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Although best known for his forty-year career in television, Steve Allen has also worked in radio, motion pictures, the theatre, and in concert and club venues. Allen's years in show business include successes in almost every entertainment medium. He has been a radio writer, announcer, host, and comedian; television scriptwriter, producer, host, and comedian; jazz and popular music composer, lyricist, singer, and pianist; Broadway playwright and actor; and motion picture actor. He has been extremely active outside the entertainment industry, as well, as a teacher, traveler, lecturer, pundit, and public advocate. Allen is also a widely-published journalist, essayist, poet, and novelist.

In 1974, Allen initially donated materials to the Browne Popular Culture Library, Bowling Green State University. Additional materials were donated in 1990. The collection is open for research, but the duplication of any materials must comply with applicable copyright laws. This register was compiled by Nancy White Lee, Popular Culture Library, in May 1986, updated in March 1991, and again in August 2009 by Patricia Falk.

Biographical Sketch  

Stephen Valentine Patrick William Allen was born on December 26, 1921, in New York, New York. Both parents were in a vaudeville act under the stage name Billy Allen and Belle Montrose. Allen attended eighteen schools. He attended Drake University in 1941 and the University of Arizona in 1945. On August 23, 1942, Allen married Dorothy Goodman whom he met while attending Arizona State Teachers' College. The two divorced in 1952 and on July 31, 1954, he married the actress/comedienne Jayne Meadows. They have one son, William Christopher, a former Executive Vice President, MTM Television in Hollywood. Allen's three sons by his first marriage include Steve, Jr., doctor in Elmira, New York; Brian, real estate broker in Seattle; and David, songwriter in Los Angeles. Steve Allen made his debut on Phoenix radio station KOY in 1942, where he worked as an announcer, writer, and pianist. Two years later Allen left for Los Angeles, where he performed on radio stations KFAC, KMTR, and KNX from 1944 to 1950. He began his television career in New York City in 1950 on CBS. He was awarded the New York City Board of Trade Award for the television documentary on organized crime, "The Commandment" (1953). Allen was the creator and host of the original "Tonight Show" (1954-1956), which introduced such future stars as Steve Lawrence, Eydie Gorme, Andy Williams, Don Knotts, Jonathan Winters, and the Smothers Brothers. Allen starred in the critically-acclaimed "Steve Allen Show" (1956-1960; 1968-1972), which won the Variety Show of the Year Award in 1958 and the George Foster Peabody Award for the best comedy show of 1960. Allen won Look magazine's television award for "What's My Line" in 1953, and hosted "I've Got a Secret" for three seasons (1964-1967). He created, wrote, and hosted the PBS-TV series "Meeting of Minds" (1977-1981), which garnered the prestigious Peabody, Emmy, and Television Critics Circle awards, as well as awards from the National Organization for Women, and numerous other organizations. Allen was inducted into the Television Academy's Hall of Fame in 1986. Steve Allen has a life membership in the Composers and Lyricists Guild and was honored in the 1984 Guinness Book of World Records as the most prolific composer of modern times. He has recorded more than forty albums and composed more than four-thousand songs including: "This Could Be the Start of Something Big," "Picnic," and "Gravy Waltz," which won the Grammy Award in 1964. He wrote the title lyrics for the film themes for On the Beach and Bell, Book, and Candle, and scores for several musicals, including the Broadway production of Sophie (1963) and the CBS-TV version of Alice in Wonderland (1985). Allen starred on Broadway in The Pink Elephant (1953), and wrote the play, The Wake, which won a Los Angeles drama critic's nomination as the best play of 1977. Allen also played the title role in the 1956 motion picture, The Benny Goodman Story, and starred in The Comic (1969).

As a writer, Steve Allen's published credits include memoirs, poetry, short stories, plays, novels, children's books, .social commentary, humor and satire, radio and television scripts, reviews, essays, and magazine and newspaper articles. He was a regular columnist for Song Hits, Downbeat, and Cosmopolitan, as well as for several newspapers. Allen's first collection of poetry was published in 1946. His poems have been published in other book-length collections, and in Atlantic Monthly, Saturday Review, and other periodicals. Allen wrote a scholarly study of migratory farm labor, The Ground Is Our Table (1966), and a study of white-collar crime in America, Rip-Off: A Look at Corruption in America (1979). Other book-length non-fiction works by Allen focus on Jesus cults, the atomic bomb, and corruption, and include two popular studies of comedians, The Funny Men (1956) and Funny People (1981). Allen's first novel, Not All Your Laughter, Not All Your Tears, was published 1962. In 1982 Allen wrote his first mystery novel, The Talk Show Murders, which was followed by Murder on the Glitter Box in 1989. He has also written a book for children, Princess Snip Snip and the Puppykittens (1973). In all, Steve Allen has authored 35 published books, from his first, Bop Fables (1955), to his most recent, Steve Allen on the Bible, Religion, and Morality (1990).

Allen has published close to 500 essays, articles, and syndicated columns and given hundreds of speeches on a wide range of social issues; democratic rights, censorship, interracial justice, mental health, police corruption, prison reform, capital punishment, disarmament, morality and nuclear war, education, and mental health. His byline has appeared in hundreds of magazines and newspapers, including Esquire, Ladies Home Journal, Look, Variety, TV Guide, Playbill, Cue, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, and the Detroit News. Steve Allen's honors for community service include those from the American Civil Liberties Union, Sane (National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy), the American Cancer Society, the National Association for Mental Health, and the Boy Scouts of America. Allen died on October 31st, 2000.


The following books have been integrated into the collections at the Browne Popular Culture Library. Call numbers for these books may be found in the BGSU Libraries Catalog or by clicking on a title below.

Numerous LP albums and other sound recordings donated by Allen have been transferred to the Sound Recordings Archives at Bowling Green State University.

Scope and Content  

The Steve Allen Collection contains manuscripts for five books, 89 speeches, and 451 articles. Of particular interest is "The Steve Allen Biography" (Box 10), which includes a complete listing of television shows and appearances along with listings of stars that appeared on his shows and recorded or performed his songs. Also of interest are the scripts for the Emmy award-winning PBS-TV series, Meeting of Minds. In addition the collection includes professional photographs, promotional materials, and certificates and awards. Oversized and non-print materials are located in Boxes 12 and 18 to 24 of the collection. Researchers interested in the many facets of Steve Allen -- the actor, comedian, journalist, composer, lyricist, concert artist, lecturer, author, father and husband, television host and star -- will find this collection invaluable.

Series Description  

Series I: Literary Productions (10 boxes)
Manuscripts (Literary)
1939, 1951-1990
Arranged chronologically by date of work, as indexed by the donor.
This series includes manuscripts for five books, 89 speeches, several poems, and 451 articles by Allen.

Promotional Materials
Arranged alphabetically
This series contains mostly media information from Concept Coordinators (Allen's publicists), including fact sheets, photo cut-lines, list of published books to 1972, and biographical and songwriting information.
Series II: Printed and Other Materials (9 boxes)
1980, 1990
Arranged by title
This series includes a certificate from the American Centenarian Committee and two citations for an honorary degree of Doctor of Arts and Letters from St. Mary's College of California and Doctor of Humane Letters Honoris Causea from Siena Heights College in Michigan.

1953, 1955-1965, 1970, 1977, 1979-1981, 1989
Arranged by title
This series includes 41 awards from various organizations.

Arranged by title
This series includes two cartoons depicting the rivalry between the "Steve Allen Show" and the "Ed Sullivan Show" by cartoonists Richter The New Yorker? and Wilson Saturday Evening Post.

