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 Box 9
Series II: The Collector's Index to Weird Tales
Subseries 1: Correspondence
Sub-Subseries 1: Correspondence with Weird Tales Researchers
1from Masaki Abe1/8/85
from Abe1/24/85
from Mike Ashley3/26/83
to Ashley (photocopy)4/6/83
from Fred Cook
(attached: samples of index manuscript draft)
from R. Alain Everts11/23/83
to Everts (photocopy)11/29/83
from Everts12/10/83
from Brian Lumley5/4/83
to Lumley (carbon copy)7/20/83
from Ted Serrill11/19/[85]
to Erica J. Steins (photocopy)9/1/88
Series II: Subseries 1 (con't.)
Sub-Subseries 2: Correspondence with the Popular Press
2to Pat Browne (carbon copy)5/16/83
from Pat Browne8/22/84
certified mail postcard11/7/84
from Pat Browne1/17/85
certified mail postcard2/11/85
from Kathy Rogers Hoke9/5/85
to Kathy Rogers Hoke (photocopy) (attached: list of "Who's Who and Where "1" from the pulp magazine fanzine Doc Savage Quarterly)9/14/85
to Pat Browne (photocopy) (attached: biographical information for cover flaps by Jaffery (photocopy)12/15/85
Series II: (con't.)
Subseries 2: Research Notes, Files, Manuscripts
typewritten issue-by-issue index of Weird Tales with original handwritten additions
above index and additions
for March 1923-April 1932, incomplete
typewritten issue-by-issue index of Weird Tales with copied handwritten additions
for April 1925-Sept. 1954
issue-by-issue index of Weird Tales;
Weird Tales price list.
May 1932 - Dec. 1939
issue-by-issue index of Weird Tales (cont'd.)
Jan. 1940 - Sept. 1954
7handwritten draft:
cover artist index of Weird Tales (Index 4); photocopy:
revised draft, typewritten cover artist index with original handwritten additions
illustrations by Gary Dumm for the book.
typewritten issue-by-issue index for Oriental Stories and Magic Carpet Magazine (Appendix 1).
typewritten draft with copied handwritten notes of author/poet index for Oriental Stories and Magic Carpet Magazine (Appendix 1A)
"Why Weird Tales?" (photocopy: Appendix 2)
typewritten author index for Argosy
13typewritten draft with handwritten notes:
acknowledgements; handwritten notes of additions to index;
handwritten notes: outline, table of contents.
14handwritten draft:
Preface, by Fred Cook.
15Introduction drafts:
original typewritten first draft with handwritten revisions; photocopy of first revised draft with additional handwritten revisions and additions; photocopy of first revised draft; photocopy of second draft with copied handwritten revisions; photocopy of cover art.
16handwritten draft for Foreign Editions (Appendix 4) 
 Box 10
Series II, Subseries 2: (con't.)
Note: Box 10 contains 3" x 5" index cards for the following sections of The Collector's Index to Weird Tales:
AIndex 2: Author Index
1. A-L
2. M-Z
BIndex 3: Poets Index
1. A-L
2. M-Z
3. Misc. poetry index cards
CAppendix 3: Virgil Finlay
Box 11
Series II, Subseries 2 (con't.)
Folders 1-8 contain the original typewritten manuscript with handwritten typesetting instructions by Jaffery throughout:
1Introduction; Index 1, Issue-by-Issue IndexMarch 1923-Dec. 1927
2Index 1 (con't.)Jan. 1928-Dec. 1935
3Jan. 1936-Nov. 1944
4Jan. 1945-Sept. 1954
5Index 2, Author Index 
6Index 3, Poet Index; Index 4, Cover Artist Index; Index 1 addendumSummer 1973-Fall 1981
7Appendix 1, Issue-by-Issue Index of Oriental Stories and of Magic Carpet Magazine; Appendix 1 (A), Author/Poet Index of Oriental Stories and of Magic Carpet Magazine; Appendix 4, Foreign Editions. 
8Appendix 1 (photocopy) with handwritten revisions 
 Box 12
Series II, Subseries 2 (con't.)
