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The Michael McEachern McDowell Collection includes 20 cubic feet of correspondence and manuscripts dating from 1966-2001. This author of predominantly horror and occult-themed novels and screenplays began donating his collection to the Browne Popular Culture Library around 1987 until his death in 1999. His literary executor, Laurence Senelick, continued to transfer additions after that date. No restrictions have been placed on the use of the collection for scholarly purposes. Researchers are responsible for securing copyright permission when using all unpublished manuscripts and published works whether authored by McDowell or by other authors whose work may be found in this collection. The documents were arranged and described by Eric Honneffer and the finding aid completed by him in January 2010.


Michael McDowell was born June I, 1950 in Enterprise, Alabama and attended public schools in southern Alabama until 1968. He graduated with a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in English from Harvard in 1972. In 1978 he was awarded his doctorate degree in English and American Literature from Brandeis.

His seventh novel written and first to be sold, The Amulet, was published in 1979 and would be followed by over thirty additional novels written under his own name or the pseudonyms Nathan Aldyne, Axel Young (both with Dennis Schuetz), Mike McCray and Preston Macadam (both with John Preston). McDowell preferred to work in such fiction genres as horror, male adventure, detective, thrillers and "general." He admitted that the pseudonyms and collaborations permitted him an opportunity to embrace the challenge of writing in genres that he might not have tried on his own. Among his favorite projects were a gothic work called The Elementals (1981) and the occult-horror novel Black Water, published in six parts by Avon beginning in 1983.

By 1985 he was writing screenplays for television, notable among them were episodes of"Tales from the Darkside," "Amazing Stories," and "The Alfred Hitchcock Show." He wrote the movie script for Tim Burton's "Beetlejuice" (1988) and after its success, rented an apartment in Hollywood, obtained business partners and began writing for the major studios. Several projects were produced including "The Nightmare Before Christmas"(1993) and "Thinner" (1996). "Tales from the Darkside: The Movie" premiered in 1990. By the mid 1990's McDowell returned to Boston to stay with his partner, Laurence Senelick. Around this same time, McDowell was diagnosed with AIDS. In his last years he openly wrote about his battle with the disease. He died December 27, 1999 from AIDS-related illness. Tabitha King, wife of author Stephen King,"completed" an unfinished McDowell novel, Candles Burning, which was published in 2006.

Scope and Content 

The Michael M. McDowell Collection records the life and career of a writer who excelled in academic performance at Harvard and Brandeis and discovered along the way a passion for creating popular fiction for mass audiences and dramatic productions for television and the movies.

Four cubic feet of correspondence offer a glimpse into McDowell's family background, his friendships, personal and professional life. Especially significant is his own correspondence in which he records his thoughts when writing family, friends and colleagues. The correspondence with his immediate family, his father in particular, contains the most detail about McDowell's financial struggles, building a life for himself in Boston, his collecting interests and sharing his success via publicity and copies of his books sent home once he became a published author.

Another portion of the correspondence reflects McDowell's activism. A 1969 letter describing his attendance at an anti-Viet Nam War protest in Washington D.C. indicates a strong social conscience. Other letters, sent to such Massachusetts legislators as Senator Ted Kennedy, Senator Paul E. Tsongas, and the Honorable Thomas "Tip" O'Neill Jr., contain his views on the 1970's energy crisis, sex discrimination, federal support for the arts and a variety of concerns. McDowell's letters written between 1994 and 1999 to medical providers and tax collectors are a vivid account of his life with AIDS.

Other correspondence can be found arranged by various names, subjects and by titles of his writing projects. These document the evolution of his writing and academic pursuits as well as his vast circle of professional associates, fellow authors and friends.

Sixteen cubic feet of manuscripts contain class files, dissertation, novel manuscripts, dramatic production manuscripts, synopses, notes, a joumal, some shorter works and a few manuscripts by other authors who were working with him on projects. Researchers interested in McDowell's early writing and his evolution toward novelist and screenwriter might wish to examine the class files with their research papers, notes as well as other evidence of scholarly interests that may have shaped his future career. Also included are instructional materials and notes for classes which he taught later in life, most notably, script writing courses. The journal kept for about a year in 1985-1986 concentrates primarily on his writing regimen, social life and details of putting together the screenplay and production of the movie Beetlejuice.

