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 Box 4 - Unpublished Manuscript Files
1McCarthy, PatrickThe Mountain Man as Paradigm8-97
2Anderson, BruceMarshall McLuhan12-97
3Fick, TomBeatrice of Bayou Teche1997-1998
4A-Z 1-98
5B-W 2-98
6Skinner, ByronMary McLeod Bethune2-98
7Wallace et al, SeanThe Tall Adventurer:  The Works of E.C. Tubb2-98
8B-W 3-98
9A-Z 4-98
10Grove, MyrnaOne Room Schools…4-98
11Robert, CraigFamily Film Superbook:  The Encyclopedia of Childrens’ Films4-98
12A-W 5-98
13Ivison, DouglasPostcolonial Readings of Science Fiction5-98
14Burns, StanleyOther Voices:  Ventriloquism from B.C. to T.V.6-98
15Giglio, ErnestHollywood and Washington:  the Marriage of Film and Politics6-98
16Kimball, Arthur G.Gun at Your head:  Law in the Popular Western6-98
17Neumanic, Mary LouA Century of Radical Tradition:  The Fourth of July on the Minnesota Iron Range6-98
 Box 5 - Unpublished Manuscript Files
1A-Z 7-98
2A-W 8-98
3Donovan, Barna W.Go the Distance!  The American Experience in the Boxing Film and its Summation in the “Rocky” Series8-98
4C-S 9-98
5Cohen, MichaelThe Appeal of Mystery Fiction9-98
6B-T 10-98
7A-V 11-98
8Bochin, Hal W.Tom Corwin11-98
9Brode, DouglasFrom Walt to Woodstock:  How Disney Created the Counter Culture11-98
10Kaufman et al, Natalie H.Don’t Quit Your Day Job:  The Workday World of Amateur Detectives11-98
11King, GeoffSpectacular narratives:  Contemporary Hollywood and Frontier Mythology11-98
12Moore, Ann ElizabethImage Abortion11-98
13A-Y 12-98
14Frost, Brian J.Essential Guide to Werewolf Literature12-98
 Box 6 - Unpublished Manuscript Files
1A-Z 1-99
2A-W 3-99
3Jones, DavidAn Instinct for Dragons:  Bio-Cultural Anthropology and Myth3-99
4Reiss, OscarMedical Practice in Colonial America3-99
5A-Y 4-99
6Bauer, DeniseThe Female Subject in American Feminist Art During the Women’s Movement, 1963-19804-99
7C-Z 5-99
8A-V 6-99
9Hart, Kylo-Patrick R.The AIDS Movie:  Representing a Pandemic on American Theater and Television Screens6-99
10Jenkins, CatherineThe Hardboiled Outsider: Hardboiled American Fiction as an Existential Literature6-99
11Schroeder, Mary TowellReflections of a Female Eye:  An Exploration of Metta Victor’s Contribution to the Detective Fiction Genre6-99
12A-Z 7-99
13Gallagher, Wilda H.Sermons in Stone:  The Language of Cemeteries7-99
14Kagan, NormanA Denied Genre:  Business in American Films7-99
15Kohout, MartinPrince Hal:  The Life and Times of Hal Chase, Baseball’s Most Notorious Crook7-99
16Moorti, SujataThe Color of Rape:  The Gender and Racial Faultlines of Television’s Public Sphere7-99
17Plasketes, GeorgeLike a Version:  Cover Songs in Popular Music7-99
 Box 7 - Unpublished Manuscript Files
1B-Z 8-99
2Drake, H.L.A.E. Van Vogt:  In Search of Meaning8-99
3Jaffery, SheldonAce Science Fiction Doubles8-99
4Schwieterman, Joseph P.When the Railroad Leaves Town:  American Communities in the Age of Rail Line Abandonment8-99
5Wilner, NormanWriter Memoir8-99
6Wolff, Richard F.The Church on Network Television and Radio:  Images of the Church and its Leaders on Dramatic Radio and Television Programs8-99
7B-Z 9-99
8McCarthy, PatrickThe Mountain Man Paradigm:  The Father Vacuum, Morbid Masculinity and Mother Fixation9-99
9Wrenick, Frank E.William Arrasmith’s Cleveland Greyhound Terminal9-99
10A-T 10-99
11Marks, JeffreuWho Was that Lady?  The Craig Rice Story10-99
12Rubinfeld, Mark D.Bound to Bond:  Gender, Genre, and the Hollywood Romantic Comedy10-99
13A-Z 11-99
14Chapman et al, Edgar L.The Future that Wasn’t alternate history11-99
