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Gwynne Forster is a nationally known best-selling and award-winning author of four books of general mainstream fiction, 17 romance novels and 5 novellas. Among the many awards she has received are the Black Writers Alliance 2001 Gold Pen Award, the 1999 Author of the Year by the Romance in Color web site and the Affaire De Coeur Magazine Award in 1999.

The collection of 2 cubic feet of documents dates from 1998 - 2001 and consists of edited manuscripts, galleys, one synopsis and one sample cover.

Gwynne Forster transferred her collection to the Browne Popular Culture Library, Bowling Green State University, in September 2000. The collection has no restrictions placed on its use for scholarly purposes. Researchers are responsible for securing copyright permission when using all unpublished manuscripts and published works, whether authored by Gwynne Forster or by other writers whose works may be found in this collection.

This finding aid was prepared by Mary Koslovsky in November 2005.

Biographical Sketch

Gwynne Forster (Gwendolyn Johnson-Acsadi) was born in North Carolina and grew up in Washington, D.C. She moved to New York to work as a demographer at the UN. She holds bachelors and master's degrees in sociology as well as a master's degree in economics demography.

While at the UN, she was chief of the Fertility Studies section of the Population Division. She was responsible for research and analysis of social, economic, cultural and demographic factors and conditions that influence fertility levels and trends throughout the world. These studies were published under the UN imprimatur and in the name of its Secretary-General.

She lives in New York City with her husband who is also a demographer. She is very active in her community, loves gardening, enjoys jazz, opera, classical music, singing and gourmet cooking. She also gives lectures on writing and is a free-lance journalist.

Scope and Content

The Gwynne Forster Collection is comprised of 2 cubic feet of manuscripts, galleys, one synopsis and one art cover. The collection dates from 1998 - 2001.

Although the collection is primarily author's manuscripts, researchers will see the process of writing a novels and having it published. A first and second draft of Obsession allows readers to see revisions and additions by the author. The proofs will show researchers an additional step in the publishing process.

Series Description

Literary Productions
Novel Manuscripts
1998 - 2001
Arranged chronologically
Gwynne Forster's collection includes manuscripts, proofs, one synopsis and one sample cover. The manuscripts are broken down into parts of 2-3 chapters each.


Box 1
Obsession 1998
1Edited manuscript, Chapters 1-2 
2Edited manuscript, Chapters 3-4
3Edited manuscript, Chapters 5-6
4Edited manuscript, Chapters 7-8
5Edited manuscript, Chapters 9-10
6Edited manuscript, Chapters 11-12
7Edited manuscript, Chapters 13-14
8Edited manuscript, Chapter 15
9Revised manuscript, Chapters 1-3
10Revised manuscript, Chapters 4-6
11Revised manuscript, Chapters 7-8
12Revised manuscript, Chapters 9-10
13Revised manuscript, Chapters 11-13
14Revised manuscript, Chapters 14-15
Box 2
Against the Wind 1999
1Edited manuscript, Chapters 1-3 
2Edited manuscript, Chapters 4-5
3Edited manuscript, Chapters 6-7
4Edited manuscript, Chapters 8-10
5Edited manuscript, Chapters 11-12
Fools Rush In 1999
6Proof, Chapters 1-4 
7Proof, Chapters 5-9
8Proof, Chapters 10-15
9Proof, Chapters 1-4
10Proof, Chapters 5-9
11Proof, Chapters 10-15
Midnight Magic 2000
12Edited manuscript, Chapters 1-2 
13Edited manuscript, Chapters 3-4
14Edited manuscript, Chapters 5-6
 Box 3
Midnight Magic (con't.)2000
1Edited manuscript, Chapters 7-8 
2Edited manuscript, Chapters 9-10
3Edited manuscript, Chapters 11-12
Secret Desire 2000
4Edited manuscript, Chapters 1-3 
5Edited manuscript, Chapters 4-6
6Edited manuscript, Chapters 7-8
7Edited manuscript, Chapters 9-10
8Edited manuscript, Chapters 11-12
9Edited manuscript, Chapters 13-15
Swept Away 2000
11Galley, Chapters 1-3 
12Galley, Chapters 4-6
13Galley, Chapters 7-9
 Box 4
Swept Away (con't.)2000
1Galley, Chapters 10-12 
2Galley, Chapters 13-15
Going to the Chapel 2001
Scarlet Woman 2001
5Sample Cover

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