The unpublished manuscripts include a 1978 novel called Blood and Glitter for which there is correspondence and some discussion of this early example of McDowell's gay-themed fiction. In the 1980's McDowell and Dennis Schuetz wrote a series of successful mysteries under the pseudonym, Nathan Aldyne, featuring gay detective, Daniel Valentine and his female sidekick, Clarisse Lovelace.

There are no novel manuscripts in the collection written by McDowell and John Preston under the pseudonyms of Mike McCray and Preston Macadam.

Series Description 


Michael M. McDowell Correspondence
1968-2001 scattered
Arranged chronologically
This is comprised of letters that McDowell sent primarily to his parents. Significant details include his thoughts on the Viet Nam War, comments about his writing and changes in his health due to AIDS. Details about his estate after his death in 1999 are also found here.

Marilyn M. McDowell Correspondence
Arranged chronologically
A number of the letters do not have complete dates. The correspondence focuses on McDowell's mother's missing her son while he is away at Harvard. She provides insights into her daily life in Alabama where she pines for his next visit home. The correspondence ends with her death in 1973.

McDowell Family Correspondence
1966-1980 scattered
Arranged chronologically
Letters sent to McDowell from his father, grandparents, siblings and other relatives are included.

Greeting Cards and Invitations
1972-1999 scattered
Arranged chronologically by Christmas cards and various invitations sent to McDowell by family and friends.

1967-1999 scattered
Arranged alphabetically by subject
This series includes a variety of individuals and subjects for which McDowell had an interest either through his academic study, activism, research, writing, publishing or collecting. Files can include both incoming and outgoing correspondence.

Publication Correspondence
1970-1999 scattered
Arranged alphabetically by specific work
This includes correspondence with publishers as well as television and movie professionals interested in specific McDowell writing projects. Story treatments may be attached to some correspondence. A small amount of fan mail can be found here as well. Files can include both incoming and outgoing correspondence.

Miscellaneous General Correspondence
1967-2001 scattered
Arranged chronologically
Letters and cards from various friends and associates of McDowell are included. Many ofthese are only signed with a first name.


Personal Files
1967-1998 scattered
This series includes such documents as publication contracts, legal documents, royalty reports for various McDowell works, his resumes, bios and information about his manuscript collection at Browne Popular Culture Library.

Class Files
1969-1998 scattered
Arranged chronologically
The files are each devoted to a specific class in which McDowell was apparently enrolled. Some may reflect teaching responsibilities. Included in the files are notes, handouts, research papers and other literary productions. The manuscript for McDowell's dissertation and documents for screen writing classes that he later taught are also found here.

Literary Productions

Novel Manuscripts
Arranged chronologically by McDowell, Nathan Aldyne or Axel Young
Either an edited or an unedited manuscript are included for the titles included in the collection.

Dramatic Productions
Arranged chronologically
The designation dramatic production is used here to include play scripts, film scripts, screenplays, teleplays, etc. Each title could include an edited or unedited manuscript, various drafts, story treatments, synopses, and notes.

McDowell Journal
April 1985-April 1986
Arranged chronologically
The journal chronicles McDowell's writing regimen, social interactions and negotiations about screenwriting for such significant projects as "Beetlejuice."

Shorter Works
Arranged by type of work and chronologically
These literary productions include mostly manuscripts of poetry, short stories and articles.

Other Authors' Manuscripts
1904, 1970-2001
Arranged chronologically
These include mostly manuscripts or treatments for dramatic productions sent to McDowell by other authors for his assistance in refining them or developing them into other projects.

Miscellaneous Printed Materials
1962-1999 scattered
These can include publicity and press releases for film showings, theater performances and art exhibits. Diplomas and certificates are included. Newsletters from Harvard and various churches as well as World Fantasy Convention programs and miscellaneous news clippings and articles are among the printed materials.

1932-1980's scattered
Arranged by subject
Most of the photos are portraits of McDowell or of his family. Included among there are group photographs taken of relatives at Alabama Governor George Wallace's family reunions and of McDowell's great uncle and aunt, Tom and Frances Hart, visiting President Nixon at the White House.


