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Box 21
Series IV (con't.)
Subseries 8: Radical Social History and Politics
1Newspaper article
"The Coming Red Dictatorship"
2Congressional report
"The Korean War and Related Matters,"
Report of the Subcommittee to investigate the administration of the internal security act and other internal security laws
Jan. 21, 1955
3Hearings record
"Communist Leadership: 'Tough Guy' Takes Charge"
Hearings before the Subcommittee to investigate the administration of the internal security act and other internal security laws
Feb. 2-3, 1960
4Congressional report
two parts; "The Truth, About the Film 'Operation Abolition'"
Report by the Committee on Un-American Activities
Oct. 5 & Dec. 27, 1961
"The Communist Party of the United States of America: What It Is; How It Works," by the Subcommittee to investigate the administration of the internal security act and other internal security laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate
6Hearing record
"Communism in Labor"
Hearing before the Subcommittee to investigate the administration of the internal security act and other internal security laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate
May 29, 1958
7Congressional report "Communist Target-Youth: Communist Infiltration and Agitation Tactics," a Report by J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, "Illustrating communist strategy and tactics in the rioting which occurred during House Committee on Un-American activities hearings, San Francisco, "May 12-14, 1960
8Congressional report
"Operation Abolition"
The campaign against the House Committee on Un-American Activities, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Government Security Program, by the Emergency Civil Liberties Committee and its affiliates
Nov. 8, 1957
(Deal with Communism)
10Handwritten research notes
"The United States in Vietnam"
[Not by W.F. Ringle]
11Congressional Record
"Vietnam and the New Isolationism," (speech of Hon. Thomas J. Dodd)
Feb. 23, 1965
12Handwritten research notes
First Amendment and First Freedoms
13Reprint of speech
"An American Pleads 'Not Guilty,'" by Max Rafferty
14Flyers, newsletters, booklets
[propaganda from radical right organizations, for example: The American Nazi Party; The Ku Klux Klan; and various Citizens' Councils]
15FBI Annual Report
FBI 1965 Appropriation
16Comic strip and flyers
"Impeach Nixon"
17Magazine article
Photocopy: "Death of an Illusion"
"The Strategy of Protest"
"Zionest Leaders Conspire to Railroad the United States into a Third World War"
April 1966
Box 22
Series IV: Subseries 8 (con't.)
1Informational flyers for Chicago Bus Drivers, North Side Cooperative Ministry Convention Mobilization Help Centersn.d.
2Flyers, newspaper
National Organizing Committee
3Selective Service, draft resistance, Vietnam War protest materials1968
4Pamphlets (Foreign Languages Publishing House):
Son, Truong. The Winter 1966-Spring 1967 Victory and Five Lessons Concerning the Conduct of Military Strategy. Hanoi: FLPH, [72 pages]1967
Vien, Nguyen Khac. Traditional Viet-Nam: Some Historical Stages. Hanoi: FLPH, [156 pages]1969
Duan, Le. The Vietnamese Revolution: Fundamental Problems Essential Tasks. Hanoi: FLPH, [195 pages]1970
SDS (Students for a Democratic Society)
Gitlin, Todd and Bob Ross. The CIA at College: Into Twilight and Back. Chicago, SDS, [10 pages]1967
Vietnam. Chicago, IL: SDS, [13 pages]1968
Political Programme of the South Vietnam National Front for Liberation. Chicago, IL: SDS, [16 pages][1967?]
Lynd, Staughton. The New Radicals and "Participatory Democracy". Chicago, IL: SDS, [10 pages]1965
SDS: An Introduction. Chicago, IL: SDS, [4 pages][n.d.]
Forman, James. United States 1967: High Tide of Black Resistance. Chicago, IL: SDS, [23 pages]1969
Forman, James. Liberation Will Come from a Black Thing. Chicago, IL: SDS, [15 pages]1967
U.S. Get Out of Vietnam Now No Deals! Chicago, IL: SDS, [2 pages][n.d.]
Students for a Democratic Society National Constitution. Chicago, IL: SDS, [6 pages]1967
Politics of SDS March. Chicago, IL: SDS, [2 pages][n.d.]
Hanson, Mary, Anne Johnson, David Shen, and Steve Weissman. The Black Colony in America. Chicago, IL: SDS, [12 pages][n.d.]
Don't Mourn, Organize. Chicago, IL: SDS, [36 pages]1968
Davidson, Carl. The New Radicals---in the Multi-University: An Analysis and Strategy for the Student Movement. Chicago, IL: SDS, [11 pages]1968
6Pamphlets and flyer (Black Power)
Free Huey Demonstration. Oakland, CA: Black Panthers, [2 pages][n.d.]
Cleaver, Eldridge. Revolution in the White Mother Country and National Liberation in the Black Colony. Oakland, CA: Black Panthers, [4 pages]1968
Cleaver, Eldridge. Revolution and Education. Oakland, CA: Black Panthers, [8 pages][n.d.]