Folders 1 through 6 contain the first revised draft of the manuscript:
1Index 1 draftMarch 1923-Aug. 1932
2Sept. 1932-Dec. 1939
3Jan. 1940-Sept. 1954
4Summer 1973-Summer 1983
5Index 2 draft with handwritten additions 
6Index 3; Index 4 draft with handwritten additions 
Folders 7 through 9 contain photocopies of the galley proofs of the manuscript:
7handwritten notes; photocopy of letter from Fred [Cook]; revisions sheets for Index 1; galley proofs for Index 1 with handwritten revisionsMarch 1923-Dec. 1924
April 1923 Dec. 1924
8galley proofs: Index 1 (con't.)Jan. 1925-Dec. 1938
9Jan. 1939-Fall 1981
Folders 10 and 11 contain photocopied final page proofs of the manuscript:
10typewritten draft: acknowledgements (with letter from Browne to Jaffery attached); page proofs: Preface through Index 1 
11page proofs: Index 2 through Appendix l(A); original typewritten Appendix 3 with handwritten notations; page proofs: Appendix 4. 
Series II: (con't.)
Subseries 3: Promotional/Publicity Material
12Newsletter: Impromptu, Vol. 2, No.2, Dept. of English, College of Humanities, The Ohio State UniversitySpring 1983
Series II: (con't.)
Subseries 4: Reviews and Related Materials
13handwritten notes, "Review Copies"; review: "Another Weird Tales Index," Fantasy Review, p. 29 (photocopy)Nov. 1985
annotation: American Reference Books Annual, p. 437.1987
 Box 13
Series III: Sensuous Science Fiction
Subseries 1: Correspondence
Sub-Subseries 1: Correspondence with Pulp Magazine Researchers
1outgoing mail, unanswered from Sheldon R. Jaffery:
to Bill Blackbeard, San Francisco Academy of Comic Art (photocopy)8/23/83
to Blackbeard (carbon copy)9/22/83
to Ray Walsh, Curious Book Shop (carbon and photocopy)9/27/83
to Walsh (carbon copy)11/1/83
to Bill Thailing (photocopy)10/13/83
handwritten notesn.d.
handwritten notes pertaining to phone conversation with Bob Madle9/21/83
to Richard Clear (photocopy)9/27/83
from Clear9/29/83
to Clear (carbon copy)11/1/83
from Clearn.d.
to Clear11/15/83
from John CokerSat. p.m.
to Jack Deveny (photocopy)10/27/83
from Deveny10/31/83
to Graham Holroyd (photocopy)9/27/83
to Holroyd (photocopy)10/18/83
from Holroyd(12/13/83)
to Mark Leonard (carbon copy)8/4/83
from Leonardn.d.
from Glenn Lord12/17/83
to Richard H. Minter (photocopy)10/13/83
from Minter10/17/83
to Minter (carbon copy)11/21/83
from Minter11/25/83
to Robert Weinberg (carbon copy)7/20/83
from Weinbergn.d.
to Ray [Bowman?]
(original with handwritten notes by Ray)
Series III: Subseries 1 (con't.)
Sub-Subseries 2: Correspondence with the Popular Press
2to Pat Browne (photocopy)7/20/83
from Browne9/15/83
to Browne (carbon copy)9/26/83
from Browne5/5/84
to Browne (photocopy)11/3/84
Series III: Subseries 1 (con't.)
Sub-Subseries 3: Photocopying Correspondence and Receipts
3to Library of Congress from Jaffery (photocopy)11/18/83
to Library of Congress from Jaffery (photocopy and orig.)2/1/84
original cancelled check for LC from Jaffery1/6/84
to Library of Congress from Bob Weinberg (photocopy)12/25/83
from Library of Congress to Jaffery12/7/83
to Library of Congress from Jaffery3/9/84
handwritten notes concerning photocopying instructions for Original Copy Center, Leader Building by Jaffery(1/13/84)
receipt from Original Copy Center1/13/84
Series III (con't.)
