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Box 1
Series I: Horrors and Unpleasantries/The Arkham House Companion
Subseries 1: Correspondence
Sub-Subseries1: Correspondence with Arkham House Authors
1Outgoing correspondence (unanswered) from Sheldon R. Jaffery:
to Lin Carter (carbon copy)3/8/82
attached: to "Ray" (photocopy)3/8/82
to Charles Grant (carbon copy)3/12/82
to Charles Grant (carbon copy)6/15/82
to Charles Grant (photocopy)11/15/83
2Correspondence with Michael Bishop:
to Michael Bishop (carbon copy)3/10/82
from Michael Bishop3/13/82
from Michael Bishop3/18/82
to Michael Bishop (carbon copy)6/15/82
from Michael Bishop1/28/83
Correspondence with Robert Bloch:
to Robert Bloch (carbon copy)3/2/82
from Robert Bloch3/4/82
to Robert Bloch (carbon copy)6/15/82
from Robert Bloch6/18/82
Correspondence with Nelson Bond:
to Nelson Bond (carbon copy)3/2/82
to Nelson Bond (carbon copy)6/15/82
from Nelson Bond6/18/82
Correspondence with Ray Bradbury:
to Ray Bradbury (carbon copy)3/2/82
to Ray Bradbury (carbon copy)6/15/82
from Ray Bradbury7/2/82
Correspondence with Joseph Payne Brennan:
to Joseph Payne Brennan (carbon copy)3/30/82
from Joseph Payne BrennanEaster Sunday 1982
to Joseph Payne Brennan (carbon copy)6/15/82
from Joseph Payne Brennan2/19/83
3Correspondence with Ramsey Campbell:
to Ramsey Campbell (carbon copy)3/2/82
from Ramsey Campbell3/28/82
to Ramsey Campbell (carbon copy)6/14/82
from Ramsey Campbell4/2/83
from Ramsey Campbell6/28/83
from Ramsey Campbell7/18/84
from Ramsey Campbell8/18/84
4Correspondence with Mary E. Counselman (Vineyard):
[pseudonyms: John Starr, Charles Dubois, Sanders McCrorey]
to Mary E. Counselman (carbon copy)6/21/82
from Mary E. Counselman8/5/82
Correspondence with L. Sprague de Camp:
to L. Sprague de Camp (carbon copy)3/2/82
from L. Sprague de Camp3/5/82
to L. Sprague de Camp (carbon copy)6/15/82
Correspondence with Fritz Leiber:
to Fritz Leiber (carbon copy)3/2/82
to Fritz Leiber (carbon copy)6/15/82
from Fritz Leiber6/30/82
Correspondence with Frank B. Long:
to Frank B. Long (carbon copy)3/2/82
to Frank B. Long (carbon copy)6/14/82
from Frank B. Long4/10/82
5Correspondence with Jerry Page:
to Jerry Page (carbon copy)3/30/82
to Jerry Page (carbon copy)6/25/82
from Jerry Page6/26/82
to Jerry Page (carbon copy)7/2/82
from Jerry Page7/15/82
6Correspondence with Manly Wade Wellman:
to Manly Wade Wellman (returned to sender)4/15/82
to Manly Wade Wellman (carbon copy)5/4/82
from Manley Wade Wellman5/8/82
to Manley Wade Wellman (carbon copy)6/15/82
Series I: Subseries 1 (con't.)
Sub-Subseries 2: Correspondence with Representatives of Arkham House Publishers, Inc.