Posters (2 boxes)
Arranged by title
This series includes posters for the musical Sophie, the musical comedy revue Seymour Glick Is Alive But Sick, the musical performance Steve Allen a Man and His Music, and the motion picture The Benny Goodman Story.
Series III: Photographic Materials (2 boxes)
Arranged by title
This series includes 12 prints of Allen: four 8" x 10" black and white photographs and three 8" x 10" color photographs, one 11" x 14" color photograph, one 20" x 10" black and white photograph, two 16" x 20" color photographs, one 16" x 20 black and white photograph. Also included is a signed black and white photograph of Hubert H. Humphrey.

Original Art Work
1960, 1972
Arranged by title
This series includes a hand-painted portrait of Allen by J. S. Orozco and an original cartoon by Frank Interlandi, which appeared in the Los Angeles Times.
Series IV: Audio Recordings (1 box)
Audio Recording Tape
Arranged by title
This series includes fourteen cassette tapes of 407 songs written by Steve Allen, and recorded by such vocalists as Nat King Cole, Perry Como, Judy Garland, Steve Lawrence, and Eydie Gorme.


Box 1
Series I: Literary Productions
Subseries I: Manuscripts
Sub-Subseries I: Books
Not All Your Laughter, Not All Your Tears 1962
1Typewritten manuscript, carbon copy, chapters 1-7 
2Typewritten manuscript, carbon copy, chapters 8-12
3Typewritten manuscript, carbon copy, chapters 13-16
4Typewritten manuscript, carbon copy, chapters 17-20
5Typewritten manuscript, carbon copy, chapters 21-23
6Typewritten manuscript, carbon copy, chapters 24-end
Rip-Off: A Look at Corruption In America 1979
7Typewritten manuscript, chapters 1-4 
8Typewritten manuscript, chapters 5-10
9Typewritten manuscript, chapters 11-end
Box 2
Talk Show Murders 1982
1Edited original typewritten manuscript chapters 1-5 
2Edited original typewritten manuscript Chapters 6-11 
3Edited original typewritten manuscript Chapters 12-16
4Edited original typewritten manuscript Chapters 17-end
More Funny People. Vol. 11982
5Edited original typewritten manuscript
Includes: Abbott and Costello and Fred Allen
6Edited original typewritten manuscript
Includes: Jack Benny, Milton Berle, George Carlin, and Tim Conway
More Funny People. Vol. 21982
7Edited original typewritten manuscript
Includes: Jackie Gleason, Bob Hope
8Edited original typewritten manuscript
Includes: Laurel and Hardy, Jerry Lewis
More Funny People. Vol. 3
9Edited original typewritten manuscript
Includes: Martha Raye, Alan Sherman, Red Skelton
More Funny People. Vol. 4
10Edited original typewritten manuscript
Includes: The Old Gang, and Conclusion
Box 3
Meeting of Minds. Vol.11978
1Introduction and script no. 1 with Theodore Roosevelt, Cleopatra, Aquinas, Thomas Paine 
2Script no. 2 with Theodore Roosevelt, Cleopatra, Aquinas, Thomas Paine
3Script no. 3 with Ulysses S. Grant, Marie Antoinette, Karl Marx, Sir Thomas Moore
4Script no. 4 with Ulysses S. Grant, Marie Antoinette, Karl Marx, Sir Thomas Moore
5script no. 5 with Atilla the Hun, Galileo, Emily Dickinson, Charles Darwin
6Script no. 6 with Atilla the Hun, Galileo, Emily Dickinson, Charles Darwin
Meeting of Minds. Vol. 21979
7Script no. 7 with Frederick Douglass, Dowager Empress Lzu Hsi, Marchese de Bonsana Cesare Beccaria, Marquis Donatien Francise de Sade 
8Script 8 with Frederick Douglass, Dowager Empress Tzu Hsi, Marchese de Bonsana Cesare Beccaria, Marquis Donatien Francoise de Sade
9Script 9 with Martin Luther, Voltaire, Plato, Florence Nightingale
10Script 10 with Martin Luther, Voltaire, Plato, Florence Nightingale
11Script 11 with Sir Francis Bacon, Socrates, Emiliano Zapata, Susan B. Anthony
12Script 12 with Sir Francis Bacon, Socrates, Emiliano Zapata, Susan B. Anthony
Box 4
Murder on the Glitter Box 1989
1Typewritten manuscript with corrections
Chapters 1-14
2Typewritten manuscript with corrections
Chapters 15-29
3Typewritten manuscript with corrections
Chapters 30-44
4Typewritten manuscript with corrections Chapters 45-end
Sub-Subseries 2: Articles and Poems
5"In the Wake of the News"
The Chicago Daily Tribune
Aug. 7, 1939
6"See-ing Stars with Steve Allen As First Subject, Steve picks Man Who Like Steve" -- Articlen.d.
7"See-ing Stars with Steve Allen As His Second Subject, Steve Selects a British Lady of Great Charm and Talent" -- Articlen.d.
8"Man For Man--A Multidisciplinary Workshop on Affecting Man's Social and Psychological Nature Through Community Action" -- Summary of the Workshop proceedings by Steve Allen. (Charles C. Thomas, Publisher)n.d.
9"When Love Comes Your Way After One Marriage Failure, It's a Question Whether to Succumb or Not…" -- Articlen.d.
10"Praise Be To TV!" -- Articlen.d.
11"Studio Audiences"
Herald Tribune TV and Radio Magazine
May 15, 1951
12"How Does an Unknown Get a Song Published" Playbill Magazine July 6, 1951
13"Hold That Benefit"
July 11, 1951
14"Notes on TV"
Aug. 4, 1951
15"Steve Allen: TV's Jazz Lover"
16"Speaking of Song-Writing"
Bronxville Prevue
Aug. 13, 1951
17"Songs For Sale"n.d.
18"See-ing Stars With Steve Allen CBS Star Bows to a Great Lady of Stage and Screen" (Vivien Leigh)n.d.
19"Look and Listen With 'One Dialer"', by C.J. Ingram. Guest column by Steve Allenn.d.
20"Steve Allen, Himself"n.d.
21"Broadway, Here Comes a TV Comic"n.d.
22"Says Steve Allen: Maybe TV's Going Too Far"
TV Today
May 3, 1952
23"Songs For Sale -Starring -Steve Allen"
Chicago, Downbeat
23 articles
May 7, 1952 to Sept. 23, 1953
24"Open Letter From Steve Allen"
Coral Records News
Sept. 11, 1953
25"The Conquest of Jayne Meadows: A Most Unusual Autobiography"n.d.
26"That Studio Audience" (by John Crosby) by Steve Allen, guest writer.
Herald Tribune
Apr. 18, 1954
27"That Studio Audience" (by John Crosby) by Steve Allen, guest writer.
New York Herald Tribune
Apr. 18, 1954
28"Giving Autographs Can Have Its Exciting Moments"
Lewiston Montana Daily News
July 16, 1954
29"Long Island"
Long Island Daily Press
Sept. 7, 1954
30"Who Wrought the Iron?"n.d.
31"Here and There"
Cheyenne Eagle (Wyoming)
Sept. 21, 1954
32Untitled Food Merchants AdvocateApril 1955
33"Steve Allen Replies to upstate Grocer's Letter"
Food Merchants Advocate
April 1955
34"Envying the Dead"
Saturday Review of Literature
April 7, 1956
35"Please Mr. Chairman Pleads Steve Allen"
News Register
(Wheeling, West Virginia)
June 26, 1956
36"Entertaining You"
August 1956
37"On Becoming Thirty"
Cue Magazine
August 11, 1956
38"Summer Storm"
The Village Voice
Sept 26, 1956
39"The Secret"
Sept 28, 1956
40"Pride of Authorship" poetry
American Poetry Magazine, vol. 37, no. 3
41"The Girls On the Tenth Floor"
Esquire: The Magazine for Men
Nov. 1956
42"What's So Funny?" Pamphlet1956
43"Television and Radio"
New York Herald Tribune
Nov. 16, 1956
44"Mr. Cerf's Joke Storehouse"
Book review
New York Herald Tribune
Nov. 18, 1956
45"My Wife Jayne"
TV Guide
Dec 1-7, 1956
46"Ratings Are Overrated"
New York Herald Tribune
, TV and Radio Magazine
Dec. 9-15, 1956
47"How To Play the Piano" Coronet 1956
48"Steve Allen" by John Bailey
1000 Jokes
Dec-Feb 1956/57
49Review of "The Road To Miltown"
Saturday Review
Jan. 11, 1957
50"Philosophic Lunacy"
Saturday Review
Feb. 2, 1957
51"Steve Allen Takes the Stand"
Writer's Digest
Feb. 1957
52"Steve Allen Comments on Series"
Minneapolis Sunday Tribune
Feb. 24, 1957
53"Who Says Comedians are Unhappy?"
This Week
April 28, 1957
54"Steve Allen's Scrambled Book List"
Authors Guild Bulletin
June 1957
55Untitled Dance MagazineJune 1957
56"Three Mixed-Up Little Pigs"
Teen Magazine
June 1957
57"The Buried Caesar"
Time Magazine Letter to the editor
June 10, 1957
58"A Prize For Mr. Big"
Argosy Magazine

