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Radio Scripts Contents for the Du Pont presents "The Cavalcade of America"

These are the titles that we own of The Cavalcade of America radio program series. For more information about the program, take a look at the record in the BGSU Libraries Catalog. The BPCL holds other radio scripts not part of the Cavalcade of America set. Search them with the call number radioscriptsbox.

Box 1
Abraham Lincoln “The war years”15
Ann Rutledge and Lincoln5
Anna Ella Carroll25
Anne Hutchinson28
As a man thinketh12
Battle hymn of the Republic9
Clifford Holland29
David Crockett24
Dr. Franklin goes to court7
Dr. Franklin takes it easy13
Edgar Allan Poe17
First balloon flight in America27
Heart and the fountain22
Henry Bergh, founder of the A.S.P.C.A.21
Henry Clay of Kentucky14
I sing a new world19
John Brown10
John Sutter2
Leif Ericsson33
Light in the hills8
Passage to Georgia20
Pathfinder of the seas4
Plain Mr. President16
Red lanterns on St. Michael’s30
Robert E. Lee1
Stephan Arnold Douglas31
Theodosia Burr23
Undefended border11
Voice of the wilderness18
Valley Forge3
Wild Bill Hickok6
Young Andrew Jackson26
Box 2
Battle of the ovens18
Bolivar the liberator6
City of illusion4
Clara Barton15
Colossus of Panama16
Gentleman from Paris9
Gentleman from the Islands20
Hymn from the night19
I, Mary Washington23
In this crisis10
Lady and the flag17
Lay that musket down1
Man of iron21
Native land5
Operation miracle2
Printer was a lady12
Prophet without honor24
Soldier of a free press25
This side of Hades11
Tooth for Paul Revere13
Valley Forge (1942)8
Waters of the wilderness7
Wild young man22
Young Tom Jefferson14
Box 3
Admiral of the ocean sea8
Alaska under arms13
Ambassador Joseph C. Grew5
Child is born17
Diary of a saboteur25
Diary on a pig boat18
Eagle to Britain26
Feast from the harvest27
Flying tigers20
General wore calico3
I was married in Bataan7
In the best tradition10
Man who wouldn’t be president16
One came through2
Perfect tribute22
Plot to kidnap General Washington24
Ready on the right4
Road to victory15
Soldiers of the tide19
That they might live9
Theodore Roosevelt, man of action14
To the shores of Tripoli21
Torpedo lane12
Toward a farther star11
War comes to Dr. Morgan23
Wise mad general1
Box 4
Bob Hope reports29
Burma surgeon31
Case for the F.B.I.16
Continue unloading28
Cook on the P-T boat writes home17
Dear funnyface24
Diamonds at war19
Double play25
Eighteenth captain15
Enemy is listening8
Fat girl5
Hated hero of 177627
Iron camels26
Joe Dyer ends a war32
Lengthening shadow1
Listen for the sound of wings2
Listen to the people12
Major and the mules22
Make way for the lady9
Mr. Lincoln’s wife7
Nine men against the Arctic20
Nurses under sealed orders6
Schoolhouse at the front14
Short cut to Tokyo21
Sky nursemaid11
Soldier of the cloth13
Soldiers in greasepaint4
Soldiers in high boots3
Submarine astern18
Take her down30
Unsinkable marblehead10
Weapon that saves lives23
Box 5
Ambulance driver, Middle East15
Autobiography of an angel18
Blessings of liberty19
Bullseye for Sammy6
Check your heart at home4
Doctor shoots a cannon9
First commando16
Gals they left behind28
Here is your war7
Junior angel12
Lovely lady27
Mask for Jefferson17
My fighting congregation22
My friend McNair25
Navy doctor3
Odyssey to freedom13
Purple heart comes to Freemeadows11
Sailor takes a wife10
Ship to remember20
So sorry - no mercy14
Soldiers of the soil2
Story of Canine Joe29
Terrence O’Toole M.P.8
Tokyo spearhead23
12 desperate miles1
U-boat prisoner5
What price freedom24
Yankee from Olympus30
Box 6
America for Christmas14
Artist to the wounded29
Bernadine I love you22
Conquest of pain11
Doctor gets the answer2
Doctor in crinoline13
Doughnut girl12
Flight nurse21
Girl Lincoln loved7
Grandpa and the statue25
How to build paradise31
Hymn from the night3
Laziest man in the world9
Man who taught Lincoln19
Name, rank, serial number16
Penny fancy17
Philippines never surrendered28
Road to Berlin18
Robinson Crusoe, USN26
Seven iron men23
Sign here, please24
Take her down (Oct. 30, 1944)6
Valley Forge (Oct. 9, 1944)5
Voice on the stairs4
Washington and the traitor20
Weapon 4H27
Weather is a weapon30
Westward the women15
What makes a hero1
Witness for the people10