7Correspondence with James Turner, Editor, Arkham House Publishers, Inc.:
from James Turner3/26/82
to James Turner (carbon copy)4/16/82
from James Turner5/3/82
from James Turner7/14/82
to Turner (returned with notations by Roderic Menq and Turner)7/22/82
to Turner (photocopy: with handwritten notations by Jaffery)7/22/82
to Turner (carbon copy)7/26/82
from Turner7/28/82
from Turner2/22/83
to Turner (photocopy)11/14/83
miscellaneous notes, phone messages11/14/83
8Correspondence with Roderic Menq, Operations, Arkham House:
from Roderic Menq3/10/82
to Roderic Menq (carbon copy)9/13/82
to Roderic Menq (carbon copy)9/15/82
from Roderic Menq4/18/83
9Correspondence with Forrest D. Hartmann, Quale, Hartmann, Bohl, and Evenson Law Offices [representatives of the Estate of Auqust Derleth]:
to Stuart David Schiff from Forrest D. Hartmann (photocopy with handwritten note by Schiff to Jaffery)4/24/72
to Forrest D. Hartmann (carbon copy)6/29/82
from Hartmann7/6/82
10outgoing correspondence from Sheldon R. Jaffery:
to Jack L. Chalker (carbon copy)3/29/82
to Jack L. Chalker (carbon copy)6/14/82
to Kennedy Boyser (carbon copy)
(attached: photocopy of ad copy for "Progress Report Number 2" by Jaffery)
to Lloyd W. Currey (carbon copy)3/12/82
to Barry R. Levin (carbon copy)3/10/82
to Kirby McCauley (carbon copy)3/2/82
to Stuart David Schiff, Whispers Press (carbon copy)8/5/82
to Nils Hardin (carbon copy)4/16/82
to Bob Weinberg (carbon copy)3/10/82
11Correspondence with David Aronovitz:
to David Aronovitz (carbon copy)3/8/82
from David Aronovitz3/12/82
to David Aronovitz (carbon copy)6/14/82
Correspondence with Joe Bell, Soft Books:
to Joe Bell (carbon copy)3/10/82
from Joe Bell3/22/82
From Joe Bell12/27/84
Correspondence with Richard Fawcett:
to Richard Fawcett (carbon copy)6/1/82
original letter from Jaffery to Fawcett, dated 6/1/82
with handwritten comments by Fawcett;
photocopy of letter from Gerry de la Ree to Jaffery is also attached, dated 4/17/82
to Fawcett (carbon copy)
from Fawcett2/2/83
from W.P. Ganley to Jaffery[3/27/82?]
Correspondence with Donald M. Grant, Publisher:
to Donald Grant (carbon copy)3/8/82
from Grant3/11/82
Correspondence with Stephen King:
to King (carbon copy)3/5/82
from King4/8/82
to King (carbon copy)6/14/82
from King6/22/82
Correspondence with George Locke:
to George Locke (carbon copy)3/12/82
from George Locke5/14/82
Correspondence with Robert A. Madle:
to Robert Madle (carbon copy)3/3/82
from Robert Madle(May 1982?)
from Robert Madle(10/22/82)
to Robert Madle (carbon copy)11/3/82
from Jim Murphy to Sheldon Jaffery10/15/82
12Correspondence with Gerry de la Ree:
to de la Ree (carbon copy)3/11/82
from de la Ree3/14/82
photocopy of above letter (attached: index card "Roads")3/14/82
to de la Ree (carbon copy)3/17/82
from de la Ree
(attached: typewritten manuscript "The Good Old Days," by Gerry de la Ree with handwritten notations by de la Ree; photocopy of same article, retitled "Epilog")
from de la Ree
(attached: typewritten manuscripts, "The Illustrated Lovecraft" and "The Drawings for 'Roads'", by Gerry de la Ree with handwritten notations by de la Ree)
to de la Ree (carbon copy)4/8/82
from de la Ree
(attached: typewritten manuscript, "Search for a Hornbook" with handwritten corrections by de la Ree; photocopy of same article)
to de la Ree (carbon copy)4/27/82
from de la Ree5/3/82
to de la Ree (carbon copy)6/15/82
from de la Ree6/18/82
from de la Ree2/4/83
from de la Ree2/11/83
13Correspondence with Roy A. Squires:
to Roy A. Squires (carbon copy. Stapled to letter below)6/15/82
to Roy A. Squires (carbon copy)3/2/82
from Roy A. Squires
(attached: page from Squire’s catalog #6 with article “The Shunned House”)
to Roy Squires (carbon copy)3/11/82
from Roy Squires
(attached: typewritten anecdotes by Squires about various Arkham House books)
from Roy Squires7/3/82
from Roy Squires8/31/82
to Roy Squires (carbon copy)9/7/82
from Roy Squires9/9/82
from Roy Squires4/22/84
Series I: Subseries 1 (con't.)