Re: John Q. Public, anyone's fall guy
July 1957
59"Jack and the Real Flip Beanstalk"
Teen Magazine
July 1957
60"Steve Allen Ridicules TV Awards"
TV Guide
July 6-12, 1957
61"Everybody's an Expert"
New York Herald Tribune
, Television and Radio
Aug. 16, 1957
62"Joe Shulman is Dead"
Down Beat Magazine
Sept 19, 1957
63"When Humor is not Funny", "The Voice of Broadway"
Journal American
Oct. 7, 1956
64"Steve Allen's Almanac Series"
Cosmopolitan Magazine
May 1956-March 1957
65"The Vanishing Comedian"
The Atlantic Monthly
Dec. 1957
66Index of articles publishedMay 1951-Oct. 1957
 Box 5
1"State of the Nation's Humor, Little Cause for Concern"
New York Times
2"Jack O'Brian and the Art of criticism"
The Village Voice
March 19, 1958
3"Steve Allen has the Answers When the Questions Concern His Wife, Jayne Meadows"
Charm Magazine
April 1958
4"The Man Who Reads Dictionaries"
Webster's advertisement
April 1958
5"Steve Allen Hits Back, Says 'All TV People Know Score on O'Brian'"
The Village Voice
April 16, 1958
6"Steve Allen and Emmy"
Letters The Nation
April 19, 1958
7Marie Torre Reports "Allen Rates Rivals and Critics of Television"
Guest columnist
New York Herald Tribune
April 23, 1958
8"Steve Allen Scrambled Book List"
May 1958
9"Jewish People Are Funny"
The Jewish Digest
, Excerpt from Funny Men
July 1958
10"Steve Allen Answers a Query From the South"
Village Voice
Re: Gov. Folsom
Sept. 17, 1958
11"Steve Allen Sees Diversions From TV Good Sign"
Montgomery Advertiser
Re: Gov. Folsom and the South
Sept. 18, 1958
12"The Plight of the TV comic"
Esquire Magazine for Men
Re: An interview with Steve Allen, Mort Sahl, Wally Cox, George Axelrod, Peter Ustinov
Sept. 1958
13"Let's Keep Video From Getting Worse"
Christian Science Monitor, (Boston, Mass.)
Oct. 18, 1958
14"Allen vs Grace"
Miami Florida News
Oct. 19, 1958
15"A Small Forward"
Saturday Review
Re: Forward of a donation of $100.00 to Earle Reynolds
Nov. 1, 1958
16"Little Cause for Concern"
The New York Times Magazine

Re: In grim period, American humor still exist
Dec. 7, 1958
17"Everybody Hates David Starbuck"
Re: Fictional story
Dec. 1958
18".....A Full Share of Love....."
TV and Radio Magazine
Re: Birth of William Christopher
Dec. 29, 1958-Jan. 4, 1959
Mad Forever
(Crown Publishers)
20"Steve Allen Says…'So What' ..."
TV Radio Magazine
Re: Live television
Jan. 4, 1959
21"The Italian Voices"
Down Beat Magazine
Short story
Jan. 22, 1959
The Jazz Review
Feb. 1959
23"This Is My story"
Look Magazine
March 16, 1959
24"It's Easy to be Funny"
Look Magazine

Re: A most unusual autobiography
March 31, 1959
25"The Conquest of Jayne Meadows"
Look Magazine
Re: A most unusual autobiography
April 14, 1959
26"Prayer Efficacy, The Open Forum"
The Churchman
May 1959
27"John Crosby--Humor in Public Life"
Herald Tribune
Steve Allen writes column while Crosby is on vacation
May 24, 1959
28"Jazz Mass at St. Paul's" poetry
Down Beat
May 28, 1959
29"Police Cards"
Herald Tribune

Re: Disgrace of "police card" situation
June 20, 1959
30Untitled Progressive World
Re: Adlai Stevenson
Sept. 1959
Jazz Review
Re: Ralph Gleason's review
Nov. 1959
Written for the evening dedicated to Health for Peace and to honor Max E. Youngstein. Hotel Biltmore, New York City
Dec. 14, 1959
33Why Not? by Dayton Allen
Forward by Steve Allen
34"The Best Kind of Prayer"
Television star, NBC
35"Steve Allen Goes West--Fearlessly"
Monrovia News Post
Re: Hollywood
Jan. 2, 1960
36"Steve Allen Discusses the Smear Against Sane" National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy
The Realist
Re: Steve Allen's membership in Sane and accusation of being a communist
Feb. 1960
37"The Minds That Didn't Meet on NBC"
The Gazette and Daily (York, Penn.)
Feb. 6, 1960
38"The Trouble with My Business"
The American Weekly
Re: Low-quality television programs
March 20, 1960
39Morality and Nuclear War booklet
Steve Allen was guest speaker for the Unitarian Universalist Consolidation Conference at the First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles, Calif.
Reprint of speech
May 7, 1960
40"To a Gentleman in Brooklyn--A letter from Steve Allen"
Petal Paper
Re: Steve Allen being a communist
June 9, 1960
41Index of articles publishedJan. 1958-June 1960
42American Natives by Erich Sokol
Introduction by Steve Allen
43"The Secret I Can No Longer Live with. A Disgraceful Confession by Steve Allen, a Man the People Trusted"
July 1960
44"Mr. Allen Explains, To the Editor"
National Review
Re: Sane
Aug. 13, 1960
45"Failure of Nerve"
The New Leader
Re: The New Failures of the U.S. Nerve book review
Aug. 15-22, 1960
46"'Meeting of Minds' Steve Allen. The widely discussed symposium on punishment"
, vol. 1, no. 2
Re: Aristotle, Dostoevski, Hegel, Darrow Montaigne
47"Letter to Mike Connolly"
The Hollywood Reporter
Re: Disarmament
Aug. 3, 1960
48"Allen Protests"
Chicago's American
Re: Nuclear war
Aug. 11, 1960
49"Steve Allen, on Behalf of Sane, Makes Suggestions for Platform"
Hearings of the Democratic National Committee, Los Angeles, Calif., July 7, 1960, and the Republican National Committee, Chicago, Ill., July 21, 1960.
The Petal Paper
Aug. 11, 1960
50"The Unsponsored Mind"
Saturday Review
Re: Article previews from "Mark it and strike it"
Aug. 20, 1960
51"Steve Allen Replies"
Human Events
Re: Steve Allen Jokes about Freedom
Sept. 8, 1960
52"Stevieorienio Loses Sensayuma --Denies Favoring Flouridation --Says He is Not Red, Pinko or Dupe --Editor Says Allen is Dupe, Dumb, Dope or Just Plain Political Jackass"
Hollywood Close-Up
Sept. 22, 1960
53"Steve Allen Defends His Job on College Advisory Board"
San Fernando Valley Times
Re: Valley State College and education
Sept. 23, 1960
54"How About That? A Psycho-Investigation of Steve Allen"
The Alpha Rho Journal
Fall 1960
55"Jokes I Couldn't Tell on TV"
Oct. 1960
56"What Can We Do"
Progressive World

