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John Charles Cooper is a professor of religion and a prolific author of religious works. Literary manuscripts, lectures/speeches and sermons form the core of the collection.

In 1975, Cooper began transferring his literary manuscripts to the Browne Popular Culture Library, Bowling Green State University, and continued to send additional manuscripts for many years as they were written or published.

The collection is open for research, but the photocopying of manuscripts must comply with applicable copyright laws. This register was compiled by Nancy white Lee, Popular Culture Library Associate II, in April 1986 and updated in July 2009 by Patricia Falk.

Biographical Sketch 

John Charles Cooper was born on April 3, 1933, in Charleston, South Carolina. He graduated from the University of South Carolina, B.A. cum laude in 1955; Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary, B.D. cum laude in 1958; Lutheran School of Foreign Missions, certificate in 1959; Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary, S.T.M. in 1960. He also has an M.A. 1964 and a Ph.D. 1966 from the University of Chicago. Cooper Married Clelia Ann Johnston on June 6, 1954.

Cooper is an ordained minister of the Lutheran Church in America . He is a member of the American Academy of Religion, American Philosophical Association, MENSA, and Phi Beta Kappa.

He has taught at Thiel College, Greenville, Pennsylvania; Newberry College, Newberry, South Carolina; Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, Kentucky; and Winebrenner Theological Seminary, Findlay, Ohio.

Cooper resided in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, where he was a professor of religion at Susquehanna University, until his death on January 6, 2000.

Scope and Content  

The John C. Cooper Collection houses manuscripts for 94 articles and books, 29 speeches and lectures, three sermons, nine collections of class notes and papers, personal inventory, and vitae.

The manuscripts are arranged by title including related materials such as chapter outlines, proposals, galley sheets, and research materials. The Recovery of America, not yet cataloged, is housed at the end of the collection.

Researchers interested in religion, religious cults, and the step-by-step development of an article or book will find this collection a valuable help in their research.

Series Description 


Literary Correspondence 1967, 1970, 1972, 1974, 1979, 1982
Arranged chronologically
This series contains literary correspondence.

Literary Productions

Manuscripts, Literary
1960, 1966 to present
Arranged by title
Handwritten and typed manuscripts, with corrections and additions, for 94 articles and books This series includes proposals, chapter outlines and galley sheets. Correspondence and research materials concerning a particular manuscript are housed with the manuscript.

Speeches and Lectures
1962, 1966, 1970, 1972-1979, 1982-1984, n.d.
Arranged by title
Handwritten and typed manuscripts for 29 speeches or lectures
This series includes research materials, author's handwritten notes, and outlines. Research materials concerning a particular manuscript are housed with the manuscript.

1960, 1973, 1971
Arranged by title
Typed and handwritten manuscripts for three sermons

Class Notes and Papers
1955-1959, n.d.
Arranged by title
Papers and class notes are typewritten.

Student Papers
Two student papers

Personal Inventory
Handwritten inventory of the contents of a closet

Curriculum vitae to 1984
List of published articles to 1983

One book, not yet cataloged, is housed at the end of the collection.

