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PCL MS-189: Alice Brilmayer Collection

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The Alice Brilmayer Collection consists of 2 cubic feet of novel manuscripts and a small section of author's files. The latter include judge's scoring sheets with comments from the NW Houston RWA Tenth Annual Lone Star Writing Competition and a proof of Night Secrets by Norah J. Perkin that was sent to Alice Brilmayer.

Alice Brilmayer also writes under the pen names of Alice Gaines and Alice Chambers. Her novels include themes of fantasy, mystery, historical and futuristic romance.

Alice Brilmayer transferred her collection to the Browne Popular Culture Library, Bowling Green State University, in September 2000. The collection has no restrictions placed on its use for scholarly purposes. Researchers are responsible for securing copyright permission when using all unpublished manuscripts and published works, whether authored by Alice Brilmayer or by other writers whose work may be found in this collection.

This finding aid was prepared by Mary Koslovsky in November 2005.

Biographical Sketch

Alice Brilmayer began writing as an escape from a secretarial job that she described as “miserable.” She had never written fiction before and soon realized that she loved writing romance stories from her imagination hoping that others would like them as much as she did.

By 1994, she had written five books and one novella. Her first manuscript sold to Red Saga Publishing was The Spinner's Dream. The story appeared in the first volume of Secrets in 1995. Waitangi Nights was published by Love Spell in 1996. Another one of her works, Moon of the Jaguar, was published as an e-book by Hard Shell World Factory. Subsequently, she has published Taming America (2000); The Education of Miss Felicity Wells (2000); Always a Princess (2001); The Right Medicine (2004); My Champion, My Love (2002) and By Fate's Hand (2004).

She continues to write and live with her husband in Oakland, California. She has a Ph.D. in personality psychology from a large west coast university.

Scope and Content

The Alice Brilmayer Collection is comprised of 2 cubic feet of edited manuscripts, proofs, drafts, synopses, correspondence and other documents dating from 2000-2004.

Manuscripts included in this collection illustrate the various stages involved in writing for publication. An example of this is Always a Princess which includes manuscripts (1st and 2nd versions), proofs (including five autographed copies), synopses (1st, 2nd and 3rd versions), editor's correspondence, author's questionnaire and sample book cover.

Series Description

Literary Manuscripts
Novel Manuscripts
Arranged chronologically
Include edited copies, galleys, revised drafts, synopses, correspondence, a sample book cover and an author questionnaire.
Subject Files
Author's Files
No arrangement
Includes judge's scoring sheets from the NW Houston RWA Tenth Annual Lone Star Writing competition for a manuscript chapter “Can't Hide Love”. Also included is a galley proof of Night Secrets by Norah J. Perkin that was sent to Alice Brilmayer.


Box 1
Education of Miss Felicity Wells 2000
1Edited manuscript. Chapters 1-2 
2Edited manuscript. Chapters 3-5
Training Angelica 2000
3Galley. Chapters 1-5 
4Galley. Chapters 6-11
5Galley. Chapters 12-18
6Galley. First Synopsis
7Galley. Second Synopsis
8Galley. Third Synopsis
Always a Princess 2001
9Edited manuscript. Chapters 1-3 
10Edited manuscript. Chapters 4-6
11Edited manuscript. Chapters 7-9
12Edited manuscript. Chapters 10-12
13Edited manuscript. Chapters 13-15
14Edited manuscript. Chapters 16-18
15Edited manuscript. Chapters 19-20
16Edited manuscript (second version). Chapters 1-3
Box 2
Always a Princess (con't.)2001
1Edited manuscript (second version). Chapters 4-6 
2Edited manuscript (second version). Chapters 7-9
3Edited manuscript (second version). Chapters 10-12
4Edited manuscript (second version). Chapters 13-15
5Edited manuscript (second version). Chapters 16-19
6Edited manuscript (second version). Changes and Insertions
7Galley. Chapters 1-5
8Galley. Chapters 6-11
9Galley. Chapters 12-18
10Galley (Autographed by Author). Copy 1
11Galley (Autographed by Author). Copy 2
12Galley (Autographed by Author). Copy 3
13Galley (Autographed by Author). Copy 4
14Galley (Autographed by Author). Copy 5
Box 3
Always a Princess (con't.)2001
1First Synopsis 
2Second Synopsis
3Third Synopsis
4Author Questionnaire
5Editor's correspondence
6Sample book cover
Sins of the Father 2002
7Contest scores, Manuscript chapter 
“The Homecoming” (short story)  
My Champion, My Love 2002
11Manuscript. Chapters 1-3 
12Manuscript. Chapters 4-5
13Edited manuscript. Chapters 1-3
14Edited manuscript. Chapters 4-5
15Revision letter from publisher
“Secrets, Vol. 8” (novellas)2002
16Galley - Jared's Wolf 
17Galley - Kiss or Kill
18Galley - My Champion, My Love
19Galley - Taming Kate
The Right Medicine 2004
20Edited manuscript. Draft, Pages 1-50 
21Original synopsis
22Rejection letter
23Revised synopsis
24Revised Manuscript (for Silhouette Romance). Chapters 1-3
25Revised Manuscript. Chapters 4-6
Box 4
Manuscripts/Author's Files
The Right Medicine (con't.)2004
1Revised Manuscript. Chapters 7-9 
2Revised Manuscript. 2 Chapters 10-12
3Original scene sketches
5Synopsis and partial manuscript draft
Can't Hide Love n.d.
6Manuscript. Chapters 1-3 
7Manuscript. Chapters 4-6
8Manuscript. Chapters 7-9
9Manuscript. Chapters 10-12
10Manuscript. Chapters 13-14
11Manuscript. Chapters 15-16
12Millionaire Madison (partial manuscript)
13Competition chapter - Judge 191
14Competition chapter - Judge 213
15Competition chapter - Judge 221
16Night Secrets by Norah J. Perkin (Galley)2001

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