Black Rebellion. San Diego, CA: The Truth Seeker Co. Inc., [65 pages]1965
Boggs, James. Manifesto for a Black Revolutionary Party. Philadelphia, PA: Pacesetters Publishing House, [40 pages][1969?]
Hands Off Aaron Dixon; Captain, Seattle Black Panther Party. Seattle, WA: Black Panthers, [16 pages]1968
Guardian: Why - The Huey Case. San Francisco, CA: Northern California Guardian Committee, [10 pages]1968
Eldridge Cleaver for President. San Francisco, CA. [4 pages][n.d.]
Black Liberation and White Racism. Berkeley, CA: Peace and Freedom Movement, [4 pages][n.d.]
National Convention Call. San Francisco, CA: Black Panthers, [8 pages]1968
Huey Newton Talks to the Movement. San Francisco, CA: The Movement, [14 pages]1968
A Plan for Black Liberation. Brooklyn, NY: Progressive Labor Party, [64 pages]1969
Malcolm X. Afro-American History. New York, NY: Merit Publishers, [48 pages]1967
Lee, Don L. Black Words That Say: Don't Cry, Scream. Detroit, MI: Broadside Press, [64 pages]1969
7Informational flyer, literature lists (1969,1970), and pamphlets REP (Radical Education Project) Frank, Andre
Gunther. On the Mechanisms of Imperialism; The Case of Brazil. Ann Arbor, MI: REP, [15 pages]1964
Magdoff, Harry. Economic Aspects of U.S. Imperialism. Ann Arbor, MI: REP, [30 pages]1966
Villarejo, Don. Stock Ownership and the Control of Corporations. Ann Arbor, MI: REP, [65 pages]1961
Rowntre., John and Margaret. The Political Economy of Youth (Youth As Class). Ann Arbor, MI: REP.[n.d.]
Farber, Jerry. The Student As Nigger. Ann Arbor, MI: REP, [8 pages]1968
O'Connor, James. The Meaning of Economic Imperialism. Ann Arbor, MI: REP, [24 pages][n.d.]
Nicolaus, Martin. The Contradiction of Advanced Capitalist: Society and Its Resolution. Ann Arbor, MI: REP, [10 pages][n.d.]
Dean, Heather. Scarce Resources: The Dynamic of American Imperialism. Ann Arbor, MI: REP, [9 pages][1966?]
Frank, Andre Gunther. Hunger. Ann Arbor, MI: REP, [6 pages][1964?]
Caspary, William. American Economic Imperialism. Ann Arbor, MI: REP, [23 pages][n.d.]
Wellman, David. Putting-On the Poverty Program. Ann Arbor, MI: REP, [15 pages][n.d.]
Aberle, Kathleen Gough. Anthropology and Imperialism. Ann Arbor, MI: REP, [6 pages][n.d.]
Cloward, Richard and Frances Fox Piven. Corporate Imperialism of the Poor. Ann Arbor, MI: REP, [3 pages]1967
Mayer, Thomas F. The Position and Progress of Black America. Ann Arbor, MI: REP, [7 pages]1967
Black Power: SNCC Speaks for Itself; A Collection of Interviews and Statements. Ann Arbor, MI: REP, [9 pages][n.d.]
Dowty, Stu. The Academic Quagmire. Ann Arbor, MI: REP, [7 pages]1968
Nicolaus, Martin. The Iceberg Strategy: Universities and the Military-Industrial Complex. Ann Arbor, MI: REP, [16 pages]1967
NEFP ( New England Free Press)
Borenstein, Linda, John Johansson and Richard Winklestern. Patching Up The Movement: A First Aid Manual. [N.P.]: NEFP[n.d.]
Frank, Andre Gunther. The Development of UnderDevelopment. Boston, MA: NEFP, [31 pages]1966
Gilbarg, Dan. Vietnam U.S. Imperialism and Us. Boston, MA: NEFP, [40 pages]1969
Radical Literature for the Movement from the New England Free Press. Boston, MA: NEFPn.d.
9Poster (Stop Urban Renewal) and miscellaneous pamphlets
Kahin, George McT. and John W. Lewis. The United States in Vietnam. Ithaca, NY: IUC [Inter-University Committee for Debate on Foreign Policy], [13 pages]1965
Unger, Elinor. Chemical and Biological Warfare. Ithaca, NY: IUC, [11 pages]1967
Schoenbrun, David. Vietnam; the Case for Extrication. Ithaca, NY: Volunteer Labor, [5 pages]1966
Williams, Bobby Lee, Gail Madden, George Merritt Jr. Speak Out! For the Release of Plainfield's Black Hostages. Plainfield, NJ: Joint Defense Committee, [5 pages][1968?]