Sub-Subseries 4: Correspondence with Publishing Companies
14Correspondence with potential publishers:
to Jean E. Karl, Editor, Antheneum-Argo Books (carbon copy) (photocopy of above)5/10/82
From Karl5/13/82
to Karen Haas, Editor, Bantam Books (carbon copy)4/15/82
from Karen Haas4/30/82
to Haas (carbon copy)5/4/82
from Haas5/7/82
to Robert Reginald, Editor, Borgo Press (carbon copy)4/15/82
to Ruth Hapgood, Editor, Houghton Mifflin Co. (carbon copy) (photocopy of above)5/10/82
from Hapgood5/14/82
Correspondence with Kent State University Press:
to Laura Nagy, Editor (carbon copy)4/15/82
from Dean H. Keller, Curator, Special Collections, Kent State University Library4/22/82
to Keller (carbon copy)4/27/82
from Keller5/5/82
to Keller (carbon copy)6/3/82
to Keller (carbon copy)10/18/82
from Keller, Editor, Serif Series10/20/82
from Paul H. Rohmannn, Director11/2/82
to Tom Dunne, Editor, St. Martin’s Press (carbon copy)4/15/82
from Tom Dunne6/10/82
to Marcia Guarnaschelli, Editor, William Morrow and Co. (carbon copy)4/15/82
from Guarnaschelli5/17/82
15House of Collectibles (original: carbon copy)6/1/82
to House of Collectibles (carbon copy)6/7/82
Returned envelope to House of Collectibles (unopened)6/7/82
16to Ray Thomas, Editor, Taplinger Publishing Co. (carbon copy)4/15/82
from Thomas
(attached: sample copy of Jaffery’s manuscript)
17Correspondence with the Popular Press, Bowling Green State University:
to Popular Press (carbon copy)6/3/82
from Pat Browne, Popular Press
(attached: samples of Jaffery manuscript)
from Browne8/19/82
to Browne (carbon copy) (attached: "Appendix 4" written by Gerry de la Ree and edited by Jaffery)9/7/82
from Browne9/13/82
from Browne10/6/82
to Browne (carbon copy)
(attached: draft for biography for book cover flap by Jaffery [carbon copy])
from Browne11/8/82
to Browne (carbon copy)
(attached: typed address list of review copy readers [photocopy])
from Kathy Rogers Hoke, Popular Press12/3/82
to Hoke (carbon copy)
(attached: address list for complimentary copy readers [carbon copy])
typed notecard from Hoken.d.
from Hoke1/25/83
to Browne, (original, attached: original typed Author/Title Index by Jaffery)2/7/83
to Browne (carbon copy)2/28/83
from Browne6/21/83
from Browne (attached: Author/Title Index [photocopy])10/19/83
from Browne  (attached: photocopy of note from Jaffery)11/3/83
Series I: Subseries 1 (con’t.)
Sub-Subseries 5: Public Response
18from Masaki Abe4/5/83
from Steven C. Bernard9/24/83
from Leigh Blackmore, Director, H.P. Lovecraft Bio-Bibliographical Centre7/27/83
from Richard Bleiler11/24/83
from Richard Bleiler12/14/83
from Richard Bleiler1/25/84
from Richard Bleiler2/12/84
from Michael Borden6/21/84
from William G. Forge12/23/83
from John Judice5/6/83
from Joseph F. Kennelly1/31/83
from Terry [Lawson]11/30/84
from David McClintock1/7/83
from  David McClintock1/8/83
from  David McClintock1/19/83
from  David McClintock2/3/83
from  David McClintock4/29/83
from Frank D. McSherry, Jr.3/22/83
from J.B. Post6/1/83
from Mark Rathburnn.d.
from Mark Rathburn9/10/83
from Wayne C. Rogers12/19/83
from Frank Searight12/28/82
From Frank Searight2/12/83
from Scott H. Urban1/8/85
from Donald Wandrei10/6/84
from Donald Wandrei10/16/85
from Donald Wandrei
(attached: photocopies of articles "Publishing and Kirby McCauley," Sylvia Porter's Personal Finance [Dec. 1985, p. 63]; "Ultimate Dark Portrait of Maine Suffers from Epic Pretensions," Accent North News-Tribune and Herald, Duluth, MN [Sun., Sept. 21, 1986])
from Robert Weinberg: three letters about book's popularity in his storen.d.
from David J. Williams III3/9/83
to Williams (photocopy)4/6/83
from Roy [Preece], The Village Bookshelfn.d.
Box 2
Series I: (con't.)
