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PCL MS-154: Susan Elizabeth Phillips Collection


Susan Elizabeth Phillips is a contemporary American author of romance novels beginning with The Copeland Bride in 1982 and followed up to present by numerous award winning books. Her collection is comprised of 10 cubic feet of manuscript drafts, edited copies, galleys, research notes, publicity materials and some fan mail and miscellaneous correspondence mostly pertaining to manuscript editing.

Susan E. Phillips began transferring her manuscripts to the Browne Popular Culture Library, Bowling Green State University, in June 1997. The collection is open for research, but photocopying or other duplication of manuscripts must comply with applicable copyright laws. This register was compiled by Debbie Chimahusky under the supervision of Jean Geist, Popular Culture Library Associate II in November 1998 and revised and expanded by Eric Honneffer in February 2008.

Biographical Sketch

Susan Elizabeth Phillips was born in Cincinnati, Ohio to John Aller Titus and Louesa Coate Titus. She graduated in 1966 from Ohio University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Theater. She worked for six years as a high school teacher before deciding to become a writer full time. She lives in a suburb of Chicago with her husband William C. Phillips. They have two grown sons.

Ms. Phillips' writing career began when a neighbor suggested that the two of them could write a better historical romance than what was being offered to readers in the early 1980's. In their spare time, Ms. Phillips and her neighbor, Claire Lefkowitz, wrote The Copeland Bride (1983) under the pseudonym Justine Cole. By the time this novel was complete, a friend had given them the telephone number of an editor at Dell Publishing. The editor agreed to read their manuscript and a few weeks later called the women with an offer. Soon after their success, Ms. Lefkowitz moved away to pursue a career as an assistant U.S. attorney. Ms. Phillips, however, went on to write her next historical romance, Risen Glory, under her own name. Glitter Baby followed and was published in several languages. This novel would be her first contemporary romance.

Ms. Phillips' subsequent novels include such titles as Fancy Pants (1989), Hot Shot (1991), Honey Moon (1993), It Had to Be You (1994), Heaven, Texas (1995), Kiss an Angel (1996), Nobody's Baby But Mine (1997), Dream a Little Dream (1998), Lady Be Good (1999), First Lady (2000), This Heart of Mine (2001), Breathing Room (2002), Ain't She Sweet? (2004), Match Me If You Can (2005) and Natural Born Charmer (2007).

Susan Elizabeth Phillips has received many awards for her writing. The Romance Writers of America Members' Favorite Book of the Year Award was given to her in 1995 for It Had to Be You and again in 1997 for Nobody's Baby But Mine. The latter was also chosen as the 1998 RITA winner for Single Title Contemporary Romance. She received a RITA in 1999 for Dream a Little Dream and another in 2001 for First Lady. The Romantic Times Career Achievement Award in Contemporary Romance was bestowed upon her in 1989 for Fancy Pants and again in 1996 for Kiss an Angel . In 1994 It Had to Be You also received Affaire de Coeur's Romance of the Year Award, Best Contemporary Romance and Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award, Best Contemporary Romance.

Scope and Content

The Susan Elizabeth Phillips Collection contains manuscript drafts, edited copies and galleys for most of her novels and accompanying publicity materials, some pertaining to her career and writings. Scattered pages of correspondence concerning the editing of manuscripts may assist researchers in better understanding how a manuscript is shaped into a publishable format. Fan mail for some of Ms. Phillips' novels may offer researchers insights into readers' likes and dislikes regarding an author's work and the impact "fans" may have on the future direction of an author's writing.

Series Description



Correspondence with editors or publishers

1982-present (scattered)
Miscellaneous correspondence describing text/format changes may accompany edited manuscripts.

Fan Mail

1983-1995 scattered
Arranged by title of novel.
The letters sent to Ms. Phillips by her many fans are mostly congratulatory in nature but also share with the author preferences for certain characters, story lines, ideas for future works and the like.

Literary Productions


Novel manuscripts
Arranged chronologically by novel publication date
These can include manuscript drafts, edited copies, galleys, notes and story synopses.

Misc. Literary Productions 1982, ND
No arrangement.
A "diary" or script used by Susan Elizabeth Phillips during public appearances promoting The Copeland Bride and an undated abandoned synopsis for Love Seeds appear at the end of the collection.