Visit the Nation's First Police State. Wilmington, DE: People Against Racism, [4 pages]1969
The World We Want. Ames, IA: Institute on National Affairs, [5 pages][n.d.]
N.A.C.L.A. Research Methodology Guide. New York, NY: North American Congress on Latin America, [18 pages]1968
The Language Game, Is This Democracy?, The Ill-Defined Hive of Illogical Liberals. Ames, IA: Iowa State University, [12 pages]1968
It Happened In Des Moines. Des Moines, IA: Iowa Peace and Freedom Party, [2 pages]1969
"Those Who Are Guilty Are Going To Pay…" New York, NY: PLP [Progressive Labor Party], [8 pages][1967?]
The I.S.U. Liberator. Ames, IA: Iowa State University, [8 pages]1968
Econ - Power!! Put the $$$$ Pressure On. Oshkosh, WI: Oshkosh Peace Forum, [2 pages][n.d.]
Lacoutre, Jean. Vietnam: The Lessons of War. Urbana, IL: Ad Hoc Faculty Committee on Vietnam at ISU, [2 pages]1966
A Case Against War in Vietnam. Urbana, IL: Ad Hoc Committee on Vietnam at ISU, [10 pages][n.d.]
Radicalism of the Left - Americans for Democratic Action. Tulsa, OK: Christian Crusade, [8 pages][n.d.]
10Pamphlets (VISTA)
Whowhatwherewhyhow? Washington, D.C.: VISTA, [15 pages][n.d.]
VISTA Volunteer, Special Recruitment Issue, Washington, D.C.: VISTA, [31 pages]1967
VISTA, Pamphlet 210-2, Washington, D.C.: VISTA, [22 pages]1967
Cut-Out Poverty. Washington, D.C.: VISTA, [31 pages][n.d.]
11Newsletters, memos, flyers, etc.
('Peace legislations')
[See also Box 44]
Box 23
Series IV: Subseries 8 (con't.)
1Newspaper articles
Photocopy: "Mass Media A Racist Institution"
2Magazine articles
Photocopies: "Police: Tales of Three Cities," and "The Return of Tommy the Traveler"
3Committee to Free John Sinclair
(booklet pamphlets)
Published by the Rainbow People and the White Panthers [?]
4Flyers, booklets, posters, newspapers
People's Park, Berkeley, CA
5Flyers and handwritten research notes by W.F. Ringle
(Chicago Urban Plunge)
6Correspondence, enrollment form, outlines for workshop Women's Community Leadership Institute Project1974
7Booklet Story
County Grand Jury - Special Report 8
Dec. 23, 1968
8Typewritten research report
"Toward Women's Liberation"
9Presentation announcement
Phyllis Lyon, "Speaking on Women Who Love Other Women"
"Women's Money for Women's Needs"
11List and chart
"The Top 22: Columbia's Ruling Elite"
12Booklet, flyers, etc.
Student protest movements
Attica Brigade - Anti-Imperialist - Student Organization
14Newspaper and flyer
Jim Newcomber
15Flyers, memos, agendas
Peace & Freedom Party
16Newsletters and booklet
Photocopies: "State of the World,"
Moses David/Children of God
United Front Against Facism
18Reprint of encyclopedia passage
"The Study of Social Movements"
[See also Box 44]
 Box 24
Series IV (con't.)
Subseries 9: Rock Music
1Typewritten bibliography
"Rock Anthem of the Hipocalypse: Musical expression, popularization, and mass diffusion of hip ethos through commercialization in the pop arts and entertainment media," compiled by W.F. Ringle
Summer 1972
2Newspaper article
"Rock Idols and Drugs"
Dec. 13, 1970
3Magazine article
"The New Rock: Bittersweet and Low-James Taylor"
March 1, 1971
4Review and advertisement of phonograph record albums
(Bob Dylan)
5Magazine articles
Two parts; "The Hidden Life of Elvis Presley"
May 4 &18, 1971
[See also Box 49]
 Box 25
Series IV (con't.)
Subseries 10: Anthropology Miscellaneous
1Typed bibliography
"History and Theory of Anthropology: Select bibliography on the origins and character of Anthropology, Anthropologists, and the development of Anthropological style and thought," compiled by W.F. Ringle
[See also Box 36]
Fall 1974
2Handbook, correspondence, and book chapters  originals and photocopies: regarding anthropology1973
3Catalog of titles and price list, correspondence
Warner Modular Publications, Inc.
March 1973
4Correspondence, forms for submitting abstracts
American Anthropologist Association
5Journal article
Photocopy: "Symposium on the History of Anthropology"
June 1959
6Journal article
Photocopy: "Towards a Native Anthropology"
Winter 1970
7Reprint of journal article "Aspects of Upper  Great Lakes Anthropology"1974
8Journal article
Mimeograph copy: "From Commerce to Conquest: A Historical Study of Acculturation in India "
9Handwritten and typewritten notes, blank questionnaire forms, survey schedules, cross reference index, scoring cards and keys, etc., relating to family survey and "Inculturation Status Inventory" project.[ca.1966?]