Box 7
Assignment for the prof6
Battle to stay alive9
Build me straight22
Builders of the bridge15
Camels are coming24
Cargo over Burma7
Children of old man river26
Children, this is your father12
Commencement in khaki25
General’s wife31
Guy who had to have a horse16
I count the days17
Johnny comes home13
Law west of the Pecos3
Lieutenants come home2
Magnificent meddler19
My son John14
Names on the land20
Party line4
Recon pilot1
Remembered day27
Sawdust underground8
Spy on the kilocycles11
Star in the west29
Story of the tremendous trifle30
Ten in Texas21
Traveler to Arkansas18
200,000 flyer10
Venture in silk hat23
When Cupid was a pup32
Young Major Washington28
Box 8
Abigail opens the white house15
Admiral who had no name28
Builder of the Soo12
Cruise of the cashalot4
Doctor and the president21
Frontier widow22
General Benjamin Franklin6
Hickory tree8
I guess it's here to stay2
Iron horse24
Kansas Marshal18
Magnificent failure13
Man who stepped aside17
Meet Artie Greengroin1
Mission to Cuba25
Mr. Conygham sweeps the sea9
Mr. Pullman's palace car16
Mother of freedom11
My freshman husband3
One wagon westward7
Peanut vendor20
Pinkerton man10
That skipper from Stonington19
Voice of the wizard14
With cradle and clock5
Witness by moonlight23
Box 9
Blue cockade24
Bryant's mission23
Burning bush26
Conscience of Black Dan'l5
Darkest hour22
Enlightened professor16
Garden key25
Incident at Niagra20
Home to the hermitage21
Last frontier18
Lee of Virginia13
Mr. Lincoln goes to the play7
No greater love8
Oliver Wendell Holmes Mac Lanahan29
Paging Miss Ellen9
Perfect union6
Powhatan's daughter4
President and the doctor10
Roses in the rain11
Thunder on the Hudson14
Unnatural death2
US Pilgrims3
US Pilgrims (#587)27
Village doctor15
Who walk alone17
Woman of steel12
Box 10
Anna Zenger24
Dinner at Belmont12
Experiment at Monticello3
Gift of Johnny Appleseed2
Greatest Risk27
Honest John Gaminski and the 13 Sams13
Honor bound31
House near little dock street15
Immortal blacksmith22
Incomparable doctor30
Indigo girl1
Joe Palmer's beard20
Journey among the lost9
Lady becomes a governor23
Lady on a mission14
Letter from Europe11
My hunt after the captain10
Once last romance5
Pink lace8
Queen's handmaid4
Reluctant rebel17
Ridin' shotgun18
Signal to the world26
Store that winked out6
Strike a blow for liberty25
South of Cape Horn29
Troublesome Jane21
Unheroic hero7
US Pilgrims (#631)28
Wire to the west19
Woman with a sword16
Box 11
American from France27
Crazy Judah7
Decision in the valley9
Firefly lamp10
Golden harvest17
Grand design24
I can and I will11
I, Mary Peabody8
Interchangeable Mr. Whitney1
John Yankee16
Juliet in pigtails20
Miss Vinnie and Mr. Lincoln14
Mr. Peale and the dinosaur6
Mockingbird sang26
Ordeal by fire2
Portait of the author13
Redemption of Lottie Moon15
Rose and the thorns23
Stepping stones22
Sword of Kentucky12
Thinking heart3
There stands Jackson29
Ulysses in love25
Whither thou goest21
Yankee Doodle Debby18
Young man in a hurry5
Box 12
Adventure on the Kentucky28
As if a door were opening21
Doctor Commando26
Duel with Aunt Rebecca8
Giant who stepped over the mountain20
Girl on a mission13
Greeley of the tribune1
King of Nantucket4
Listen my children14
Loyal lady16
Man of action6
Marine who was 200 years old29
Mary of Murray Hill2
Navy blue17
Night there was no president22
Reluctant pioneer5
Romance at Fort Crawford27
Seven hundred boiled shirts18
Ship the Nazis had to get15
Silent service11
Sitting duck19
Sound the great bell12
Three words25
Thunder of justice23
Top secret9
Torch bearer10
Whale off3
With malice towards none24
Box 13
American from France6
Away all boarding parties19
Barbed-wire Christmas21
Billy the kid22
Bless this house25
Breakfast at Nancy's1
Dangerous mission28
Dark heart12
Daughter with wings10
Down brake24
Fly high, fly low3
Gig of the Saginaw14
Going up5
Green wall8
Life on the Mississippi29
Listen my children (#765)20
Medal for Miss Walker23

Nugget and the law

Nurse who forgot fear2
One nation indivisible18
One way out15
Patriot with the chestnut curls13
Prisoner of Castle Thunder7
Quality of courage11
River find a master31
Saga of Jerry O'Brien16
Secret road30
Short straw27
That Moore girl17
Time to grow32
Valley of the swans9
Yankee and the scales4