Printed Material

Identification Tags
Self adhesive Susquehanna University name tags


Box 1
1Correspondence1967, 1970, 1972, 1974, 1979, 1982
2Amos, Prophet Of Justice Proposal for Lutheran Men's Retreat. Manuscript for Lutheran Church Women's Bible Study: Amos. Author's note: For Pemberville, Ohio, Lutheran Christian Men's Retreat, April 6-8, 19731973
3Article Writing Course Outline for the new Writer's Digest School "Article Writing Course" in 12 sessions. Handwritten notesn.d.
4Augsburg Bible Studies
A series of home bible studies. Instructions to writers of home studies. Photocopy lesson plans. Typed lesson plan with carbon for December 2
Handwritten manuscript
5America After Viet-Nam
Proposal for a new book
Chapter 1. Outline with handwritten corrections and additions. Handwritten manuscript. Critique letter from Emily Geer, May 11, 1972
6Beyond Beauty And Luxury Partial carbon manuscript. Handwrittenn.d.
Celluloid And Symbols 1970
7Printer's manuscript with corrections 
8Galley sheets, first proofs
9Galley sheets, second proofs
 Box 2
1Charisma, Mythos, And Morality Outline for a new bookn.d.
2"Christians And The Energy Crisis"
Handwritten manuscript for an article for Learning
3Christmas Letter
Christmas letter, 1975
4Chucking It
Handwritten manuscript. Partial typed manuscript
5Divine Madness: Modern and Medieval. The Dangers Of Religious Fanaticism Today
Typed proposal for a new book, carbon
6Epistemological Order Of Value And Fact
Carbon manuscript
7"Faith, Fear And Hope In The Middle Years"
Handwritten outline for a reader for an Edge Of Adventure Kit For Creative Resources, Word, Inc: Waco, Texas
Fantasy And The Human Spirit 1974
8Book published by New Seabury Press
Handwritten manuscript partial chapter
9Original handwritten manuscript
10Handwritten and typed manuscript, cut and paste, pp. 1 - rev. p. 44
11Handwritten and typed manuscript, cut and paste, pp. 45 to end
 Box 3
Fantasy and the Human Spirit (con't.)1974-1975
1Typed and handwritten manuscript 
2Typed and handwritten carbon manuscript
3Carbon manuscript, 1st draft, 3d copy for Dr. N.J. Bender
4Carbon manuscript
5Carbon manuscript
6Fantasy and the World of the Occultn.d.
 Box 4
1" Finding A Middle Way"
Typed manuscript for an article for Marathon World, vol. 12, no. 4
2Finding A Simpler Life
Typed manuscript
Frantic Search for Happiness n.d.
3Handwritten and typed manuscript
4Handwritten notes
5Carbon manuscript
God Is Prejudiced In Favor Of The Poor: The Theology Of Jurgen Holtmann n.d.
6Strips of manuscript
7Handwritten manuscript
8Typed manuscript
9Galley sheets
10"Hippies Or A Hippie Is A State Of Mind"
Carbon manuscript for an article for Insight
11"Importance Of Symbols In Human Life"
Handwritten manuscript for an article in Insight
12In Spite Of …
Carbon manuscript
13Incident In The Dark
Typed manuscript, a true adventure
14"Inflation's Third Blow To The Church"
Carbon manuscript for an article for Learning With
15Insight--An Essay On Thinking
Handwritten proposal for a new book
16The Inward Look
Handwritten manuscript
 Box 5
Joy of the Plain life 1980
1Book published by Impact Books Handwritten, typed, and carbon manuscript
2Carbon manuscript
3Photocopy, carbon, and handwritten manuscript
4Photocopy manuscript
5Handwritten and typed manuscript
6Galley sheets
7Research material
 Box 6
1Myths Of The "We Shall Not Be Reconciled" Handwritten manuscriptn.d.
2"A New Force In American Spiritual Life: Transcendental Meditation"
Handwritten manuscript for an article for Learninq With. vol. 4. no. 9
New Kind of Man 1969-1971
3Original title: New Images Of Man
Proposal outline. Synopsis. Summary of book. Chapters: What is the future of the turned on-- Viet Nam generation. The shattering of the traditional images of man. Life styles--The informed and the conformed. Correspondence
4Handwritten and typed proposals