Re: To halt trend to war
Oct. 1960
57"Nuclear Disarming"
The New Leader
Oct. 3, 1960
58"Steve Allen Fights Back"
The Nation
Re: Advertisement on the atom bomb
Oct. 15, 1960
59"Juke Box Investigation" poetry
The San Francisco Star
Oct. 15, 1960
60"The Moral Question"
The Indianapolis News
Re: Nuclear war and testing
Oct. 19, 1960
61"Neither for President"
The Realist
Re: 1960 election
Nov. 1960
62"Steve Allen Spoke Briefly on --I am an American Day"
The Petal Paper
Nov. 17, 1960
63"My Chicago Romance"
Chicago Tribune
Re: sixth grade dream girl of Steve Allen's seven years later
Nov. 11, 1960
64"Convent Images"
Re: Image projection of Kennedy and Nixon
Dec. 10, 1960
65"Wrong Party"
Way of St. Francis
Jan. 1961
66Morality and Nuclear War : A Grave Issue"
Los Gatos Times - Saratoga Observer
Jan. 6, 1961
67"Allen's View"
Los Angeles Times
Re: More atomic bomb makers, editorial comment
Jan. 16, 1961
68"What Women Don't Know About Men" by McFarland and Briggs
Ladies Home Journal
Re: Panel discussion with Steve Allen, Robert Cummings, Tony Curtis, etc.
Feb. 1961
69"Currently Speaking…Jeanne Markham Keating, Opinions of Mr. Allen"
Van Nuys News
Re: Nuclear radiation
Feb. 7, 1961
70"God and the H-Bomb"
New York Times
Re: Religious leaders speak out against nuclear weapons
Feb. 11, 1961
71God and the H-Bomb edited by Donald Keys
Foreword by Steve Allen
72"Speak Up! It's Good For You"
This Week Magazine
Re: Express feelings, democratic right
Feb. 26, 1961
73"Steve Allen Speaks to Breakthru"
Breakthru, no. 9
Re: Question/answer format about humor
74"The Playboy Panel: Hip Comics and the New Humor"
Re: Panelists: Steve Allen, Lenny Bruce, Bill Dana, Jules Feiffer, Mike Nichols, Mort Sahl and Jonathan Winters
March 1961
75"Is Waving Necessary"
Morehead News-Times (North Carolina)
Re: TV wavers
March 10, 1961
76"Let's Have Film Festivals"
Re: Film festivals vs. television
March 11, 1961
77"An Overlooked Weapon"
Re: Famous figures speaking to the people about world affairs
April 14, 1961
78"A writer Reports An Error"
The Evening Bulletin

Re: Priest defends Birch Society
June 9, 1961
79"Steve Allen Applauds Psychological Stress"

Re: Social maladjustment
80"Steve Allen Answers 10 Questions The Village Square"
The Village Voice
Re: Career in television
July 13, 1961
81"Just for Variety"
Daily Variety
Re: Talent development for television
Aug. 24, 1961
82"The Funnyman and His Audience"
Dallas News
Re: Future comics
Dec. 31, 1961
83"Allen Lauds Pope John's Mater et Magistra Herald of Socially Conscious Catholicism"
New University News (Chicago, Ill.)
Feb 1962
84"A Redbook Dialogue: Steve Allen and Pat Boone"
Redbook Magazine

Re: Liberal vs. conservative
June 1962
85"An Interview with Steve Allen"
The Critic: A Magazine of Christian Culture
Re: comedy, music, reading, communism, war, etc.
June-July 1962
86"Allen Lauds Book, cites 'Weakness' of Nation's Press"
Santa Monica Evening Outlook (TV section)
Re: U.S. Press
July 28, 1962-August 4, 1962
87"The Return of the Midnight Master" by C.D.C.
Los Angeles Magazine
Aug. 1962
88"The Golden Key"
Careers in Broadcasting
Re: Young people in America
89"To the Editor: Another Banner for the Pole"
National Review
Re: Income tax reduction for self-reliant individualists
Dec. 4, 1962
90"The Wave" poetry
Fathom, vol. 1, no. 2
91"Peeping Toms"
Re: Johnny Carson, Steve Allen shows
Feb. 25, 1963
92"How to Attack a Liberal"
National Review
Re: Dealing with liberal entertainers
Feb. 26, 1963
93"Steve Allen Speaks Out This Month:" 'You and the Death Penalty', 'Anti-communist Hysteria', 'Danger in the Office Building', 'Women are Human', 'We're Responsible for Narcotic's Addition', 'Autopsy on Operation Abolution', 'Migratory Farm Workers'
This Week Magazine
Feb. 1962, March 1962, April 1962, May 1962, June 1962, June 5, 1962, July 1962
94Index of articles publishedJuly 1960-March 1963
 Box 6
1"Steve Allen on Humor"
, no. 14
Re: Interview
Jan. 1963
2"'Learn to Think' Says Steve Allen"
Smoke Signals
Re: Interview, Steve Allen's career
April 18, 1963
3"Does Your Husband Cheat? Is This How You'll Find Out?"
TV Radio Mirror, Excerpt from Not All Your Laughter, Not All of Your Tears
May 1963
4"To All Aspiring Songwriters"
June 1963
5"Irked Over Wade Column, Entertainer Steve Allen Writes Us To Defend Sane, Steve Allen vs. Maurice Wade"
Home Reporter and Sunset News
June 28, 1963
6"Matter of Opinion by Maurice Wade"
Home Reporter and Sunset News
June 28, 1963
7"An Interview with Steve Allen" by Gerard E. Sherry"
Re: Comedian, reading, nuclear testing, censorship on television
Dec. 1963
8"My Little Darling"

Re: A sinister tale of death and pablum
March 1964
9"The Literary Frontier, Barbarism"
Re: Capital punishment
June 1964
10"Steve Allen Tells His Side of 'Bomb' Story"
Los Angeles Times
Jan. 9, 1965
11"Steve Allen Says 'I Didn't Say That'"
The Hammond Times (Indiana)
Re: Castro and giving tanks and essentials of war for return of prisoners
Jan 12, 1965
12"For the Record, Our Reader's Views"
New York Journal American
Re: William F. Buckley and nuclear arms
Jan 20, 1965
13"Allen Without Tears"
National Review
Re: JQ Pack Company of Pikesville, Kentucky, closing down
Jan 26, 1965
14" Turkey stroganoff and China 's Bomb"
The Progressive
Re: William F. Buckley's comments on Communist China's nuclear installations
Feb. 1965
15"Allen On Buckley"n.d.
16"Comment on Dale Francis' Comment"
Our Sunday Visitor
Re: John Birch Society
Feb 28, 1965
17"Run John, Run"
The Critic
Re: Review Of "Dialogues in Americanism"
Feb./March 1965
18"The Playboy Panel: Uses and Abuses of the New Leisure"
Re: Panelists Steve Allen, Cleveland Amory, John Diebold, Paul Goodman, Walter Kerr, Norman Podhoretz, Jean Shepherd and Terry Southern
March 1965
19"The June Issue"
The New Guard
Re: Liberals-conservatives
July 1965
20"Getting Rid of the Nonsense We Live By"
I.C.I.E. Reporting

