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Inventory (Boxes 21-92)

Box 21
Series VIII: Other Professional Work
Subseries A: "Writing Comics is a Serious Business" Files
1correspondence concerning Saturday Eveninq Post article by Saunders on continuity in comics
[it is unclear if this article was ever published in the Post, although it was published in Esquire]
May 1942 - Jan 1943
2returned questionnaires, photographs, artwork, from the following comic creators:1942
Ted Ashby, Ned Bryant comic strip
Monte Barrett, Jane Arden
Alfred Brewerton, Pam
Bill Braucher, Our Boarding House
Milton Caniff, Terry and the Pirates
Glenn Chaffin, Flyin' Jenny
Harold Gray, Little Orphan Annie
Weare Holbrook, Clarence
Renny McEvoy, Dixie Dugan
Tarpe Mills, Miss Fury
Charlie Plumb, Cinders
Dude Proebsting, Buckskin Lad
Lieutenant Wilson Starbuck, U.S.N., Navy Bob Steele
John J. Welch, The Red Kniqht
3correspondence, questionnaire, artwork, from Betsy and Stanley Baer, The Toodle Family and The Nebs May 1942
4clippings, photographs, cut-outs, questionnaire from Dick Calkins and John Dille, Buck Rogers May 1942
5correspondence, photograph, publicity material for Sadie Hawkins Day, from Al Capp, Li'l Abner 1942
6questionnaire, from Paul photograph, dailies of strip, Fogarty, Draftie March 1942
7Questionnaire from Chester Gould, Dick Tracy June 1942
8questionnaire, correspondence, photographs from Frank Martinek, Don Winslow of the Navy **May 1942
9photographs, correspondence, questionnaire, from Drew Pearson, Robert S. Allen, and Jack Sparling, Hap - Hopper May 1942
10correspondence, photograph, magazine article, questionnaire from Frank Rentfrow, Sergeant Stony Craig 1942
11photographs, publicity material from Jerry Siegal and Joe Shuster, Superman **April 1942
12correspondence, questionnaire, copied artwork, photo from Raeburn Vanburen, Abbie an' Slats Sept. 1942
13handwritten research notes, chartsn.d.
magazine articles1942
manuscript of article:
"Writing Comics Business" is a Serious Business"
14correspondence from Esquire, final draft:
"Writing Comics is a Serious business"
 Box 22
Series VIII: Other Professional Work
Subseries B: Agent Correspondence and Research Files
1correspondence with Whitman Publishing Company [regarding "Good Neighbors Game" publication rights]; legal document between Whitman and Saunders and John b. Carson, creators of "Democracy" game
[See also: Series X, Subseries B]
1944, 11/1940
2miscellaneous clippings, articles on comics in advertising1948 - 1964
3correspondence with Toni Mendez (regarding Kerry Drake and Mary Worth film/television/radio tie-ins); contract for Mary Worth television rights1949 - 1953
4general correspondence with Toni Mendez1950 - 1951
5publicity material:
"Tom Corbett, Space Cadet" from Toni Mendez
6Metro agency correspondence (advertising agency)
[Metro was Saunders' agent for freelance work; majority of correspondence is with Carl Schmidt, advertising director]
March 1956 - Dec 1957
7correspondence with Metro; research notes on Pillsbury advertising campaign; Pillsbury advertisements from magazines; cookbook: Pillsbury's Best Butter Cookie Cookbook,Vol. 2 [The Pillsbury Playhouse comic advertising strip was done by Saunders]1957 - 1958
8correspondence; notes; advertisments from magazines [Doctor Dave comic strip advertisement for Chevrolet was done by Saunders1958
9original watercolor and ink sketches of faces and figures by Heilman for strip [for Chevrolet advertisement]
10correspondence regarding The Five of Us, comic strip advertisement [Jell-O/General Foods] by Saunders
11correspondence from "H.H. Anderson regarding Squeekie and Charlie Wild, Wildroot Shampoo and Hair Tonic comic strip advertisements [not by Saunders]
12correspondence with Louis Weintraub [public relations firm]4-5/1959
13correspondence between Saunders and Louis Weintraub; letter from Weintraub1/59-7/60, 3/24/69
14publicity material on Saunders by Weintraub agency; Steve Roper pamphlet by Saunders: Steve Roper Discovers Toledo Means Business; excerpts of speech given by Saunders [all connected to Weintraub]; article on Weintraub[1959 - 1960], 3/2/1959
15correspondence; publicity page proof and news clipping of advertisements of Mrs. Butterworth [General Foods, not by Saunders] **1962
16correspondence; page proofs for Vicks Cough Drops comic strip advertisements; sketch [not by Saunders] **1962
17Metro agency correspondence3/1958 - 12/1959
181/1960 - 8/1961
195/1962 - 12/1962
201/1963 - 4/1964
21correspondence between Saunders and Monroe B. Scharff [public relations firm]; RCA News release on comic artists at New York World's Fair; correspondence with The Rotarian; manuscript of article "The Encourager" that appeared in The Rotarian about Saunders [all material connected to Scharff agency]
[NOTE: See scrapbook of Series X, Subseries D for a copy of "The Encourager" article]
Oct. 1963-April 1965
Box 23
Series VIII: Other Professional Work
Subseries C: Duke Handy/Phillip Morris Campaign Material
1typed manuscript:
"A Review of Chuck Carson Comic Strip and Recommendations for the Future" [Metro Comics]
2correspondence concerning Philip Morris campaign; contract between Ad-Art, Inc. and Philip Morris [Saunders first comics creator to write a week-to-week continued story strip for a national advertiser]
booklet: Strengthen America's Peace Power
1957 - 1958
3correspondence regarding A. Armando strip Chuck Carson [legal battle, Armando claimed Duke Handy infringed on his original creation]1958
4original color newsprint of Duke Handy stripsJuly 20, July 27, Aug 17, 1958
5Duke Handy publicity material:
publicity clippings of articles about strip; publicity photographs of Saunders, Kotsky and of Handy character; memos; correspondence; publicity spread sheet
6Letter from Alex [Kotsky, artist]; one original color newsprint of Duke Handy stripn.d., 1958
7Duke Handy (Philip Morris comic strip character) correspondence6/5/1972
8research notes, files for Duke Handy comic stripn.d.
9Duke Handy story synopsesn.d.
Series VIII (con't.)
Subseries D: Cliff Merritt/United Transportation Union Material
Note: Some materials in the series are badly water-damaged and stained
10correspondence with Lou Corsi and "Irv", United Transportation Union [used to be Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen]; clippings on World War I "Sitting Ducks" and book review on history of railroads1970, n.d.