Subseries 2: Research Notes, Files, Manuscripts
4articles (photocopies):
"Ten Works That Could Each Be the First Works of SF," Science Fiction Lists, pp. 35-36; "Chapter XIV. The Sensuous (Science Fiction) Woman," The Shudder Pulps, pp. 184-193).
5handwritten lists of possible stories to include in book; handwritten outline/table of contents; title pages of several pulp magazines (photocopied) 
6handwritten draft: Dedication; handwritten draft: Acknowledgements; typewritten draft: Introduction with handwritten revisions; handwritten drafts for introductions to each section of book for: "The Angel From Hell," "World Without Sex," "The Robot Awakes," "Shawm of the Stars," "Planet of Peril"; typewritten drafts with handwritten revisions for introductions to: "Test-Tube Frankenstein," "Zenith Rand, Planet Vigilante," "World Without Sex," "The Robot Awakes," "Shawm of the Stars," "The Planet of Peril" (incomplete). 
"Test-Tube Frankenstein"
galley proofs of material written by Jaffery with handwritten revisions
final draft
11typewritten final draft of material written by Jaffery with handwritten corrections and printer's notes. 
12page proofs:
Title page through p. 46
13page proofs (con't.): p. 47 through 97 ("The Angel From Hell") 
14page proofs (con't.): p. 98 through end of book 
15photocopied page proofs of material written by Jaffery 
Series III (con't.)
Subseries 3: Reviews
16clipping from Comic Buyer's Guide 7/10/87
 Box 14
Series IV: The Weirds
Subseries 1: Correspondence and Receipts
1from Ted Dikty, Starmont House
(attached: Starmont House order forms)
Summer 1986
to Dikty10/14/86
registered mail postcard10/18/86
to Bob Weinberg8/10/85
from Weinberg8/20/85
2receipts for photocopyingOct. -Nov. 1986
Series IV (con't.)
Subseries 2: Research Notes, Files, Manuscripts
3photocopy: "Index to Weird Menace Pulps" compiled by Bob Jones (incomplete)n.d.
4photocopies of pulp magazine covers 
5handwritten notes, outline, lists of pulp magazine titles, authors and issues; handwritten draft: dedication 
6typewritten and handwritten notations of story reprint copyright information included in acknowledgements 
7computer printed manuscript page of table of contents; typewritten and handwritten drafts of author descriptions (author story lists attached to each description) 
8drafts of introduction: typed and handwritten draft; typewritten draft with handwritten notations; typewritten draft with handwritten notations and additional computer printed pages (stamped Draft #2); typewritten draft with handwritten notations (stamped Draft #3) 
9typewritten and computer printed final draft: dedication, contents, acknowledgements, introduction, author descriptions 
Folders 10 through 17 contain pasted page proofs of the following sections:
10"The Mole Men Want Your Eyes" 
11"Beauty for Sale" 
12"The Horror at His Heels" 
13"Dance of the Bloodless Ones" 
14"Mistress of the Blood-Drinkers" 
15"White Mother of Shadows" 
16"A Beast is Born" 
17"Guest Room in Hell"; "Chamber of Horrors" 
18photocopied galley proofs of material written by Jaffery1/1987
 Box 15
Series V: Selected Tales of Grim and Grue from the Horror Pulps
Subseries 1: Correspondence and Receipts
1to Pat Browne, Popular Press, Bowling Green State University10/26/86
certified mail postcard10/29/86
from Pat Browne10/30/86
to Pat Browne (photocopy)12/2/86
to Ray Browne, Dept. of Popular Culture, Bowling Green State University3/20/84
to Mrs. Ruth Burks (photocopy)
(attached: photocopy of check to Burks)
from Jack Deveny9/15/87
from David Upp9/3/87
from Bob Sampson
(attached: letter to Popular Press from Marvin Lachman with review by him of Jaffery's book to be published in The Mystery Fancier)
3/4/89 2/16/89
2photocopying receiptsOct., Dec. 1986
Series V (con't.)
Subseries 2: Research Notes, Files, Manuscripts
3handwritten notes, outline;
"Popular's Weird Menace Pulps," by Bob Jones, Opar Press, 1972;
photocopy: issue-by-issue index to Ace Mystery, Eerie Mysteries, Eerie Stories and Uncanny Tales.
