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PCLMS-216: Popular Press Collection

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Box 1 - Office Files - General
1Correspondence1985-2003 scattered
2Correspondence – Sale of the Popular Press2001-2004
3Agreement for the transfer of the Popular Press2002
4Misc. documents regarding shipment of the Popular Press to the University of Wisconsin2002
5Misc. documents – Sale of Clues 2003-2006 scattered
6Misc. documents – Sale or transfer of the Journal of Cultural Geography 2006-2007
7Misc. documents – Sale of the Journal of Popular Music and Society 2001-2003 scattered
8Manuscript submissions to  the Journal of American and Comparative Cultures 2001-2002
9Manuscript submissions to the Journal of American and Comparative Cultures 2002
10Manuscript submissions to the Journal of American Culture 2002
11Manuscript submissions to  the Journal of Popular Music and Society 2002
12Manuscript submissions to unknown popular culture journal1992, 2002
13Popular Press guides, procedures and forms1994, nd
14Popular Press policies and sample contracts1973-
15Popular Press basic contracts1971-2001 scattered
16Popular Press catalogs1997-2002 scattered
17Miscellaneous Popular Press book publicitynd
 Box 2 - Office Files - Lists and Reports
1Author lists2001, nd
2Book inventory list by author  A-G1999
3Same  H-M1999
4Same  N-Z1999
5Same  A-J2000
6Same  K-Z2000
7Book inventory lists2002, nd
8Book status report5-4-02
9Copyright royalty quarterly reports1993-1999 scattered
10Copyright search results for Popular Press2001-2002
11Commission sales payable report – University of Wisconsin2007-2008
 Box 3 - Office Files - Oversized Lists
1Copyrighted works lists2001
2Publication contract listsnd
3Contracts/mailing listsnd
 Box 4 - Office Files – Royalty Tally/Detail Reports
1Royalty tally report6-97
2Same7-98 to 7-99
3Royalty report totals1-99 to 12-00
4Royalty tally report6-99 to 7-99
5Same7-99 to 12-99
6Royalty report7-99 to 12-99
7Royalty tally report1-00 to 6-00
8Same7-00 to 12-00
9Royalty detail report7-00 to 12-00
10Royalty tally report1-01 to 6-01 ?
11Royalty detail report1-01 to 6-01
12Royalty report1-01 to 6-01
13Royalty detail report7-01 to 11-01
14Same1-02 to 6-02
15Royalty reportnd
16Royalty tally report incompletend
Box 5 - Office Files – Book Contracts
1Book contracts by author’s name Abt-BigsbyDates vary
2Blandy – BrowneSame
3Calabria – ColemanSame
4Colledeweih – CusicSame
5D’ltri – DunneSame
6Eber – FunderburgSame
7Gertzman – GraySame
8Hageman – HuttonSame
9Inness – JoshiSame
Box 6 - Office Files – Book Contracts
1Book contracts by author’s name Kaler – KotzinDates vary
2Lawson – LupackSame
3Meyer – MortonSame
4Lause – OtnesSame
5Panek – RyanSame
6Salomon – SearsSame
7Shaeffer – SwanSame
8Tamaya – TuskaSame
9Van Dover – ZamoraSame
 Box 7 - Office Files – Copyright Certificates of Registration
1Copyright certificates by author’s name A – BDates vary
2C – DSame
3E – GSame
4H – KSame
5L – NSame
6O – SSame
7T – ZSame
 Box 8 - Office Files – Other Media
1Popular Culture House former BGSU President’s House history - video by Cathan Bricker2009