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SpColl 20: Little Bluebook Collection

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BPCL Little Blue Book Holdings
1604The Venereal Disease ProblemLittle Blue BookHarding, T. Swann1931
1608Facts You Should Know About the Art of LoveLittle Blue BookFielding, William J.1931
1609How a Roast Goose Vendor Was PaidLittle Blue BookRabelais, Francois1931
1610One Lover Among ManyLittle Blue BookLawrence, D. H.1931
1615How to Improve Yourself MorallyLittle Blue BookSpencer, Herbert1931
1621How Man Will Live In the FutureLittle Blue BookOgburn, William F.   Professor1931
1627A Piece of the PrincessLittle Blue BookGautier, Theophile
1643Under the HillLittle Blue BookBeardsley, Aubrey
1645Strange Flowers of PassionLittle Blue BookHeine, Heinrich
1646Girls, Virgins and WineLittle Blue BookHeine, Heinrich
1652The Origin of War and the Philosophy of ConflictLittle Blue BookEllis, Havelock
1660A Woman's HeartLittle Blue BookWells, H.G.
1662The Valley of Spiders and Other StoriesLittle Blue BookWells, H.G.
1663The Treasure in the Forest and Other StoriesLittle Blue BookWells, H.G.1931
1664A Slip Under the MicroscopeLittle Blue BookWells, H.G.1931
1679Various Types of Venereal Diseases and Their TreatmentLittle Blue BookHarding, T. Swann1931
1684To Please His WifeLittle Blue BookHardy, Thomas1931
1689Socialism and the Farmer's ProblemLittle Blue BookLee, Algernon1931
1693Will Socialism End the Evil of War?Little Blue BookAllen, Devere1931
1700The Betrayal of the WorklessLittle Blue BookColeman, McAlister1931
1701Can Socialism Prevail in America?Little Blue BookOneal, James1931
1706The Practical Accmomplishments of SocialismLittle Blue BookHilquit, Morris, and Fine, Nathan1931
1712Great Dates in HistoryLittle Blue BookMarkun, Leo
1714The Case For Determinism and Against Free WillLittle Blue BookSolly, J. Raymond
1719Dean Inge's Apology For ChristianityLittle Blue BookArcher, William
1723The Amazing Career of Al CaponeLittle Blue BookGregg, Leah
1729Technology-from the Viewpoint of an EditorLittle Blue BookCromie, Robert
1738How to Win Prize ContestsLittle Blue BookLangberg, Stanley
1765The World We Live InLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1943
1774Real and Unreal Moral LawLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1943
1809Bunk About Free Will and Strong WillLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1944
1821How to Understand the Fundamental Factors in …Little Blue BookBurma, John1943
1828Bunk About MarriageLittle Blue BookMcCabe, Joseph1948
1846Belle Starr, The Bandit QueenLittle Blue BookYancey Shackleford, William1946
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