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SpColl 20: Little Bluebook Collection

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BPCL Little Blue Book Holdings
1204A Dictionary of Musical TermsLittle Blue BookShipley, Maynard
1207French Self TaughtLittle Blue BookDu Dois, Gaylord1927
1211The Conflict Between Science and ReligionLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1927
1213The Romance That Balzac LivedLittle Blue BookOppenheim, Ralph1927
1214A Book of the Best Ford JokesLittle Blue BookMilburn, George
1216Pocket Italian-English DictionaryLittle Blue BookPaquin, Helen
1222Easy Readings in SpanishLittle Blue Bookdu Bois Gaylord
1228The Best Jokes About DrunksLittle Blue BookMilburn, George
1231Best Jokes of 1926Little Blue BookCunningham, Clarice1927
1237The Beliefs of ScientistsLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1927
1238Beginning Married Life RightLittle Blue BookCunningham, Clarice1927
1241An Outline of United States HistoryLittle Blue Book1927
1242The Care of the Skin and HairLittle Blue BookFishbein, Morris
1242The Care of the Skin and Hair: And Other General…Little Blue BookFishbein, Morris1927
1246The Best Hobo JokesLittle Blue BookMilburn, George
1247The Psychology of Love and HateLittle Blue BookMarkun, Leo
1251What Do You Know?Little Blue BookCunningham, Clarice1927
1253A Book of General Information QuizzesLittle Blue BookSmith, Lloyd E.1927
1259A Dictionary of Geographical NamesLittle Blue BookMarkun, Leo1927
1263The Serpent's ToothLittle Blue BookFulks, Clay1928
1276The Truth About American YokelsLittle Blue BookMilton, Frank1928
1279Side-Show Tricks ExplainedLittle Blue BookCarrington, Hereward
1283Are Petting Parties Dangerous?Little Blue BookCunningham, Clarice
1297Facts You Should Know About ArkansasLittle Blue BookClugston, W.G.1928
1304How to Go Into Business for YourselfLittle Blue BookCheyney, Ralph1928
1318The Case For and Against Sexual SterilizationLittle Blue BookDexter, Robert1928
1319How to StudyLittle Blue BookCrawford, Nelson1928
1320How to Get a HusbandLittle Blue BookVan Deventer, Betty
1323Facts You Should Know About LightLittle Blue BookBarrett, Lawrence1928
1326Origin of the Solar SystemLittle Blue BookShipley, Maynard
1330You Should Know About DigestionLittle Blue BookHarding, T. Swann1929
1333The Common Sense of HealthLittle Blue BookBirkhead, L.M.1929
1339Crooked Financial Schemes ExposedLittle Blue BookHusser, George1929
1357Laws You Should KnowLittle Blue BookHibschman, Harry
1358How to Acquire Good Taste : What Is Culture?Little Blue BookGoldberg, Isaac1929
1361Who Killed Jesus?Little Blue BookHibschman, Harry1929
1370Clement Wood and His LovesLittle Blue BookWood, Clement1929
1380The Flesh and the DevilLittle Blue BookHorner, Howard
1393The Fake Way to HealthLittle Blue BookMeyrowitz, B.C.1929