Re: Urge editors to use power to attack big problems of the world
July 1965
21"TV Chatter, Allen Lists 'Don'ts' for Autographs"
Minneapolis Star

Re: Signing autographs
July 15, 1965
22"The Open Forum: Steve Allen Strikes Back"
Valley Times

Re: Letter from James McCawley about Interfaith Groups
July 22, 1965
23"Allen Glad (Almost) to Give Autographs"
Chicago American
July 29, 1965
24" Vietnam Congressional

Re: Sane Nuclear Policy Committee
August 6, 1965
25"Steve Allen Lists Autograph Lists"
San Diego Union
August 24, 1965
26"Steve Allen Is Proud Of Talent Discovery"
Buffalo Courier-Express (New York)
August 27, 1965
27"Why I Am a Volunteer For the American Cancer Society"
American Cancer Society Magazine
28"Shut Up, Please"
Re: Audience behavior
December 1965
29"I'm a Jet Commuter"
United Airlines Mainliner

Re: Flying
December 1965
30"Brown vs. Regan"
The New Republic
Feb. 26, 1965
31"A Brief China Letter and a Long Reply"
The Minority of One
May 1966
32"Steve Allen Replies, the Observant Citizen"
Manchester Union Leader
June 8, 1966
33"The Great RCA-Victor Mystery"
August 1966
34"Steve Allen Defines Concept of Liberalism"
The Highlights (Beverly Hills, Calif.)
Dec. 9, 1966
35"Migrant Workers in Your state: Must They Work Dirt Cheap"
March 1967
36"Steve Allen Correction"
The Highlights
March 17, 1967
37"The Three Little Pigs"
June 1967
38"Bigger Than a Breadbox"
Zest. Houston Chronicle

Re: Audience Regulars
August 1967
39"Steve Allen Sees TV as a Forum"
Toledo Blade (Ohio)
August 16, 1967
40"Allen Likes Doing TV Comedy Again--It Pays More"
Middletown Journal (Ohio)
August 16, 1967
41"Comedy In Short Supply"
Los Angeles Times
August 28, 1967
42"Burn, Baby, Burn, Said the Cool Little Pig"
Cocoa Today (Florida)
Oct. 26, 1967
43"Excerpts From Steve Allen's Talk on Prison Reform Delivered at the Annual Meeting"
Association of Private Psychiatric Hospitals Newsletter
Oct.-Nov. 1976
44"Tonight Show Launches a Teen-age Noel Coward"
Nov. 11, 1967
45"What it Takes to Sell Yourself"
Salesman's Opportunity
October 1968
46"Humor Secrets: 'I've Got A Secret'"
Master Newspaper Syndicate
n.d., Feb. 25, 1965, March 12, 1965
47Index of articles publishedApril 1963-Dec. 1968
48"More of the Best of Bill Cosby"n.d.
49"Steve Allen--He'll Do Anything for Show Biz"
San Francisco Chronicle
August 24, 1969
50"Random Thoughts on Myriad Things"
The Philadelphia Inquirer
August 21, 1969
51"Revolution in Humor"
Television Quarterly
, vol. 8, no. 1
Re: Revolution in TV comedy
Winter 1969
52"The Happy Jack Fish Hatchery Papers"
Esquire the Magazine for Men
Re: Steve Allen, Dalton Trumbo and Arthur Schlesinger Jr., Debate the True Meaning of Liberalism
January 1970
53"What Are We Laughing At?"
Compton Yearbook
Re: American humor
54"Steve Allen Answers Laurence Lipton"
Los Angeles Free Press
Re: Argument between Helen McKenna and Lawrence Lipton
March 27, 1970
55"California Ocean Cove"
This Must Be The Place,
Lost Angeles Times West Magazine
June 7, 1970
56"Halloween Parade--The Public Speaks Out"
Los Angeles Times
Re: John Birchers of Orange county, Calif.
Oct 14, 1970
57"By the Way" by Beverly Jackson, Letter from Steve Allen
Re: Misquote at Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions
Nov 30, 1970
58"The Uses of Comedy, From Three Views of Humor"
The Center Magazine
Re: Today's humor is performed vs. previous humor was read
Jan./Feb. 1971
59"From Essayists to Comedians"
Washington Post (Outlook Section)
Re: Humor today
Feb. 14, 1971
Re: Execution of criminals
June 1971
61"The Uses of Comedy"
Journal of Creative Behavior
, vol. 6, no. 2
62"From a Speech on creativity"
Journal of Creative Behavior
Re: Mystery of creativity
63"A Comic V(Allen)tine, Belated for, Steverino" by Gerald Nachman
New York Daily News
August 11, 1972
64"Steve Allen by Daniel Goldberg"
Village Voice
Sept 14, 1972
65"Steve Allen Tells What Happened: A Contrast In Service"
Chrysler-Plymouth Times
Re: Chrysler repairs
Nov/Dec 1972
66"Part-Time Professional Writer, Steve Allen: An Exclusive Interview" by Michael Renz
Writer's Digest
Re: Many sides of Steve Allen
Dec. 1972
67Doing Philosophy by Thomas Ellis Katen
Introduction by Steve Allen
68"Putting On the Movies"
Re: No movies like these
Oct. 15, 1973
69"A Conversation With Steve Allen"
Television Quarterly, vol. XI, no. 3.
Re: TV critics, TV ratings
Spring 1974
70"The Steve Allen National Jerk Test"
The American Way
May 1974
New Woman
Sept. /Oct. 1974
72"Pat Harrington, Jr. as Guido Panzini and Bill Dana as Kookie as Ever"
Untitled magazine
73"En Garde! Woody Wields His Satirical Sword"
Los Angeles Times
Book review
June 29, 1975
74"How I Found My Missing Brother"
Ladies Home Journal
July 1975
75"Bull's Eye Triggers Response"
Los Angeles Times
Re: Gun control
Aug. 15, 1976
76"Talk Shows"
The Saturday Evening Post
Sept. 1976
77"Hank Grant's Rambling Reporter"
The Hollywood Reporter (guest columnist)
Re: "Meeting of Minds"
Nov. 15, 1976
78"Steve Allen on comedy, TV Comics"
The Washington Star
Re: Golden age of TV, where are people of fifties TV?, etc.
Dec. 12, 1976
79"Priming the Creative Pump"
Creative Living
Spring 1977
80"Some Notes on TV's Responsibility to America 's Mental Health"
Television Quarterly, vol. XIV, no. 4
Winter 1977-78
81"Dialogue Steve Allen: A Mind Worth Meeting"
Footlights Theatre Magazine
, vol. 1, no. 8
Re: Interview with Steve Allen
82"Would You Want Your Daughter to Marry One?"
Los Angeles Times
Re: Marriage in general, good and bad ones
Jan. 4, 1978
83"TV: Junk Good for the Mind"
Knickerbocker News
March 9, 1978
84"Steve Allen: TV is 'Junk Food for the Mind'"
U.S. News and World Report
March 13, 1978
85"No Solution Seen to 'Junk Food' TV"
Courier Express
April 16-22, 1978
86"Steve Allen's Encore" Bookviews
Re: Corrections for interview by John Firth
May 1978
The Hollywood Reporter
Re: Garbage music
May 9, 1978
88"The World of Steve Allen: Boredom on Planet Earth"
Glendale News
July 29, 1978
89"Live at the Lord"
Liner Notes
August 23, 1978
90"Why Steve Allen Made Those Jokes in East Rochester"
Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, NY)
Re: "The Wake" in Rochester
Sept. 13, 1978
91"Q & A Standards of Taste Have Deteriorated, says Steve Allen"
Herald Examiner
Oct. 8, 1978
92"Reader's Digest article with letter from Nora McGonagle"
Parade Publications, Inc.
Re: Digest article by Steve Allen
Nov. 28, 1978
93"Who Said What"

