BookJung, Rabbi Leo1924
685Practical Hints on Interior DecorationLittle Blue BookHerts, B. Russell1924
690Man's Sexual LifeLittle Blue BookFielding, William J.1925
691The Child's Sexual LifeLittle Blue BookFielding, William J.1925
693New Experiments in Animal PsychologyLittle Blue BookRandolph, Vance1925
6974,000 Words Often MispronouncedLittle Blue Book 
700A Guide to SchopenhauerLittle Blue BookDurant, Will1924
700The Story of Schopenhauer's PhilosophyLittle Blue Book1924
704Diderot and the French EncyclopedistsLittle Blue BookGunn, John W.1924
706The Bible: Should It Be in the School Room?Little Blue BookSteiner, Franklin1924
707Epigrams of Love, Life and LaughterLittle Blue BookFrance, Anatole1924
708An Introduction to PhilologyLittle Blue BookWood, Clement1924
710Botany for BeginnersLittle Blue BookWood, Clement1924
711Odd Facts About American LifeLittle Blue BookA Symposium
711The Sociology of Lester WardLittle Blue Book 
713Byron and the Women He LovedLittle Blue BookWood, Clement1924
714Emerson: The Man and His WorksLittle Blue BookWood, Clement
717Modern Sexual MoralityLittle Blue BookWood, Clement1924
718Great Women of AntiquityLittle Blue BookWood, Clement
720The Intelligence of Invertebrate AnimalsLittle Blue BookShipley, Maynard1924
722Electricity and LifeLittle Blue BookShipley, Maynard1924
724Address at the Grave of Luther BurbankLittle Blue BookLindsey, Ben B.1927
725Zoology Self TaughtLittle Blue BookRandolph, Vance1925
726Simple Facts About Venereal DiseasesLittle Blue BookGreer, Joseph H.    M.D.1924
727The Psychology of The AffectionsLittle Blue BookRandolph, Vance1924
728Life Among The BeesLittle Blue BookRandolph, Vance1924
729Poe's MarginaliaLittle Blue BookGoldberg, Isaac1924
729How To Budget the Family IncomeLittle Blue BookHeaden, Josephine1927
730Poe As a Literary CriticLittle Blue BookGoldberg, Isaac1924
732The Spirit of Yiddish LiteratureLittle Blue BookGoldberg, Isaac1925
733Brazilian Short StoriesLittle Blue BookLobao, Monteiro1925
734A Book of Useful PhrasesLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1925
735Confessions of St. AugustineLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1924
735Catalogue of 735 Larger BooksHaldeman-Julius Pub. 
736Morals of SenecaLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1924
737Thoughts on the Meaning of LifeLittle Blue BookJoubert, Joseph1924
738Poor Richard's AlmanacLittle Blue BookFranklin, Benjamin1925
743Great Christian HymnsLittle Blue BookCrawford, Nelson Antrim
745Montes: The MatadorLittle Blue BookHarris, Frank1920
746A Daughter of EveLittle Blue BookHarris, Frank1924
747The True Story of Eleonora Duse's Love Affair withLittle Blue BookRiccio, luigi del1924
748Elementary Plane Geometry Self TaughtLittle Blue BookBarrett, Lawrence1928
754An International Dictionary of AuthorsLittle Blue BookMarkun, Leo
755The Five Civilized American Indian TribesLittle Blue BookSeymour, Flora Warren1924
758The FrogsLittle Blue BookAristophanes1925
759How to Conquer StupidityLittle Blue BookMarkun, Leo1927
759The BirdsLittle Blue BookAristophanes
761Food and DietLittle Blue BookCarrington, Hereward
763The Gist of Burton's Anatomy of MelancholyLittle Blue BookFinger, Charles1924
765Life of Frances of AssisiLittle Blue BookVedder, Henry C.
766Gallant CassianLittle Blue BookSchnitzler, Arthur1925
769Life of Thomas JeffersonLittle Blue BookGunn, John W.
772The Philosophy of Herbert SpencerLittle Blue BookDurant, Will
776The Foundations of ScienceLittle Blue BookMiller, A.G.
777The Riddle of Human BehaviorLittle Blue BookHibschman, Harry
779The Fitness of LifeLittle Blue BookFenton, Carroll Lane
781Catholicism and SexLittle Blue BookHarrington, Gerard1928
782Psycho-Analysis and the Link Between Mind and ..Little Blue BookBonus, Daniel H.1924
784Association Tests Used in Psycho-AnalysisLittle Blue BookBonus, Daniel H.1925
786Panthea, and Other PoemsLittle Blue BookWilde, Oscar1925
793A Ballad of a Nun, and Other PoemsLittle Blue BookDavidson, John1925
799The Deserted VillageLittle Blue BookGoldsmith, Oliver1925