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Dick Perry is an author of humorous non-fiction articles and books. Literary manuscripts and related materials form the core of the collection.

In 1969, Dick Perry first began transferring his manuscripts to the Popular Culture Library, Bowling Green State University. The collection is open for research, but the photocopying of manuscripts must comply with applicable copyright laws. This register was compiled by Nancy White Lee, Popular Culture Library Associate II, in July 1986 and updated in August 2009 by Patricia Falk.

Biographical Sketch  

Dick Perry was born on June 13, 1922, in Cincinnati, Ohio. He married Jean Jobes on September 18, 1948. They have three children. He attended Oberlin College and the University of Chicago.

Perry has worked as a newspaper reporter for Scripps-Howard; creative director for WCPO-TV in Cincinnati, Ohio; in radio and television advertising for Roche, Richerd, Henri, Hurst of Chicago, Illinois; and as radio and television director at Wesco Advertising, Clearwater, Florida. Dick Perry was one of the pioneers in the use of videotape for commercials and has created live, film and videotape commercials for Ashland Oil &Refining Co., Barbasol, Ford Motor Co., Formica Corp., General Electric, Hardware Mutuals, Illinois Power Corp., The Kroger Co., Numaid Margarine, Proctor &Gamble, Strietmann Biscuit Co., and Valvoline Motor Oil. He had a play produced by CBS-TV's "Repertoire Workshop". Dick Perry also won the "First Person" Award from Reader's Digest in 1963.

The Perrys resided in Oxford, Ohio, where Dick Perry worked as a full-time freelance writer. He died March 20th, 2002.

Scope and Content  

The Dick Perry Collection houses the literary manuscripts of his books and short stories. Included are related materials such as literary correspondence, fan mail, and galley sheets. An edited photocopied manuscript for "Do Not Talk to the Motorman While the Streetcar Is In Motion" is included in the collection. Dick Perry won the Reader's Digest "First Person" Award for this short story.

Series Description  


Literary Correspondence
1927?, 1949, 1953, 1955-1957, 1961-1967, 1969, n.d.
Arranged alphabetically by correspondent
This series includes correspondence with Ashley-Steiner, Inc.; Mrs. Rupert O. Beltz; Mrs. Earl Brush; CBS Television Stations; Dauntless Books, Inc.; Joseph Eble of the Cincinnati Enquirer; Samuel French. Inc.; Charles Fuller Productions; Mrs. Robert Fulton Hannum; Harcourt, Brace and World; William Foss Hopkins of Hopkins and Hopkins; Ideal Publishing Corp.; Ingenue; James Brown Associates; James Drew Theatre; Bob Jones; Knox Reeves Advertising, Inc.; Claire Leonard; Littauer and Wilkinson; Lucy Kroll Agency; Monica McCall. Inc.; Maeve Southgate; Jean Robbins; Helen M. Mason; Scott Meredith; Peggy Roth; Parker Publishing Company; Hortense D. Meister; James Finan; Revue; Roche, Richerd, Henri, and Hurst; and Leah Salisbury, Inc.

Theatrical Correspondence
Arranged chronologically
This series includes correspondence with Tami Grimes, Mark Lewis, Westport County Playhouse, Comedia Repertory Co., Richard Hoover, Eli Wallach and Anne Jackson, Richard Barr, Clinton Wilder, and Walter H. Hadden.

Fan Mail
1964, n.d.
Arranged chronologically
This series includes fan mail.

Literary Productions

Manuscripts, Literary
1963-1964, 1966, n.d.
Arranged alphabetically by title of work
This series includes manuscripts for books and short stories, many with handwritten corrections and additions.

Printed Materials

This series consists of a flyer for a school PTA program announcing that Dick Perry will be speaking on "The World of Advertising".

Research Materials
1962-1963, n.d.
Arranged by title
This series includes magazine and newspaper articles.

September 24, 1963
This series includes two newspaper articles on Dick Perry having won the "First Person" Award from Reader's Digest.

This series includes the booklet, Of Lasting Interest: The Story of Reader's Digest.


