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PCL MS-169: Linda L. Crockett Collection

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The collection of Linda L. Crockett contains 2 cubic feet of edited manuscripts and galleys for novels and other documents dating from 1992 - 1998.

The collection also contains some personal correspondence and notes, a press kit, promotional items and conference, convention and membership materials. Researchers are responsible for securing copyright permission when using all manuscripts and published works authored by Linda Crockett.

This finding aid was prepared by Mary Koslovsky in October 2005.

Scope and Content

The Linda L. Crockett Collection consists of edited manuscripts. Several novels were written under the pen name Linda Castle. This collection also contains personal correspondence and notes, promotional items and conference/convention materials. The collection would be useful as an example of the process of publishing a manuscript from editing an original manuscript to galley proofs to promotional materials.

Series Description

Literary Manuscripts
Arranged chronologically
Linda L. Crockett's collection consists of manuscripts that have been edited as well as galleys.
Arranged chronologically
Limited correspondence from Southwest Writer's Workshop, bookstores and publishers.
Subject Files
Arranged by subject
Consists of a press kit and promotional items and conference/convention and membership materials.


Box 1
Second Sight 1994
1Edited manuscript. Chapters 1-3 
2Edited manuscript. Chapters 4-6
3Edited manuscript. Chapters 7-9
4Edited manuscript. Chapters 10-12
5Edited manuscript. Chapters 13-16
6Edited manuscript. Chapters 17-19
7Edited Manuscript (copy). Chapters 1-3
8Edited Manuscript (copy). Chapters 4-6
9Edited Manuscript (copy). Chapters 7-9
10Edited Manuscript (copy). Chapters 10-12
11Edited Manuscript (copy). Chapters 13-16
12Edited Manuscript (copy). Chapters 17-19
Abbie's Child 1996
13Edited manuscript. Chapters 1-4 
14Edited manuscript. Chapters 5-8
15Edited manuscript. Chapters 9-12
Box 2
Abbie's Child (con't.)1996
1Edited manuscript. Chapters 13-17 
2Edited manuscript. Chapters 18-22
3Edited manuscript. Chapters 23-24
4Edited manuscript. Chapter 25 - Epilogue
5Galley. Prologue - Chapter 4
6Galley. Chapters 5-9
7Galley. Chapters 10-14
8Galley. Chapters 15-20
9Galley. Chapters 21-23
10Galley. Chapters 24-27
Return of Chase Cordell 1997
11Edited manuscript. Chapters 1-3 
12Edited manuscript. Chapters 4-6
13Edited manuscript. Chapters 7-10
14Edited manuscript. Chapters 11-14
15Edited manuscript. Chapters 15-17
16Edited manuscript. Chapters 18-20
17Edited manuscript. Chapters 21-24
Box 3
Temple's Prize 1997
1Edited manuscript. Chapters 1-4 
2Edited manuscript. Chapters 5-7
3Edited manuscript. Chapters 8-12
4Edited manuscript. Chapters 13-16
5Edited manuscript. Chapters 17-19
6Edited manuscript. Chapters 20 - Epilogue
7Galley. Chapters 1-5
8Galley. Chapters 6-10
9Galley. Chapters 11-15
10Galley. Chapters 16 - Epilogue
Territorial Bride 1998
11Edited manuscript. Chapters 1-5 
12Edited manuscript. Chapters 6-9
13Edited manuscript. Chapters 10-13
14Edited manuscript. Chapters 14-17
Box 4
Manuscripts, Correspondence and Subject Files
Territorial Bride (con't.)1998
1Edited manuscript. Chapters 18-21 
2Edited manuscript. Chapters 22 - Epilogue
3Galley. Chapters 1-5
4Galley. Chapters 6-10
5Galley. Chapters 11-16
6Galley. Chapters 17-21
7Galley. Chapters 22 - Epilogue
Gideon's Angel 1999
8Galley. Chapters 1-4 
9Galley. Chapters 5-8
10Galley. Chapters 9-13
11Galley. Chapters 14-17
12Galley. Chapters 18-21
13Personal Correspondence and Notes1994-1998
14Linda L. Crockett, aka Linda Castle, Press Kit1992-1997
15Promotional Items1994-1998
16Conference/Convention/Membership Materials1992-1996

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