Boxes in the McDowell Collection are numbered according to the following abbreviations:

  • C - Correspondence
  • M - Manuscripts - files, novels, dramatic productions, short works, other manuscripts, printed materials and photographs.
 Box C1 - Michael M. McDowell Correspondence
1Outgoing correspondence - to parents1968-1972
2Outgoing correspondence - Marian M. McDowell (mother)1968-1973 scatt.
3Outgoing correspondence - Thomas E. McDowell (father)1972-1974
9Outgoing correspondence - Mildred Mulkey (grandmother)1979-1980
10Outgoing correspondence - Ann Leigh (sister)1988, nd
11Outgoing correspondence - general (1969 Viet Nam War protest letter)1969, 1971, 1980-1984
12Outgoing correspondence - MMM's health1994-1999
13Outgoing correspondence - MMM's estate?2001
14Outgoing correspondence - family misc.n.d.
 Box C2 - Marilyn M. McDowell Correspondence
1Incoming correspondence - Mother or "Mama"1966-1968
8Spr., Sum. 1973
9Sum., Fall 1973
 Box C3 - McDowell Family Correspondence
1Incoming correspondence - Father or "Daddy"1972-1973
2Incoming correspondence - Jim (brother)1973, 1976
3Incoming correspondence - Ann Leigh1967-1976, n.d.
5Incoming correspondence - Mildred Mulkey or "Grandmama"1966-1968
9Incoming correspondence - James A. Mulkey or "Grandpappy"1967, 1974
10Incoming correspondence - Mama El (cousin)1968-1994 scatt.
11Incoming correspondence - family1968-1979 scatt.
Box C4 - Greeting Cards and Invitations
1Christmas cards1983
9Invitations - art openings etc.1972-1997 scatt.
10Invitations -weddings, graduations, etc.1974-1997 scatt.
11Invitations1977 -1981 scatt.
Box C5 - Correspondence Files by subject
2Allen, Tom1985
3Alyson Publications -Nathan Aldyne books1997
4Allyson, Sasha1982-1983
5American Broadcasting Company1974
7Apalachicola earthquake c. 18521994-1996
8Asimov, Isaac1986
9Avon publicity1982-1983
10Bailey, Brad1987
11Bearss, Jeff1981
12Beaudouin, Curt1979-1980
13Bernstein, Ron1979
14Blackburn, Sharon Lovelace1997
15Boatner, Barbara1986
16Booth, Bob1981-1982
17Bowling Green (State University)1995-1996
18Brandeis1972-1977 scatt.
19The Brodes1985-1987
20Brownel1, David1977
21Burns, Stanley1989-1991
22Button, Ken1979-1986 scatt.
23Capps, Ronald1984
24Cermele, Charles1983
25Chapman, Robert1978-1982
26Chwat, Jacques1983
27Churches (attended by MMM)1972-1974
28Collections (personal interest of MMM)1972-1991 scatt.
30Costello, Terence1981-1984 scatt.
31Cutler, Devorah1981
32David?1970-1998 scatt.
33DeBlase, Tony1982-1983
34Fleming, Ron1976, n.d.
35Grants & fellowships for writers1975-1981 scatt.
36Government (correspondence with legislators)1971-1983
37Harvard1971-1996 scatt.
38Same (Lowell House)1971-1972
39Harvard (Signet Society)1971-1976 scatt.
 Box C6 - Correspondence Files by Subject
1Job applications1971-1997 scatt.
2Klein, Jason1981
3Lipez, Dick1981
4Morris, Harry O.1984-1987 scatt.
5Mystery Writers of America1981
7National Enquirer 1995
8Newlin, Jeanne1980-1984 scatt.
9Norman, Minette1982-1983
10Odyssey (MMM guest lecturer)1997
11Otte, Jane and David1979-1987 scatt.
12Parkhurtst, Bill1981-1982
13Person, Glenn1982-1983
14Picano, Felice1982-1985 scatt.
15Porter, Neal1979-1981 scatt.
16Potter, J.K.1985
17Presler, Titus1986
18Preyer, Robert1977
19Rage, Christopher1985
20Rashbaum, Beth1982-1983
21Reisman, Del1992
22Resnick's1981-1984 scatt.
23Richard, Randy1979
24Richardson, Debbie and Bill1980
25Rofes, Eric1982-1983
26Ruby, Jay1982
27Ryan, Alan1981-1983
28Santino, Charlie1982-1984 scatt.
29Schwartz, Lloyd1980-1981