11notecards, typed:
information on history of railroads
12notecards, typed:
script for captions to "Cliff Merritt's Scrapbook of Man on the Move", nos. 1-100
13notecards, (con't.), nos. 101-end
14handwritten manuscript notes for captions
15typed manuscript:
"Cliff Merritt's Scrapbook…" [moisture has cemented pages together]
16hand sketched and pasted rough layout of booklet; layout for publicity sheet, ASR[?] Releases [badly water-stained]
17printed booklet:
Cliff Merritt's Scrapbook of Man on Move, United Transportation Union, ASR [by Saunders] comic books [not by Saunders]: Cliff Merritt Sets the Record Straight (two copies); Cliff Merritt and the Very Candidate coloring book: The Cliff Merritt Railroad Coloring Book [not by Saunders]
[1970?], n.d.
Box 24
Series VIII (con't.)
Subseries E: Dateline Danger! Material
1professional [Allen was a first action and reader mail correspondence consultant to John Saunders for the strip; strip to have a black lead character]April 1968 - July 1969
2professional correspondence and reader mail; list of newspapers carrying comic strip8/62 - 12/68, [1968]
3comic booklet:
This is Your Warwick School
"Charlie Brown's New Pal" Newsweek [on black comic strip characters]
"The Black Cop... "
original b/w newsprint dailies of strip11/11&15/68
Series VIII (con't.)
Subseries F: Golf is a Funny Game Material
4correspondence concerning book by Saunders, Golf is a Funny Game (includes correspondence with various publishers and Saunders, Ad-Art, Inc.)7/20/68 - 9/14/73
5correspondence concerning Golf is A Funny Game, with Metro Comics promotional presentation by Jerry Brown, "A Down the-middle-of-the-fairway-Promotion for Shakespeare"8/4/72 - 9/11/73
6handwritten notes, sketches, clippings of golf jokes, comic strips on golf, article on copyright legalities, Editor and Publisher 1972, 3/25/72
7Statement, invoice, contract agreement, Ad-Art and Spencer D. Stone4/1972
Series VIII (con't.)
Subseries G: Other Publications
8typed manuscripts:
"A Driver's Dictionary"; brochure of reprint. of article; original pages of article from Public Safety [illustrations by Saunders]
n.d., Jan 1939
9handwritten notes, correspondence with publishers, page proofs to booklet Memory Magic by A. Saunders1949 - 1950
10magazine, contains article "No Pictorial Cliches" by A. Saunders, Library Journal 1/15/1954
11manuscript, typewritten articles by A. Saunders:
[Mary Worth article]; "You Can't Do That In the Comics!"; "A Career for Your Child in the Comics?"; "Comics Are A Serious Business"; "They Write the Strangest Letters to Mary Worth!"; clipping: "A Career in the Comics Requires Mostly Persistence," Cincinnati Enquirer; article, "How A Good Editor Selects His Comics" by Ray Erwin, Editor and Publisher
n.d., 9/26/1959, 7/8/67
A Career For Your Child in the Comics? by Allen Saunders; research notes
13publicity release; b/w proof sheet:
Everyday… a Date with Destiny comic strip for American Newspaper Publisher's Association
14Hero Haggity comic strip typed story ideas; small black and white glossies of characters [by William Overgard][1960s?]
"Quick on the Draw" The Blade Sunday Magazine by Saunders
16handwritten notes and pencil sketches; sketches for a book on how to draw cartoons; handwritten notes for article for Reader's Digest on story comic strip writing and reader reactions; original ink of figuresn.d., [1975]
17printed artwork by Saunders for "Patients of 8 North" newsletter [The Toledo Hospital];
booklet: Add Color to Your Life! A Promotion Primer
The Toledo Museum of Art, Membership Campaign [includes letter from membership coordinator, Saunders did artwork for the booklet]
18typed manuscript:
"How the Mad Hatter Got That Way"
19typewritten manuscripts: "The Changing World of the Comic Page" [by A. Saunders with Elmer F. Woggon]; "A Fortune From Filling Balloons" [by Saunders]; "Mary Worth" (Washington Post promotional story); publicity information on Ken Ernst
20miscellaneous writing files; manuscript of article about Kerry Drake; gag ideas; manuscript: "When You Speak French Beware"
NOTE: Folders 21-24 concern the unpublished [?] novel Assaults on the Mind written by Chuck Schmitt in collaboration with Allen Saunders
typewritten outlines, plot ideas, notes on story line
1980 - 1981
typewritten manuscript of various chapters of novel (incomplete) by Schmitt
correspondence; typewritten manuscript for two chapters of book
24miscellaneous photocopied, typewritten notes by Schmitt on arson1981
25typewritten manuscript of memoir by Saunders on the Toledo Repertoire Theatre[1980s]
Box 25
Series VIII (con't.)
Subseries H: Playwright for Paper Actors Material
1correspondence with various publishers1974 - 1977
2general book notes; miscellaneous articles and clippings; correspondence; handwritten drafts [introduction?] and handwritten draft on creation of Chief Wahoo 1977
3correspondence from Rick Marschall to A. Saunders concerning manuscript Playwright for Paper Actors [Saunders' autobiography][1980s?]
4chapter outlines, Playwright for Paper Actors n.d.
5outline for chapter on News-Bee; clipping of "Stage and and Offstage" column by Saunders for News-Bee [193-?]
NOTE: Folders 6-26 contain typed manuscripts for various sections of the autobiography
6"Cartoonist on Campus"n.d.
7"Mornings at the Blackboard, Afternoons and Evenings at the Drawing Board"
8"A Story Mill Starts to Grind"
9"'Talent' in Tents"
10"The Scoop"
11"The Scoop that Saved the Scooper's Job"
12"Reviewing and Interviewing" [Hollywood experiences]
13"Hilarity in the Newsroom"
14"Playwright for Paper Actors"
15"A Postscript on Plotting"
16"When the Readers Write"
17"Any Resemblance to Persons Living or Dead "
18"From A Slum Child's Philosophy to America's Favorite Fiction"
19"Everybody Can Draw"
20first draft:
"The Anatomy of Humor"
21"The Anatomy of Humor"; rejection letters from various publishersJune-July 1981
22"From Doodler to Dean"n.d.
23"A New Hand on the Helm"
24"The Social Impact of Comics" rejection letter from Quill magazinen.d., 8/11/1981
25"Looking Back… and Ahead"n.d.
