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PCL MS-168: Linda Varner Palmer Collection

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Linda Varner Palmer transferred her collection to the Browne Popular Culture Library, Bowling Green State University, in September 1998. The collection has no restrictions placed on its use for scholarly purposes. Researchers are responsible for securing copyright permission when using all unpublished manuscripts and published works.

This finding aid was prepared by Mary Koslovsky in October 2005.

Scope and Content

The Linda Varner Palmer Collection consists of 1 cubic foot of manuscripts that have been edited with proofs for each of these and promotional book covers that were used for publicity purposes.

This collection would be useful for understanding the process of writing a manuscript, having it edited and reviewing the galley proofs of the manuscript before publication. This collection contains no personal correspondence or research notes from the author.

Series Description

Literary Manuscripts
Novel Manuscripts
Arranged chronologically
Includes edited manuscripts and proofs. The manuscripts are broken down into parts of two to three chapters each. Files may include correspondence with the editor.
Subject Files
Subject Files
Arranged chronologically
Includes a folder of correspondence and book covers that were used for publicity purposes.


 Box 1
Won't You Be My Husband 1996
1Edited manuscript, Chapters 1-3 
2Edited manuscript, Chapters 4-6
3Edited manuscript, 3 Chapters 7-10
4Proof, Chapters 1-3
5Proof, 5 Chapters 4-6
6Proof, 6 Chapters 7-10
New Year's Wife 1997
7Edited manuscript, Prologue - Chapter 3 
8Edited manuscript, Chapters 4-6
9Edited manuscript, Chapters 7-9
10Edited manuscript, Chapter 10 - Epilogue
11Proof, Chapters 1-3
12Proof, Chapters 4-6
13Proof, Chapter 7 - Epilogue
Corporate Groom 1998
14Edited manuscript, Chapters 1-3 
15Edited manuscript, Chapters 4-5
16Edited manuscript, Chapters 6-7
17Edited manuscript, Chapter 8 - Epilogue
 Box 2
Corporate Groom (con't.)1998
1Proof, Chapters 1-3 
2Proof, Chapters 4-6
3Proof, Chapters 7-8
4Proof, Chapters 9-10
Make Believe Husband 1998
5Edited manuscript, Chapters 1-3 
6Edited manuscript, Chapters 4-6
7Edited manuscript, Chapters 7-9
8Edited manuscript, Chapters 10-12
9Proof, Chapters 1-4
10Proof, Chapters 5-6
11Proof, Chapters 7-9
12Proof, Chapters 10-12
14Promotional Book Covers

4 Cover Samples:
  • Corporate Groom
  • Make-Believe Husband
  • New Year's Wife
  • Won't You Be My Husband?

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