31Silva, Bruce1981
32Slung, Michele1981
33Smith, Connie or Colleen1966
351968-1975 scatt.
36Smith, Roger (Includes interview with MMM)1981-1982
37Spring Theater Festival Stage One1976
38Thomas, Ann and Bill1980-1983
39Thomas, Odessa1981
40Tufts (scriptwriting class)1997-1999
41Turley, Hans (fan)1982-1983
42Brother Utal and Kathi Paton1983-1986 scatt.
43Vaughan, Sam (Doubleday)1983
44Vogel, David E.1984-1985
Box C7 - Correspondence Files by Subject
1Watt, Susan (Fontana Paperbacks)1980-1982
2Whitehead, Bill (E.P. Dutton)1981-1983
3Wiater, Stanley1982-1984
4William Morris Agency (Agreements included)1990-1997 scatt .
5Winter, Douglas1982-1985
6Word Pro 41979-1982
7The Writer1981-1982
8Writers' Guild of America1989-1998 scatt.
9Same (T.V. credits)1996-1997
 Box C8 - Publication Correspondence
Correspondence by specific work
1Publications1970-2002 scatt.
2After Dark magazine articles1975-1977 scatt.
3"Answer Me"1984
4"Beauty Kills"1985
5"Beetle juice"1991
6"Bigelow's Last Smoke"1984
8Blood and Glitter 1977-1983 scatt
9"Blood Rubies"1982-1984
10"Bone Chillers"1996-1997
11"Dead House"1996
13"Halloween Candy"1985
14"Inside the Closet"1984
15In Touch magazine articles1976-1978
16"The Last Car"1985
18"A New Lease on Life"1985
20"Tales from the Darkside"1984-1985
21"The Time ofTheir Lives"1997
22Misc. projects1983-1999 scatt.
23Fan mail1982-1997 scatt.
 Box C9 - Miscellaneous General Correspondence
1General Correspondence1967-1977 scatt.
21978-1987 scatt.
31991-2001 scatt.
 Box M1 - Personal Files
1Publication contracts1996, 1999
2Legal documents1971-1999 scatt.
3Legal documents & correspondence from the estates-of James and Mildred Mulkey1978-1981 scatt.
4MMM passport1984
5Royalty reports1979-1983
8Harvard applications1967-1972 scatl.
9MMM resumes1977-1997 scatt.
10MMM author bios1979-1996 scatt.
11MMM calendar ofappointments1970
12MMM address bookn.d.
13MMM library cards1973-1975
14Misc. research - murder1970, 1986
15Misc. research - names1968
17McDowell Collection1987-1996 scatt.
 Box M2 - Class Files
(can include notes, handouts, papers, writings, etc.)
1English - Augustan England1969
2Natural Sciences
5Social Sciences - French Civilization
6Humanities - Folklore1969, 1972
8English/Expository Writing1970
9English/Satiric Theoryc. 1970
10Junior general. exam paper on Dickens heroines1970 1971
11Social Sciences -17th Century England and History - Georgian and Victorian England
12History - Georgian and Victorian England
13Comparative Literature1971
14Comparative Literature -Noveln.d.
15Nashe and Greenen.d.
Box M3 - Class Files
(can include notes, handouts, papers, writings, etc.)
1English (fiction) - "Where the Grass Grows Green"1971
3Social Sciences1971-1972
4English - Fielding and His Contemporaries1972
5Humanities -The Folktale
7History - England
8English honors thesis -"The Deceptive Narrator in Novels of Moral Ambiguity"
9Same - Copy 2
10Same - Copy 3
11English -"A Cursory View of Cheating at Whist in the Eighteenth Century"
12Class papers1972-1973
13Misc. Brandeis English Department
14Misc. class materials1972-1974 scatt.
 Box M4 - Class Files
(can contain notes, handouts, papers, writings, etc.)
1English - "Wordsworth and Death"1973
4"The Poetic Treatment of the Civil War Dead"
5Spenser article
6"Jonson's Influence on the Popular Literature of Bartholomew Fair"1973
7Misc. class materials1973-1974
8Mt. Auburn Cemetery1974
9"The Poetry and Short Prose of Mt. Auburn Cemetery"
10Misc. - Mt. Auburn Cemeteryn.d.
11Misc. lesson plans and notes1974