Box 1
1Ashley-Steiner, Inc. Includes Esquire article1962-1963
2Mrs. Rupert O. Beltz1964-1965, n.d.
3Mrs. Earl Brush1964
4CBS Television stations. Includes release forms1965
5Dauntless Books, Inc.1962-1963, n.d.
6Joseph Eble, Cincinnati Enquirer 1964
7Samuel French, Inc.1962-1963, n.d.
8Charles Fuller Productions1964, n.d.
9Mrs. Robert Fulton Hannum1953
10Harcourt, Brace and World1949, 1963-1966, n.d.
11William Foss Hopkins, Hopkins and Hopkins1965
12Ideal Publishing Corp.1962-1963, n.d.
13Ingenue1962, 1965, n.d.
14James Brown Associates1962
15James Drew Theatre1962-1964, n.d.
16Bob Jonesn.d.
17Knox Reeves Advertising, Inc.1963
18Claire Leonard1962
19Littauer and Wilkinson1953, 1957, 1961-1962
20Lucy Kroll Agency1962
21Monica McCall, Inc.1962, n.d.
22Maeve Southgate
Includes newspaper clippings
1962, 1964
23Jean Robbins1962, 1964, n.d.
24Helen M. Mason1965
25Scott Meredith1956, 1962
26Peggy Roth1963-1965, n.d.
27Parker Publishing Company1964
28Hortense D. Meister1965
29James Finan1963-1965, n.d.
Box 2
2Roche, Richerd, Henri, and Hurst1963
3Leah Salisbury, Inc.1962
4Stern Publications
Includes list of stories and dates.
5Sterling Group, Inc.1963, n.d.
6A. Watkins, Inc.1964-1965, n.d.
7Annie Laurie Williams, Inc.1955-1956
8Gene Williamson1962-1963, n.d.
9Writer's Digest1964-1965, 1969, n.d.
10General1927?, 1962, 1967, n.d.
11General theatre1962-1963
12Correspondence Fan mail1964, n.d.
13"Do Not Talk to the Motorman While the Streetcar is in Motion"
Published in Reader's Digest
Received the "First Person" Award
Photocopy edited manuscript
October 1963
How To Write Your Novel 1966
14Date from folder, August 25, 1966
Typed rough draft of manuscript with handwritten corrections and additions, first third
15Typed rough draft-of manuscript with handwritten corrections and additions, second third
16Typed rough draft-of manuscript with handwritten corrections and additions, last third
17"Limits ... And Imaginary Lines"
Carbon of typed manuscript
18"Mandy, Our Happy Dog" Title from folder
Typed manuscript, pp. 1-4
 Box 3
One Way To Write Your Novel n.d.
1Dick Perry writing as Dick Winfield
Photocopy typed manuscript with handwritten corrections and additions, pp. 1-123
2Photocopy of typed manuscript with handwritten corrections and additions, pp. 124-226
3Extra pages
Raymond And Me That Summer
4Published by Harcourt, Brace, and World, August 26, 1964
Ga11ey sheets
5Correspondence. Includes two pages of telephone numbers and addresses.1964, n.d.
The Roundhouse, Paradise And Mr. Pickering n.d.
6Carbon of manuscript, pp. 1-101.
Includes a form letter dated February 7, 1966, from James A. Brenner.
7Carbon of manuscript, pp. 102-210
8Carbon of manuscript, pp. 11-258
9Printer's manuscript, pp. i-1011966
 Box 4
The Roundhouse Paradise And Mr. Pickering (con't.)
1Printer's manuscript, pp. 102-1841966
2Printer's manuscript, pp. 185-262
3Chapter 10, edited first draftn.d.
4Chapter 10, edited second draft
5Page proofs1966
6Final galley proofs
Seven Hills, Soap, And A Sip Of Beer 1966
7Printer's manuscript, pp. i-71 
8Printer's manuscript, pp. 72-167
9Printer's manuscript, pp. 168-229
 Box 5
Seven Hills, Soap, and a Sip of Beer (con't.)1966
1Printer's manuscript, pp. 230-311 
2Printer's manuscript, pp. 312-397
3Printer's manuscript, pp. 392-496
4Printer's manuscript, pp. 497-547
5"Son, There is No Such Animal as Puppy-Love" Carbon of manuscript, pp. 1-5n.d.
6"Three Cheers for the Constant Lovers" Carbon of manuscript, pp. 1-12n.d.
Vas You Ever in Zinzinnati? 1966
7Printer's manuscript, index 
8Page proofs
9PTA Flyer
Program flyer for an October meeting where Dick Perry spoke on "The World Of Advertising
10"The Curtain Rises And Magazine articleSeptember 1, 1962
11"An Off Camera Close-Up" Magazine article from Mademoiselle February 1963
12"Jalopies I Cursed And Loved"
Magazine article from Reader's Digest
13"Have You An Amusing Anecdote--An Unusual story?"
Page from Reader's Digest
14Drama Page
Theatre schedule from The New York Times
June 16, 1963
15Theatre Articles
Two newspaper articles on theatre
16"First Person" Award
Two newspaper clippings on Dick Perry having won the "First Person" Award from Reader's Digest
September 24, 1963
17Of Lasting Interest: The Story of Reader's Digest
Booklet on the history of Reader's Digest

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