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 Box 1 - Inactive Author Files
1Ahlborn et al, Richard E.The Popular Smithsonian:  A Guide to Ourselves  19761976-1977
2Albrect, ErnestAll New This Year:  The American Circus Reinvents Itself  c.19951993-1994
3Armstrong, Nancy CameronEyes on the Storm:  Quiltmakers History of Wars  n.d.1995-2002 scattered
4Aydelotte, William 2002
5Blaha, FranzContinental OPS:  Duropean Detective Fiction  n.d.1984-1992 scattered
6Blinderman, Charles 2002
7Blythin, EvanDying for Love:  The Discourse of Women Martyrs  n.d.1992-2002 scattered
8Botkin, B.A.Icons on Wheels n.d.1970
9Brake, RobertCommunication in Popular Culture  1975 
10Broer, LarryJohn Updike Anthology:  Rabbit at Rest  1994 
11Calderonello, Alice  
12Campbell, Felicia F.Mystics to Mercenaries  n.d.1986-1995 scattered
13Carr, John  
14Carter, StevenTechnology and Transcendence 1994-1996
15Cheney, AnnImagination in the South n.d.1987-1991 scattered
16Christopher, Joseph  
17Claire Woolrich Memorial Trust  
18Crane, Jonathan LakeTerror and Everyday Life:  Singular Moments in the History of the Horror Film  19921994
19Damant, LeoTales from Wales n.d.1984-2001 scattered
20Daniels et al, Bruce C.Having Fun:  Recreation and Leisure in Colonial America  n.d.1987-1995 scattered
21Dannay, Rose  
22DeMarr, Mary JeanCharlotte Armstrong  n.d.1981-2000 scattered
23Dorey, Annette Vance100% Perfect:  The Story of Scientific Baby Health Contests, 1908-1918  n.d.1996
24Eckman, MarthaLiterature of Bereavement  n.d.1977-1980
25Edenbaum, Robert  
26Eiss, HarryFolklore 1993
27Engel, Leonard W.Buried Alive:  The Enclosure Device in the Fiction of Edgar A. Poe  n.d. 
28Ernest et al, aliceAgatha Christie’s Cookery  n.d.1983-1985
 Box 2 - Inactive Author Files
1Fischetti, RenateViolence Against Women:  A Bi-Cultural Study of Two Women Artists  n.d.1994
2Fishwick et al, MarshallSaints and Superstars:  Deification and Popular Culture  n.d.1988-1994 scattered
3Gasper, Charles J.The Vietnam War Aviator in Fact and Fiction  n.d.1989-1992 scattered
4Gowans, Alan 2002
5Green et al, JonathanMake it Big:  Cult Faves, Critics’ Darlings, and Also-Rans  n.d.1993
6Harmon, Gary L.Gender and Film Criticism:  Toward an Annotated Bibliography  n.d.1994-1995
7Hayne, BarrieVictorian Detective Fiction  n.d.1986-1995 scattered
8Hill et al, DanielShowing Off:  Carnival in American Life  n.d.1994-1995
9Hoar, Jay S.The North’s Last Boys in Blue  n.d.1994-1995
10Hoppenstand et al, GaryTerror Times Three:  An Analysis of Stephen King, Dean R. Koontz and Anne Rice  n.d.1994
11Horn, Pierre L.Anthology of Modern French Comics  n.d.1988-1992 scattered
12Hoy, MikitaThe Ends of Desire:  Critical Theory and Popular Culture  n.d.1994
13Joshi, S.T.The Modern Weird Tales  n.d.1994-1995
14Kell et al, Carl L.Success:  The final Seduction  n.d.1999
15Lawrence, Elizabeth AtwoodAnimals as Symbols in American Culture n.d.1989
16Lesser, RobertAmerican Nightmare Art:  Pulp Magazine Cover Paintings, 1920-1950  n.d.1993
17Lewis, GeorgeTaste Cultures and Musical Stereotypes:  Mirrors of Identity  n.d.1994
18Lowery, Lawrence F.The Collector’s Guide to Big Little Books  n.d.1982-1993 scattered
19Lupack, BobbyeNineteenth Century Women at the Movies  n.d.1996-2000 scattered
20McKee, Melanie BaileyTruck Drivers in American Culture  n.d.1990-1994 scattt.
21McKennon, JoeA Pictorial History of the American Carnival  19721972-1992 scattered
22McQuillan, GeneDemanding a Different World:  Essays on Travel, Tourism, and Adventure  n.d.1996
23Metzger, ThomBlood and Volts: Edison, Tesla and the Birth of the Electric Chair  n.d.1994-1995
24Michel, ThomasContemporary Movements  n.d.1986-1990
25Nesteby, James R.Black Images in American Film 1896-1954:  The Interplay between Civil Rights and Film Culture  19821981-1983
 Box 3 - Inactive Author Files
1Riegel, DieterGerman Crime Fiction  n.d.1988-1992 scattered
2Ritzer, GeorgeThe Future of McDonaldization  n.d.1991-1993
3SameMcDonaldization Redux   n.d.1991-1993
4Rogers, HenryProfile of a Public Relations Man  n.d.1974-1976
5Russ, JoannaTwo essays 1980
6Russel, SharonThe Dog Didn’t Do It:  Animals in Mysteries  19971989-1997 scattered
7Salerno, HenryFocus on Popular Theatre in America   n.d.2000
8Schoenecke, MichaelSubvention for Sports:  A Comparative Approach  n.d.1998
9Scott, DavidBehind the G-String  n.d.1993
10Snyder, Eldon E.Sports:  A Social Scoreboard  n.d.2000-2002
11Surtees, E.B.Untrammeled:  A Biographical History of Victoria Claflin Woodhull  n.d.1994-1996
12Talburt, Nancy EllenThe Cleric in Detective Fiction  n.d.1984-1986 scattered
13Wall, DonMysteries of Africa  n.d.1989,1991
14Weinstein, Raymond M.Dreamland to Disneyland  n.d.1993-1994
15Wertkin, GerardReflections of Faith:  Religious Folklife in America   n.d.1988-1992 scattered
16White, Terry 1991
17Wolfe, PeterJames Ellroy  n.d.1998
18Wordell, CharlesJapan’s Image in America   n.d.2000-2001