26handwritten manuscript:
"Plotting Can Be Play"
27miscellaneous unmatched pages from the manuscript
28typist receipt; hand drawn sketch by Saunders for book cover; list of alternative titles1981
29five (5) Nemo: The Classic Comics Library magazines nos. 5-9, contain published chapters of Saunders' autobiography [These were sent to A. Saunders by Richard Marschall]Feb. - Oct. 1984
Chapter 3:
"Mornings At the Blackboard, Evenings at the Drawing Board"
Feb. 1984
Chapter 4:
"A Story Mill Starts to Grind"
April 1984
Chapter 5:
"'Talent' in Tents"
Chapter 6:
"The Scoop That Saved the Scooper's Job"
June 1984
[the August issue does not seem to contain any chapters]August 1984
Chapter 8:
"Hilarity in the Newsroom"
October 1984
Chapter 9:
"The Foot in the Door Wore A Moccasin"
Series VIII (con't.)
Subseries I: Speech Files
Chalk Talkers Portfolio; flyer advertising Saunders at Family Theater [n.p.]; order form for "Their Best Stunts"
1920, 6/21/1916, 1928
31clippings, notes on theory of humor1924 - 1956
32Theory of humor (con't.)
Little Blue Books:
No. 475 "How to Develop Your Sense of Humor"1928
No. 1063 "The Psychology of Laughter"1926
33typed manuscript:
"Trends in Modern Drama" [unclear if this was a speech or a publication]
34notecards, typed manuscript of radio talk: "Why Do We Laugh?"3/24/38
35typed drafts for "Why Do We Laugh?" radio talk; transcript of radio interview between Leonard L. Levinson, writer of NBC's "Hall of Fun" and Hugh Doddridge, radio columnist and commentator3/24/38, n.d.
36misc. clippings, notes for speech material1938 - 64
37correspondence regarding speaking engagements1939 - 1966
38typed manuscript:
"Modern Drama" [unclear if this was a speech or a publication, but originally filed among speaking material]
39typed manuscript:
"Let Him Talk! Getting Interest Into the Interview" [may have been a column for the Toledo News Bee]
40typed manuscript:
"One Cent Magazines"
41hand and typewritten notes, note cards for speech:
"Shattered Illusions--Or the Low Down on Higher Ups" (on Hollywood stars)
42notecards, speech:
"Hollywood Highlights"
43misc. speech research notes; clippings, files on public speaking; humorous stories; partial manuscript for "The Writing Racket"1930s - 50s, [1930s?]
44comics in advertising; correspondence with Metro Comics1959
clippings1939 - 1964
manuscripts of speeches:
for American Public Relations Association
"Comics in Advertising"196-?
Toledo Advertising Club/Duke Handy[Metro Comics]
45comics in advertising:
samples [including Terry and the Pirates and Blondie]; articles
1943 - 1960
The ABC's of Comics Magazines
46Notecards, graduation commencement speaker [n.p.]1943
47typed manuscript:
speech on salesmanship for Toledo Community Chest
48Handwritten notes, ideas for speech on comics1949 - 56
49comics speaking material:
fan mail and professional correspondence; notes
1949 - 1970s
manuscripts for speeches, including "Playwright for Paper Dolls" & "Blue Chip Comics…"n.d.
50comics research files:
notes; miscellaneous clippings
1950s - 1970s
National Cartoonist's Society Newsletter **9/1965
Newspaper Comics Council Grapevine 7/70, 11/70
Gary Trudeau address [speech]11/14/72
Metro comics booklet[195-?]
Classic American Comic Strips, Hyperion Press
news clippings
1940s - 1970s
Speaker's Guide, National Reference Library, Cleveland, Ohio [samples of speeches to present on various topics, many Cold War oriented]
Fall 1950
53misc. clippings, correspondence, notes on youth and effects of media [especially comics and television]1950 - 1954
54clippings, brochures on fundraising, Community Chest, etc.1951
55misc. notes on role of a board member (for a speech?)1951
56typed manuscript, speech (for radio?) regarding United World Federalists12/6/52
57speech research clippings, quotes, political analysis of comics1952 - 62
58typed speech "Hobbies" given at Toledo Rotary Club11/14/[?]
typed speech "Vocational Service, Toledo Rotary11/22/54
transcript of speech by William S. Carlson, President, University of Toledo, "What's the Matter With Kids Today" given at Toledo Rotary10/24/66
59Research notes, pamphlets, articles on comics1954
60Handwritten notes for speech on Boy's Club
61Humorous pieces, quotes for speeches, Toledo Public Library newsletters
62Notecards, notes for speech "Target for Tomorrow" Dennison University, Granville, Ohio1955
63typed manuscript:
"All in the Family"; misc. clippings; card with "Rules for Television Guests" Byers Associates, Toledo, Ohio
64"Speech Sparker" packets on Health; Marriage and Married Life; Success; Work; Youth
65memorial speech for Carl Spitzer; correspondence from Carl [Spitzer?]
66typed speeches:
address to American Public Relations Association [APRA] at White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia; speech at APRA "How to Live With a PR Man"
4/13/60, [4/1960]
67typed speech for Governor's Committee on Handicapped, Harrisburg, PA; publicity artwork (not original);9/7/60
Performance: The Story of the Handicapped
68publicity flyers for Saunders' speaking engagements on comics in advertising; Rotary appearances1960 - 1969
69typed speech:
"Museums and Me" Toledo Museum of Art
70handwritten notes and sketch on speech regarding the history of fund raising
71photocopies of typed speeches by William J. Colihan, Senior Vice President, Young and Rubicam [advertising agency]:
"Some Secrets We Know About Men"10/26/62
"Some Secrets We Know About Women"10/10/61
[sent to Saunders by Schmidt, Metro Comics as research material]12/11/62
handwritten notes for comics presentation to summer NAEA [?] meeting [professional advertising organization?]
73copies of clippings, transcript of National Cartoonist's Society appearance before Senate Committee on Post Office and Civil Service, by Jerry Robinson, Secretary, NCS [gives good history of comic strip]7/17/62
74typed speech:
"Toledo Hospital Graduation"
75background information on concept advertising: articles1962,1965
76research notes:
clippings on Mary Worth; articles on cultural analysis of comics
1962 - 72
77speech on comics as "clean" entertainment4/18/64
78misc. sketches for speeches; correspondence from readers1965 - 69
79typed speech, biography, drawings, notes for "Comics Are A Serious Business" Defiance College, [Ohio]; press release for presentation at Ohio University12/11/1966, 6/23/[?]