Subseries 2: Research Notes, Files, Manuscripts
1Photocopies of letters from August Derleth, Director, Arkham House Publishing Company to Lee Browne Coyle, illustrator, and to Glenn Lord.1962-1967
2photocopies of letters from August Derleth and Roderic Meng of Arkham House, to Dr. Stuart David Schiff with commentary notes by Schiff1970-1973
Twenty Years of Writing, 1926-1946 by August Derleth, Arkham House (photocopy)
4Arkham House trade catalog pages (photocopied) with commentary notes by Schiff; article: "The Arkham House Story," Fantastic Worlds by August Derleth (photocopy)c.1946
Summer 1952
"Logoda's Heads," Gargoyle, Vol. 1, No.1, by  August Derleth (photocopy)
"The Story Behind A Dust Jacket," by Gerry de la Ree (photocopy)
on history of Arkham House from Collector's  Dream #5 by Rowley Atkins (photocopy)
"Arkham House: The Unpublished Volumes," by Gunter T. Swain (photocopy) with added notes by Jaffery
"The Bibliophile and the Spaceship," The Private Library, by J.B. Post (photocopy)
Autumn 1970
10handwritten notecards; photocopied pages of annotations for manuscript 
11handwritten notes and notecards about various Arkham House books 
12photocopied pages of index cards compiled by Jaffery for the 163 Arkham House books of the Jaffery Collection [with handwritten notes by Brenda McCallum (Head Librarian, Browne Popular Culture Library) on last page, concerning phone conversation with Jaffery]9/1987
13notecards concerning printing errors, changes to be made in the published book Horrors and Unpleasantries  
14handwritten notes:
"Acknowledgements and Permission to quote"; handwritten draft of letter of request for written permission to use quotations; partial handwritten draft for endnotes
Box 3
Series I, Subseries 2: (con't.)
Horrors and Unpleasantries
1handwritten and typed manuscript, first draft
2first draft (continued)
3typed and handwritten manuscript, second draft
4edited photocopied typed draft of "Bibliography and Price guide" section of manuscript.
5edited photocopied typed draft of "Introduction" and "Appendix I: The Unpublished Titles"
Box 4
Series I: Subseries 2 (con't.)
Horrors and Unpleasantries
1photocopied edited typewritten third draft with handwritten additional pages (first title page including name Horrors and Unpleasantries: A Collector's Price Guide and Bibliography of Arkham House)
2third draft (continued)
3typewritten manuscript, final draft, with corrections, marked "return"
4final draft (continued)
5manuscript sample pages for sending to publishing companies, includes introduction and first six pages of checklist (one original, one photocopy with attached note from Pat [Browne])
6galley sheet page from printers of sample copy of book
7edited photocopy of page proofs
8photocopy of page proofs (continued)
9photocopies of cover for book; first four pages of book, originals (have been ripped out of a book)
10handwritten Author/Title Index
Box 5
Series I: (con't.)
Subseries 3: Arkham House Catalogs and Related Material
4 x 5 1/2", 40 pages, light blue covers. Books from Arkham House 1947-48. "Coming:" The Arkham Sampler and Revelations in Black (page 6) "Very soon to be o.p.:" Slan.
4 x 5 1/2", 37 + 4 photographic pages, white covers printed in blue.
Books from Arkham House 1949 and Later
. Trade discounts printed inside front cover. " …it is fairly certain that [the following] will be published in this order:" Something About Cats and Other Pieces, The Throne of Saturn. o.p. Who Knocks?, The Opener of the Way , and Green Tea.
3-15/16" x 9-3/16" printed both sides.
Short Stock Titles. "As of January 1963, the following books are in short stock..." Spells and Philtres, The House on the Borderland and Other Novels, Revelations in Black, Always Comes Evening, Arkham House: The First 20 Years, Night's Black Agents, Not Long for this World, The Curse of Yig, and The Shunned House (bound).
(Derleth gave notice here of "a very handsome edition" of a book from another publisher: The Hill of Dionysus by Clark Ashton Smith.)
4 x 5-7/16", 8 pages, self cover.
Last Call!
"The Following Arkham House books are in such short supply that none will outlast the current Arkham House stocklist:" Always Comes Evening and nine others.
3-15/16 x 9-3/16" printed both sides.
Lovecraftiana. "As of Summer, 1964, the following books are to be had …:" The Dunwich Horror and Others begins a list of 10 books, including Autobiography of a Nonentity, Collected Poems, and The Shunned House.  