10Mimeographed introduction, blank questionnaire forms, and blank score book for "NPSR/LAT … Verbal Behavior Experiment," compiled by H.C. Beaman III and W.F. Ringle1966
11Reprint of journal article
"Syncretism, An Acculturative Accelerator"
Summer 1966
12Reprint of journal article
"The Hypothesis of the Mobility Transition"
April 1971
13Reprint of journal article
"Does the Family Have a Future?"
Spring 1971
14Typewritten  research paper (bound)
Photocopy: "An Analysis of Responses of ADC Recipients to Selected Questions from the Model City Survey, Des Moines," by E. Zober
March 19, 1969
15Typewritten research report
Mimeograph copy: "Social and Cultural Change Among the Old Amish Order"
16Typewritten bibliography
Mimeograph copy: "An Annotated Bibliography of the Early Iron Age in Central America," compiled by T.N. Huffman
17Journal article
Photocopy: "The Design of  Cultures: Evolutionary Theory and Human Progress"
18Book chapters
Photocopy: Man the Hunter
19Correspondence and book chapter
Photocopy: Protean Man
[See also Box 42]
 Box 26
Series IV: Subseries 10 (con't.)
1Handwritten research notes and journal article
Photocopy: "Fostermothers in Ulanga"
[Tanganzeka, Africa]
2Magazine article
"Cultural Factors in Political Decision-Making: A Small Town Election in India ," by B.C. Agrawal
Feb. 20, 1971
3Paper presented at 68th Annual Meeting of American Anthropological Association, New Orleans, LA
Two mimeograph copies: "The Process of Becoming a Jain Bhikshuni: An Analysis of Diksha Cermeony in a Small Town of Madhya Predesh, India," by B.C. Agrawal
Nov. 20-23, 1969
4Various papers by B.C. Agriwal "Towards a Dynamic Model of the Jajmani System, Badnawar, Madhya Pradesh," "Cultural Factors in Political Decision Making: A Small Town Election in India ," "Renwick in 70's," and "Religious Adaptation to Physical Environment in the Hindu Universe"1970
5Paper presented at the Wenner-Gren Conference on The Origin of Man, Chicago, IL
"Object-Naming and the Emergence of Language," by J.B. Lancaster
April 2-4, 1965
The Hispanic Acculturation of the Gila River Pimas. Washington, DC: The American Anthropological Association, 1961 [171 pages]
7Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Southern Anthropological Society, Dallas, TX
Photocopy: "The Enshrining Ceremony: Innovation in American Nichiren Shoshu and Its Effects on Clergy-Laity Distinctions," by S.L. Garrigues
April 1-3, 1971
[See also Box 42]
 Box 27
Series IV: Subseries 10 (con't.)
1Book chapters
Photocopy: The Ideal Woman
2Book chapter
Photocopy: Psychological Care of Infant and Child
3Book chapter
Photocopy: Sterilization of the Unfit
4Book chapter
Photocopy: Sex Talk to Girls
5Book chapter
Photocopy: Sex Talk to Boys
6Journal article
Photocopy: "Sexual Fetishism"
7Journal article
Photocopy: "Sexual Deviations as Conditioned Behaviour: A Hypothesis"
Photocopy: Benjamin, The Temperance Boy, by the Massachusetts Sabbath School Society

[See also Boxes 42 and 43]

 Box 28
Series IV (con't.)
Subseries 11: Archaeology Miscellaneous
1Thesis paper (bound)
"The Nineteenth Century Ceramic Industry at Coal Valley: Archaeology of 13BN111 Noah Creek Kiln," by B. Schulte
2Chapter One [of thesis ?] by B. Schulte[l974?]
3Reprint of magazine article
"Archeology as a Social Science"
Sept. 1970
4Chapter Four [of thesis?]
"The History of the Moingona Potter Industry: Sites 13BN120 and 13BN132."
Chapter Four: "Archaeological Investigations and Conclusion," by A. Schroeder
5Journal articles
Photocopies, mimeograph copies, and originals: population studies
6Grant application and proposal
Iowa Board for Public Programs in the Humanities by the Office of State Archaeologist, University of Iowa, Marshall McKusick, Director
June 1973
7Typewritten research paper
"The Pre-Columbian Distribution of the Bottle Gourd: A Re-evaluation I," by J.B. Richardson III
 Box 29
Series IV (con't.)
