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Kathleen Morgan transferred her collection to the Browne Popular Culture Library at Bowling Green State University in 1991. The collection has no restrictions placed on its use for scholarly purposes. Researchers are responsible for securing copyright permission when using all unpublished manuscripts and published works whether authored by Kathleen Morgan or by other writers whose works may be found in this collection.

This collection of 3.5 cubic feet of documents dates from 1991 to 1996 and consists of either original or edited manuscripts of the author's novels. The collection also contains the author's writing notes, character descriptions and cover art suggestions.

This finding aid prepared by Mary Koslovsky in October 2005.

Biographical Sketch

Kathleen Morgan, one of four daughters of a career Army officer, was born in Long Beach, California. She is a registered nurse with a master's degree in counseling. During her childhood and as a former Army nurse herself, she has lived in Germany, Korea, Maryland, Texas, Virginia, Louisiana, Florida, Washington D.C., Alabama, California and Colorado.

Morgan began her career writing futuristic romance novels. Her first manuscript, written while stationed in Korea as an Army nurse, was published in 1991. From 1991-1998 she wrote fourteen more futuristic, fantasy, and historical romances, most of which are represented in this collection. Many of her historical romances are set in the British Isles. In 1998, after the death of her youngest son, she decided to write only for the Christian fiction market. Since then she has written numerous inspirational historical and contemporary romances and inspirational historical women's fiction.

A member of Romance Writers of America, she has received numerous awards for her work, including a Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice award and Career Achievement award and the Literary Times Award for Literary Excellence in the field of Romantic Fiction. She was also a Romance Writers of America RITA finalist.

She currently resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Scope and Content

The Kathleen Morgan Collection is comprised of 3.5 cubic feet of manuscripts, writing notes, character descriptions and development and cover art suggestions. The collection covers the period of 1991-1996 and includes material from published futuristic romance novels.

Of particular interest to researchers and aspiring writers are the notes included in the collection. They include research material as well as plot line ideas. Editor's comments also appear on some of the manuscripts, with comments regarding characters, scenes, language and story lines.

Series Description

Literary Manuscripts
Novel Manuscripts
Arranged chronologically
Kathleen Morgan's collection includes original and edited manuscripts, and in some cases, extensive writing notes, the story synopsis, character descriptions and cover art suggestions. The manuscripts are generally broken down into parts of 2-3 chapters each or approximately 50-60 pages for each part.


 Box 1
Heart's Lair 1991
1Manuscript, Prologue - Chapter 2 
2Manuscript, Chapters 3-5
3Manuscript, Chapters 6-8
4Manuscript, Chapters 9-11
5Manuscript, Chapters 12-14
6Manuscript, Chapters 15-16
7Manuscript, Chapters 17-18
Crystal Fire 1992
8Edited manuscript, Chapters 1-3 
9Edited manuscript, Chapters 4-5
10Edited manuscript, Chapter 6 (2 copies)
11Edited manuscript, Chapters 7-8
12Edited manuscript, Chapter 9 (2 copies) and Chapter 10
13Edited manuscript, Chapter 11 (2 copies)
 Box 2
Crystal Fire (con't.)1992
1Edited manuscript, Chapters 12-13 
2Edited manuscript, Chapters 14-15
3Edited manuscript, Chapter 16 (2 copies)
4Edited manuscript, Chapters 17-18
6Writing Notes
Child of the Mist 1993
7Manuscript, Prologue - Chapter 3 
8Manuscript, Chapters 4-6
9Manuscript, Chapters 7-9
10Manuscript, Chapters 10-12
11Manuscript, Chapters 13-15
12Manuscript, Chapters 16-18
13Manuscript, Chapters 19-21
 Box 3
Child of the Mist (con't.)1993
2Writing Notes
Firestar 1993
3Manuscript, Prologue - Chapter 3 
4Manuscript, Chapters 4-6
5Manuscript, Chapters 7-9
6Manuscript, Chapters 10-12
7Manuscript, Chapters 13-15
8Manuscript, Chapters 16-17
9Manuscript, Chapters 18-20
11Writing Notes
Demon Prince 1994
12Manuscript, Prologue - Chapter 2 
13Manuscript, Chapters 3-5
14Manuscript, Chapters 6-8
 Box 4
Demon Prince (con't.)1994
1Manuscript, Chapters 9-11 
2Manuscript, Chapters 12-14
3Manuscript, Chapters 15-17
4Manuscript, Chapters 18-19
5Manuscript, Chapters 20-21
6Manuscript, Characters
7Manuscript, Synopsis
8Manuscript, Writing Notes
Fire Queen 1994
9Edited manuscript, Prologue - Chapter 2 
10Edited manuscript, Chapters 3-5
11Edited manuscript, Chapters 6-8
12Edited manuscript, Chapters 9-11
 Box 5
Fire Queen (con't.)1994
1Edited manuscript, Chapters 12-14 
2Edited manuscript, Chapters 15-17
3Edited manuscript, Chapters 18-19
4Edited manuscript, Chapter 20 - Epilogue
7Writing Notes
Heart's Surrender 1994
8Manuscript, Prologue - Chapter 2 
9Manuscript, Chapters 3-5
10Manuscript, Chapters 6-8
11Manuscript, Chapters 9-10
12Manuscript, Chapters 11-13
13Manuscript, Chapters 14-16
14Manuscript, Chapters 17-18
 Box 6
Heart's Surrender (con't.)1994
1Manuscript, Chapters 19-21 
2Manuscript, Chapter 22 - Epilogue
5Writing Notes
Certain Magic 1995
6Synopsis and Character Descriptions 
7Writing Notes
Enchant the Heavens 1995
8Edited manuscript, Prologue - Chapter 3 
9Edited manuscript, Chapters 4-6
10Edited manuscript, Chapters 7-10
11Edited manuscript, Chapters 11-13
12Edited manuscript, Chapters 14-16
13Edited manuscript, Chapters 17-19
14Edited manuscript, Chapters 20-23
15Art Worksheet
16Synopsis (original, revised and final version)
17Writing Notes
 Box 7
Firestorm 1995
1Cover art suggestions 
3Writing Notes
Enchant the Dream 1996
4Edited manuscript, Prologue - Chapter 1 
5Edited manuscript, Chapters 2-3
6Edited manuscript, Chapters 4-6
7Edited manuscript, Chapters 7-8
8Edited manuscript, Chapters 9-11
9Edited manuscript, Chapters 12-13
10Edited manuscript, Chapters 14-15
11Edited manuscript, Chapters 16-18
12Edited manuscript, Chapters 19-20
13Edited manuscript, Chapter 21 - Epilogue
14Synopsis and Character Worksheet
15Writing Notes

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