Printed Materials


Publicity Materials 1982- present
Arranged chronologically by novel publication date.
These publicity materials can include book covers, posters (some oversized), bookmarks, fliers, articles and news clippings promoting Ms. Phillips' novels.

Miscellaneous Printed Materials 1984- present
Award certificates, publicity photos of Ms. Phillips, articles about her and some publicity for Ain't She Sweet are included at the end of the collection.


T-shirt, Fancy Pants, 1989
T-shirt, Hot Shot, 1991
Tote bag autographed by fans, 1999


Box C1
1Miscellaneous correspondence1997
2Fan mail – The Copeland Bride 1983-1984
3Risen Glory 1987-1988
4Glitter Baby 1987-1988
5Fancy Pants 1989-1994 scattered
6Hot Shot 1990-1992
7Honey Moon 1993-1995
Box M1
 Parris Free 1982
1unfinished draft - chapters 1-6 
2Chapters 7-11 
3Synopsis with corrections 
4Final synopsis 
5Research notes 
6Historical background notes 
 The Copeland Bride  1983
7Edited manuscript – prologue – chapters 1-3 
8Chapters 4-5 
9Chapters 6-8 
10Chapters 9-11 
11Chapters 12-13 
13Chapters 17-19 
14Chapters 20-22 
15Chapters 23-25 
16Chapters 26-29 
17Chapters 30-32 
18Chapters 33-34, 34? 
19Chapters 35-37 
20Chapters 38?-40 
21Chapters 41-43 
22Chapters 38?, 44-45 
23Chapters 46-49 
Box M2
 Risen Glory 1984
1Edited manuscript – chapters 1-4 
2Chapters 5-7 
3Chapters 8-10 
4Chapters 11-14 
5Chapters 15-18 
6Chapters 19-21 
7Chapters 22-25 
8Chapters 26-29 
9Chapters 30-33 
10Chapters 34-37 
11Notes and synopsis 
12Draft – chapters 1-6c. 1987
13Chapters 7-12 
14Chapters 13-19 
15Chapters 20-24 
16Chapters 25-30 
17Chapters 31-37 
Box M3
 Glitter Baby 1987
1Edited manuscript – chapters 1-6 
2Chapters 7-11 
3Chapters 12-16 
4Chapters 17-21 
5Chapters 22-26 
6Chapters 27 -epilogue 
7Edited manuscript – chapters 1-5 
8Chapters 6-11 
9Chapters 12-16 
Box M4
 Glitter Baby conti.1987
1Edited manuscript – chapters 17-22 
2Chapters 23-27 
3Chapters 28-epilogue 
4“Treatment” and synopsis 
5Character sketches 
Box M5
 Fancy Pants 1989
1Edited manuscript – chapters 1-5 
2Chapters 6-10 
3Chapters 11-15 
4Chapters 16-21 
5Chapters 22-26 
6Chapters 27-30 
7Chapters 31-epilogue 
9Publicity (some oversized, some objects) 
Box M6
 Hot Shot 1991
1Edited manuscript – chapters 1-5 
2Chapters 6-10 
3Chapters 11-14 
4Chapters 15-20 
5Chapters 21-24 
6Chapters 25-30 
7Chapters 31-epilogue 
8Publicity (some objects) 
Box M7
 Honey Moon 1993
1Edited manuscript – chapters 1-5 
2Chapters 6-11 
3Chapters 12-16 
4Chapters 17-21 
5Chapters 22-26 
6Chapters 27-epilogue 
 It Had to Be You 1994
8Edited manuscript – chapters 1-5 
9Chapters 6-10 
10Chapters 11-15 
Box M8
 It Had to Be You conti.1994
1Edited manuscript – chapters 16-19 
2Chapters 20-23 
3Chapters 24-epilogue 
4Synopsis, notes, original artwork 
Box M9
 Heaven, Texas 1995
1Edited manuscript – chapters1-4 
2Chapters 5-9 
3Chapters 10-14 
4Chapters 15-20 
5Chapter 21-epilogue 
 Kiss an Angel 1996
7Edited manuscript – chapters 1-5 
8Chapters 6-10 
9Chapters 11-15 
10Chapters 16-19 
11Chapters 20-epilogue 
Box M10
 Nobody’s Baby But Mine 1997