4 x 5 5/16", 44 pages, black covers.
Stock List of Books from Arkham Housel Mycroft and Moran. 25th anniversary stocklist. o.p.: The Shunned House.
Printed Letter
8 ½" x 11" with Arkham House letterhead. Autumn, 1964, signed by August Derleth (photocopy, yellowed paper) "Dear Patron, Just 25 years ago this season… "
12 pages, self cover.
1965 Books by August Derleth. "Wisconsin Country" on cover. Lists Wisconsin Country: A Sac Prairie Journal (May), The Casebook of Solar Pons (April), and Country Places (October).
12 x 9 1/4" folded to 6 pages 4 x 9 1/4", pebbled paper. 1965 Books From Arkham House. Published: Tales of Science and Sorcery. Coming: Selected Letters I (March). o.p. Always Come Evening, Dark of the Moon, and The House on the Borderland and Other Novels.
4 x 5 7/16", 16 pages, self cover. [A.H. symbol] 1939-1964/25th Anniversary. Chronological listings of AH, M&M, and S&L published "through 1964." Selected Letters I is included, Tales of Science and Sorcery is not. The Horror from the Hills is typed in at tops of pages 8 & 9.
12 x 8 3/4" folded to 6 pages, 4 x 8 3/4" pebbled paper.
1966-67 Books From Arkham House. Coming: The Phantom Fighter (May). o.p.: The Curse of Yig, The Survivor and Others, and Something about Cats and Other Pieces.
10 1/2" x 5" folded to 6 pages, 3 1/2" x 5".
Arkham House Books I 1967. "This is our last bulletin! … we are replacing it with … The Arkham Collector …" Coming: The Mind Parasites, Selected Letters II, and Strange Gateways. o.p.: The Shuttered Room
5 1/4" x7 3/4", 32 pages, pink covers.
Stock List of Books from Arkham House I Mycroft & Moran. Books coming in 1970-1971: The Horror in the Museum and Other Revisions (November, 1970), Demons and Dinosaurs (October, 1970), and Selected Letters III (Spring, 1971).
5 1/4 x 7-3/4", 32 pages, black covers.
Stock List of Books from Arkham House I Mycroft &Moran.
Summer/Autumn 1971-1972
(with above booklet) ditto paper. Addendum.
"Due to the death of August Derleth this past summer… "
5 1/4 x 7-3/4", 28 pages, pumpkin covers.
Stock List of Books from Arkham House I Mycroft &Moran.
Books coming in 1972-73: The Rim of the Unknown.
Oct. 1972
5x7 1/2", printed on one side, yellow. Addendum. Books in limited supply: "We have in stock four of the Neville Spearman editions of our early Clark Ashton Smith titles." Soon to be o.p.: Over the Edge, The Trail of Cthulhu, Invaders from the Dark, The Horror from the Hills, The Inhabitant of the Lake.
5x7 1/2" printed one side, orange. Addendum. "Please note these changes to our annnounced publications for 1973, pages 2-4 (25)--" o.p.: The Horror from the Hills, The Trail of Cthulhu, and 3 Tales of Horror.
5 1/4" x 8", 28 pages, pea green covers.
Stock List of Books from Arkham House I Mycroft &Moran. Books Coming in 1974-75: The Watchers Out of Time and Others (Spring).
March 1974
5x7 1/2", printed on one side, yellow. Addendum
March 1974 Catalog. Books in Limited Supply: Strange Harvest and Selected Letters II.
6 1/4" x 9", printed on one side, blue. Addendum.
March 1974 Catalog. Published: Xelucha and Others. o.p.: The Green Round.
5 1/4 x 8", 24 pages, light blue covers.
Stock List of Books from Arkham House I Mycroft &Moran. Books Coming in 1975-76: Selected Letters IV: 1932-1934.
Sept. 1975
5 x 8", printed both sides, yellow. Addendum--September 1975 Catalog.
5 x 8", printed both sides, beige. Third Addendum--September 1975 Catalog.
5 x 8", printed both sides, green. Fourth Addendum--September 1975 Catalog.
5 ¼"  x 8", 24 pages, yellow covers.
Stock List of Books from Arkham House 1 Mycroft & Moran. Books Coming in 1977-78: And Afterward, the Dark and In Mayan Splendor (both Summer 1977).