Subseries 12: Black Studies
1Typewritten bibliography
Photocopy: "Words of the Struggle: A Selected Bibliography of Works on the American Negro," compiled by W.F. Ringle
Oct. 1968
2Typewritten bibliography
Draft:  "Words of the Struggle," compiled by W.F. Ringle
Oct. 1968
3Typewritten bibliography
Mimeograph copy: "’The Family’ Among Black Americans: A Basic Reference Bibliography," compiled by W.F. Ringle
Spring 1969
4Typewritten bibliography
Draft: "Blacks and the Blues: A Select Working Bibliography on Black Music and Musicians and their Critical, Historical and Functional Interrelationship to the Evolution and Global Diffusion of Black Language and Culture," compiled by W.F. Ringle and K. Johnson
Summer 1972
5Typewritten bibliography
Photocopy: "Blacks and the Blues," compiled by W.F. Ringle and K. Johnson
Summer 1972
6Typewritten bibliography working copy: "Blacks & the Blues: Selected Bibliography of Black Music and Musicians in American History and Culture," compiled by W.F. Ringle1971
7Typewritten bibliography
First edition: "Blacks & the Blues," compiled by W.F. Ringle and K. Johnson
8Typewritten bibliography
Bound: "Blacks and the Blues," compiled by W.F. Ringle and K. Johnson
Summer 1972
9Photocopy: Verbal abuses of the Bono society
Newspaper article
Photocopy: "Americanisms that may once have been Africanisms"
Fall 1973
10Typewritten bibliography
Photocopy: "Race  Relations," compiled by Hraba
11Typewritten bibliography
Photocopy: "American Negro Collections: A List of References," compiled by D.B. Porter
[See also Box 50]
 Box 30
Series IV: Subseries 12 (con't.)
Photocopy: "A Working Bibliography on the Negro in the United States," compiled D.B. Poder          
2Typewritten bibliography
Photocopy: "A Working Bibliography on Negro Literature in America ," compiled by C. Stack
3Typewritten research paper
"Different Realities of the Black Experience: A Survey of Black-Authored American Literature," by S. E. Small
4Book order catalog
Negro Universities Press
June 1973
5Paper presented at the 50th Annual Meeting of the Central States Anthropological Society
Mimeograph copy; "T.W.O.: Protest to Program: The Politization of a Black Community," by M.H. Bluebond
6Newspaper clippings
George Washington Carver
7Book chapter
Photocopy: Ekkoes from Kentucky
8Book chapter
Photocopy: The Negro A Beast or In the Image of God; the reasoner of the ace. The revelator of the century! The Bible as it is! The Negro and his relation to the human family…The Negro not the Son of Ham …, by Charles Carroll; for class use, Sociology 300
9Book chapter
Photocopy: The Negro A Beast
12Reprint of journal article
"Religion: Opiate or Inspiration of Civil Rights Militancy Among Negroes?"
Feb. 1967
13Reprint of journal article
"The Negro Ghetto: Problems and Alternatives"
July 1965
14Typewritten research paper
Photocopy: "Parenthood and Personal Networks among Blacks 'On Aid'," by C.B. Stack
15Population report
Bound photocopy: "Social & Economic Conditions of Negroes in the United States ," by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the U.S. Bureau of the Census
Oct. 1967
16Community report
"A Community Report -Twenty Years Later: The Status of the Negro in Champaign County" (Illinois)
Oct. 1968
17Research paper
Photocopy: "Black through White: Patterns of Communication," by D. Dalby
18Reprint of journal article
Photocopy: "Playing  the Dozens"
19Index to reprint Series
Black Studies
[See also Box 50]
 Box 31
Series IV (con't.)
Subseries 13: African Studies
1Typewritten bibliography
Photocopy: " Africa: Theatre and Literature," compiled by M. Fearn
June 6, 1970
2Typewritten bibliography
Photocopy: "African History," compiled by S.J.T. Samkange
Aug. 15, 1968
3Typewritten bibliography
Photocopy: "A Bibliography of African Bibliographies," compiled by the African Studies Committee, University of Illinois
Dec. 1966
4Reprint of journal article
"Symbols in African Ritual"
March 1973
5Book chapter
Photocopy: Africa and Its People
6Reprint of journal article
"The Lesson of the Pygmies"
Jan. 1963
7Typewritten research paper
Mimeograph copy: "Kampala, Uganda - A Test Case: Perspectives for the Comparative Study of Changes in the Structure of Urban Social Relations," by C.B. Stack
Spring 1966
8Typewritten bibliography
Photocopy: Urban Migration (Africa)
Spring 1966
9Paper presented at Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, New Orleans, LA
"Pathology and Therapeutics among the Bono of Ghana," by D.M. Warren
Nov. 28-Dec. 2, 1973
10Paper presented at Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropolog, Boston, MA
"The Role Emic Analyses and Folk Taxonomies in Applied Medical Anthropology: The Case of Techiman, Ghana," by D.M. Warren
March 14-16, 1974
11Reprint of journal article
"Some Yoruba Wellerisms, Dialogue Proverbs, and Tongue Twisters" 
Summer 1964
"Unity The Road to Freedom in South Africa "
June 1965
"West African Cooking," by Mary Warren and Beth Bryant
February 1974
[See also Box 41]
 Box 32
Series IV (con't.)