Re: Phrase "the big enchilada"
Dec. 11, 1978
94"Tribute to a Fine Musician" (Frank Rosolino)
Dec. 1978
95"All Didn't Get Christmas Message"
Seattle Times
Dec. 25, 1978
96Index of articles publishedJan 1969/May 1978
By Steve Allen as Syndicated Columnist
Detroit News
97"One Man's Dirt is Another Man's…"Sept. 21, 1978
98"History of Dancing gets a New Twist"Oct. 10, 1978
99"They Weep for Elvis in Death, Forget the Living"Oct. 17, 1978
100"Are You a Big Jerk? Take This Test and Find Out For Yourself"Oct. 18, 1978
101"Check-Out-Line Papers Misuse Their Power"Oct 20, 1978
Seattle Times
102"People Like Works of Art, Benefit From Good Framing"Nov. 5, 1978
103"New Authors for Some Old Favorites"Nov. 12, 1978
104"Should Teamsters Represent Police"Nov. 19, 1978
105"Police Not Qualified to Clean Own House"Dec. 10, 1978
Detroit News
106"Frame's More Important than What's In It"Dec. 12, 1978
Seattle Times
107"Somebody Fell Asleep on This Wake-Up Call"Dec. 17, 1978
Detroit News
108"Patriotism is More Than Flag Flying"Dec. 20, 1978
109"TV Solves Problems on the spot"Dec. 22, 1978
Seattle Times
110"All Didn't Get Christmas Message"Dec. 25, 1978
111"Labor unions are not an Unmixed Blessing"Dec. 31, 1978
Detroit News
112"Freshen Up Reality, Not Actors, in Scenes"Jan. 11, 1979
Seattle News
113"Real Life is Seldom Like Reel Life"Jan. 14, 1979
Detroit News
114"Comedy: Imperfect Gift from the Gods"Jan. 16, 1979
115"TV Tragedy: Unfunny Photo of Comedians"Jan. 23, 1979
116"Making the Best Use of Spare Time"Jan. 25, 1979
Seattle News
117"We All Get 24 Hours, Gift to be Used Wisely"Feb. 4, 1979
Seattle Times
118"Telephone Talk Leaves Listener Off the Hook"Feb. 11, 1979
119"Death of a Friend : Shock and Mystery"Feb. 18, 1979
120"Western-movie Talk Language of its Own"Feb. 25, 1979
121"What's so Funny About the Mafia"March 4, 1979
122"Boredom: A Nation of Spoiled Children"March 11, 1979
Detroit News
123"Trying to Deal With Immense Moral Evil"March 13, 1979
Seattle Times
124"A Visit to China is Different Sort of Tour than stop in Russia "March 24, 1979
125"Western Visitors to China Welcome to Take Along Humor"April 1, 1979
126"Teeming Bombay's Prosperity Pales"April 8, 1979
127"Dormitory Where Poverty-Stricken May Die in Dignity"April 15, 1979
128"Christian-Jew Conference Helps Put Prejudice to Rest"April 29, 1979
129"Kings of Fashion Give Woman of America Sense of Inadequacy"May 27, 1979
130"On 'Special' Editions and More Miscellany From the Writer's File"June 3, 1979
131"Why Not a Campaign to Induce Us to Purge Minds of Food Fads"June 17, 1979
132"The Show Biz Lowdown"July 8, 1979
133"Visitors to China Less Aware of Politics Than Before"July 15, 1979
 Box 7
Seattle Times
1"Unwanted Christmas Gifts: One Solution Is To Pass 'Em Along"July 22, 1979
2"New Club to Rescue Public From Cliche"July 29, 1979
3"All of Us Ignore Lessons of History By Our Own Peril"Aug. 12, 1979
4"What's in a Swear Word? It's a Manifestation of an Aggressive Impulse"Aug. 19, 1979
5"Excessive Attention can make Restaurants Distressing for Celebrities"Sept. 2, 1979
6"You've to be Taught to Hate...And to Love"Sept. 9, 1979
7"Too many Americans Pick Easy Patriotism"Dec. 3, 1979
"The World of Steve Allen"
Column appeared in the Glendale News Press and the Burbank Daily Review, unless otherwise noted.
8"Talk Show Hosts and Talent"July ,8, 1978
9"The Hits of Yesteryear"July 15, 1978
Re: Old radio broadcasts from distant ballrooms
August 5, 1978
11"The Psychological Basis of Conformity"August 12, 1978
12"The Good Old Days of Radio" .August 19, 1978
13"Problems of the Aged"August 26, 1978
14"The Collapse of Efficiency"
Re: Hotel check-in
Sept. 2, 1978
15"A Canterbury Tale"
Re: Autobiography of John Cogley
Sept. 9, 1978
16"Dirt, Garbage and Waste"Sept. 16, 1978
Re: Question and Answer on Soviet Union
Sept. 23, 1978
18"Just Dancin' "
Re: Origin of dancing
Sept. 30, 1978
19"Tears for Elvis Presley"
Re: Sorrow for Elvis too Good
Oct. 7, 1978
20"The National Jerk Test"Oct. 14, 1978
21"Misuse of Journalism Power"Oct. 21, 1978
22"How Actors Get Framed"
Re: The PR and packaging of famous people
Oct. 28, 1978
23"Best Sellers of all Time"
Re: Favorite books
Nov. 4, 1978
24"Should Teamsters Represent Your Police Department"Nov. 11, 1978
25"Best Sellers of All Time"Nov. 17, 1978
26"TV Softens Our Brains"Nov. 18, 1978
27Untitled Re: Police corruptionDec. 8., 1978
28Untitled Re: patriotismDec. 8, 1978
29Untitled Re: The point of ChristmasDec. 16, 1978
30"The J. P. Stevens Boycott"Dec. 23, 1978
Re: The Creation of the "Steve Allen Show"
Dec. 30, 1978
Re: Films not realistic
Jan. 6, 1979
33"An Appeal for Movie Realism"
Rocky Mountain News
Jan. 12, 1979
34"Now That Isn't Funny"
Re: Comedy is about tragedy
Jan. 13, 1979
35"Ever See a Funny Photo?"
Re: Rarity of funny photographs
Jan. 20, 1979
36"Use of Time"
Re: Use time productively
Jan. 27, 1979
37"One Side of Phone Conversations"Feb. 3, 1979
38"Words Can't Explain Suicide"Feb. 10, 1979
39"The Cowboy Sidekick Language"Feb. 12, 1979
40"Nothing Funny About the Mafia"Feb. 24, 1979
Re: Anti-boredom
March 3, 1979
42"A Sort of Moral Blindness"March 10, 1979
43"China Visit"March 17, 1979
44"Comedy Intrudes on Trip"
Re: Trip to China
March 24, 1979
45"Dispatch From Bombay"March 31, 1979
46"Gracious Chinese Charm U.S. Tourists"
Detroit News
April 5, 1979
47"Mother Theresa's Refuge"April 7, 1979
48"How Silly Can You Be"
Re: Song lyrics
April 14, 1979
49"Christian, Jews Together"April 21, 1979
50"Show Biz Lowdown"
Re: Columnist's report truth?
May 12, 1979
51"The Golden Age"n.d.
52"Humor Philosophy"May 5, 1979
53"Women versus Men"May 19, 1979
54"Notes from the World of Steve Allen"
Daily Star (Tucson, Arizona)
May 25, 1979
55"Thoughts While Puffing on a Mythical Pipe"June 2, 1979
56"Items From Writer's Notebook"June 16, 1979
57"Dispatch from Hong Kong"June 30, 1979
58"Odds-and-ends from Writer's Notebook"July 7, 1979
59" …Anything can Happen and Usually Does"July 14, 1979
60"History is all Around"July 28, 1979
Re: Cursing
Aug. 6, 1979
62"Dictionary Detective"
Burbank Daily Review
Aug 11, 1979
63Index to articles published1978-1979
64"Charitable Concern"
January 1979
65"Jonestown, Continued"
Time Magazine
Jan 1, 1979
66"Gracious Chinese Charm U.S. Tourists"
Detroit News
April 5, 1979
67Kerouac Jacket Notes by Gilbert Millstein
Music composed by Steve Allen
68"Tolerating Prison Conditions"
Letter to the Los Angeles Times
June 4, 1979
69"See No Evil"
Book Review
The Hollywood Reporter
June 15, 1979
70"Bob Talbert's Quotebag, Steve Allen"
Detroit Free Press
June 17, 1979
71"Steve Allen, 'You Can't Judge Anything Except Obviously by the Way of Comparing It to Something Else'"
The Times Communicator
July 1979
72"Steve Allen… "
Modern People
Re: Elvis Presley
73"New Club to Rescue Public from Cliche"
Seattle Times
July 29, 1979
74"Remembering Durante"
New York Daily News
Feb 3, 1980
75"Stop da Music, Jimmy's Gone"
The Cleveland Press
Feb 7, 1980
The Readers Forum, The Humanist
Re: Divorce-ethical?
May/June 1980
77From "Messages to the Next Civilization"n.d.
78"How to Enjoy the Classics"
International Paper Company
79"It's a Small World After All"
TWA Ambassador
March 1981