5Original typed manuscript
6Typed sections of manuscript
8Preface and foreward
9Chapter I
10Chapter II. notes included
11Chapter III, notes and research material included
12Chapter IV
13Chapter V
15Chapter IV typed manuscript with corrections and additions
16Typed manuscript with corrections
 Box 7
1New Kind Of Man
Galley sheets
2New Kind Of Man
Research materials
"The New Mentality"1967-1968
3Handwritten manuscript for an article in Insight  
4Outline for book
Typed and handwritten manuscript
Research materials. Preface. Correspondence
5Typed manuscript
6Galley sheets
7No One Is At Home
Handwritten manuscript for an article in Learning
8Occult Self Therapy
Book published by Westminster Press
Handwritten and typed manuscript. Correspondence
9Our Faith As Personal Autobiography
Handwritten manuscript for Insight. Typed carbon manuscript, two copies
 Box 8
1Parenting Today: On Being A Parent In An Uncertain World
Book published by Word, Inc. Proposal for a book.
Handwritten Manuscript
2Paul For Today
Correspondence. Carbon Manuscript. Notes.
Pupil's book--Letters of Paul II. Outline of course and teacher's guide
3Picking Up The Pieces
Handwritten manuscript, proposal and chapters
4Plain Person
Book published by Augsberg Press
Handwritten manuscript
5"Pornography In Christian Perspective "
Handwritten manuscript for an article in Learning
6Radical Christianity
Book published by Westminster Press
Galley sheets, two sets
 Box 9
Recovery of America 1972
1Original titles: The Road To A New America, The Redeeming Of America
Synopsis and proposals
2Typed manuscript with corrections
3Carbon manuscript #1
4Carbon manuscript #1
5Carbon manuscript #2, pp. 1-178
6Carbon manuscript #2, pp. 179-305
 Box 10
Recovery of America (con't.)1972
1Photocopy manuscript, pp. 1-92 
2Photocopy manuscript, pp. 93-215
3Onion skin manuscript
4Printer's manuscript
5Galley sheets
6Typed and handwritten notes
7Research materials
 Box 11
Religion After 40 1972-1973
1Handwritten notes. Proposal 
2Carbon manuscript for an article in The Lutheran
3Onion skin carbon manuscript
4Typed manuscript
5Typed carbon manuscript with corrections
6Research material and notes
Religion in the Age of Aquarius 1970
8Book published by Westminster Press
Proposal for a book. Detailed outlines, two copies with corrections. Nine page manuscript. Preface
9Carbon manuscript, chapters I-IV
10Carbon manuscript, chapters V-end
11Galley sheets
12Partial carbon manuscript, chapters II I and IV
 Box 12
1Rescuing The Word Of God From The Hands Of Men
Book published by Westminster Press Handwritten and typed manuscript
2"Role Of The Fantasy In Our Religion"
Typed manuscript for an article in Learning With, vol. 2, no. 9
Roots of Radical Theology 1966-1967
3Correspondence, November 27, 1967.
Carbon manuscript
4Editing department manuscript, pp. 1-126
5Editing department manuscript, pp. 127-228
6Galley sheets
7Galley sheets
8Seminar On Creative Writing
Handwritten outline for eight two-hour sessions to be held at Findlay College
9"Solitary Horseman "
Original title: "The Legend Of The American Cowboy"
Handwritten manuscript for an article in Marathon World, no. 2, 1981. 2,000 words
10"Southern Connection "
Carbon manuscript for an article in Learninq With
 Box 13
1Strangers In A Strange Land
Two page typed manuscript
2"Streaking--An Ancient And Honorable Sport"
Handwritten manuscript for Playboy - After Hours"
3"Theology And Ethics In A Unisex Age"
Handwritten manuscript for an article in Learning With, vol. 3, no. 4
4"Theology Of The Plain Life"
Handwritten manuscript for an article in Learning With
5To Bigotry No Sanction
Handwritten outline. Partial manuscript typed and handwritten. Photocopy
6To Bigotry No Sanction
Transcript of three typed discussions between Dr. John C. Cooper and Dr. Hose Durst
7Tools For Conviviality
Handwritten manuscript of a book review for The Christian Century.