Subseries 14: Native American Studies
1Journal article
Photocopy: "Mesquaki History As We Know It"
Photocopy: A.I.M. (American Indian Movement)
3Typewritten bibliography
Mimeograph copies: "Mesquaki The Red Earth People," compiled by W.F. Ringle and D. Wanatee
4Research report
"Indian Education Provisions of Public Law 92-318," prepared by the Office of Legislation of the U.S. Office of Education
5Reprint of journal article
"A Recent Nativistic Movement Among the Southern Tepehuan Indians"
Winter 1959
6Reprint of journal article
"Reciprocal Exploitation in an Indian-White Community"
Summer 1965
7Reprint of journal article
Photocopy: "Native Songs of Two Hybrid Ceremonies of the American Indian"
8Journal article
Photocopy: "Survey of the Indians of Sonora"
Fall 1957
9Pamphlet/book listing
"Books on the American Indian," University of Nebraska Press
10Symposium schedule
"Symposium on the American Indian in the University," Iowa State University
April 28, 1973
11Convocation schedule
87th Annual Convocation
Camp Chesterfield, Chesterfield, Indiana; and encyclopedia listing (Encyclopedia of Indians of the Americas)
June 29-Sept. 3, 1973
12Book listing
Indians of North America
Fall 1973
13Maps and newspapers
Contemporary American Indian Studies Pow Wow
14Newspaper article
Photocopy: "They Pray All Night"
Dec. 21-26, 1962
15Magazine article
Photocopy: " Iowa's Indians Come of Age"
Jan./Feb. 1975
Mesquaki Indian Pow Wow
Sept. 3-7, 1970
17Typewritten research proposal
Two photocopies: "Working Proposal for Mesquaki School"
18Thesis outline and graduate college program of study
Photocopies: "The Role and Importance of Clothing in the Rediscovery and Enforcement of the American Indian Cultural Heritage, As Seen in the Mesquaki Tribe," by C.C. Neverman
May 1973
19Map and research report
"Sac & Fox Indian Reservation"
20Research materials (handwritten research notes)
Photocopies of articles, etc. dealing with North American Indians
"Indian Perspective on Iowa: Education, Spiritual Freedom, and Social Responsibilty," and "Documents of the Chicano Struggle."
 Box 33
Series V: Teaching
Subseries 1: University of Illinois
Note: Box 33, Folder 1 is CLOSED TO ACCESS
1Hand and typewritten letters from W.F. Ringle
Student letters of recommendation
Anthropology 102, University of Illinois
2Sample class examinations1965
3Sample class examinations and lecture materials 1966
4Class materials handouts, bibliographies, etc.1966
5Class handouts, bibliographies, and sample examinations1966-1968
6Lecture notes1968
7Class handouts, sample examinations, and lecture  notes1968
8Typewritten bibliography
"An Annotated Bibliography on the Theory of Myth from a Basically Anthropological Viewpoint--With a bit of Psychoanalytic Material as Well. Excluding However the Purely Folklore Material as Beyond the Scope of This Compilation," compiled by E.F. Reynolds for Anthropology 499H
Feb. 27, 1969
 Box 34
Series V (con't.)
Subseries 2: Iowa State University
1Sample class examinations and handouts
Anthropology 218 Iowa State University
2Class handout " Exploring Coal Valley's Past,"
Anthropology 220, Iowa State University
Fall 1971
3Class reserve book list, mid-term examination
Anthropology 333 and Anthropology 430, Iowa State University
Fall 1971
4Typewritten bibliography
Photocopy: Selected reference bibliography, "Black Americans: Anthropological Perspectives," compiled by W.F. Ringle for use in Anthropology 499B
Spring 1971
5Bibliography with brief explanations of texts
"Recommended Magazine Reading - Anthropology 450B: Contemporary Negro Culture in the United States ," compiled by W.F. Ringle
6Typewritten bibliography
"The Seeds of the Black Panthers: People, places, and incidents which helped cause the angry, young blacks of the middle 1960's to form the group known as The Black Panther Party," compiled by G. Wilcke for Anthropology 333
[See also Boxes 29 and 30]
7Handwritten lecture notes
Language changes through time for Anthropology 370, Iowa State University
Note: Box 34, Folder 8 is CLOSED TO ACCESS
8Class examinations, adds and drops receipts
Anthropology 425, Iowa State University
Winter 1972
9Typewritten research paper
Photocopy: "The Development of Spinning in Mesoamerica," by N.M. Osborn for Anthropology 490Y
Winter 1972
10Class handouts and lecture notes
Anthropology 490x, Iowa State University
Spring 1972
11Class handouts and examinations
Anthropology 421, Iowa State University
Spring 1972
 Box 35
Series V: Subseries 2 (con't.)