15B-R 12-99
16Dollinger, SolAuto Unions’ Lost History12-99
17Kissinger, JohnArchaeology as Wild Magic:  The Dead Sea Scrolls in Popular Fiction12-99
18Longino, VictoriaThe Alien Moment:  Aspects of Gender in the Works of Philip Larkin12-99
19McBroom, William H.Explaining the Holocaust:  A Social Science Perspective12-99
20Perry, Evelyn M.Maid in Voyage:  Maid Marian and Female Heroism in Twentieth Century Retellings of the Legend of Robin Hood12-99
21Snow, CatherineHouse of Darkness12-99
 Box 8 - Unpublished Manuscript Files
1B-Y 1-00
2Martin, SaraMore Human Than Human:  Aspects of Monstrosity in the Films and Novels in English of the 1980’s and 1990’s1-00
3A-W 2-00
4Coe, JeneMemories are Made of…USO Camp Show # 6822-00
5Currie, RichardAspects of Victorian Culture in Contemporary Popular Culture2-00
6Klein, Kathleen GregoryWater Drops from Women Writers:  A Temperance Reader2-00
7Martin, Scott C.Women Temperance Writers, 1830-18602-00
8Smith, Gary ScottSamuel “Golden Rule” Jones2-00
9B-W 3-00
10Bertram Jr., H.M.Three Shorts and a Long Memoir3-00
11Elias, RoberetMidsummer’s Bright Dream:  The National Pastime and the American Promise3-00
12Files, MegGoing All the Way:  Taking Fiction's Risks3-00
13Konkol, LisaInspiration for Our Daughters3-00
14Pearson, GregBoston Red Sox Fan Interviews3-00
15Sover, AvivThe Three Pillars of the Visual Arts3-00
16Witthuhn, BillShotnick3-00
17A-T 4-00
18Jenkins, JackSwimming the Sun Memoir4-00
19Klaver, ElizabethRepresentions of the Dead:  Images Corporeus from the Early Modern to Contemporary Moment Within Literature and Art4-00
20Primeau, RonQuiet Warrior:  The Counterpoint Artistry of Herbert Woodward Martin4-00
 Box 9 - Unpublished Manuscript Files
1B-V 5-00
2Cardon, LaurenThe Burned-Out Student’s Guide to Writing5-00
3Cook-Wilson, EthelMy Girlfriends5-00
4Cuomo, AmyExpecting Women:  Constructing Pregnancy for Stage and Screen5-00
5Dager, WendyThe English Snob5-00
6Dorset, PhyllisGold, Greenbacks and Guerrillas5-00
7Teichmann, SandraWomen on Trains5-00
8B-T 6-00
9Vance, ScottShakespeare and Me6-00
10B-W 7-00
11Shaheen, jackReel Bad Arabs:  How Hollywood Vilifies a People7-00
12A-T 8-00
13Price, Michael D.If I Mattered8-00
14A-Y 9-00
15Ballengee-Morris, ChristineAltar Art9-00
16Thomas, MiltCave of A Thousand Tales:  The Life and Times of Pulp Author Hugh B. Cave9-00
17B-W 10-00
18Maxwell, MarilynMale Rage/Female Fury:  Images of Women and Violence in Contemporary American Fiction10-00
19Zbach, Larry“Why is this Fussing and Fighting?”  Perspectives on Violence in Some Genres of Popular Music10-00
 Box 10 - Unpublished Manuscript Files
1B-W 11-00
2Edwards, BruceWalker Percy:  Novelist and Linguist as Apologist11-00
3Funderburg, Anne CooperSundae Best:  A History of Soda Fountains11-00
4Marchese, RonFrom Folk to Pop:  Essays on Turkish Folk and Popular Culture11-00
5Masters, Sharon KayInterdisciplinary Perspectives in Women’s Studies11-00
6Robinson, RalphAs A Matter of Fact, Does God Really Exist?11-00
7 Miscellaneous Papers from National Communication Association Ethnography Division Pre-Conference11-00
8B-W 12-00
9Brode, DouglasAll Singing! All Dancing!  All Elvis! Social Commentary in the Presley Films12-00
10Deterling, GeneGene’s Little Notebook on Quotable Wisdom12-00
11Vitti, Phillip M.The Passage Boston Police Department undercover operative2002
12 Book proposals read and rejected1992
13 Manuscript status report1993
14 Desk copy requests11-95 to 5-96 scattered
15 Desk copy requests6-96 to 12-96