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SpColl 20: Little Bluebook Collection

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BPCL Little Blue Book Holdings
1003How to Think LogicallyLittle Blue BookMarkun, Leo1926
1007The Revolt Against ReligionLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1926
1008The Origin of ReligionLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1926
1009Typewriting Self TaughtLittle Blue BookdeFord, Miriam Allen1926
1010A Handbook for Amateur MagiciansLittle Blue BookMilburn, George1926
1013The Best Humorous Irish StoriesLittle Blue Book1926
1013The Best Irish JokesLittle Blue BookWood, Clement1926
1015A Book of Comic Dialect PoemsLittle Blue BookWood, Clement1926
1020Why I Am an InfidelLittle Blue BookBurbank, Luther1926
1021Italian Self TaughtLittle Blue BookGoldberg, Isaac
1023A Book of Popular RecitationsLittle Blue BookMilburn, George1926
1024Tales of the Big SnowsLittle Blue BookLondon, Jack
1025Casey at the BatLittle Blue BookMilburn, George1926
1026Sherlock Holmes Detective StoriesLittle Blue BookDoyle, Conan; McGabe, Joseph
1033Masterpieces of Russian HumorLittle Blue Book1926
1034Masterpieces of Spanish HumorLittle Blue Book 
1035Masterpieces of Italian HumorLittle Blue Book 
1040A Book of Bedtime StoriesLittle Blue BookPerkins, Grace1926
1041How to Cane and Upholster ChairsLittle Blue BookEnders, H.E.1926
1042The Crime at the Red InnLittle Blue BookBalzac, Honore de1926
1043A Study of a Woman and Comedies of the CounterLittle Blue BookBalzac, Honore de1926
1044Another Study of WomanLittle Blue BookBalzac, Honore de1926
1047The Mysterious ExilesLittle Blue BookBalzac, Honore de1926
1048Gargantua: Mighty MonsterLittle Blue BookRabelais1926
1050X-Ray, Violet Ray and Other RaysLittle Blue BookShipley, Maynard1926
1051The Cause and Nature of GeniusLittle Blue BookFielding, William J.1926
1056The Devil's DictionaryLittle Blue BookBierce, Ambrose1909
1057The Truth About New York's ChinatownLittle Blue BookWood, Clement
1058The Truth About New York's White Light RegionLittle Blue BookWood, Clement1926
1059The Myth of ImmortalityLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1926
1061The Human Orgin of MoralsLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1926
1062HumoresqueLittle Blue BookHurst, Fannie1919-1920
1063The Psychology of LaughterLittle Blue BookMarkun, Leo
1065Lives of the U.S. PresidentsLittle Blue BookMilburn, George1926
1066The Forgery of the Old TestamentLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1926
1070How to Fight Nervous TroublesLittle Blue BookOppenheim, James1926
1075Tales of Ghouls and GhostsLittle Blue BookBierce, Ambrose
1076Morals in Ancient BabylonLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1926
1077Religion and Morals in Ancient EgyptLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1926
1082The Best Jewish JokesLittle Blue BookMilburn, George
1083Dying Like a Gentleman and Other StoriesLittle Blue BookHowe, E.W.1926
1084Did Jesus Ever Live?Little Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1926
1085TheLove-Life of George SandLittle Blue BookOppenheim, Ralph1926
1093A Book of Interesting and Amusing PunsLittle Blue BookMilburn, George
1095The Sources of Christian MoralityLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1926
1096How to Dress on a Small SalaryLittle Blue BookGoddard, Gloria 
1098Extraordinary Opinions on Commonplace SubjectsLittle Blue BookBierce, Ambrose1911
1099A Cynic Look at LifeLittle Blue BookBierce, Ambrose1912
1100Iconoclastic Memories of the Civil WarLittle Blue BookBierce, Ambrose1909
1104The Myth of the ResurretionLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1925
1106Bohemian Live in N.Y.'s Greenwich VillageLittle Blue BookWood, Clement1911
1108The Elements of WoodworkingLittle Blue BookEnders, H.E.1926
1109Spanish Self TaughtLittle Blue BookBois, Gaylord1927
1113Love From Many AnglesLittle Blue BookEhrmann, Max1926
1114Thrilling Moments and Profound Passages from ….Little Blue BookEby, Anson D.
1115A Book of Ridiculous StoriesLittle Blue BookLeacock, Stephen
1117The Human Animal and Its FollyLittle Blue BookLeacock, Stephen1924
1126Eating for HealthLittle Blue BookBarrett, Lawrence1926
1127Christianity and SlaveryLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1927
1128The Church and the SchoolLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1926
1133Love Tales of the Queen of NavarreLittle Blue BookMilburn, George1926
1139Photograhpy Self TaughtLittle Blue Book 
1140The Renaissance: A European AwakeningLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1926
1141The Reformation and Protestant ReactionLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1926
1142The Truth About Galileo and Medieval ScienceLittle Blue Book1926
1143How to Prepare ManuscriptsLittle Blue BookMilburn, George
1146A Book of College HumorLittle Blue BookMilburn, George1927
1150The Churches and Modern ProgressLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1927
1161Tales of the Mysterious and WeirdLittle Blue BookFernald, Chester Bailey; Pliny, the Younger; Machen Arthur
1164The Inlovely SinLittle Blue BookHecht, Ben1927
1168Stories of AdventureLittle Blue BookLondon, Jack
1169Stories of Ships and the SeaLittle Blue BookLondon, Jack
1170Funny Ghost StoriesLittle Blue BookJerome, Jerome K.
1171Funny Facts About StagelandLittle Blue BookJerome, Jerome K.
1174How to Write Business LettersLittle Blue BookdeFord, Miriam Allen1927
1177Woman and the New RaceLittle Blue BookEllis, Havelock
1182How to Make Your Own CosmeticsLittle Blue BookGoddard, Gloria1927
1184The Best Scotch JokesLittle Blue BookMilburn, George
1196The Girl With Three HusbandsLittle Blue BookCaballero, Fernan and others
1198The Devil's Mother-in-LawLittle Blue BookCaballero, Fernan and others
1199A Book of Laughable LyricsLittle Blue BookLear, Edward