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Box 41
Series XI: (continued)
NumberTitlePublication Info.
1Mr. Spock -Head©1983 PP, Diemer Indus. 2 x 3 cm.
2Black dish-Trek Fest-Riverside, Iowa June 29, 19859 cm. diam.
*3Star Trek III-The Search for Spock Black bookbag30 x 34 cm.
*4Video promotional material Television series-Starship Enterprise #2688 (2 copies-Spock and Kirk)©1985 Winner/Clippinger 26 x 28 cm.
*5Video promotional material for Star Trek IV-The Voyage Home
a) 1 sticker with Kirk & Spock
b) 1 poster card advertising movie signed by William Shatner
23 x 30 cm.

©1987 PP
17 x 19 cm. ©1986 PP
6(‡) Certificate of honorable federation service-Alison Scott, Honorary officer©1997 Columbia House 21 x 28 cm.
7Spock in gray uniform Portrait on cardboard13 x 25 cm.
8Star Trek-The Motion Picture Mr. Spock- information about ceramic bust-by Grenadier21 x 25 cm.
9Star Trek-Gold/black insignia patches5 x 8 cm.
10Star Trek-The Motion Picture patches (Spock)©1979 PP, Aviva 7 x 10 cm.
1110 transparencies of Star Trek crew10 x 19 cm.
12Kellogg's Star Trek cereal box - limited edition 2009
Starship Enterprise on front cover with marshmallow descriptions on lid
11 oz. package (emptied)
24 x 36 cm (folded)
Box 42
Series:XI (continued)
NumberTitlePublication Info.
1Mirror-Star Trek crew- U.S.S. Enterprise©1996 PP 5 x 8 cm.
2Star Trek-The Motion Picture Spock keychain©1979 PP, Akiva 4 x 4 cm.
3Spock keychain (Yellow)2 x 5 cm.
*4USS Enterprise keychain (White/blue)3 x 9 cm.
5USS Enterprise orange eraser©1983 PP, Diemer Industries 4 x 6 cm.
6Warp three convention Two red balloons 23-25 Aug., 1991 in Nurnberg5 x 9 cm.
7Star Trek-The Motion Picture
The human adventure is just beginning (Book of matches)
©1979 PP, D.D. Bean & Sons 4 x 5 cm.
8Star Trek-Enterprise with Spock, Kirk and McCoy (Small paper plates)©1976 PP 17 cm. diameter
9Star Trek adhesive bandages (Box only)©1979 PP, Adam Joseph Indus. 5 x 11 cm.
10Laboratory tube2 x 4 cm.
11Star Trek-Limited ed. commemerative silver coin with Enterprise and Kirk (Boxed)©1989 PP 4 cm. diam.
12Star Trek-25th anniversary medal 1966-1991 with flyerFranklin Mint 8 cm. diam.
13Miscellaneous stickers a) UFP b) Now, more than ever
3 x 7 cm. 3 x 7 cm.
14Star Trek-Puffy stickers
(6 assorted)
©1979 PP
8 x 11 cm.
15Star Trek stickers
(4 sheets)
12 x 19 cm.
*16Star Trek custom stickers
(Assorted Star Trek phrases)
TNT Computer Printing
17Stickers for model of Enterprise7 x 15 cm.
18Spock-Star Trek-Live long and prosper
No. 0181 of 10,000 limited ed.
©1993 PP, Lasersculpt 2000
5 x 8 cm.
19Star trek mouse pad
Includes Star Trek characters and U.S.S. Enterprise
20 cm. h x 24 cm. w
20Star Trek Pencil with space decorations©1991 PP, Hamilton Gifts
22 ½ cm. h
21Star Trek coasters©1997 PP
10 cm. h
Box 43
Series XI: (continued)
NumberTitlePublication Info.
1The official insignia collection in silver and gold with display case
(12 pieces with descriptive material)
©1992 PP, Franklin Mint
(Display case-41 cm. w x 53 cm. h x 4 cm. d)
 a) USS Enterprise command insignia4 x 6 cm.
 b) Ferengi insignia5 x 6 cm.
 c) Starfleet officer’s bar4 x 8 cm.
 d) Romulan bird of prey6 x 8 cm.
 e) Captain’s bar2 x 9 cm.
 f) Starfleet flag admiral6 cm. diam.
 g) United federation of planets pennant4 x 6 cm.
 h) Vulcan IDIC5 x 7 cm.
 i) United federation of planets seal5 x 7 cm.
 j) Star Trek-The Next Generation communicator5 x 5 cm.
 k) Klingon empire5 x 7 cm.
 l) Commander pin4 x 7 cm.
Box 44
Series XI: (continued)
NumberTitlePublication Info.
1Star Trek-The Motion Picture
Serving tray
©1979 PP, Aviva Enterprises
30 x 40 cm.
Box 45
NumberTitlePublication Info.
1Vulcan harp with diagrams (4 p.)9/6/83
41 x 113 cm.
Box 46
NumberTitlePublication Info.
1Enterprise Magellan Shuttlecraft alarm clock with Certificate of Registration, Historical data, and instruction book©1994, Telemania
17 cm. x 24 cm. x 16 cm.