1Edited manuscript – chapters 1-5 
2Chapters 6-10 
3Chapters 11-15 
4Chapters 16-20 
5Chapters 21-epilogue 
 Dream a Little Dream 1998
7Edited manuscript – chapters 1-6 
8Chapters 7-11 
9Chapters 12-15 
10Chapters 16-20 
11Chapters 21-epilogue 
12Publicity (some oversized) 
Box M11
 Lady Be Good 1999
1Edited manuscript – chapters 1-3 
2Chapters 4-7 
3Chapters 8-11 
4Chapters 12-15 
5Chapters 16-19 
6Chapters 20-22 
7Chapters 23-epilogue 
Box M12
 First Lady 2000
1Edited manuscript – chapters 1-4 
2Chapters 5-7 
3Chapters 8-10 
4Chapters 11-13 
5Chapters 14-16 
6Chapters 17-19 
7Chapters 20-epilogue 
8Galley – chapters 1-7 
9Chapters 8-14 
10Chapters 15-19 
11Chapters 20-epilogue 
Box M13
 Just Imagine (formerly Risen Glory)2001
1Edited manuscript – chapters 1-3 
2Chapters 4-6 
3Chapters 7-9 
4Chapters 10-12 
5Chapters 13-15 
6Chapters 16-18 
7Chapters 19-21 
8Edited manuscript – chapters 1-2 
9Chapters 3-5 
10Chapters 6-8 
11Chapters 9-11 
12Chapters 12-16 
13Chapters 17-21 
Box M14
 This Heart of Mine 2001
1Edited manuscript – chapters 1-3 
2Chapters 4-6 
3Chapters 7-10 
4Chapters 11-13 
5Chapters 14-16 
6Chapters 17-20 
7Chapters 21-24 
8Chapters 25-26 
9Miscellaneous rewritten pages 
10Galley – Chapters 8-12 (1-7 not included) 
11Chapters 13-16 
12Chapters 17-20 
13Chapters 21-23 
14Chapters 24-epilogue 
15Style sheet 
Box M15
 Breathing Room 2002
1Edited manuscript – chapters 1-4 
2Chapters 5-8 
3Chapters 9-11 
4Chapters 12-14 
5Chapters 15-17 
6Chapters 18-20 
7Chapters 21-epilogue 
8Galley – chapters 1-4 
9Chapters 5-8 
10Chapters 9-12 
11Chapters 13-16 
12Chapters 17-20 
13Chapters 21-epilogue 
Box M16
 Match Me If You Can 2005
1Edited manuscript – chapters 1-3 
2Chapters 4-6 
3Chapters 7-9 
4Chapters 10-12 
5Chapters 13-16 
6Chapters 17-19 
7Chapters 20-22 
8Chapters 23-epilogue 
9Galley – chapters 1-3 
10Chapters 4-6 
11Chapters 7-9 
12Chapters 10-12 
13Chapters 13-15 
14Chapters 16-18 
15Chapters 19-21 
16Chapters 22-epilogue 
Box M17
 Natural Born Charmer 2007
1Edited manuscript – chapters 1-3 
2Chapters 4-6 
3Chapters 7-9 
4Chapters 10-12 
5Chapters 13-15 
6Chapters 16-18 
7Chapters 19-21 
8Chapters 22-24 
9Chapters 25-epilogue 
10Galley – chapters 1-3 
11Chapters 4-6 
12Chapters 7-9 
13Chapters 10-12 
14Chapters 13-15 
15Chapters 16-18 
16Chapters 19-21 
17Chapters 22-24 
18Chapters 25-epilogue 
Box M18
 Natural Born Charmer conti.2007
1Galley – miscellaneous pages 
3Chapters 1-3 
4Chapters 4-6 
5Chapters 7-9 
6Chapters 10-12 
7Chapters 13-15 
8Chapters 16-18 
9Chapters 19-21 
10Chapters 22-24 
11Chapters 25-epilogue 
Box M19
 Miscellaneous literary productions 
1“Diary” or script  - The Copeland Bride 1979-1983
2Abandoned synopsis for Love Seeds ND
 Miscellaneous printed materials 
3Award certificates given to Ms. Phillips1990-1998
4Publicity photos of Ms. Phillipsc. 1984,  c. 1990
5Articles about Ms. Phillips1984-1997
6Publicity for Ain’t She Sweet? 2004
Box 20
T-shirt  - Fancy Pants 1989
T-shirt - Hot Shot 1991
Tote bag autographed by fans1999
Oversized publicity - envelope – Fancy Pants 1989
Standing poster – Dream a Little Dream 1998