"Use and Abuse of Language"
Los Angeles Times

April 26, 1981
81"Steve Allen: An Interview" from the book Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On by Robert Cainn.d.
82"On Kerouac, Steve Allen, Allen Ginsberg"
New Blood Magazine
April 1981
83"How to Conduct a Book Autographing"
Publishers Weekly
June 5, 1981
84"David Allan's Grab Bag"
Metroland (Latham, New York)
Re: Interview
July 16-22, 1981
85"Garbage Rock"
New West Magazine
August 1981
86"The Therapy of Thankfulness"
November 1981
87Foreward by Steve Allen to the Dictionary of Literary Biography, vol. 11: "American Humorists," 1800-1950. Part 1: A-L1982
88"But Seriously, Folks: Comedian Steve Allen on Small Talk"
New York Times
Jan. 6, 1982
89"But Seriously Folks…"
Laugh Factory Magazine
90"Re-reading Meet me at Jim and Andy's"
Gene Lees Jazzletter
Re: Letter
Jan. 15, 1982
91Letters to the Editor
Re: Theolonius Monk
March 3, 1982
92Why Not? by Dayton Allen
Introduction by Steve Allen
93The Laughter Prescription by Laurence J. Peter and Bill Dana
Introduction by Steve Allen
94"Steve Allen: 124th commencement Speaker"
Campus (Elmira College)
Sept. 25, 1982
95"The Accumulated Wisdom of the Ages Is At His Wrinkled Fingertips," by Jack Smith
Los Angeles Times
Re: Steve Allen
Oct. 7, 1982
96"More Brows than Fingers are Getting Wrinkled in the Pursuit of knowledge," by Jack Smith
Re: Allen/Smith Affect
Oct. 21, 1982
97"Steve Allen"
Long Island's Nightlife
Re: Interview
Dec. 1982
98"Who Jed Harris Really Was"
Dec. 24, 1982
99"Steve Allen: My Life is an Open Book"
The Journal Herald, Dayton, Ohio
Jan. 1, 1983
100Liner notes for Al Jazzbeau Collins and Slim Gaillord, Steve Allen's Hip Fables Recorded June 11, 1983
Record jacket liner
June 11, 1983
101"I Remember Uncle Steve"
Saturday Evening Post
July/Aug. 1983
102"Applause, Applause"
Los Angeles Herald Examiner
Oct. 11, 1983
103"For Better Care and Feeding of the Gifted"
The New York Times
Nov. 13, 1983
104"Break Dancing in the Street"
Los Angeles Times
Jan. 8, 1984
105"The Return of Jess Stacy"
Liner notes for a record album?
106"The Curse of the Dining Class"
TWA Ambassador
Re: Dining out
May 1984
107"Will Entertainment Also Enlighten?"
Ford Times, vol. 77, no. 9
Sept. 1984
108"Will Half Nelsons--and Ozzie Nelsons--He Went for the Funny Bone
TV Guide
Oct. 20, 1984
109Letter to the Editor
Los Angeles Times
Re: Hecklers
Dec. 14, 1984
110The Courage of Conviction by Phillip L. Berman
Foreword by Steve Allen
111Larry the Stooge in the Middle
Foreword by Steve Allen to unknown book.
January 1985
112"Steve Allen and a Little Bit of Chocolate too"
Chocolate News Interview
May/June 1985
113"Night Life"
Los Angeles Times Magazine
Oct. 6, 1985
114"My Most Embarrassing Moment"
National Enquirer
Jan. 28, 1986
115"What's so Funny About Cruelty, Insensitivity, Vulgarity, Obscenity, Sleaze, and Raunch?"
Los Angeles Times
Calendar, Letters
March 16, 1986
116"How To Make a Speech"
Macmillan Executive Summary Program, vol. 2, no. 4
April 1986
117"I Salute Smith-Hemion"
The Hollywood Reporter
April 28, 1986
118"Sick and Tired"
Los Angeles Times Letters
August 19, 1986
119"'Sick and Tired' Letter Writers"
Los Angeles Times
Re: Response to Steve Allen's "Sick and Tired" Letter
August 30, 1986
120"Creativity and Dreams"
The Creativity Reports, vol. 5, nos.7-9
July, Aug., & Sept. 1986
121"Steve Allen: Actor-Comedian-Composer-Writer"
The Hollywood Reporter
June 30, 1986
122"Persuasive Speaking"
Creative Living
Autumn 1986
123"But Seriously Folks…"
Laugh Factory Magazine
August 1986
124Humor: God's Gift by Tal D. Bonham
Foreword by Steve Allen
125"Steve Allen's Guide to the Best Comedy Acts on Cassette" by Steve Allen and Jane Wollman
TV Guide
March 21, 1987
126Get Off My Brain by Randall McCutcheon
Foreword by Steve Allen
 Box 8
1"When Elvis Did My Show"
Daily News Magazine
August 9, 1987
2Desert Sanctuary by Hank Messick
Foreword by Steve Allen
3"This Could be the Start of Something Big"
Gifted Children Monthly
Sept 1987
4"Looking Back with Bill Dwyer"
The Trentonian
Nov 26 1986
5"Rock Around the Clock"
Gene Lees Jazzletter
Re: Letter about Rock Around the Clock
Dec 1987
6"Growing Up in Chicago"
7"I Was a Citizen Before I Was a Comedian"
Jan 1988
8"Remember the Big Band Sound?"
Diversion Magazine
Feb 1988
9Index to articles publishedJan 1979-Feb 1988
10"My Most Frightening Moment"
National Enquirer
Feb 9, 1988
11"The Top-of-the-Hill Gang"
U.S.A. Weekend
March 4-6 1988
12"Glamour is No Drinking Companion"
Los Angeles Times
April 22, 1988
13"More About Nothin'"
Emmy Magazine
May/June 1988
14"On the Glories of Travel"
On Your Way Magazine
Summer 1988
15"Counting Plots"
June 23, 1988
16"To Err Isn't Humanist"
The Buffalo News (New York)
Aug. 18, 1988
17"The Art of Conversation"
Re: Conversations with Bradley
Oct. 24, 1988
18"Humor Me" Creative LivingAutumn 1988
19Fundamentalism Hazards and Heartbreaks by Rod L. Evans
Foreword by Steve Allen
20"Nobody Told a Bad Joke Better"
New York Times Christmas Books
Re: Flywheel, shyster, and flywheel
Dec. 4, 1988
21"The Arithmetic"
Winter 1988
22"For Comedy--The More Things Change the More They Remain the Same"
Impact: The Nynex Magazine
Winter 1989
23"Speechmaking Made Easy"
Winter 1988/89
24"The Frailty of Reason" A Free Inquiry interview with Steve Allen and Jayne Meadows
Free Inquiry
Winter 1988/89
25"Steve Allen, Comic, Writer, and Musician"
A Four Part Interview
Round Table
Jan.-Apr. 1989
26"Maybe Steve Allen Hit Mark with 'Weighty' Advice"
Desert News (Salt Lake City, Utah)
March 23, 1989
27"Explaining China"
From Reading Around the World by Joan D. Berbrich
28"What Books Do You Wish You had Written?"
The Critic, vol. 43, no. 4.
Summer 1989
29"Don't Be 'Dumbth' About Smoking"
U.S.A. Today