80short typed speeches: "What's New on the Comic Page"; Metro Comics Presentationn.d., 1/6/68
81flyer and typed introduction for Saunders' appearance at "The Calvacade of Comics" exhibit, Oklahoma State Fair1969
82clippings, correspondence, itinerary, flyer for Saunders and Milton Caniff presentation, Milwaukee Advertising Club6/1966
83hand and typewritten drafts: "The Philosophy of Humor"n.d.
84notecards for speech as toastmaster for Toledo Chamber of Commerce
85notecards for speech to the Country Garden Club, Perrysburg, Ohio (sesquicentennial year)
86typed notecards and manuscript of speech:
"Let's Gather Goat Feathers" [on types of organizations]
87handwritten notes for speech: "Blue Chip Comics-And How to Pick Them"
88typed speech:
"Comics As a Social Force"; outline for "Newspapers in the Classroom, Sunday Comics Packet"
89notes and sketches: "Anyone Can Draw" lecture **
90copies of Mary Worth sketch with blank balloon; handwritten and typed notes and sketches for "Chalk Talks" and "Comics Are a Serious Business" **
91clippings, notecards:
"Bridge to Drawing Demonstration"; Xeroxed and original sketches by Saunders; hand and typed notes; carbon: "Is This Strip Necessary?" speech
92typed speech [?]:
"How Democracy Works"
 Box 26
Series IX: General Professional Files
Subseries A: Professional Correspondence and Reader Mail
1significant legal correspondence with Publisher's Syndicate1939 - 1954
carbon copy of Mary Worth legal agreement with Publisher's Syndicate1949
2miscellaneous professional correspondence including from Glenn Chaffin, Franz Polger, Carl Hammond, Charlie Plumb (United Feature Syndicate)1940 - 1947
3from Edward A. Tamm, FBI1942 - 1944
4correspondence with August Derleth [Arkham House publisher and renowned comic collector]1943 - 1944
5from Lawrence Michelson, advertising agency [Saunders' endorsement for Dr. Grabow pipes]1945
6reader mail; correspondence regarding client paper relations1947 - 1964
7reader and fan mail (including from Jules Feiffer, Ann Landers, Earl Wilson, Shel Dorf, Dani Aguila]1947 - 1973, 1981
8"Deals" correspondence with Phillip Steitz, Publisher's Syndicate; letter from Robert Reed, Publishers Hall regarding cartoon gallery proposal1954 - 1956, 5/5/1970
9reader mail:
"critical fan mail" [most are catches of mistakes in strips]
1954 - 1973
10miscellaneous correspondece, including from Alexander Toth [comic artist]; Jerry DeFuccio, Mad Magazine; R.G. Cowles1956 - 1964
11fan mail (including carbon copies of replies from Saunders]1956 - 1975
12miscellaneous professional correspondence; notes1958 - 1968
13address list:
"Artists and Individuals"; correspondence with various comic artists
n.d., 1958 - 1972
14miscellaneous professional correspondence; notes; clippings1959
15reader mail:
artist "boners" [mistakes caught by readers]
1964 - 1971
16correspondence, booklets, pamphlets from Famous Artists School, Inc. [Saunders was shareholder?]1965
17correspondence with Publisher's Hall [regarding contracts]9/67 - 12/68
18reader mail: special interest groups, cause advocates1968 - 1975
19correspondence with Bill Williams, artist;Dec. 1970
comic books by Williams:
Jose Rojas May 1970
Hot Shoppes (2)n.d.
Box 27
Series IX: Subseries A (con't.)
1correspondence with artists/writers [most are requests for jobs, assistance, leads, etc.] **1940s - 1960s
2correspondence with Wayne Boring, artist; page proofs of Superman comic strip by Boring1958 5 - 6/1958
3correspondence with Elmer Woggon and Charles PlumbApril 1954
4correspondence with Jim Lawrence, comic writer; story sample for Kerry Drake 1954 - 1957
5correspondence between Frank Thorne and H.H. Anderson, Publisher's Syndicate;1955
comic book:
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea [artwork by Thorne]
6carbons of responses from comic writers to continuity ad for writers in Editor and Publisher 1952, 9/6/52
7responses to ad, (con't.)
[includes previous job request letters received by Publisher's Syndicate and forwarded to Saunders]
1951 - 1952
8correspondence with Al Capp, Li'l Abner 1957
9clippings, articles on other comic artists and writers1955 - 1957
10sample comic artwork from other artists, including Will Anderson, P. Pinson, DeeShuck, Jack Sparling (Rumbles), W.A. Smith, Jim McArdle (Davy Crockett, Frontiersman), L.D. Warren, Bill Lignante (Layton Prince) and others1950s - 1960s
11publicity release: "Meet William Overgard!"May 1954
glossy page proofs of Steve Roper characters by Overgard[1954 ]
carbon: from Saunders to Ken [Ernst] about Overgard"Sat. p.m."
correspondence between Andy [H.H. Anderson] and William Overgard regarding Hero Haggity[action comic strip by Overgard]5 - 6/1958
to Elmer [Woggon] from William Overgard2/13/76
to Elmer [Woggon] from Saunders [pay dispute]2/16/76
12miscellaneous correspondence, clippings from other artists [including Dale [Conner] Ulrey]1952 - 1965
13from Ray Bailey [artist, Space Cadet and Miss X: with Saunders, never done?]; publicity material for Peter Scratch (by Lou Fine) **1952
14original artwork:
ink panel by Dale McFeatters
ink and pencil rough sketches of faces, characters [by Ken Ernst?]n.d.
color marker Sunday strip of Judge Parker by Harold Doux12/1/1968
 Box 28
Series IX (con't.)
Subseries B: General Business Files
NOTE: Folders 1-15 are confidential and closed to public access.
1four appointment books with expense records1965 - 1968
2three appointment books with expense records1969 - 1971
3three appointment books with expense records1972, 73, 78
4business receipts for Allen Saunders1971 - 1972
5business receipts for Allen Saunders1973
Folders 6-13 include expenses and payment amounts from Publishers Syndicate to Saunders and others involved with the strip. The folders may also contain lists of newspapers carrying the strip.
6Kerry Drake billings1944 - 47
71948 - 55
81956 - 60
91961 - 65
10Mary Worth billings[1939], 1945 - 1953
111954 - 60
121961 - 65
13"Billings on Steve Roper from August 1954"1954 - 65
14Steve Roper, Mary Worth revenue share statements for, Ken Ernst, John and Allen Saunders, from Field Newspaper Syndicate; check receipt for "Plotting Can Be Play" article publication1978, 1979, n.d.
15office equipment and supplies bills and receipts; manuals, warranties, office leases1945, 1965 - 1972
 Box 29
Series IX (con't.)