4Drafts of material written by Jaffery: photocopy: computer printed drafts of acknowledgements, dedication, contents, preface; photocopy of Jones's "Popular's Weird Menace Pulps"; photocopy of "Index to Weird Menace Pulps"; Index to Ace Mystery, etc., attached: letter from Popular Press; photocopy of page proof title page; photocopy of "Index to Weird Menace Pulps"; Index to Ace Mystery, etc; photocopy of "Popular's Weird Menace Pulps"; photocopy of computer printed galley proof with copied handwritten notations of material written by Jaffery; photocopy of computer printed galley proof of "Index to Weird Menace Pulps"; misc. photocopied pages of stories in the manuscript.1/14/87
5photocopied pages of the following stories:
"Arms of the Flame Goddess"; "The Buyer of Souls"; "The Tongueless Horror"; "Sleep With Me--And Death".
6photocopied stories (con't.):
"Moulder of Monsters"; "Dance of the Damned"; "Corpses on Parade"; "Death Tolls the Bell".
7page proofs for cover page:
"Arms of the Flame Goddess"; "Death Tolls the Bell".
8page proofs for:
"The Buyer of Souls"; "The Tongueless Horror"; "Sleep With Me--And Death".
9page proofs for:
"Moulders of Monsters"; "Dance of the Damned"; "Corpses on Parade".
 Box 16
Series VI: Future and Fantastic Worlds
Subseries 1: Correspondence
Sub-Subseries 1: Correspondence with Daw Books Researchers
1from Neil Barron1/31/87
to Andrew I. Porter, Science Fiction Chronicle (photocopy)2/25/87
2to Roy [Preece] (photocopy)12/14/86
from Roy [Preece], The Village Bookshelf handwritten want list by Jaffery; typewritten copies of "DAW Book Want List" by Jaffery1/10/87
Series VI, Subseries 1 (con't.)
Sub-Subseries 2: Correspondence with Daw Books, Inc. Personnel
3to Betsy Wollheim, Assoc. Editor, DAW Books, Inc. (photocopy)12/8/86
from Donald A. Wollheim [D.A.W.]12/31/86
to Betsy Wollheim (photocopy)1/6/87
from D. Wollheim1/20/87
to D. Wollheim (photocopy)2/3/87
from D. Wollheim2/17/87
Series VI, Subseries 1 (con't.)
Sub-Subseries 3: Correspondence with Starmont House Personnel
4from Ted Dikty (photocopy with handwritten note by Dikty)1/10/87
to Dikty (photocopy)1/30/87
from Dikty5/19/87
to Dikty (photocopy) (attached: blurb and autobiographical plug for cover flaps by Jaffery)8/29/87
Series VI (con't.)
Subseries 2: Research Notes, Files, Manuscripts
5computer-printed "Artists/Years" List (photocopy) by Jaffery(?]; DAW Books logo list for collectors; DAW 1987 Catalog UpdateJan-April 1987
6handwritten notes:
Author list of DAW books (A-G)
7Author list (con't.) (H-W) 
8computer-printed manuscript drafts (photocopies):
Preface by Donald A. Wollheim; Introduction by Jaffery; draft for book descriptions No. 1-No. 11; draft for descriptions Logo. No. 651-Logo. No. 665
Future and Fantastic Worlds: A Bibliographical (1972-1987) Retrospective of DAW Books
(original computer-printed final draft)
9with handwritten notations, Logo. No. 1-Logo. No. 106 
10Logo No. 107-No. 247 
11Logo No. 248-No. 385 
12Logo No. 386-No. 515 
13Logo No. 516-No. 707 
 Box 17
Series VI, Subseries 2 (con't.)
page proofs with handwritten notations (photocopies):
cover page-"Bibliographlc Retrospect"
1Logo No. 163 
2Logo No. 164-No. 363 
3Logo No. 364-No. 550 
4Logo No. 551-end 
5"Author-Title Index"; "Artist-Title Index"; Title Index 
6cover art (photocopies): cover for Future and Fantastic Worlds; reduced size copies of various DAW book covers 
Series VI (con't.)