Author: Ivan Iclich
8Turn Right
Book published by Westminster Press
Two page manuscript. Galley sheets
9Two Book Reviews For The Christian Century
Two page carbon manuscript
10Watergate: Religious Silence
Handwritten and typed manuscript of a proposal for a new book
11What Is Joy
Typed and handwritten manuscript
Where We Hurt--Psycho-Social Reflections on the Relativity of Human 1977-1978
12Title Change: When We Hurt And Who Can Heal
13Manuscript with corrections and additions
14Typed manuscript
 Box 14
Your Exciting Middle Years 1975
1Co-author: Rachel Conrad Wohlberg
Book published by Word, Inc.
Handwritten manuscript, leader's guide
2Typed manuscript, leader's guide
3Carbon manuscript
4Typed manuscript with corrections
5Manuscript and outline for Religion And Middle Life project
6Manuscript for suggestions for an audio script
7Manuscript for leader's guide and resource manual
8Published original manuscript with corrections
9Galley sheets
10Galley sheets
 Box 15
1Augustine Paper
Handwritten corrections sheet. Bibliography. Footnotes
2Coping With Rejections.
Conference. Correspondence. Conference outline. Conference materials
3Counter Cultural Self-therapy The Arts Of Self Transcendence In Post-Freudian Modes Of Thought
Carbon manuscript with handwritten corrections
Dealing With Destructive Cults 1981-1984
4Co-author: Una McManus
Book published by Zondervan
Correspondence, 1982.
Prospectus. Outline. Introduction. Table of contents. Cult yellow pages
5Chapter I. The cult experience
6Chapter II. First encounters. Cultic control and conditioning
7Chapter III. Cult conditioning
8Chapter IV. Religious totalism: Control of the individual
9Chapter V. Kidnapping And Deprogramming. Also VI. What to do if someone you love joins a cult
10Chapter VI. The place of helping professionals
11Chapter VII. Rehabilitation--A time to heal. Post cult problems--The most common. Also XIII
12Chapter VIII. Dealing with religious issues
13Chapter IX. The church as a healing fellowship
14A call to the church
15The spiritual counterfeits
16How to start a study class on cults at your church
 Box 16
Dealing With Destructive Cults (con't.)1981-1984
1Church of Bible Understanding 
2The Church of Armageddon, the Love Family
3The Unification Church, the Moonies
4Transcendental Meditation
5The Way International or The Way Biblical Research Center
6Worldwide Church of God, Armstrongism
7Rev. Ike and the United Church and Science of Living Institute
8Erhard Seminars Training, EST
9The "I am" movement
10U.F.O. cults
11The Farm
12Inner Peace Movement 
13The Local Church
14The Process/The Foundation
15Naropa Institute. Kargyupa Sect
16The 3HO Movement
18Baha'I World Faith
19Dawn Bible Students Association
20The Church Of The Living Word
21The Glory Barn
22Holy Hill Cathedral
23The Church Of The New Song
24Jehovah's Witnesses
27The Church Of Light
28The Liberal Catholic Church
29Unity School of Christianity
30Vedanta Society
31The Basic Church
32Africa Institute, Inc.
34The Church Of All Worlds
37A Cult With No Name
38The Necadah Shrine Cult
39Sufism or Lovers Of Meher Baba
40The Church Universal and Triumphant
41The Divine Light Mission
42Self Realization Fellowship
43International Society For Krishna Consciousness
44The Tony and Susan Alamo Christian Foundation
45Dawn Horse Fellowship
47Inner Peace Movement
50Cult headings, blue sheets
51The Children Of God or The Family Of Love. Five years in the Children of God
52Editor's notes
53Networking--The counter cult movement
54Research materials
 Box 17
1Existentialist Description Of The " True Church"
Typed manuscript, pp. 1-4
2For-Kicks Crowd
Proposal for a book. Chapter 1
3Future Of Lutheran Higher Education, Susquehanna University Studies, vol. XII, no.2, 1984. John C. Cooper, editor.
Two copies. Correspondence from John C. Cooper. Four pages of proofs
