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SpColl 3: Display Photos Collection

SpColl 3: Display Photos Collection

A 3-box collection of 8" x 10" black and white photographs of window displays from the Best & Co. store in New York City from 1933-1934 (taken by Worsinger Photo, NYC). The displays garnered the Socrates' High Award of the Year (an advertising campaign competition) in 1934, defeating department stores around the country. Photographs of the display manager, Richard Terhune, and his assistant, Mary Clark, are included as well as information on the competition in Modern Display from October 1934 (Vol. 9, No. 1).

The Best & Co. brand exists today, though in a slightly different version. See the Best & Co. web site for a history of the company.

Below are a few more samples from the collection.  They show the range of products the store offered - from the everyday to the glamorous.

Additional photo samples from the collection.

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