12"Thomas Lovell Beddoes' Use of Death as Metaphor"1974
13"Emily Dickinson and the Sentimentalizing of Death"1974
14"Sir Thomas Browne and the Fear of Corporeal Dissolution"n.d.
15Novel notecardsn.d.
16Research of historic games (cards)n.d.
Box M5 - Class Files
(can contain notes, handouts, papers, writings, etc.)
9MMM screenplay writing notebook - part 11998
10Same - part 2
11Same - part 3
Dissertation - American Attitudes Toward Death, 1825-1865 1977
12Edited manuscript -Introduction & notes 
13Part 1-pp. 1 -112
14Part 1-pp. 113 -195, notes
15Part 2
16Part 3
17Appendix, bibliography
 Box M6 - Class Files
Dissertation - American Attitudes Toward Death, 1825 - 1865 1977
1Final manuscript - Ch. 1 - pp. 1 - 44 Same 
2Ch. 1 - pp. 45 - 112
3Ch. 1 - pp. 113 - 195
4Ch. 1 - pp. 196 - 236
5Ch. 2 - pp. 237 - 356
6Ch. 3 - pp. 357 - 462
7Bibliography - pp. 463-497
8Unused quotes
 Box M7 - Novel Manuscripts
Venus Restored 1974
1Chapters 1 -3 
2Chapters 4 -6
3Chapters 7 -11
In Her Place 1976
4Chapters 1 -6 
5Chapters 7 -125
6Chapters 13 -186
 Box M8 - Novel Manuscripts
Blood and Glitter 1978
1Part 1 
2Part 2
3Part 3
4Part 4
5Part 5
Blood and Glitter (Copy 2)
6Part 1
7Part 2
8Part 3
9Part 4
10Part 5
 Box M9 - Novel Manuscripts
The Amulet - edited manuscript1979
1Chapters 1 -8 
2Chapters 9 -20
3Chapters 21 -30
4Chapters 31 -40
5Chapters 41 -50
6Chapters 51 -60
7Chapters 61 -71
Cold Moon Over Babylon - edited manuscript1980
8Part 1 
9Part 2
10Part 3
11Parts 4 -5
12Part 6
13Parts 7 -8
 Box M10 - Novel Manuscripts
1Notebook of revisions for novels: Vermilion,Gilded Needles, and Hammers of Heaven 1979
Gilded Needles - edited manuscript1980
2Chapters 1 -6 
3Chapters 7 -12
4Chapters 13 -18
5Chapters 19 -24
6Chapters 25 -30
7Chapters 31 -36
8Chapters 37 -42
9Chapters 43 - epilogue
The Elementals - edited manuscript1980
10Part 1 
11Part 2
12Part 3
13Part 4
 Box M11 - Novel Manuscripts
Katie - edited manuscript1981
1Part 1 
2Part 2
3Parts 3 - 4
4Parts 5 - 6
5Part 7
6Parts 8 - 9
7Parts 10 -11
Box M12 - Novel Manuscripts
Blackwater - edited manuscript1982
1The Flood - chapters 1 - 4 
2The Flood - chapters 5 - 12
3The Levee -chapters 13 - 20
4The Levee - chapters 21 - 27
5The House - chapters 28 - 35
6The House - chapters 36 - 42
7The War - chapters 43 - 49
8The War - chapters 50 - 57
 Box M13 - Novel Manuscripts
Blackwater - edited manuscript1982
1The Fortune - chapters 58 -64 
2The Fortune - chapters 65 -71
3Rain - chapters 72 -78
4Rain - chapters 79 -85
Box M14 - Novel Manuscripts
Living Rooms 1983
1Chapters 1 -6 
2Chapters 7 -12
3Chapters 13 -15
Living Rooms (Copy 2)
4Chapters 1 -6
5Chapters 7 -12
6Chapters 13 -15
Box M15 - Novel Manuscripts
Nightspots 1984
1Chapters 1 - 8 
2Chapters 9 - 16
3Chapters 17 - 24
4Chapters 25 - 32
5Chapters 33 - 40 (no 41)
6Chapters 42 - 47
7Chapters 48 - 55
8Chapters 56 - 64
Nightspots (Copy 2) - possibly edited manuscript (incomplete)
9Chapters 1 -6
10Chapters 7 -12
11Chapters 13 -18
12Chapters 19 -24
13Chapters 25 -30
14Chapters 31 -36
15Chapters 37 -40
Box M16 - Novel Manuscripts
Toplin 1984
1Chapters 1 -6 
2Chapters 7 -12
3Chapters 13 -17
4Translation to Frenchc. 1990
Box M17 - Novel Manuscripts
Jack and Susan in 1913 1985
1Chapters 1 -6
2Chapters 7 -12
3Chapters 13 -18
4Chapters 19 -24
5Chapters 25 -31
Jack and Susan in 1953 - edited manuscript1985
6Chapters 1 -6
7Chapters 7 -12
8Chapters 12 -18
9Chapters 19 -24
10Chapters 25 -31
 Box M18 - Novel Manuscripts
Novels written under pseudonym Nathan Aldyne