Subseries C: Comics Information
"Comics Code"
Pros and Cons; Dan Flagg and Kerry Drake legal dispute
1946 - 1963
2articles, pamphlets1942 - 1954
3newspaper clippings1948 - 1956
"Remarks from Committee on Motion Pictures, Radio Broadcasting, and Comic Strips in Relation to the Administration of Justice, American Bar Association," by Arthur J. Freund, Chair, Bar Assn.
5information on censorship policies and pressure groups [Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (from Dan Pfoutz) and Mt. Lebanon Public Library, PA]1953 - 1954
6newsletters: Intellectual Freedom, Intellectual Freedom Committee of the American Library Association
Vol. 3, No. 33/1955
No. 46/1955
Vol. 4, No. 19/1955
No. 21/1956
Vol. 5, No. 212/1956
carbon: House Bill No. 277, Ohio ["to provide for the establishment of a board to censor magazines and the power and duties thereof"]3/17/55
7clippings; correspondence from Saunders on comic book and comic strip censorship1947 - 1954
8information on history of comics; clippings on comic book censorship1954 - 1975
9correspondence from Phil [Steitz], Publisher's SyndicateNov 1955
typed manuscript:
"Chapter XIII: The Structural Elements of Sunday Comics" for Puck: The Comic Weekly [by Puck staff?]
10[slide show] script on Sunday comics, by Metropolitan Sunday Newspapers, Inc.n.d.
11final script:
"Odyssey: The Comics" by Henry Walsh, Columbia Broadcasting Company [live animation documentary on comics, Saunders has part in script]
March 1957
NOTE: Folders 12-18 contain information on the comic strip industry and on other comic strip artists
12information on comic readership, articles, charts1946 - 1955
13articles on history of comics; business aspects of comics1940 - 1963
14articles on social and cultural aspects of comics1955,1970, 1980
15articles on other comic strip artists and writers1943 - 1950
16articles on other comic strips and artists1966 - 1985
17article on Alfred Andriola; photocopy: speech by Andriola1957
publicity photoFeb. 1965
article by Andriola1965
art exhibition booklet (Andriola exhibit chair)
18miscellaneous comic publications1953 - 1958
19comic books: Steve Canyon by Milton Caniff; Kasco Comics by Bill Woggon, Toledo, Ohio1953, 1945
Inklings [Museum of Cartoon Art] No.9
Fall 1977
Series IX (con't.)
Subseries D: Foreign Comics
21three (3) original color newsprints of Maria de Oro [Mary Worth in Spanish]1941 - 1974
22Kerry Drake: one original newspaper comic in Portugese1946
five daily original newsprint comics in Spanish1950
two booklets of the strip in Russiann.d.
one original color newsprint of strip in French1968
Vol. 3, No. 28 (contains various comics in Italian, including "Kerry Drake"]"Luglio", 1967
23comic book:
Grandes Detectives, vol. 1, no. 2 "Kerry Drake; Guardian de la Ley y el Orden" [from Mexico] (Added to Saunders Collection from Browne Popular Culture Library duplicate comic books on 6/7/1989]
24Steve Roper:
one Sunday proof sheet and one color Sunday newsprint of strip in Spanish; one daily newsprint of strip in Russian
Series IX (con't.)
Subseries E: Biographical Clippings, Interviews
25booklets (3):
The Sugar Crick School of Art, by Arnold Nicholson; reprint of article from Country Gentleman
1938 4/1938
Note: Folders 26-30 contain material labeled by Saunders to be included in a scrapbook. Excellent resource material is contained for interviews with him, comics in general, and Saunders' public life, including personal/society coverage and his involvement in community organizations.
26misc. newsletters, booklets, articles, photos, letters, flyers, awards, speaking engagement material, etc. **1968 - 1975
27misc. newspaper clippings **1968 - 1975
28misc. magazines, pamphlets, newsletters, articles, flyers photographs, etc. **1960 - 1975
29misc. articles, magazines, programs, interview, pamphlets, photographs, etc. **1968 - 1975
30misc. newspaper clippings for scrapbook **1971 - 1975
31clippings, articles on Saunders1956 - 1980
32"Winchell Column Notes Bio" (handwritten notes by Saunders)n.d.
33misc. clippings on education, handwritten notes on comics in education1980
34typewritten drafts of Allen Saunders biography for Publisher's Newspaper Syndicate and for Publisher's Hall Syndicaten.d.
35carbon copies:
suggested interview questions
36handwritten notes; typewritten draft of A. Saunders' bios; speaker introductions; draft of "How I Started" Booklet
37Handwritten and typed draft of biography information
38Newspaper and magazine clippings of articles about Saunders1948 - 1979
39Miscellaneous publicity articles on A. Saunders1950 - 1960
40printed magazine articles on A. Saunders; miscellaneous publicity releases from Publisher's Syndicate1948 - 1976
41"Personal Publicity": biography from Defiance College12/1/66
"Creativity in Comic Strip Authors" article by Dr. Jerry Higgins (interviewed Saunders]; carbon: "Who's Who in America" 41st ed., entry for Saunders; clippingFall 1967, n.d.
Toledo Advertising World newsletter (contains interview of Saunders by Chuck Schmitt, author of Assaults on the mind][1981?]
Journal of Popular Culture, Vol. 5, No.2 (contains interview of Allen Saunders by Ann N. Ridgeway starting on p. 385] (NOTE: Added to collection in Feb. 1988)
April 1971
43test scores:
Strong Vocational Interest Blank (for article by Higgins?)
44various copies of Allen Saunders obituary, columns on his death, The Blade and The Sentinel Tribune (Allen Saunders died on January 28, 1986)1/29/1986
 Box 30
Series IX (con't.)
Subseries F: General Research and Professional Files
1clippings, notes on writing theory1930s - 1960s
2"Gags" hand and typewrittenn.d.
3"Gags" clippings1930s - 1960s
4"Gags" clippings, photos [sexual]1940s - 1950s
5"Gags" clippings1950s
6"Gags" clippings 6 clippings, information on writing profession1940s
Doctor, Nurse and Hospital Story Writer's Guide
7Poetry clippings1940s - 1950s
8"Names and Characters-Female": handwritten and typed notes; article clippings; photocopied sketches of female characters by Andriola1940s - 1960s, 1954
9correspondence and booklet:
Powers School [of beautyJ [Saunders had speaking engagement there?]