4God's Chosen People
Book review in Journal Of Ecumenical Studies, Vol. 21, no. 2, 1984.
Author: Walbert Buhlmann
5Higher Purpose of Higher Education
Handwritten manuscript, two versions January 2, 1984 and February 7, 1984
6"Is The Antithesis Of Christianity Christendom'?"
Typewritten manuscript, July 1967, pp. 1-32
7John Kilpatrick On "How to Take Care Of Your Car"
Typed manuscript with corrections, pp. 1-8
Life Begins At Fifty 1984-1986
8Book published by Judson Press
Correspondence. Outline. Preface. Introduction
9Chapter I
10Chapter IV
11Chapter V
12Chapter VI
13Chapter VII
14Wife, will you save your husband
15Children: Owe no one anything
16Learning how to live
17Instant Grandparents
18Dealing with ill and incompetent parents
19Bible references. Footnotes, Correction pages, and one miscellaneous page
20Typed manuscript
21Life Of Paul
Annotated bibliography on the life and teaching of Paul. Appendices to a life of St. Paul. A reconstruction of Paul's relationship with Corinth.
Scriptural references. Title page for a paper
22Luke And The Law
Book review for The Journal Of Ecumenical Studies, September 27, 1984. Handwritten manuscript. Author: S. G. Wi1son
 Box 18
1Lutheran Men Topics. 1963
Carbon manuscript. pp. 1-10
2Motive And Means In Social Change
Carbon manuscript. pp. 1-15
3New Abingdon Dictionary Of Bible And Religion
A series of original handwritten explanatory notes for: Book of the Acts of the Apostles, American Schools of Oriental Research ASOR, Annual Conference UMC, Apotheosis, Babylon, William Barclay, Louis Berkhof, G. C. Berkouwer, Biblical Realism, Bioetheics, Jimmy Carter, Charge UMC, G. K. Chesterton, Chronicles I and II, Corrupt Text, Critical Apparatus, Peter Damian, Theology of Death, Demon, Devil, Discipline, Divination Familiar Spirits, Divorce, Egypt, Gospel According to the Egyptians, Ehud, Dwight Eisenhower, Eleazar, Election, Explanatory note, Family Kinship, First Fruits 0. T., N. T., Flood, Foreigner O.T., Free Will Bible and theology, Gad, Gedaliah, Gehazi, Gemariah, Gebal, Gerar, Gerasa, Gershon, Geshan, Gezer, Gihon, Gilgal, Gog and Magog, Goliath, Gomer, Gospel of Truth, Graven Image, Peter Lombard, Gospel of Matthew, Rabanus Maurus, Thomas Herton, Native American Religion, Nauvoo, Ordo Salvtis, Orders and Ordination, Pachomius, Palestrina, William Paley, Francis Peabody, Norman Vincent Peale, Perfectionism, Perpetua and Felicitas, Ancient Peshers, Peter's Pence, Francesco Petrarch, Political theology, Popes/Papacy, Practice of the Presence of God, Quiet Hour, Racovinian Catechism, Ranters, Rector, Relics, Remonstrance. Requiem, Reservation of the Eucharist, Roman Curia, Roman Rite, Churches of Rome, City of Rome, Rosary, Sacerdotal, Sacred Congregations,Sacred Heart, Salve Regina, Sanctuary, Santus, Seal of Confession. Seven Works of Hercy, Shrine, Shroud of Turin, Sign of the Cross, Sistine Chapel, Sitz im leben, Sobornost, Spiritualism, Spirituals:-st.-Pau1'sCathedral, St. Peter's Basilica, st. SophiaorHagia Sophia, Society of st. Sulpice, Station days, Stations of the Cross, Sub Deacon, Sub Dean, Suffragan,Harry Stack Sullivan, Works of Supererogation, Symbolics, Synod, Tenebrae, Testament, Tongues of Fire, Religious Significance of the Number Twelve, Typology, Unification Church, Value Clarification, Vatican Council, Vestments, Vigil, Seven Virtues, Vocation, Vows, Washing of Feet, Water for Impurity, Daughter of Zion
Pauline Basis Of Paul Tillich's Doctrine of the Spirit n.d.
4The significance of the Pauline Spirit Christology for the doctrine of the spiritual presence in the theology of Paul Tillich 
5Chapter I
6Chapter II
7Chapter III
8Chapter IV
9The necessity of ontological interpretation in the hermeneutic task.
Bibliography. Discarded pages
Typewritten manuscript. Includes: Eros, Philos, Uncreated Love, and Agape
11Powers That Be: Earthly Powers And Demonic Rulers.