Note: Box 35, Folder 6 is CLOSED TO ACCESS
1Class handouts, sample examinations, and lecture notes
Anthropology 402, Iowa State University
2Typewritten research paper
Photocopy: "Cultural Lag in Western Sexual Mores or Onania, the Henious Crime of Self-Pollution," by L. Robinson for Anthropology 422, Iowa State University
[See also Box 43]
Summer 1972
3Class handouts and sample examinations
Anthropology 322 and Anthropology 422, Iowa State University
4Hand and typewritten research papers
"Inside an Outward Bound Camp: Interaction in a Small Group of Strangers Living and Working Together," by D. Losure for AN490, Iowa State University; "Eee, eee, Agyaee! The Call of Bono Music," by O. Brempong
Winter 1972-1973
5Lecture notes and handouts Anthropology 322, 322X, Iowa State UniversityWinter 1973
6Adds and drops receipts, class rosters
Anthropology 322, 322x, Iowa State University
Spring 1973
7Mid-term examination
Anthropology 421, Iowa State University
Spring 1973
8Class handout of required texts, syllabus
Anthropology 218, Iowa State University
Fall 1973
9Research papers and departmental correspondence
"The Investigation of 19th Century Kilns in the Central Des Moines River Valley," and "I'm Standing on the Outside, Looking at the Inside: A Simulated View from the Developing Country's Side," by D.M. Gradwohl
10Conference schedule
"Pop! Goes Our Culture," Institute on National Affairs, at Iowa State University
[See also Box 49]
Jan. 14-20, 1973
11Departmental correspondence Dept. of  Anthropology, Iowa State University1973
12Departmental correspondence Dept. of  Anthropology, Iowa State University1973
13Masters examination
Physical Anthropology, Iowa State University
Jan. 1974
Note: Box 35, Folders 14 and 15 are CLOSED TO ACCESS
14Class examinations
Anthropology 422, Iowa State University
Jan. 1974
15Student grades
Sociology 113 and Anthropology 101, Iowa State University
Fall 1974
16Book chapter
Photocopy: The Ghost Dance Origins of Religion, for class use: Anthropology 340 1974, Iowa State University
1970 1974
17Book chapter
Photocopy: "Anthropology and the  Abnormal," from Readings in Anthropology, for class use: Anthropology 340 1974, Iowa State University
1968 1974
18Typewritten research paper "Rock and Religion," by T. Till for Anthropology 340, Iowa State University
[See also Box 41]
  Box 36
Series V: Subseries 2 (con't.)
1Class syllabus and bibliography
"History and  Theory of Anthropology" - Anthropology 550 Symposium [See also Boxes 25, 26, and 42]
Fall 1974
2Departmental and class materials
Dept. of Anthropology, Iowa State University; includes copy of Ringle's "Ideals & Realities" bibliography
[See also Box 42]
Spring 1974
3Newspaper article, research paper, graduate student guide, biography, and study program guide
"Student interest prompts course on death"
"Some American Myths Concerning Homosexuality"; by Duane Peter.
Spring 1974
4Magazine articles
Bound photocopies: "Sociological Aspects of the Relation Between Language and Philosophy," "Language, Thought, and Culture," "Linguistic Relativity: The Views of Benjamin Lee Whorf," for use in Anthropology 499B
5Typewritten bibliography
"Drugs Bibliography," compiled by M.E. Jackson for Anthropology 499
6Reprint of journal article
"The Nature and Defense of Demeanor"
June 1956
7Reprint of journal article
"Cultural Basis of Emotions and Gestures"
Sept. 1947
8Typewritten research paper and handwritten note
"The Peyote Religion," by G. Grimes for Anthropology 490, Iowa State University
[See also Box 43]
Spring 1975
9Three typewritten research papers
"French Structuralism: Durkheim to Levi-Strauss. Structuralism: What is it?" "Acculturation, Urbanization, and the Anthropological Study of "Complex" Societies. The Usage of "Acculturation" in Anthropology," and "Emics/Etics and the New Ethnography. The Etic and Emic Approach," all by Fu-hau Yu for Anthropology 550 Symposium
Winter 1974-1975
10Thesis proposal
Photocopy: "An Ethnographic Census-Interview of Native Americans in Des Moines, Iowa," by M. Moser
May 20, 1974
11Anthropology 550 Symposium research papers
Photocopies: topics discussed: structuralism and linguistics
Fall 1974
12Correspondence and research paper
Photocopy: "Ethical Concerns: Old Wine in New Bottles," by K. Stebbins for Anthropology 550
13Anthropology 550
Symposium research papers
 photocopies: topics discussed: emics and etics
Fall 1974
 Box 37
Series V: Subseries 2 (con't.)