10carbon copies: transcripts of interviews with comic strip readers conducted by the Editorial Research Department [Phil Steitz, Publisher's SyndicateJ [Excellent resource for "reader response" of comic strips in the 1950s, especially of housewives]1955
11"Books to Check": notes, correspondence, clippings [for research on story lines]1950s
12plot ideas:
correspondence and clippings; clippings on "Coincidences" [including clippings on Kerry Drake story line and real life crime]
1950s - 1960s
13Foreign Language, Slang research:
clippings, booklets, postcards, correspondence, and notes **
1929, 1950s - 1960s
14"Story Ideas" clippings; typed note on cult racket story1950s - 1970s
15"A Christmas Holiday":
correspondence, clippings, and booklets for ideas for Christmas and other holiday strips
1950s - 1970s
16miscellaneous newspaper clippings1950s - 1970s
17clippings on Field Newspaper Syndicate [Field Enterprise's acquisition of Publisher's Syndicate]Oct. 1962
18clippings on women and humor1973 - 1976
Stick/Figs comic strip by Eason, Toledo Journal
1981 - 1982
20miscellaneous notes on story angles and characters [Mary Worth?]n.d.
21"Comic Ad 'Recipes' " [handouts ?]: "Strip Creation" and "Essentials for Readership" charts
22artwork [not original] by Frank Robbins and Ken Ernst of Saunders; copies of a self-portrait caricature by Saunders
Box 31
Series IX (con't.)
Subseries G: Miscellaneous Correspondence
Note: This series contains personal and professional correspondence from the last years of Saunders' life. Similar material may be found in Series I, Subseries C and Series IX, Subseries A. The following material was arranged alphabetically by folder by Saunders.
1address book, belonged to Saunders[1980s]
2correspondence; addresses filed inside front of address book; map of Toledo and Northwest Ohio1981 - 1984
3correspondence from friends [several from publishers regarding Saunders' autobiography, including Ray Browne, Bowling Green State University Popular Press]1980 - 1984
4from friends, literary agents, from Mary Ellen Kazmark attached: undergraduate term paper, University of Michigan: "The Fabled Mary Worth"1973 — 1982, 11/12/1973
5from friends1983
6from friends, admirers1979 - 1983
7from friends, admirers [includes photographs of Saunders with a group of unidentified men at a luncheon and of a model train]1979 - 1983
8from friends, associates1965 - 1984
9from friends, associates, admirers1980 - 1983
10from friends, associates, Writer's Digest [concerning publication of Saunders' article: "Plotting Can Can Be Play"]1980 — 1984, 1981
11from Bill Woggon and others; draft of letter from Saunders to "Mr. Z" regarding Saunders' autobiography1982, n.d.
 Box 32
Series X: Miscellaneous Material
Subseries A: Publicity Photographs
1metal printing plates of photographs of Saunders; of Allen and John Saunders [from the Toledo News-Bee]1931 — 1936, 6/1938
2negatives: 8x10 and 4x6 b/w [from the Toledo News-Bee] of Saunders in Hollywood and others; leather photograph case [empty]1936 - 1937
3Saunders in sailor costume "for Wright Stock Co. Play"n.d.
4Toledo News-Bee gag photographs of Saunders; pasted layouts for Saunders' column; Saunders in Hollywood makeup
(separated by acid-free paper)
1928, 1929, 7/22/36
5Toledo News-Bee studio portraits; individual shots of Saunders and with others; group photographs [newspaper staff? with Joe E. Brown]
(separated by acid-free paper)
1930 — 1937, n.d.
6Hollywood photographs: Saunders with movie stars, directors, etc. [some include Elmer Woggon as well]; 4x6 negative of Saunders with Gary Cooper; photos include Una Merkel, Spanky McFarland, Jane Withers, Betty Grable, Humphrey Bogart, Olivia De Havilland, Robert Taylor, Fredric March, Alice Faye, Jack Benny and Gracie Allen, Jean Arthur, Hugh Herbert, Tod Browning [director], Freddie Bartholomew, Errol Flynn, etc.
(separated by acid-free paper)
7autographs; autographed photographs--stage and film stars to Saunders [including Orson Welles, Toto, Theda Gray] (separated by acid-free paper)1927 - 1946
Box 33
Series X: Subseries A (con't.)
1Hollywood movie production stills, including scenes from This is My Dance, The Gorgeous Hussy [both Joan CrawfordJ, It's Love I'm After [Leslie Howard, Bette DavisJ, The Devil is a Sissy [Freddie Bartholemew, Mickey RooneyJ, My American Wife [Francis Lederer, Ann Sothern], Public Nuisance No.1 [Jane Withers], Big Broadcast of 1937 [Jack Benny, Martha Raye] (separated by acid-free paper)1936
2publicity photographs of stars: Bob Burns, Fred MacMurray (separated by acid-free paper)1937
3Chief Wahoo and Steve Roper publicity photographs with Saunders and Woggon
(separated by acid-free paper)
41940 World's Fair: Saunders giving "Chalk Talk" in Westinghouse building
(separated by acid-free paper)
5publicity photograph portraits of Saunders
(separated by acid-free paper)
[1940s?], 1953, 1957
6photographs of Saunders at work on his comic strips (separated by acid-free paper)1951 - 1973
7photo essay: Saunders on location [research for strips] (separated by acid-free paper)n.d.
8publicity photographs for Mary Worth [some include Ken ErnstJ; photo essay of Ernst and Saunders with Jane Russell; Saunders with Dr. Nick Dallis [author of Rex Morgan, MD and Judge Parker] [includes early photographs of "Apple Mary" live productions] (separated by acid-free paper)
9photo essay for Wabash College article on Saunders at work (separated by acid-free paper)[196-?]
10publicity photo essay of Allen and John Saunders at work
(separated by acid-free paper)
11photo essay of Allen at home with Lois [his wife], in his office, and with John [includes exterior shots of Saunders home in Maumee] (separated by acid-free paper)[197-?]
12photographs of Saunders giving various speeches and "Chalk Talks" (separated by acid-free paper)1966 - 1969
13Publisher's Syndicate publicity photographs of Saunders at "Calvacade of Comics" exhibition, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma City Rotary chalk talk
(separated by acid-free paper)
14community service photographs of Saunders: AAA, Red Cross, dinner programs, Toledo Board of Education, President's Committee on the Employment of the Handicapped, at graduation ceremony
(separated by acid-free paper)
[1930s - 1960s]
15publicity photographs of "Pentagon Luncheon for the News-paper Comics Council" [various comic artists pictured]
(separated by acid-free paper)
Box 96 (oversize)
Series X (con't.)
Subseries B: Board Games
1"Good Neighbor" Whitman Publishing Co., Racine, WI [invented by Saunders and John B. Carson][1940?]