Vermillion - edited manuscript1980
1Monday, Tuesday 
2Wednesday, Thursday
3Friday, Saturday
Cobalt - edited manuscript1982
4Chapters 1-5 
5Chapters 6-11
6Chapters 12-17
7Chapters 18-23
8Chapters 24-29
9Chapters 30-epilogue
Slate - edited manuscript1984
10Chapters 1-6 
11Chapters 7-12
12Chapters 13-14
13Chapters 15-epilogue
14Edited galley
 Box M19 - Novel Manuscripts
Novels written under pseudonym Nathan Aldyne
Canary (Ivory) - edited manuscript1985
1Chapters 1 -6 
2Chapters 7 -13
3Chapters 13 -18
4Chapters 19 -24
5Corrections for chapters 14 -24
Box M20 - Novel Manuscripts
Novels written under pseudonym Nathan Aldyne
Canary (Ivory) - manuscript1985
1Part 1 
2Part 2
3Part 3
4Part 4
Box M21 - Novel Manuscripts
Novels written under the pseudonym of Axel Young
Blood Rubies (Hammers of Heaven) - edited manuscript1981
1Chapters 1 - 7 
2Chapters 8 - 14
3Chapters 15 - 21
4Chapters 22 - 28
5Chapters 29 - 35
6Chapters 36 - end
7Notes - Hammers of Heaven n.d.
Wicked Stepmother - edited manuscript1983
8Correspondence, introductory pages 
9Part 1
10Part 2
11Part 3 -chapters 17 -22
12Part 3 -chapters 23 -28
Box M22 - Dramatic productions
(play scripts, film scripts, screenplays, teleplays etc.) by MMM
1Untitled production - edited manuscript1971
2The Amulet by Michael Mulkey (MMM) manuscript1976
3Copy 2 
4The Black Tavern by MMM & Dennis Schuetz - manuscript pp. 1-611977
5pp. 62 -134
6Copy 2
7The Gentle Women of Bridewell - by Michael Mulkey (MMM) - manuscriptc.1977
8Copy 2
9The Coffinless Dead by MMM & Dennis Schuetz manuscript1978
10Minute Mystery - manuscript1980
11Life as We Know It - manuscript1981
12Copy 2
Box M23 - Dramatic productions by MMM
1Nightfear manuscript1979
2Copy 2 
3Copy 3
4Copy 4
5Copy 5
6Nightfear/Beauty Kills - edited manuscripts, notes, etc.1984
7Notes, synopsis, clippings, etc. 
8Beauty Kills -manuscript1985
9Edited manuscript 
10Edited manuscript
 Box M24 - Dramatic productions by MMM
1Blood Rubies - edited manuscript - first draft1982
2Second draft
3Third draft
4Fourth draft
5Fifth draft
6Fifth draft
7Sixth draft (produced)
8Copy 2
9Seventh draft1983
10Copy 2
11Copy 3
12Copy 4
13Manuscript fragmentn.d.
14Bigelow's Last Smoke - manuscript - first draft1984
15Second draft -3 copies
16Final draft
Box M25 - Dramatic productions by MMM
1Electra - edited manuscripts1983
2Electra - Sophocles and Hofmannsthal plays - modified1983
3The Hunger Artist by Tadeusz Rozewicz and adapted by MMM - manuscript and edited manuscript - third draft1984
4If You Had Spoken, Desdemona by Christine Brueckner with translated by Daina Robbins and MMM drafts of rough translations, etc.1984
5The Word Processor by Stephen King and adapted by MMM - manuscript first draft1984
6Second draft -3 copies
7Possibly final draft
8Other documents - correspondence and treatments
9Inside the Closet - manuscript second draft - 2 copies1984
10Answer Me - manuscript first draft1984
11Second draft -3 copies
12The Last Car - manuscript of treatment1985
13Edited manuscript - first draft
14Manuscript - second draft (final)
Box M26 - Dramatic productions by MMM
1A New Lease on Life - edited manuscript1985
2Manuscript - final draft - 2 copies
3A Bold Stroke for a Wife by Suzannah Centlivrere and adapted by MMM - edited manuscript1985
4Halloween Candy manuscript - treatments, first and second drafts1985
5Final draft
6Tales from the Darkside (TV program) - manuscript - narrator scripts - 1-41985
9Black Widows manuscript - first draft1986
10Beetlejuice by Warren Skaaren based on original screenplay by MMM manuscript -second draft1986