1Class lecture notes, sample examinations, and study
(questions "The Existence of God," Philosophy 21)
4Book chapters
Photocopies; "The Verification of Belief in God," and "Upon the Love of Our Neighbour," for class use: Philosophy 21
5Class lecture notes, sample examinations and review worksheet
Philosophy 53
 Box 38
Series V: Subseries 2 (con't.)
1Teaching folder
"History of Theory in Anthropology," Iowa State University; contains syllabus, seminar schedule, research topics, and bibliography
Fall 1974, 1974
2Research folder
Hand and typewritten charts and statistics on African, East Asian, and South American Studies, by W.F. Ringle
3Research folder
Hand and typewritten charts and statistics on African, East Asian, and South American Studies, by W.F. Ringle
 Box 39
Series V (con't.)
Subseries 3: Miscellaneous Teaching Papers
1Typewritten research paper
"The Adventures of Rippey's Orchard or 'How to cut your toe in the toenail clipper without really trying.' An Ethnology/Anthology/Ethnohistory done for Bill Ringle by Jim Krafft"
2Typewritten research proposal
"Toward an Ethnography of the Day," by M.D. Topper
Sept. 30, 1970
3Paper presented to the SAS and SWAS [Southern and Southwestern Anthropological Societies?] Annual Meetings
Photocopy: "Anthropology and Mass Media: or Why is there a Margaret Mead, Daddy?'" by M.D. Topper
Spring 1971
4Journal article and paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association
"Class Structure and Social Reproduction in New Spain/Mexico," and "Agrarian Politics and Regional Class Structure in La Rioja, Spain," both by T.C. Parrish
5Typewritten research paper
Draft for comments: "Class Structure and Social Reproduction in New Spain/Mexico," by T.C. Parrish
Nov. 1979
6Typewritten research paper
Photocopy: draft by T.C. Parrish
7Typewritten research paper
Photocopy: "Elites vs./$ the State: Towards an ethnography of power," by E.C. Hansen and T.C. Parrish
8Handwritten comments and typewritten thesis paper [?]
Photocopy of draft: "Northern Sung Regional and Local Administration", by M. McGrath
9Handwritten comments and typewritten chapter [of thesis?]
"The Central Military Establishment," by M. McGrath
10Handwritten comments and typewritten chapter  [of thesis?]
"The Military Intendant," by M. McGrath
11Handwritten research paper
Photocopy; Paper presented at the Conference on the Evolution of Imperial Governance, 10th-14th Centuries "The Northern Sung Military Intendancy: Emergence and Development of Regional Administration"; both by M. McGrath;
Excerpt from book Photocopy: "Turk, Aryan and Chinese in Ancient Asia," from Selected Works of Peter A. Boodberg
 Box 40
Series V: Subseries 3 (con't.)
1Typewritten research paper
Photocopy: "Flowers for the Void: Essay on the Coming Revolution," by D. Terry
2Typewritten research paper
Photocopy: "The Failure of Revolutions," by D. Terry.
3Typewritten research paper
Photocopy: "The Relation Between a High Frequency of Drunkenness and the Vision Quest: Is There a Dependency Conflict?" by T. Riddington
April 1967
4Master's thesis proposal and paper presented at Central States Anthropological Society Meeting
"Religion as Rationalization: A Study of the Function of a Liberal Religious Fellowship in Paradigmatic Culture Change," and "Definition of the Natural in a Liberal Religious Fellowship," both by S.E. Patten
Spring 1973
5Thesis proposal
Photocopy: "Akan Time and Space," by D. Fink
6Thesis proposal
Photocopy: "Ethnicity and Middle Class Values: A Study of the Greek Community in a Midwestern Iowa City," by V. Cunning
May 18, 1974
7Draft of thesis
Photocopy: "The Social Organization of Lakeview Nursing Home," by DC Stewart
March 29, 1974
8Thesis proposal
Two copies: "Meet Me at the Corner or Bustopp? Ethnographies of two models of Senior High age-level programs, considered from a self-actualization perspective," by G.B. Tadlock
Spring 1973
9Typewritten research paper
Photocopy: "The Evolution of Yoruba Law: A Case Study of Ogbomosho, Nigeria," by M.M. Dickens
Nov. 5, 1974
10Typewritten research paper
Photocopy: "The Privy Purse, State Finances and the Exercise of Imperial Power in Sung China," by R.M. Hartwell
11Typewritten research paper
"Social Science in Guatemala and the Role of U.S. Personnel, 1950-1967," by C.P. Blair
12Typewritten research paper
Photocopy: "Aspects of the Criterion Problem in Small Group Research," by I.  Altman
13Typewritten thesis
Photocopy: "Religion, Rationality, and Rationalization," by S.E. Patten
Jan. 22, 1974

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