2"Chief Wahoo's Tepee Town" Leister Game Co., Toledo, OH copyright by R.S. Leister "Characters from comic strip 'Chief Wahoo' by Saunders and Woggon, Publisher's Syndicate"1944
Series X (con't.)
Subseries C: Plaques, Awards, Photographs, Taped Interview
3framed award:
Distinguished Citizen Award, The American Hearing Society
Certificate of Appointment" Chairman, Cartoonists Committee, President's Committee on the Employment of the Physically Handicapped
"In Appreciation u AAA Toledo Automobile Club Trustee [from May 1948 to October 1977]
poem "On Giving U from Art White
7framed photograph of woman with boy and girl [unidentified]n.d.
8framed photograph of stage scene [A. Saunders' daughter?]
9framed photograph, football player [A. Saunders' son?]
10framed clipping: "Get Involved, Like Mary Worth"
contains taped interview of Saunders by the Popular Press and WTOL-TV Toledo
(master for these interviews is located in the Music Library, 4th floor, Jerome Library, BGSU)
7/17/70, 8/02/70
Box 35
Series X: Subseries C (con't.)
1framed certificate:, Wabash College Alumni Award of Merit6/4/1955
2Allen Saunders' college diplomas from Wabash College [Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, in Latin][1920], [1924]
3Phi Gamma Delta certificate [in Greek] [men's social fraternity, Saunders was inducted as an honorary member while his son was in college]n.d.
4photographs, dinner banquets:
9th Annual Dinner, National Cartoonist's Society4/26/1955
10th Annual Dinner, National Cartoonist's Society4/24/1956
54th Annual Dinner, The Explorer's Club3/14/1958
Box 36 (oversize)
Series X (con't.)
Subseries D: Scrapbooks
1scrapbook containing clippings from newspapers about Saunders, Mary Worth, Steve Roper, Kerry Drake, Cliff Merrit, and other comics, as well as story-related items, including publicity spread sheets for Saunders' comics, especially for Mary Worth. There are also programs from conferences, graduations, and dinners, and publications by Phi Gamma Delta, Psi Chapter at Wabash College. (photocopies of some of these materials, especially those dealing with Saunders and the comic business, are located in the folder just behind the scrapbook)1950 - 1971
2clippings of the original Apple Mary comic strip [precursor to Mary Worth] by Martha Orr, [Apple Mary was created by Ms. Orr in 1932 and was taken over by Saunders in 1937.]12/1934 - 12/1936, 11/1937
Box 37
Series X (con't.)
Subseries E: Oversize Material
1two sheets, b/w glossy proofs, Mike Nomad strip9-10/[1970s?]
2original strip, Li'l Abner, from Al Capp to Toledo Club1962
3original artwork caricatures of Saunders: ink caricature by Ernst; ink caricature by Woggon [for magazine article]n.d.
4original ink and pencil cartoon of Saunders and Rickerd by Rickerd [friend of Saunders]
5daily proof sheet of untitled comic strip by Ed Mann
6"Fantastic Faces" copied proof sheet of sketches by Basil Wolvedon1/1946
7award from Ohio Commodores to A. Saunders6/20/1969
8copy artwork samples (4) from C.N. Landon correspondence art school
[from General How to Draw folder]
9five (5) sample artwork plates [from Outdoor Detail folder]n.d.
10three (3) "Anatomy Lesson" plates, sample artwork, C.N. Landon School [from People-Drawings folder]1918
11one (1) sample adwork page "Symbolic Figures of Nations" Federal School of Applied Cartooning1917
12one (1) sample artwork [from Portraits folder]n.d.
13original artwork of Saunders [from the Toledo News-Bee]:
charcoal portrait, unsigned ink caricature by Clarence Gray color chalk caricature by Clarence Gray ink portrait by George Scarbo four small ink caricatures of Saunders [one signed by Wygren, dated 1932]
14various oversize publicity flyers by Publisher's Syndicate for Chief Wahoo comic strip; Rotomagazine, Akron Beacon Journal, Akron, Ohio [photo essay on Saunders and Woggon contained]1937 - 1940s, 12/7/41
15Publisher's Syndicate publicity flyers for Steve Roper and Mike Nomad characters1954 - 1969
16photocopy of rough sketch of daily strip by Saunders [Mary Worth]8/2/[?]
17promotional insert [?] of complete story line of Mary Worth, The Wisconsin State Journal 1945
promotional insert [?] of complete story line of Mary Worth (Elissa Lake story, "Extra--Mary Worth Comes to Oklahoma") The Daily Oklahoman Sept - Nov 1947
18publicity spread sheet: "National Media Give Big Coverage to 'First of Its Kind' Mary Worth Story"[1976]
19Publishers-Hall Syndicate Mary Worth publicity flyers; one sheet glossy dailies of Mary Worth strip[1960s - 70s]
20publicity spread sheet: "Mary Worth--Comic Strip of the Intellectuals" [regarding This Month article][1962]
21publicity posters for Sadie Hawkins Day from Al Capp1942
22publicity booklet for Draftie by Paul Fogarty, National Newspaper Service[1942]
23original ink artwork of daily comic strip Dick Tracy by Chester GouJd "Silenced" [never ran]7/6/42
24correspondence, artwork of Don Winslow of the Navy, from Red Pennington5/19/42
25publicity poster "Superman Joins the 'Stars and Stripes' of the A.E.F." McClure Newspaper Syndicate1942
26The Pillsbury Playhouse b/w page proof of strip; glossy page proof: Al Capp's Corner With Reddy; three Pillsbury contest ad page proofs[n.d.?]
27ten original color newsstrips of Squeekie and Charlie Wild comics for Wildroot shampoo and hair tonic comic ads1952
28Doctor Dave page proofs; original artwork for strip: panel for Doctor Dave, ink artwork [by Dale Heilman]; pencil sketch of Doctor Dave by Saundersn.d.
29glossy page proofs of Jell-O advertisements; one pencil sketch for The Five of Us strip by Saundersn.d.
30original color newsstrips Secret on the Set [Vicks]1962
31original color newsprint of Stripey advertisement strip for Stripe toothpaste1962
32three (3) photocopied rough layouts of Duke Handy by Alex Kotsky; one (1) original color newsprint comics page, includes Mary Worth, Steve Roper, and Duke Handy [1958]
33b/w page proof Chuck Carson comic strip by Arnando1958
34one (1) b/w glossy proof page of Sunday strip Dateline: Danqer! 12/8/1968
35glossy page proofs of strip, Hero Haggity [by William Overgard][1960s?]
36two original strip drawings by A. Saunders4/25/? , 12/26/?
Three copies of sample character poses by Ernstn.d.
