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SpColl 26: Personal Growth Leaflet Collection

Introduction and Content

Personal Growth Leaflets first appeared in the Journal of the National Education Association as commencement messages for young people. Demand increased and the leaflets became widely disbursed. Hugh Taylor, who had know Horace Mann as a child, was so impressed with the leaflets that he gave a revolving fund in 1936 to allow for mass production and distribution of the leaflets.

The leaflets fit well with the self-education and self-growth mentality of the early 20th century. The titles covered a wide variety of subject from health to religion in the classroom to the role of teachers and instruction.

The Personal Growth Leaflet Collection in the Browne Popular Culture Library at Bowling Green State University has only 77 titles, but there were over 200 originally published. The Personal Growth Leaflet Collection is organized by leaflet number, with both the title and author listed.

Personal Growth Leaflets
1Your Life in the Making                           Morgan, Joy E.
2Your Mind in the MakingMorgan, Joy E.
3Your Health in the MakingMorgan, Joy E.
4Your Home in the MakingMorgan, Joy E.
6Your Citizenship in the MakingMorgan, Joy E.
7Your Personality in the MakingMorgan, Joy E.
9The Planning of Your LifeMorgan, Joy E.
11The Tenth GenerationStillwell Edwards, Harry
12Shall I Become a Teacher?Morgan, Joy Elmer
20The Growing TeacherSandison Fenner, Mildred
21A Golden Treasury of Beauty and WisdomMorgan, Joy E.
23A Golden Treasury on the Art of LivingMorgan, Joy E.
25Selections from George WashingtonHart, Laurance H.
26Selections from Ralph Waldo EmersonMorgan, Joy E.
27Selections from Abraham LincolnMorgan, Joy E.
28Selections from Horace MannMorgan, Joy E.
30The Significance of FriendshipFarris, J.D.
31Shall I go to College?Morgan, Joy E.
32Shall I Attend a Junior College?Mason, Edward F.
35How to StudyClifford, Charles W.
36How to Use Personal Growth Leaflets 
41Learning to be a LeaderMorgan, Joy E.
42Franklin’s Plan of Self-ImprovementMorgan, Joy E.
43Franklin’s Personal Growth Record BookMorgan, Joy E.
44Tyranny of Bad HabitsMorgan, Joy E.
45A Parliamentary PrimerGregg, F.M.
58Strengthening the Foundations of FreedomSamuelson, Agnes
60Our Faith in EducationAshby, Lyle W.
61Horace Mann’s Letter to Young AmericansMorgan, Joy E.
62The Code of the Good AmericanMorgan, Joy E.
63The United States Flag CodeHughes, Charles, Evan
68Education-the Mainstay of BusinessSutton, Willis
80The CommunityMorgan, Arthur
85Frances E. Willard EducatorSandison Fenner, Mildred and Fishburn, Eleanor
86Booker T. Washington and Tuskegee Institute 
90Horace Mann-Father of the American System of Free Public SchoolsSandison Fenner, Mildred and Fishburn, Eleanor
91Seven Adventures in PioneeringOverstreet, Harry
92True AmericanismBrandeis, Louis
99Student Self-GovernmentWelling, Richard
101Have You had your Vitamins?Holmes, Harry
102Our Common DiseasesParran, Thomas
103Shall I Become a SmokerSteinhaus, Arthur
104Shall I Become a DrinkerDavid, Bert
105Nicotine KnockoutTunney, Gene
106Colds Aren’t TrivialArmstrong, Donald
108Legal Liability of Teacher and SchoolChambers, M.M.
109Essentials of Mental HealthBurnham, William
110TuberculosisLyght, Charles
112Teaching Economics to ChildrenMorgan, Joy E.
115What the High Schools ought to TeachSpecial Committee for the Secondary School Curriculum
119The Teaching of ReadingLittle, Ruth Coyner
123The Man Who Taught Me MostCarrothers, George
126A Message to GarciaHubbard, Elbert
129Do You Want to be Happy and FreeJohnson, Willard
130Prejudice-How do we recognize it?Johnson, Willard
145In Praise of TeachingTen Hoor, Marten
150The Place of Religon in EducationMarsh, Daniel
151The World We Fought ForChase, Stuart
152Paths to TomorrowChase, Stuart
153An American Program of PlentyChase, Stuart
154Financing Post War ProsperityChase, Stuart
157Pressure Groups in Our DemocracyChase, Stuart
158Foreign Trade Means YouChase, Stuart
159World CitizenshipDavenport, Russell, and Tchou, M. Thomas
160A Century of Consumer CooperationMcLanahan, C.J.
161Our Profession GloriousMorgan, Joy E.
170Future Teachers: Ideals and PurposeMorgan, Joy E.
171Motive-Centered EducationSaxe Tuttle, Harold
178The Parent’s Part in EducationBruntz, George
181The First Five Tears of LifeGesell, Arnold
190Religion and the Public SchoolEdmonson, J.B.
202One Hundred Significant BooksGood Reading
205American Life in BiographyHorn, Gunnar
206American History in FictionHorn, Gunnar
233Fiction for Junior High School StudentsNational Council for Teachers of English
237Fiction for High School StudentsNational Council for Teachers of English
Contents by Deirdre Rogers and Bob Hamburger
June 2003
Revised S. Jennings March 2005