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PCL MS-111: Robert Irvine Collection


Mystery writer, Robert Irvine, has written several books between the years 1974-1995.  His books focus on the Church of Latter Day Saints and the excitement of the television and news business.  The Robert Irvine Collection was acquired through a series of donations from Mr. Irvine: July 12, 1991, December 18, 1992, October 3, 1994, and November 1, 2001.  The collection spans the years 1978-1994 and consists of 2 linear feet.  Copyright and literary property rights are retained by the author, or his/her assignees.  Subsequent donations to this collection will be made in accordance with the terms and provisions negotiated by the donor and the Browne Popular Culture Library. 

There are no restrictions placed upon the use of this collection for scholarly purposes. The collection is open for research; however, photocopying of manuscripts must comply with applicable copyright laws.  Researchers are responsible for securing copyright permission when using all unpublished manuscripts and published works authored by Robert Irvine.

The collection was arranged and described by Annie Rose Land June 2013.

Biographical Sketch

Robert Irvine was born March 16, 1936 in Salt Lake City, Utah to a pioneering Mormon family. He was educated at East High School and continued his education at the University of Utah in 1954. He studied here for one year and then transferred to the University of California at Berkley where he graduated in 1959 with degrees in Anthropology and Art History. After college Robert Irvine spent two years in the United States Army, 1959-1961, working as a counter intelligence agent. He decided to pursue writing in the "classical" manner after working for the army and began writing journalism for newspapers. His first newspaper writing "gigs" were with Huntington Park's Daily Signal and the Hollywood Citizen-News. Next he found himself involved in radio and TV after his bout with newspapers and eventually became the News Director for ABC, KABC in Los Angeles. Here he helped develop "Eyewitness News." He left the news business to write books, however, he returned to the TV world for a year or two to write for a show called "Two on the Town" for KCBS, Los Angeles. In 1974 his first novel, Jump Cut, was published and was shortly followed by Freeze Frame in 1975, a book that was nominated for the Edgar Allen Poe Award. He found a niche for writing about television in his mystery/detective novels. Novels like The Face Out Front (1977), Horizon Hold (1978), and Ratings Are Murder (1985) are all based in a television production atmosphere. He also delved into horror novels with books like The Devil's Breath (1982) and Footsteps (1982). His writings took a turn towards his Utah roots when he began writing the Moroni Traveler Series which revolve around a lapsed Mormon detective. These novels are the first series of mystery books to involve network and TV news crews. Robert Irvine claims that he owes his writing career to the "Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine" which published four of his short stories (1972-1974) when he first started writing because they gave him the confidence to continue writing. Robert Irvine is married to Angie Irvine and they live in California together. Robert Irvine's writing style is credited with a breezy and humorous narrative that informs the reader of the details on news gathering and broadcasting.


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Scope and Content

The Robert Irvine Collection consists of his manuscripts and outlines for novels written between the years 1978 and 1994.  For any given novel the researcher will likely find the outline and edited copy, with the occasional page proof.  The book manuscripts and outlines included in this collection are as follows: Horizon Hold, Film At Eleven (title later changed to Ratings Are Murder), Ratings Are Murder, Baptism for the Dead, The Angels’ Share, Gone to Glory, Called Home, Woman’s Work (title later changed to The Spoken Word), The Spoken Word, The Great Reminder, and The Hosanna Shout.  The manuscripts for books written earlier than 1978 are not known to the author, as they were paperback novels and the publisher either kept them or discarded them.

Series Description

Literary Productions
Novel Manuscripts
Arranged chronologically by book publication date
Can include novel manuscripts, edited copies and galleys


 Box 1
Horizon Hold
1QueriesApril 24, 1978
3Proof pages[1978?]
Film At Eleven (title later changed to Ratings Are Murder)
52nd outline[1985?]
6Edited copy, Ch. 1-10December 18, 1984
7Edited copy, Ch. 11-endDecember 18, 1984
8Proof pages1985
Baptism for the Dead
102nd outline[1988?]
11Edited copy, Ch. 1-131988
12Edited copy, Ch. 14-end1988
 Box 2
The Angels’ Share
1OutlineJuly 20, 1989
Gone to Glory
2Sentence outline[1990?]
Called Home
5Edited copy, Ch. 1-131991
6Edited copy, Ch. 14-end1991
Woman’s Work (title later changed to The Spoken Word)
8Edited copy, Ch. 1-151992
9Edited copy, Ch. 16-end1992
 Box 3
The Great Reminder
2Edited copy, Ch. 1-181993
3Edited copy, Ch. 19-end1993
The Hosanna Shout
5Edited copy, Ch. 1-61994
6Edited copy, Ch. 7-211994
7Edited copy, Ch. 22-end1994

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