37color watercolor ink drawing of Mary Worth characters [from speech?][196-?]
38three (3) publicity sheets for Steve Roper and Mike Nomad characters[1950s]
39original artwork by Alexander Toth4/30/58
40glossy proofs of strips by Milton Caniff [untitled strip]1944
41b/w glossy, Sunday strip Peter Scratch 7/3/66
two Roy Rogers daily sheets of strip by Al McKimson1956
42pencil sketch of woman's face by Dale Conner Ulreyn.d.
43original sketch of daily by Saunders for "Miss X"n.d.
daily proof sheets of Space Cadet by Ray Bailey2 - 3/1952
daily proof sheets of Peter Scratch by Lou Fine9 - 10/1965
44page proofs of daily strips from Editors Press Service, NY:
six (6) pages in Spanish of Kerry Drake [1940s?]
three (3) pages in Spanish of Maria de Oro (Mary Worth)
two The Daily Pratap Jullundur [Arabic newspaper, with Kerry Drake]1/9/67, 4/9/67
Supplement Illustre Le Soleil [French Sunday comics insert, with Mary Worth]12/31/64
45oversize items to be included in scrapbook: publicity flyers, posters, awards for Mary Worth and others1960s
46Steve Roper daily strip original artwork [with polish words]10/30/46
47Skye character [Mary Worth] daily sketch by Saunders3/21/7
 Series XI: Original Artwork
Subseries A: Chief Wahoo/Steve Roper/Mike Nomad
Chief Wahoo [Saunders and Woggon]
38aclay coated "galleys"
[cemented together by moisture]
1936 - 40
38bblack and white glossy ink pages
1937 - 40
39black and white glossy ink pagesJune 1942 - 1943
Chief Wahoo and Steve Roper
40weekdays: black and white glossy ink paper
Sundays: genuine newspaper color
1944, 1945
41weekdays: black and white glossy ink paper
Sundays: genuine newspaper color
42aweekdays: black and white glossy ink paper
Sundays: genuine newspaper color
42bweekdays: black and white glossy ink pages Sundays: genuine newspaper color [cemented together by moisture]1948
Steve Roper [Saunders and Woggon]
43black and white glossy ink paperMay 1949 - 1950
441951, 1952
451953, 1954
461955, 1956
47black and white glossy ink paper Saunders and Woggon (1/1/57-4/12/58)
Saunders and Overgard (4/13/58-12/31/58)
1957, 1958
Steve Roper [Saunders and Overgard]
48black and white glossy ink paper/pages1959
491960, 1961
501962, 1963
511964, 1965
521966, 1967
531968, 1969
Steve Roper and Mike Nomad [Saunders and Overgard]
54black and white glossy ink pages1970, 1971
55black and white glossy ink pages [Saunders and Woggon]1973
56black and white glossy ink pages1974, 1975
57black and white glossy ink pages1976, 1977
58black and white cardboard panels1968, 1969, 1970
59Steve Roper [Saunders and Overgard]
black and white cardboard panels1968, 1969
Steve Roper and Mike Nomad [Saunders and Overgard]
black and white cardboard panels1970, 1979
Steve Roper and Mike Nomad [Saunders and Overgard]
60black and white cardboard panels1979
611982, 1983
62Xerox copies w/colored-pencil tracing paper overlays1979
631981, 1982
 Series XI (con't.)
Subseries B: Apple Mary & Dennie/Mary Worth's Family/Mary Worth Original Artwork
Apple Mary and Dennie
64weekdays: black and white glossy ink pages
Sundays: genuine newspaper color Martha Orr
Sept. 1936 - 1937
65weekdays: black and white glossy ink pages
Sundays: genuine newspaper color Martha Orr (1938-5/28/39)
Martha Orr and Dale Allen (5/29/39 -9/30/39)
Dale Allen (9/31/39 -12/31/39) (Dale Allen was the pen name for Saunders and Dale Conner)
1938, 1939
66weekdays: black and white glossy ink pages
Sundays: genuine newspaper color
1/1/40 - 1/7/40
Mary Worth's Family
weekdays: black and white glossy ink pages
Sundays: genuine newspaper color, Dale Allen
1/8/40 - 12/31/40
67weekdays: black and white glossy ink pages
Sundays: genuine newspaper color
1941 - June 1942
Mary Worth
weekdays: black and white glossy ink pages
Sundays: genuine newspaper color, Dale Allen
July 1942 - Dec. 1942
Mary Worth
68weekdays: black and white glossy ink pages
Sundays: genuine newspaper color
Dale Allen
1943, 1944
69weekdays: black and white glossy ink pages
Sundays: genuine newspaper color Dale Allen (1/1/45 -8/11/46)
Ken Allen (8/12/46 -12/31/46) (Ken Allen was the pen name for Saunders and Ken Ernst)
1945, 1946
70weekdays: black and white glossy Sundays: genuine newspaper color Ken Allen ink pages1947, 1948
71weekdays: black and white glossy Sundays: genuine newspaper color Ken Allen ink pages1949, 1950
72black and white glossy ink pages
Ken Allen
1951, 1952
73black and white glossy ink pages Ken Allen (1/24/53-10/24/54) Allen Saunders and Ken Ernst (10/25/54-12/31/55)1953, 1955
74black and white glossy ink pages Allen Saunders and Ken Ernst1956, 1957
761966, 1967, 1969
771971, 1972
781974, 1975
791976, 1977 - Sept. 1978
80black and white cardboard panels
Allen Saunders and Ken Ernst
1964, 1966 - 1968, 1974
811969, 1970
82black and white cardboard panels with color schemes
Allen Saunders and Ken Ernst
1959 - 1971 (inc.)
83black and white cardboard panels Allen Saunders and Ken Ernst1978 - 1979
84colored cardboard panels (covered with tissue paper)
Allen Saunders and Ken Ernst
12/78 - 9/79
85black and white cardboard panels Allen Saunders and Ken Ernst1981
86ablack and white colored cardboard panels
Allen Saunders and Ken Ernst
86bSunday Editions
Allen Saunders and Ken Ernst
July 1981 - Dec. 1981
 Series XI (con't.)
Subseries C: Dateline Danger! Original Artwork
Dateline Danger!
87Black and white glossy ink pages John Saunders11/68 - 1969
88Black and white glossy ink pages Alden McWilliams1970 - 2/71
 Series XI (con't.)
Subseries D: Kerry Drake Original Artwork
Kerry Drake
89black and white glossy ink
Alfred Andriola
1962, 1963
901964, 1965
91a1966, 1969, 1970
(cemented together by moisture)
921971, 1972

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