Book review for The Lutheran Quarterly. Author: Clinton Morrison
Typed one page manuscript
Box 19
1Religious Pied Pipers: A Critique Of Radical Right Wing Religion
Original title: Unenlightened Zeal
Typewritten manuscript with corrections. Handwritten appendix I and II
2Religious Pied Pipers. A Critique Of Radical Right Wing Religion
Photocopy manuscript with corrections
3Theology of Death
A series of three articles for Learning With: "Reflections on a theology of death", "Toward a theology of death", "The theology of death"
Carbon manuscripts
4Throwing the Sticks: Occult Self-Therapy The Arts Of Self-Transcendence In Post-Freudian Modes Of Thoughts.
Typed book manuscript
5View By A Northern Light
Typed manuscript, pp. 1-21. May be a part of Paul For Today
6War Nobody Wants
Typed proposal and chapter outline for a novel, pp. 1-4
7Who Has Sown The Wind?
Handwritten and typed outlines with corrections and additions, January 20, 1985, revised April 30, 1985
8Ministerial Ethics
Handwritten proposal for a new book
9Modern Youth And The Search For A New Humanity
Outline. Typed manuscript
10My Theological Starting Point
Typed manuscript, three copies
11Miscellaneous Manuscript Pages And Notes1973, n.d.
 Box 20
Not for a Million Dollars 1980
1Co-author: Una McManus
Typed manuscript, outline for editorial publicity guidance
2Typed preface and chapter I with corrections and additions
3Photocopy preface and chapter I
4Photocopy manuscript
5Photocopy manuscript, preface to chapter IV
6Photocopy manuscript, chapters VII-XIII, XV
7Photocopy manuscript, chapters VIII-XI, and Flirty Fishing and Rick chapters, new chapter, two copies
8New chapter pp. 141-173, U.S. arrival, search, courtroom, and a child of our time chapters
9Photocopy galley sheets
 Box 21
Ethics and the Life Long Learner 1979
1Handwritten outlines and notes 
2Typed outline with chapter I
3New Prospectus and chapter outlines
6Research materials
7Typed and handwritten sections of manuscript
8Typed first draft manuscript, April 30, 1979
9Carbon manuscript
10Working manuscript, chapter I
11Working manuscript, chapter II
12Manuscript, chapter III
13Working manuscript, chapter IV
14Working manuscript, chapter V
15Working manuscript, chapter VI
16Working manuscript, chapter VII to be included in VI
17Report To General Motors, 1979.
Typed manuscript
 Box 22
1"Bible Studies On Human Rights And On Aging And The Older Adult"
Lecture for two bible studies for Texas Louisiana Synod, LCA, June 2-4, 1978
2"Christ's Challenge To The Church Today"
Speech for the Theology of Social Concern-- St. Paul's A.L.C., Toledo, Ohio, February 9, 1972
3"Constitutional Freedoms: Then And Now" Speech for The state of human freedoms-especially for women--in the bicentennial period.
Given at the State AAUW Workshop, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio, October 18, 1975
4"Current trends In American Religious Life"
Outline for a Baldwin-Wallace College talk, November 19, 1975
5"Dark Visions Of The Future"
Paper for the Film Festival, Olivet College, January 26, 1972. Also given at Bluffton College, n.d.
1972, n.d.
6"Discontinuities, Or Theory As Prayer"
A discussion of the paper for the Fourth Centre Conference on Theoretical Psychology by Joseph Lyons.
Critiqued by John C. Cooper
7"Education And Change" Seminar given at Sucomi (?) College.
Handwritten notes. Research material
8"The Epistemological Order Of Value And Fact"
A study for the 4th Center Conference on Theoretical Psychology
9"Films, Violence, Christian Ethics"
Speech for Bluffton College, January 31, 1974
10"God, Youth, Life Stories And Fantasy"
Handwritten manuscript for a chapel talk for Anderson College, Anderson, Indiana, November 27, 1973
11"God's Message of Love to Mankind--The Word of God" Lecture II.
Handwritten manuscript
12"Lure of Violence In Cinema"