Subseries 3: Legal Documents and Receipts
7contract for Starmont House and Sheldon Jaffery (photocopy);1/21/87
receipts for photocopying7/27/87
 Box 18
Series VII: The Corpse-Maker
Subseries 1: Manuscript
1misc. photocopied pages of pulp stories; photocopied cover jacket design;
photocopied computer-generated draft of Preface
2photocopied pages of pulp stories (incomplete): "The Thing from the Swamp"; "The Barricade"; "The Corpse-Maker"
3"The Corpse-Maker" (two copies)
4photocopied pulp stories:
"The House of Evil"; "The Barricade" with computer-generated intro.; "Disturb Not the Dead" with computer-generated intro.; "The Thing from the Swamp" with computer-generated intro.; "My Pupil--The Idiot!"; "The Black Gargoyle" with computer-generated intro
5photocopied pulp stories not included in the final printed edition:
"Sabali Madness" with computer-generated intro.; "Spawn of Inferno"; "The Thirsty Thing" with computer-generated intro
Box 19
Series VIII (con't.)
Subseries 2: Correspondence
1letters from Jaffery:
to John Douglas, Simon & Schuster Pub. (carbon copy)3/17/82
to Fred Pulschen (with handwritten comments by Pulschen)1/15/83
to "Rod" (with typewritten comments from "Rod")2/25/84
to Arkham House Publishers (order form, returned from Arkham House with typewritten comments)3/11/84
to "Otherworlds Friend" (photocopy)9/7/85
to "Bob" '( photocopy)12/28/85
incomplete typed draft[?] of Otherworlds book catalogn.d.
2letters to Jaffery:
from Masaki Abe12/25/84
from John Coker III
(attached: receipt from Jaffery)
from Michael Curtis4/3/86
from Lance A. Diernback6/17/85
from Richard Fawcett, Publisher6/17/85
from Malcolm M. Ferguson11/1/84
from Paul Ganley, Weird Book Press6/15/83
from Werner Saemmler Hindrichs, Antiquariat Hindrichs3/1/83
from Richard M. Jefts4/22/85
from Joseph F. Kennelly2/14/84
from Dan M. Klamkin, DMK Books11/21/83
from Terry Lawson5/6/83
from Alain Le fe Bure12/19/82
from Bob Madle1/14/80
from Allen Malanowicz5/18/83
from C. Morris, Caligari's Book Cabinet7/31/86
from Mark Orwingn.d.
from Mark Rathbun1/7/85
from Kevin D. Shields10/4/83
from Michael Thompson, Bookseller1/15/84
from George Zebrowski7/17/84
from "Dan"n.d.
Series VIII (con't.)
Subseries 3: Miscellaneous Professional Correspondence
3from Crown Publishers, Inc. (news release)(1984)
from Bill Laidlaw (order form, Doc Savage Quarterly)n.d.