June 1977
5 1/4 x 8", printed one side in brown, white paper. Addendum--June 1977 Catalog.
11Same booklet (June 1977 yellow catalog) as in Folder 10, with:
8 1/2 x 14", printed both sides, folded to 8 1/2"x 4 3/4", beige.
Addendum--June 1977 Stock List. "This is the fourth and final addendum to the June '77 stock list… lf utilized in conjunction with the yellow '77 catalog, the patron will know exactly what titles remain available… have recently been published…and… will be published betweeen Fall 1979 and Summer 1980… " Published: In the Mist & Other Uncanny Encounters and The Princess of All Lands. o.p.: Mr. Fairlie's Final Journey, Wisconsin Murders, Dark Things, Selected Poems, and Mr. George, &c.
Leaf. Discount Schedule. (stapled inside yellow booklet).June 1977
5 5/16" x 8", 20 pages, ivory.
Arkham House/1980
Recent Publications: New Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos.
Discount Schedule. (stapled inside ivory booklet).
August 1980
8 1/2 x 14" folded to 8 1/2" x4 3/4", printed both sides, yellow.
New Books from Arkham House / Addendum II to the 1980 Stock List. Published: The Third Grave.
October 1981
Printed Letter. (stapled to yellow leaf)
"Re: Status of standing order for…"
Nov. 1981
Letter from Sheldon R. Jaffery to Arkham House, with Arkham House "Discount Schedule August 1980" attached.9/22/80
5 5/16" x 8", 24 pages, green covers. Arkham House /1982. Recent Publications: The Solar Pons Omnibus.
8 1/2" x 14", folded to 8 1/2" x 4 3/4", gray.
New Books from Arkham House / Addendum II to the 1982 Stock List.
August 1983
Series I (con't.)
Subseries 4: Speech
14Notecards for presentation on the history of Arkham Housen.d.
Series I (con't.)
Subseries 5: Legal and Financial Documents
15publisher's contract, Bowling Green University Popular Press and Sheldon R. Jaffery6/16/82
requisition sheet from Bowling Green State University (BGSU) to Sheldon R. Jaffery7/21/83
requisition sheet from BGSU to Jaffery (photocopy)7/21/83
Check from BGSU to Jaffery (photocopy)8/26/83
Series I (con't.)
Subseries 6: Promotional and Publicity Material
16handwritten address lists for review copies and advertisements 
to Mary Strassmeyer from Jaffery, Cleveland Plain Dealer (carbon copy)6/24/82
to T.E.D. Klein from Jaffery, Twilight Zone Magazine (carbon copy)9/30/84
from Klein to Jaffery10/12/84
Cleveland Bar Journal, Vol. 53, no.11
(contains mention of Jaffery'spublication in "Lawyers in the News" section)
Sept. 1982
Series I (con't.)
Subseries 7: Reviews and Related Material
18review: Locus, p. 28 (photocopy)April 1983
review: Fantasy Newsletter, p. 26 (photocopy)April 1983
review: editor's page, Space and Time #64 (photocopy)Summer  1983
review: Bulletin of Bibliography, Vol. 41, No.1 (photocopy) with letter from Stacy M. Lytwyn, Meckler Publ.n.d.
review: S.F. Chronicle, p. 8 (photocopy)April 1983
Series I (con't.)
Subseries 8: Revised Edition, Horrors and Unpleasantries
[note: Retitled The Arkham House Companion]
Sub-Subseries 1: Correspondence with Arkham House Authors
19to Greg Bear (photocopy)2/25/84
(attached: notecard from David McClintock to Jaffery)2/16/84
from Greg Bear3/12/84
to Basil Copper (photocopy)4/4/84
from Copper5/14/84
to Phyllis Eisenstein (photocopy)4/4/84
from Eisenstein4/7/84
to Carl Jacobi (photocopy)3/17/84
from Jacobi4/13/84
to Jacobi (photocopy)4/29/84
from Joanna Russ5/7/84
to A.E. van Vogt (photocopy)4/4/84
from van Vogt4/24/84
to Donald Wandrei (photocopy)11/22/84
20To Brian Lumley (carbon copy)3/30/82
to Brian Lumley (photocopy)11/15/83
from Brian Lumley
(attached: article [photocopy] by Lumley: "August Derleth: Arkham House")
From Brian Lumley3/4/84
To Brian Lumley (photocopy)3/11/84
From Lumley3/18/84
Series 1: Subseries 8: The Arkham House Companion (con't.)
