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PCL MS-193: Darlene Scalera Collection

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The Darlene Scalera Collection consists of 1.5 cubic feet of documents dating from 1999-2002. It is comprised of edited manuscripts, proofs, cover art information, outlines and notes, synopses, character information and one piece of correspondence regarding Man in a Million.

Darlene Scalera transferred her collection to the Browne Popular Culture Library, BGSU, in March 2000 with additional materials coming in July 2002. The collection has no restrictions placed on its use for scholarly purposes. Researchers are responsible for securing copyright permission when using all unpublished manuscripts and published works, whether authored by Darlene Scalera or by other writers whose works may be found in this collection.

This finding aid was prepared by Mary Koslovsky in November 2005.

Biographical Sketch

Darlene Scalera made her publishing debut with A Man for Megan in 1999 for Harlequin American Romance. Since then, she has continued to publish for Harlequin and celebrated her tenth sale in 2003. Her 2002 release, Help Wanted: Husband? was a Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice finalist for Best Harlequin American 2002.

Scalera grew up in New York and graduated magna cum laude from Syracuse University with a degree in public communications. She worked in a variety of fields, including telecommunications and public relations, before devoting herself full-time to writing fiction.

She is a charter member of the Saratoga chapter of Romance Writers of America, having served on its board for five years. She has presented writing workshops at national and regional writers' conferences, as well as at local universities and colleges.

She currently lives in upstate New York.

Scope and Content

The Darlene Scalera Collection is comprised of 1.5 cubic feet of edited manuscripts, proofs, author outlines and notes, cover art, character information and a small amount of correspondence regarding Man in a Million.

This collection, although small, would give researchers a glimpse into the process of writing and publishing.

Series Description

Literary Manuscripts
Arranged chronologically
Includes edited manuscripts, proofs, cover art information, author outlines and notes, synopses, character information and correspondence regarding Man in a Million. The manuscripts are broken into parts of two or three chapters each for the researcher.


 Box 1
A Man for Megan 1999
1Edited manuscript, Chapters 1-3 
2Edited manuscript, Chapters 4-6
3Edited manuscript, Chapters 7-9
4Edited manuscript, Chapters 10-11
5Edited manuscript, Chapters 12-13
6Cover Art information
Cowboy and the Countess 2000
7Edited manuscript, Chapters 1-2 
8Edited manuscript, Chapters 3-5
9Edited manuscript, Chapters 6-8
10Edited manuscript, Chapters 9-11
11Edited manuscript, Chapters 12-14
12Proof, Chapters 1-4
13Proof, Chapters 5-7
14Proof, Chapters 8-10
15Proof, Chapters 11-14
 Box 2
Cowboy and the Countess (con't.)2000
1Cover Art information 
2Outline and Notes
Man in a Million 2000
4Edited manuscript, Chapters 1-3 
5Edited manuscript, Chapters 4-6
6Edited manuscript, Chapters 7-9
7Edited manuscript, Chapters 10-11
8Edited manuscript, Chapters 12-14
9Cast of Characters
11Cover Art information
13Writing Notes
Born of the Bluegrass 2001
14Edited manuscript, Prologue - Chapter 3 
15Edited manuscript, Chapters 4-6
16Edited manuscript, Chapters 7-9
17Edited manuscript, Chapters 10-12
18Edited manuscript, Chapters 13-14
 Box 3
Born of the Bluegrass (con't.)2001
1Proof, Prologue - Chapter 3 
2Proof, Chapter 4-6
3Proof, Chapters 7-9
4Proof, Chapters 10-12
5Proof, Chapters 13-14
Prescription for Seduction 2001
6Edited manuscript, Chapters 1-3 
7Edited manuscript, Chapters 4-6
8Edited manuscript, Chapters 7-9
9Edited manuscript, Chapters 10-12
Help Wanted: Husband? 2002
10Edited manuscript, Chapters 1-3 
11Edited manuscript, Chapters 4-6
12Edited manuscript, Chapters 7-9
13Edited manuscript, Chapters 10-11
14Edited manuscript, Chapters 12-14

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