from Paul Landfried (announcing The Mystery Fiction Journal)(1971)
order form (announcing Leisure, The Mystery Fiction Journal)(1971)
from Paul Olson, Editor, Horrorstruck 9/20/86
from Alan Ryan12/10/85
from Jessica Amanda Salmonson2/28/83
from Steve Rasnic Tem3/26/85
from Richard A. Zotara1/23/84
postcard (announcing Nightmares)12/27/87
Series IX: Miscellaneous Material
4index cards of supernatural and occult related books in Jaffery collection by Jaffery (photocopy)9/87
5Bookman's Weekly: Science Fiction and Fantasy Issue10/24/83
Fourteenth Annual PCA Convention and Sixth Annual ACA Convention, Toronto
March 29- April 1, 1984
7The British Fantasy Society Fanzine and Small Press Library Catalogue; World Fantasy Convention Memory Book 1983/84
Dec. 1985
"Weird Tales" (in Japanese, sent by Masaki Abe to Jaffery)
9Nebula Awards Report June 1985
Dec. 1986
Dec. 1987
Jan. 1988
Oct. 1988
Dec. 1988
Jan. 1989
Feb. 1989
July 1989
Oct. 1989
Dec. 1989
letter from Alice K. Turner, Playboy magazine (attached: photocopies of stories from Playboy on the Nebula ballot)1/9/85
10Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Review: Index to Issues 11-20, 1983
(attached: letter to SFRA members from Neil Barron and Robert A. Collins, Jan. 1984)
[Jan. 1984]
Eleventh Annual J. Lloyd Eaton Conference on Science Fiction and Fantasy:
Styles of Creation: Aesthetic Technique and the Creation of Fictional Worlds, University of California, Riverside, April 14-16, 1989
12Ohio Writer May/June '88
July/Aug '88
Sept/Oct '88
Nov/Dec '88
Jan/Feb '89
Mar/Apr '89
13Signet SF Advance, Vol. 1, Issue 3 1989 Bram Stoker Award Recommendations listing[Nov. 1988]
Sept. 1989
14Horror Writers of America Material: newsletter; and miscellaneous correspondence, membership lists
[Jaffery is a trustee of the organization]
Sept-Oct 1987
Series IX (con't.) Fanzines
The following fanzines have been transferred from the Sheldon R. Jaffery Collection to the Browne Popular Culture Library's Fanzine Collection.
August Derleth Society Newsletter Vol. 5, No. 41982
Vol. 6, No. 11982
Vol. 6, No. 21983
Vol. 6, No. 31983
Vol. 6, No. 4n.d.
Vol. 7, No. 11983
Beyond Avalon: The Quarterly Review of Science Fiction and the Psychic Vol. 1, No.1Jan. 1986
British Fantasy Newsletter Vol. 11, Nos. 1-3Oct. - March 1984
Vol. 11, No. 4Apr.- May 1984
Vol. 11, No. 5June - July 1984
Vol. 14, No. 1Summer 1987
The Fantasy Collector #210Sept. 1989
Ice River Vol. 4.1Spring 1988
Vol. 4.4Winter 1988
The J. Lloyd Eaton Collection Newsletter Vol. 1, No.2Fall 1989
The NASFA Shuttle
(North Alabama Science Fiction Association)
 Nov. 1987
Dec. 1987
Jan. 1988
Sep. 1988
Oct. 1988
Jan. 1989
Feb. 1989
June 1989
July 1989
Sept. 1989
Oct. 1989
Nov. 1989
Dec. 1989
Spwayo Newsletter
(Small Press Writers & Artists Organization)
Vol. 9, No.4July/Aug. 1987
Vol. 9, No.6Nov./Dec. 1987
Series IX (con't.) Periodicals
The following periodicals have been transferred from the Sheldon R. Jaffery Collection to the Browne Popular Culture Library' s general periodical collection.
The Bulletin of the Science Fiction Writers of America (Horrors and Unpleasantries in "Books for Writers" article)Vol. 17, No.4, Whole No. 82Winter 1983
Locus  Oct. 1979
Sept. 1980
SFRA Newsletter
(Science Fiction Research Association)
No. 117Dec. 1983
No. 119Mar. 1984
No. 130Apri l 1985
No. 131May 1985
No. 151Sept. 1987
No. 152Oct. 1987
No. 153Nov./Dec. 1987
No. 154Jan. 1988
No. 157April/May 1988
No. 158June/July 1988
No. 159Aug. 1988
No. 160Sept. 1988
No. 161Oct. 1988
No. 162Nov. 1988
No. 163Dec. 1988
No. 164Jan./Feb. 1989
No. 165March 1989
No. 166April 1989
No. 167May 1989
No. 168June 1989
No. 169July/Aug. 1989
No. 170Sept. 1989
No. 171Oct. 1989
Science Fiction Chronicle  Jan. 1982
Apri1 1982
May 1982
June 1982
July 1982
Aug. 1982
Sept. 1982
Oct. 1982
Nov. 1982
Dec. 1982
Jan. 1983
Feb. 1983
March 1983
April 1983
May 1983
June 1983
July 1983
Aug. 1983
Sept. 1983
Oct. 1983
Nov. 1983
Dec. 1983

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