Celebrity Corner Column
Nov. 17, 1989
30"Dumbth: 81 Ways to Make Americans Smarter"
The Commonwealth
Dec. 25, 1989
31The Passionate Non-Smoker Bill of Rights
by Steve Allen and Bill Adler Jr.
Foreword by Steve Allen
32"Careless Smoker" Anti-Smoking and Western Song
The Passionate Non-Smokers Bill of Rights
33"Steve Allen Quote"
Family Circle, vol. 103, no. 1
Jan. 9, 1990
34Index to articles published.Feb. 9, 1988-Jan. 9, 1990
Sub-Subseries 3: Speeches
35ACLU -- "Some Unromantic Thoughts on Freedom"
Winter 1979
36Advertising Age Convention–"Let's Hear it for the Visible Word"
Aug. 23-24, 1976
37A.L. Wirin ACLU Meeting May 17, 1970
38American Cancer Society Convention Luncheon (St. Louis, Mo.)Jan. 14, 1966
39American Cancer Society Jan. 14, 1974
40American Head Trauma Alliance
Oct. 8, 1984
41American Mothers Tea Nov. 25, 1964
42American Psychiatric Association
Remarks at the 10th western Divisional Meeting
Oct. 5-8, 1972
43Anti-Mental Health Campaign
Feb. 8, 1965
44"Application of Self-Image Technology in Psychiatric Therapy"
45ATA Agents Luncheon
Feb. 16, 1983
June 1984
47Boy Scouts Luncheon "The Need for Heroism in Our Society"
Feb. 4, 1959
48Californians for Liberal Representation MeetingMay 15, 1970
Speech to California Skeptics
Jan. 16, 1989
50California State Marriage Counselor's Assoc.
Oct. 2, 1972
51Cedars-Mt. Sinai "Topping Off" Hospital
March 27, 1974
52The Center for a Post-Modern World Conference (Santa Barbara, Calif.)July 1-3, 1989
53"The Challenge of a Broadcasting Career"
54"Christian Responsibility for the Holocaust"
55"Christians with Secular Power"
Bel Air Presbyterian Church
April 16, 1982
56"Citizens Against Legalized Murder: The Death Penalty"
57Commonwealth Club
Dumbth Speech
Nov 21, 1989
58Conference on Mexican-American Problems Dec 4, 1965
59CPGA Convention "How we can Overcome Alienation"Feb 16, 1969
60CPPCA Regional Conference (Anaheim, Calif.)
March 22-24, 1967
61Education for Today's ProblemsMarch 12, 1985
62Albert Einstein College of Medicine Yeshiva University1964
63Elmira College Commencement Address (Elmira, New York)June 6, 1982
64Emmy Awards Show
Sept 7, 1980
65Entertainers in Politics
66Farm Labor
April 14, 1970
67Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Jan 23, 1972
68Foster Parents (Denver, Colorado)May 5, 1972
69Fraud Investigator's Luncheon
Sept 29, 1983
70Freewill and Determinism1987
71Gifted Children'sApril 24, 1982
72Hollywood Bar AssociationJan 11, 1964
73I am an American Day
Sept 11, 1960
74Immaculate Heart High School Graduation (Hollywood Bowl)June 9, 1970
May 10, 1978
76J.P. Stevens Boycottn.d.
77Justice for All
April 30, 1985
 Box 9
1Las Vegas Comedy ConventionJune 14, 1989
2Lecture on Humorn.d.
3Letter to a Reactionary1962
4Harold LloydJan. 6, 1963
5Lotus Club1955
6Masquer's Dinner for Pearl Bailey
Oct. 2, 1970
7Masquer's Dinner for Debbie Reynolds
June 3, 1972
8Mental Health (Pittsburgh, Penn.)
Nov. 18, 1985
9Mexican-American Educators (San Diego, Calif.)Dec. 4, 1965
10Motion Picture Home Luncheon Honoring Sam Goldwyn
June 26, 1966
11Morality and Nuclear Warn.d.
12National Association of Private Psychiatric Hospitals
"True Prison Reform" clipped together with "Some Thoughts on the Prison System", "Proposals for Prison Reform", "Prison Reform"
Jan. 25, 1967, n.d., Sept. 13, 1973, n.d.
13National Catholic-Conference for Interracial Justice
Aug 24, 1968
14National Religious Broadcasters Convention Dec 17, 1986
15National Review 10th Anniversary Celebrationn.d.
16Notre Dame High School
Report on the Convocation on Pacem in Terris
June 20, 1965
17National Public Radio "NPR: A Voice of Reason"
Convention keynote address by Steve Allen (Anaheim, Calif.)
April 28, 1981
18Orwell speech/tributeOct 1983
19Pacific Broadcasters Luncheon Sportsmen's Lodge
Nov 19, 1971
20Poverty in the Southwestn.d.
21Presbyterian BicentennialJune 2, 1989
22The Price of Freedom-of-Speech
23The Problem in Vietnam (Page 22 missing)Jan 29, 1965
24Religion in American Life "Religion is Life and Life is Religion" The Universalist Church of the Divine Paternity
Oct 21, 1956
25Respect for Law and Order Junior Chamber of Commerce
Oct 19, 1966
26Hilda H. Robbins Award for Distinguished Service in Mental Health (Pittsburgh, Penn.)
Presentation to Steve Allen
Nov. 18, 1985
27Robert Kennedy DinnerNov. 5, 1965
28Russia For Christ Group "Winning China for Christ"Oct. 17, 1972
29Sane Benefit National Committee for a Sane Nuclear PolicyMay 16, 1965
30San Diego School Teachers (San Diego, Calif.)
Jan. 18, 1962
31Scope Auditorium Opening (Norfolk, Virginia)
Nov. 13, 1971
32Speech on CreativityNov. 16, 1967
33Speech on CreativityJan. 15, 1968
34Senate Subcommittee on Farm Labor Convened at Delano-Visalia-Earliment
California Statement by Steve Allen
March 16, 1966
35Statler Address--Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
April 30, 1951
36Suicide Prevention Center Dinner (Alexandria Hotel, Los Angeles, Calif.)June 15, 1973
38Trivia and Nostalgian.d.
39Truman Dinner
Sept. 10, 1962
40The Truth About Great Inventors
41United Drug Abuse Council Address For Press Conference, San Francisco, Calif. For Press Conference, Denver, ColoradoApril 21, 1972 May 5, 1972
42The United Nations
Sept. 23, 1965
43USC University of Southern California
44Variety Club Luncheon Honoring Sammy Davis, Jr.Feb. 2, 1972
45Westminister Community Center (Hollywood, Calif.)
Remarks at the Benefit done at "It's Boss"
June 26, 1966
46"What You Can Do About Mental Illness"
Speech delivered at the U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce Orientation Workshop for Mental Health and Mental Retardation in Cooperation with the University of Nebraska
Nov. 11, 1964
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