Sub-Subseries 2: Correspondence with James Turner, Arkham House
21to James Turner (photocopy)3/14/88
from "Jim T."3/22/88
from Turner (postcard)11/3/88
Series I: Subseries 8: The Arkham House Companion (con't.)
Sub-Subseries 3: Correspondence with Arkham House Researchers/Dealers/Collectors
22from "Randy" [R.] Alain Everts, co-editor, Etchings and Odysseys
(attached: three related company flyers)
from Joe Kennelly9/26/88
from Dave McClintock12/9/89
to Roy A. Squires (photocopy)9/20/87
from Squires (postcard)9/30/87
from Dick Wald
attached: photocopy of letter from Wald to R. Meng, Arkham House, with notes by Meng
to Robert Weinberg (photocopy)3/17/84
23from R. Dixon Smith1/31/84
to R. Dixon Smith (photocopy)3/17/84
from R. Dixon Smith5/21/84
to Smith (photocopy)12/19/85
Series I: Subseries 8: The Arkham House Companion (con't.)
Sub-Subseries 4: Correspondence with Publishing Companies
24Correspondence with Popular Press, Bowling Green State University:
to Pat Browne (photocopy)9/20/87
from Browne9/23/87
25Correspondence with Ted Dikty, Starmont House:
from Dikty3/1/88
to Dikty (photocopy)8/10/88
Series I: Subseries 8: The Arkham House Companion (con't.)
Sub-Subseries 5: Research notes, files, manuscripts
26letter from James C. Hunter, Hunter Publishing Company to Arkham House (photocopy)12/29/65
27book dealer catalogs which list current prices for Arkham House books in 1987 and 1989:
book listings: Roy A. Squires list "87-29/16/87
Weinberg Books catalogJan. 1989
Barry R. Levin Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature, Vol. 2, no.1Jan. 1989
Box 6
Series I: Subseries 8, The Arkham House Companion
Subseries 5 (con't.)
The Arkham House Companion (rev. ed.)
1first draft, revised edition with pages from the first edition stapled to paper with handwritten revisions
2first draft, (con't.)
6first draft, (con't.); typewritten index with handwritten revisions
 Box 7
Series I: Subseries 8: The Arkham House Companion
Sub-Subseries 5 (con't.)
1handwritten drafts of various single entries to book (loose)
2handwritten draft of index
(on backs of form letters related to Jaffery's profession as an attorney)
3second draft:
photocopied with typewritten, handwritten and computer-generated revisions and additional pages
6galley proof:
photocopied with handwritten revisions "acknowledgements" to "entry 23 Slan"
7galley proof:
photocopied with handwritten revisions
Box 8
Series I: Subseries 8: The Arkham House Companion
Sub-Subseries 5 (con't.)
1Page proofs:
photocopied with handwritten corrections pp. 1-40; UPS mailing envelope
2Page proofs, (con't.), pp. 42-84; UPS mailing envelope 
3Page proofs:
photocopied both sides; Express Mail receipt
4Final page proof copy in cover layout binder 
Series I: Subseries 8: The Arkham House Companion
Sub-Subseries 6: Arkham House Catalogs and Related Material
"Addendum III" to 1982 Stock List (2 copies) legal size, tan, printed both sides;
"For Immediate Release: the Arkham Lovecraft" light brown, printed both sides;
"Arkham House Stock List" 24 p., tan cover (attached: leaflet "Addendum I" with typewritten note from R. Meng)
5 1/4" x 8", 12 pages, brown covers. The Phil Mays Collection of Arkham House Ephemerae. By Roy A. Squires and Phillip T. Mays, Glendale, CA. A checklist of 77 items including catalogs, announcements of individual titles, bulletins, etc.
Series I: Subseries 8: The Arkham House Companion
Sub-Subseries 7: Legal and Financial Documents
7contract with Starmont House and Jaffery for The Arkham House Companion 2/8/87
8invoices from Arkham House Publishers, Inc. to Les Affiches Illustrees
[lists press runnings for each book ordered]
Express mail receipt from Jaffery to Starmont House;9/24/87
invoice from Original Copy Center;9/23/87
delivery receipt from Original Copy Center;9/23/87
flyer from Pip printing store 

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