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SpColl 8: Games Collection

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Series Description

SeriesTitleBox #
I.Card Games
Subseries  1:     Playing Cards1
Subseries 2:Specific Card Games and Tarot Cards2/3/4
II.Role-Playing Games
Subseries 1:Fantasy/Science Fiction5
Subseries 2:Comic/Movie6
III.Board Games
Subseries 1:Trivia7/8
Subseries 2:Television Related9/10
Subseries 3:Comic Related10A/11/12/13/14
Subseries 4:Movie Related15/16/17/18/19
Subseries 5:Mystery/Detective20/21
Subseries 6:Fantasy/Science Fiction22/23/24/25
Subseries 7:Strategy26/27/28
Subseries 8:Checkers/Chess29
Subseries 9:Miscellaneous Board Games30/31/32/33/34/35/36/37
IV.DVD Games
Subseries 1:Miscellaneous Board Games38