11Tales from the Darkside: The Movie by MMM and George A. Romero - manuscript1987
12Blind Fury by MMM and Larry Wilson - manscript1987
13Revolt of the Bondage Models - notes1987
14Servant Problem - notes1989-1990
15Unnamed project treatment rough draftn.d.
Box M27 - Dramatic productions by MMM
1Mandrake by Laurence Senelick with assistance from MMM treatment and edited manuscript1987
2Revisions for Act II, edited manuscript
3Revisions for Act II, another draft of edited manuscript
4Treatment and Act I breakdown of scenes
5Treatment and Act I breakdown of scenes, edited manuscript1997
6Treatment and Act II breakdown of scenes
7Mandrake by MMM adapting Senelick manuscript?-Treatment and 123.Y breakdown of scenes, edited manuscript1997
8Edited manuscript 123 X, notes for revision1997
9Manuscript, scene breakdowns
Box M28 - Dramatic productions by MMM
1Pet People - edited manuscript1989
2Manuscript - incomplete
4Copy 2
5Sequence breakdown
6Edited manuscript1990
7Notes on various drafts1994
Box M29 - Dramatic productions by MMM
1Thinner based on story by Stephen King - manuscript - second draft1990
2Manuscript - b draft
3Manuscript notes and revisions
4Manuscript - third draft?
5Copy 2
6Fourth draft1991
7Fifth draft1992
8Final draft1995
Box M30 - Dramatic productions by MMM
1Heaven - edited manuscript - first draft1990
2Jump - Act I synopsis1991
4Beetlejuice II - manuscript1991
6Death Do Us Part - preliminary outline and notes1991
7Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton - modifications and notes by MMM1991
8Manuscript - first draft
9Biosphere - notes1992
11Motel from Hell - treatment1992
12Creeper - manuscript, introduction, pp. 1-55n.d.
13pp. 56-end
Box M31 - Dramatic productions by MMM
1Pandora's Box - treatment, notes1994
2The Spookiest Town (The Hiders of Where) - correspondence, treatment, notes1994
3The Hiders of Where - treatment, notes
4Toil and Trouble - treatment1994
5The Canterville Ghost - outline by Philip LaZebnik and notes by MMM1995
6There Goes the Neighborhood - treatment by Tina Insana and notes by MMM1995-1996
7Barbarella - synopsis1996
8Hostile Makeover - notes1996
913 Bourbon Street Treatment
Manuscript - episode 006
10The Phantom Tollbooth by Norman Juster and notes by MMM - notes1996
11Frankenturkey by MMM and Adam Rifkin - manuscript drafts1996
13Poe by Mark H. Kruger - manuscript with notes by MMM1996
14Notes for revision
16Structure for proposed revision, manuscript excerpts, beat sheets1997
17Manuscript excerpt, proposed revision, notes
Box M32 - Dramatic productions by MMM
1The Times of Their Lives - treatment by Philip Goodhew and notes by MMM1997
2Beat sheets and notes
6Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown - photocopy of book and notes by MMM1998
8The Yellow Sign based on story by Robert W. Chambers - manuscript
9Copy 2
10Notes for an unidentified storyc. 1978
11Astrid -treatmentn.d.
Box M33 - Journal
1MMMjournalApril - Aug. 1985
2Sept. - Dec. 1985
3Jan. - April 1986
Box M34 - Shorter works by MMM
1Poetry and earliest writings1965-1969 scatt.
2Poem - "Colleen Smith"1970
4Short story - "Mrs. Ladybug"1990
5Short story - "Jasper Jay"1990
6Short story - "Ransom and the Diamond in Provincetown"c. 1978
7Short story -"Four"n.d.
8Short story - "The Boy Scout Remembers"n.d.
9Chapter from Horror: 100 Best Books -"Herman Melville: The Confidence Man"1988
10Article - "Parlour Games and Forfeits"1974
11Articles - drafts - After Dark magazine1975
