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PCL MS-33: William F. Ringle Collection

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Series Description

Series I:
Personal Papers, 2 boxes
Arranqed chronologically, and by functional type
Includes brief biographical information, correspondence primarily outgoing letters relating to graduate school admissions and degree requirements, and some confidential family financial records and legal documents

Series II:
Professional Files, 2 boxes
Arranged chronologically, and by name of organization
Includes correspondence, flyers, catalogs, order forms, membership records, and other materials relating to Ringle's memberships in and affiliations with professional organizations, and his subscriptions to many newsletters, magazines, journals and donations of underground comics from Dan Fernelius.

Series III:
Graduate School Research, 2 boxes
Arranged chronologically, by research project: Yaqui Indians in Sonora Mexico, Guadalupe Arizona Project, and Three Turkey Ruin [n.p.]
Includes thesis proposal, research notes and papers, field notes, film logs, and photocopied materials.

Series IV:
Post-Graduate Research, 36 boxes
Includes correspondence, research notes and papers, photocopied journal articles and book chapters, printed materials, bibliographic references, and unpublished bibliographies and reports. Arranged chronologically, and by research topic into fourteen subseries, as follows:
  1. Aboriginal Fish Poisons 1965*
  2. East African Cultures 1966-1967*
  3. Ethnobotany and Ethnopharmacology of African Primates 1967*
  4. Ethical Aspects of Social Science Research 1969*
  5. "Hip" Counterculture and Psychedelic Subculture 1967-1975*
    Also includes material on the history, social and cultural aspects, and religious, mystical, and philosophical uses of psychedelic drugs in alternative subcultures in the United States
  6. Drug Culture and Cross-Cultural Ethnopharmacology 1968-1973*
    Includes materials on the cross-cultural history, chemical, medical, and pharmacological aspects of such drugs as LSD, marijuana, hash, "magic mushrooms," peyote, alcohol, and tobacco; information on their cultivation and preparation; medical history and folk medicine; and the legal implications of drug distribution and trafficking.
  7. Drug Abuse and Education 1970-1983*
  8. Radical Social History and Politics 1971-1974*
  9. Rock Music 1966-1974*
  10. Anthropology Miscellaneous 1966-1975*
  11. Archaeology Miscellaneous 1970-1974*
  12. Black Studies including music, race relations, and protest 1965-1973*
  13. African Studies 1963-1974*
  14. Native American Studies 1965-1975*
*Note: These date spans cover the periods of time during which Ringle was conducting research on these topics.

Series V:
Teaching, 8 boxes
Includes correspondence, class rosters, course syllabi, lecture notes, reading lists, examinations, research papers, and related teaching materials, of which some are closed to access. Arranged chronologically, and divided into three subseries:
  1. University of Illinois
  2. Iowa State University
  3. Miscellaneous teaching papers

Series VI:
Notecards, 10 boxes
Contains bibliographic references in groups of 2" x 4" and 5" x 7" notecards, relating to Ringle's research and teaching on various topics. The notecards are arranged in the categories established by Ringle. Throughout this register cross references are provided between the notecards in this Series and related materials in other Series.

Series VII:
Printed Materials, 10 boxes
Some of the serial publications (ca. 950) from the Ringle Collection have been integrated and intershelved with related materials at the Browne Popular Culture Library. Those serials remaining in the Ringle Collection (MS-33) are arranged in approximate chronological order, according to the form of the publication, in the following five subseries:
  1. Newspapers: Underground and Alternative Press Collection
  2. Periodicals
  3. Miscellany - Includes photocopies of book chapters, journal articles, and reports that are seemingly unrelated to prior Series and subseries. Also contains personal memorabilia, a game entitled "Drug Addict Springboard to Family Communication: An Informative Game on Drug Abuse," and various ephemeral items from the 1960s peace symbol cards and armband, for example. Also contains items added to the Ringle Collection after its receipt at the Browne Popular Culture Library.
  4. Catalogs
  5. Transfers - Subseries 6, Transfers, lists those serials from the Ringle Collection that have been transferred to the periodical and comic book collections at the Browne Popular Culture Library and to the periodical collections in the Music Library and Sound Recordings Archives.
Series VIII:
Miscellaneous items, 1 box
Includes items unrelated to prior Series and subseries such as: broadsides, pamphlets, flyers, newsletters, announcements, and fact sheets on various topics.

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