For: Olivet College
13"Lutheran Identity in A Pluralistic Society"
A study for Pres. Jonathan C. Messerli and the Conference on The Future of Lutheran Highter Education in a Pluralistic Society, October 17-18, 1983, Susquehanna University
14"Meaning Of Suffering--For The Christian"
Lecture I, February 18, 1962.
One Of a series of four lectures for the Central Methodist Church, Feb. 18-22, 1962.
Typed manuscript with additions and corrections
15"New Kind Of Man" Public lecture I, Centenary College, March 2, 1972, 10:40 am.
Typed manuscript
16"New Kind Of Man" Public lecture II, Centenary College, March 2, 1972, 6:30 pm.
Typed manuscript
17"The New Mentality"
For Central Kentucky Psychological Association, November 20, 1970.
Public lecture no. I, Pembroke State University
18"The New Religions"
An outline for fifteen weeks of classes, Susquehanna University, Term II, 1982-1983
19"Paul's Evaluation Of The Opposite Sex And Marriage"
Lecture III.
Typed manuscript
20"Project Parenthood"
Correspondence, Notes from meeting.
Typed manuscript, Minutes from committee meetings, Revised evaluation plan, Thoughts for development, Research materials
21"The Recovery Of America "
Speech given at the AAUW, Fostoria, Ohio, November 4, 1976
22" St. Paul's Phrase: 'Being In Christ'"
Typed manuscript, May 15, 1966
23"A Search For The Meaning In The Age Of Aquarius"
Public Lecture II given at Pembroke State University
24"Significance Of Paul For The Christians Of Today" Lecture I.
Typed manuscript
25"Soren Kierkegaard's Use Of Scripture"
For The Eastern Virginia Theological Society, Norfolk, Virginia, March 15, 1977
26"Tell Me A Story "
For Prep program, Lima, Ohio, September 15, 1978.
Typed manuscript
27"Theological Education: Why?"
For The East Pennsylvania Convergence of The Churches Of God in North America
28"Understanding Your Parents"
For Faculty Forum, Bluffton College, March 13, 1979.
Typed manuscript
29"Where It's At. Polymorphous Perversity In The Contemporary North American Religious Imagination, 1963-1984."
Speech. Handwritten manuscript.
Two dates, October 31, 1984, and January 14, 1984, 7:00
30Writing The Non-Fiction Book
Handwritten manuscript for a cassette for The Writer's Voice
 Box 23
1"Behold The Lamb Of God"
Series of six sermon-lectures on the Gospel according to St. John for the Warren, Ohio, ministerial Association, Lenten Worship Services, March 2-April 5, 1960, Central
Handwritten manuscript
2"Coming Together--Key 13"
Sermon for St. Luke's Lutheran Church, North Baltimore, Ohio, December 9, 1973
Typewritten manuscript
3"Fill the World with Faith In The Steadfast Love of God"
Sermon for the ordination for Rev. David Hengen, Bluffton College, September 6, 1971
Typed manuscript
4"Acts Of The Apostles "
Bible 32. Class paper, April 15, 1955
5"Body" By John A. T. Robinson
For New Testament Exegesis Class paper, March 1957
6"Book of Acts "
Bible 31. Class paper, March 19, 1955
7Interpreting Paul's Gospel by A.M. Hunter
For New Testament Exegesis Parallel #1, Class paper, March, 1957
8"Letter of Paul To The Romans"
Bible 32. Class paper, May 26, 1955
9"Paul And His Interpreters by Dr. Albert Schweitzer"
For New Testament Exegesis Class report 13. paper, March 1957
10"Paul" by Martin Dibelius and W. G. Kummell
New Testament history parallel report, January 2, 1956
11Spirit Gr. Eng. Concordance To The N.T. Spirit concordance to the New Testamentn.d.
12Translation of Galatians Graduate School class notes1958-1959
Two student papers. "Saving and conserving" by Pamela Gray. "Wild free food", n.a.
14Clothes, Shoes, And Gear Inventory Inventory of closetn.d.
15Curriculum Vitae
Vitae to 1984
16A list of Published Articles Articles published between 1959-19831984
17Susquehanna University Name Tags Five name tagsn.d.

Books The Recovery Of America . 1972

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