12Article - "Why I am Against Cannibalism"1987
13Theater reviews1971
14Handwritten dialogue for D.H. and F.F.1990
15Notes - "With Friday on Saturday Night"n.d.
16Notes for manuscript by friend of Joe Frishen.d.
Box M35 - Literary productions by other authors
1Dale County, Alabama During the Civil War: Reminiscences of Mary Love Edwards Fleming - edited by Walter L. Fleming - manuscriptc. 1904
2Copy 2n.d.
3Drums in the Night - copy of dramatic production by Bertholt Brecht with revised translation by Laurence Senelick1970
4Oedipus - copy of dramatic production by Seneca and adapted by Ted Hughes1970
5Untitled poem by Saffold G. Berney and misc. poems by unknown authors1972
6The Elementals manuscript of dramatic production by David Kaplan and Brenda Currin adapted from novel by MMM1984
7The Secret Life of Cartoons - manuscript of dramatic production by Clive Barker1984
8Clue - manuscript of dramatic production by Jonathan Lynn1985
10Berlin - third draft of dramatic production by Vladislav Tsukerman1986
Box M36 - Literary productions by other authors
1Satan in the Suburbs - manuscript of dramatic production by Barbara Boatner1988
2Zan's World and Imagine That - treatments of dramatic productions by Barbara Boatnern.d.
3Risk - edited manuscript of dramatic production by Todd Verow, James Dwyer and George La Vooc. 1988
4"Dear Star Wars Fan Club" - copies of lettersc. 1991
5The Child Star Murders - treatment of dramatic production by Kevin Burns1993
6The Choice - first draft of dramatic production by John Romano and Bob Brushn.d.
7Man Plus - treatment for dramatic production by Frederik Pohl1999
8Ella Enchanted - treatment for dramatic production by Gail Carson Levine1999
9Power of One - edited treatment for dramatic production by unknown authorc. 1999
10Fantasies of Empire: The Empire Theatre of Varieties, Leicester Square, and the Licensing Controversy of 1894 by Joseph Donohue - sample pages from manuscript2001
11Had She Spoken - revisions for dramatic production by Daina?n.d.
12Two pages from an unidentified dramatic productionn.d.
Box M37 - Miscellaneous Printed Materials
1Political and election printed materials1972-1975
2Publicity for film showings1971-1977
3Press releases for theater performances1975-1977 scatt.
4Press releases for exhibits, etc.1975-1976
5Harvard newsletter and senior exam, etc.1972-1973
6Harvard scholarship certificate and commencement program and booklet1971-1972
7Brandeis graduate student questionnaire and PhD diploma1975, 1978
8First Presbyterian Church, Brewton, Alabama - church culletins and newsletters1972-1976 scatt.
9Harvard-Epworth Church, United Methodist Church - newsletters and film showing schedules1971-1977 scatt.
10World Fantasy Convention programs1979-1985 scatt.
11“Castle Rock” - Stephen King newsletterJanuary 1986
12Mystery Writers of America membership directory1982
13William Morris Agency Open Writing Assignments1994
14News clippings1975-1999 scatt.
15Miscellaneous articles1975-1992
16Article about Thinner 1995
17You Can't Take It With You - script1964
18Certificates1962, 1999
19Miscellaneous printed materials1971-1977 scatt.
20Miscellaneous vendor ribbonn.d.
Box M38 - Photographs
1MMM Family photos1932-1970 scatt.
2Tom and Frances Hart photos1968
3Gov. George Wallace Family reunions (photos)1970's
4MMM college and publicity photos1970-1980's
5Unidentified photosn.d.
Box M39
1Scroll script from Tales From the Darkside - episode #11985

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